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 In Zhang Xiaotong's room.

Zhang Xiaotong leaned against the door on her back. Her face was red, and her mind was in a mess.

Entwining both arms, she subconsciously recalled Liu Zilang's words.

Have you watched "In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone" before?


Zhang Xiaotong yelped in frustration and threw herself on her bed. Wrapping herself in her quilt, she rolled around on her bed, not knowing what she was thinking...


At the same time, Liu Zilang returned to his room.

Only after he had fired up the Baidu search engine and searched for a while, did he realize what the masterpiece about "family love" was.

Liu Zilang's face suddenly darkened.

Sitting in front of his computer, Liu Zilang who was holding his phone really wanted to explain himself to Zhang Xiaotong.

However, he was unsure about how to explain himself.

'I'm sorry. I've actually never seen it before either, it was something others had told me.'

'Who would believe that?'

'Even I wouldn't believe it!'

Frankly speaking, at that moment, Liu Zilang really wanted to return to the day he first entered team Se7en three years ago.

Not because he missed it.

It was because he wanted to strangle Li Muqiu that day itself!


The next day.

The moment Liu Zilang woke up, he instantly recalled the scene last night and felt irritated.

Thinking that he might end up facing Zhang Xiaotong again any time throughout the day, the awkward atmosphere ensued required no further description. Liu Zilang felt that he was in a bind.

At that moment, upon picking up his cell phone and glancing at it, he came to the realize that it was the 8th of October.

8th of October, was the end of the national holiday. It also meant the start of a new school term.

Liu Zilang instantly became anxious from the thought of it.

Looking at his class schedule, he breathed a long sigh of relief.

'That was close!'

'There aren't any classes this morning.'

Otherwise, regardless of how close his home was to his school, in a place like Jianghai, it would certainly be too late to make it by then.

'By the way, that girl should have surely gone to school already.'


'Then it should be okay.'

Thinking that he would be able to avoid any awkward interaction with his sister, Liu Zilang could not help but feel relieved.


He opened his door and walked into the living room, listening for any movement.

Sure enough, he was the only person in the house.

Liu Zilang stretched his body. He then basked in the bright sunshine that came from outside the window, when all of a sudden, he felt the need to answer the call of nature.

After comfortably answering nature's call, Liu Zilang passed by Zhang Xiaotong's room and suddenly found that the door to her room was not shut but instead left ajar.

Usually, the door to her room would be tightly shut even when she was home, needless to mention if it was when she was not home.

Such situations were very rare.

Liu Zilang pondered for a while before he figured out what had happened.

This girl had most probably forgotten that the national holiday had ended. She probably woke up in the morning and discovered that it was getting late; leaving hastily, she forgot to close the door to her room.

As a matter of fact, Liu Zilang's guess was right.

However, more importantly, it was because Zhang Xiaotong could not sleep the night before.


Liu Zilang had little to no interest as to enter the little girl's room.

He initially wanted to close the door for her, but when he was near, he found that the computer screen in Zhang Xiaotong's room was lit through the seam of the door.

'This girl still had the time to get on the computer despite being in a rush?'

Liu Zilang hesitated, but still opened the door to her room. He wanted to shut down her computer.

As soon as he entered the room, he smelled the scent of a young lady. Zhang Xiaotong's room looked delicately tidy and clean. Plushies and anime figurines she had bought were all neatly arranged on a table. An antithesis to Liu Zilang's room.

Before shutting down the computer, Liu Zilang inadvertently glanced at the screen and found that it was a

MAG section


in a forum.

The next second, after he had clearly seen the contents of the screen, he almost immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

The screen displayed a post that Zhang Xiaotong had made with her newly registered alternate account. It read, "My brother told me to watch 'In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone'. Yesterday, he looked at me weirdly too. Is he a pervert?"

There seemed to be numerous comments on the post. After looking at them, Liu Zilang almost had homicidal thoughts.

Almost all the replies were something along the lines of, "definitely a pervert", "pretty close". Some even asked Zhang Xiaotong to be careful. There were also people who commented "hehehe" and so on.

All of a sudden, Liu Zilang's froze before shutting down the computer.

This was because he suddenly came to a realization.

What if Zhang Xiaotong returned home from school and saw that her computer had been shut down.

There were only two people at home. She would definitely know that Liu Zilang had entered her room.

Liu Zilang could not help but tremble. He could already imagine Zhang Xiaotong's next possible post.

"My brother sneaked into my room when I wasn't at home. Is he a pervert?"

Then, a wave of "judgement" would be effectively carried out by the mass of online friends who were on-lookers. They would fan the flames, and the pervert hat that was put on him would be fully established!

'Oh pfft!'

'Established my ass!'

With those thoughts, Liu Zilang immediately and honestly withdrew from Zhang Xiaotong's room, leaving it as it was.

Even the seam of the door had been restored to its previous size of opening to the best of his ability.


After exiting Zhang Xiaotong's room, Liu Zilang who was idling away at home felt dispirited for a moment. Nevertheless, he decided to go to school.

He freshened up a bit and went back to his room to change his clothes. He then left the house and took a cab straight toward the University of Jianghai.

Reaching the school and standing in front of the school gate, feelings of nostalgia after a long absence welled up in Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang's heart was just about to lament when his shoulder was suddenly patted from behind.

Turning around, Liu Zilang suddenly had a brief toothache.

It turned out to be Qin Xuanxuan who had previously given him a "flying kick" at the anime convention.

Qin Xuanxuan was carrying a bag, and beside her were four other girls. They were looking at him, giggling.

One of the girls who had a round face smiled at him and then asked, "President, is he the junior you talked about at the start of the school term? He's indeed rather dashing."

"Junior brother, which class are you in? Do you have a girlfriend? Do you need senior sister to introduce one to you?" another girl with a long ponytail asked while chuckling.

Once she finished her statement, the other two girls also started giggling merrily.

They also said something along the lines of "we shall not benefit another's fields with our fertilized water".

The ladies' teased Liu Zilang, and even if Liu Zilang had been more brazen-faced, the situation still would have been awkward.

At that time, Qin Xuanxuan who had been staring at Liu Zilang with a wide grin suddenly said, "Okay okay, don't you guys bully this little junior anymore. Besides, let me tell you girls, this guy is not as honest as he seems. Don't be fooled by his appearance."

Liu Zilang sent Qin Xuanxuan a glance of gratefulness at the start when he heard Qin Xuanxuan extricate him.

However, listening to her following statement, Liu Zilang's could not help but jerk the corner of his eyes.

'What the f*ck, since when did I offend anyone?'


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