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36 China University eSports League

 Liu Zilang bade the several seniors farewell as he mulled over the perplexity as to what exactly had turned them like that; they were once innocent and pure freshman.

At the corridor of the apartment dormitory, Liu Zilang was surprised to find that the place was quiet.

It was a little strange.

After all, it was almost noon; the peak time students returned from their classes.

Usually, the corridor at such a time was awfully noisy. Therefore, the place being quiet at that time seemed a little strange.


As soon as Liu Zilang arrived at the entrance to his dorm room, he happened to bump into Zhao Tiezhu, who was in the dorm room diagonally across his.

Zhao Tiezhu was wearing a sports jersey and was sweatily exiting through the door. Liu Zilang wondered where he was going.

When Zhao Tiezhu saw Liu Zilang who was returning back to his dorm room, his eyes immediately lit up. He walked over excitedly. "What a coincidence! Just came back?"

"Yeah, where are you off to?" Liu Zilang nodded and then asked.

"Oh! Major business! You know the Wolves right? That would be Master Ze, he came to our school at noon today!" Zhao Tiezhu said with enthusiasm.

Liu Zilang was dazed. He then responded, "You mean... Shen Zeyan?"

Zhao Tiezhu promptly nodded and then continued, "Yeah. Oh right, you still don't know right? For this year's China University eSports League, our university will be holding the finals of the PUBG offline tournament. Master Ze came to warm-up for the tournament. Several other players from



also came."

Upon hearing Zhao Tiezhu's explanation, Liu Zilang understood what was going on; he had participated in those activities before.

In order for non-professional offline tournaments like their university's to obtain attention, celebrity players would be invited before the start of the tournament to support and publicize the event.

However, when Liu Zilang heard of Shen Zeyan's name, his facial complexion turned somewhat unnatural.

Liu Zilang said to Zhao Tiezhu who was excited, "Then you should hurry up and go, I'll be going back to the dormitory."

Zhao Tiezhu was somewhat surprised, "Huh? You're not going? The three buddies in your dorm room have all went though."

"My head is a aching a little, I don't really want to go." Liu Zilang found an excuse, but then suddenly realized something. "What? You mean... there's no one in my dorm room?"

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhao Tiezhu laughed. "Not only is there no one in your dorm room, there's hardly anyone in the dormitory. Had I not been playing outside just now and was late in on the news, I would've been gone a long time ago."

Liu Zilang was suddenly irritated.

Liu Zilang usually went home on holidays; he simply had no habit in carrying the key to his dorm room.

Zhao Tiezhu saw Liu Zilang feeling his pockets and guessed that he might not have brought his dorm key. He could not help but said, "You forgot to bring your key? Do you want to stay in my dorm room for a while?"

When Liu Zilang heard Zhao Tiezhu's offer, he thought of agreeing but felt that it was somewhat inappropriate.

After all, it had only been a month since school had started. Needless to talk about his roommates, he barely even recognized any of his classmates. He also did not know Zhao Tiezhu's roommates.

Besides, judging from the silence, there was no one else in Zhao Tiezhu's dorm room. It was generally not really good for him to be alone in their dorm room at that time.

Thinking of it, Liu Zilang could not help but shake his head. "Thank you, but I'm okay. Forget it, let's go together. Speaking of which, where are they?"

Zhao Tiezhu said, "Oh, our university's eSports Association over at the university's student activity center. That being said, the place isn't small."


After arriving at the place, Liu Zilang realized that when Zhao Tiezhu said it was not small, it really was not small.

I'm fact, it was huge!

How could it not be huge? The entire floor of the activity center was occupied by Jianghai University's eSports Association.

According to Zhao Tiezhu, Jianghai University's eSports Association was actually previously a small classroom with dozens of computers. Only along with the release of LOL and the increased popularity of PUBG, did Jianghai University's eSport Association gradually manage to attain its present scale.

However, at this time, in addition to occupying their own floor in the building, they had occupied the entire student activity center constituting of four floors.

Liu Zilang had just entered the first floor's lobby when he was overwhelmed by the crowd of people. Voices were heard excitedly talking about Shen Zeyan and other celebrity players from team IG.

Before arriving, Liu Zilang had called his dorm roommate Ran Maotong. Therefore, he was able to spot Ran Maotong from the corridor on the first floor itself.

Ran Maotong was all smiles, flirting with a young lady and causing her to laugh heartily.

"Yo! You came?" Ran Maotong immediately raised his hand at the sight of Liu Zilang and Zhao Tiezhu to greet them.

After Liu Zilang and Zhao Tiezhu had come closer to him, Ran Maotong smiled at the girl and then said, "A brief introduction, these two are my dormitory roommates and classmates."

Then he introduced the girl to Liu Zilang and Zhao Tiezhu, "This is Chen Peilin, the eSports Association's beauty."

Liu Zilang sized up the girl.

She looked pretty good, with wavy hair, she looked very lively.

He could not help but discreetly give Ran Maotong the finger.

Ran Maotong proudly wiped his hair.


After the two exchanged greetings with the girl, Liu Zilang asked, "Why are you alone, where is big brother and the rest?"

Ran Maotong said, "Oh, they're upstairs. Big brother said that he must get Shen Zeyan's signature today. He pulled third brother along to reserve spots. I came to pick you up after answering your call."

"Is Master Ze already here?" asked Zhao Tiezhu who was beside Liu Zilang.

Ran Maotong turned to face him. "Not when I came down. I'm guessing it won't be long now before he comes."

As Ran Maotong spoke, there was a sudden burst of cheering screams upstairs.

The expression of the girl named Chen Peilin lit up from the sound of it. She then said excitingly, "It must be Shen Zeyan. Let's go!"

After that, she left the three of them behind and hurried up the stairs.

Ran Maotong's face suddenly turned dark and Liu Zilang could not help but laugh at this sight. "Kid, it looks like you haven't succeeded yet."

Obstinate, Ran Maotong said, "The little lady is a little excited to see her idol. It's understandable."

"Then why is your face so gloomy?" Zhao Tiezhu asked teasingly.

"..." Ran Maotong was speechless.

The three of them laughed as they made their way upstairs.

When they reached the eSports Association's headquarters on the fourth floor, they discovered a heated scene.

The large area had reached a point where people were pressed together like peas in a pod. Everyone had their heads raised, trying to look up toward the stage.

Ran Maotong led Liu Zilang and Zhao Tiezhu all the way through the crowd of people, finally squeezing into the spot Chen Zhifei had reserved for them beforehand. Could not help but gasp for breath and complain, "This is even more f*cking difficult than running into a safe zone during the final circle!"

Beaming with joy, Chen Zhifei said, "To be able to enter is no easy feat. Look at those giraffes behind you, their necks are almost stretched straight. In addition, when it comes to the signing session, priority will definitely be given to those who are in front, right where we are."

As Chen Zhifei was talking, Liu Zilang looked up at the stage in intervals.

There was a total of four people on the stage. Liu Zilang's gaze swept through them one by one, finally landing on a cold and silent face.

For a period of time, Liu Zilang's heart was filled with a complex that was indescribable.


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