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33 Youre Not Obsessed with Your Sister, Right?

 For the next few matches, their path to winning the game had always ended quickly due to a variety of reasons.

"You... Are you doing this on purpose?" Zhang Xiaotong asked angrily.

Liu Zilang who was holding an AK and trying out its ballistics asked in confusion, "Doing what on purpose?"

"You purposely don't want to lead me to victory!" Zhang Xiaotong said.

"Ah! Didn't you say that you're going to lead me to victory?" Liu Zilang said while trying not to burst into laughter.

"You... Hmph!" Zhang Xiaotong was lost for words.

At the end of it all, the both of them were unable to win a single match all the way until Zhang Xiaotong went offline. They were not even close to winning once.

When the spectators on the live streaming platform saw this, they did not know how to respond either.

"This... Expert bro's performance in game seems to be quite inconsistent!"

"Did someone replace him in game?"

"But his voice didn't change!"

"The battle earlier, when he was using the AK, was too unbearable to look at. Literally none of the shots he fired hit the target."

"He fired so many shots but not even one of them hit the target, I was really shocked."

"But in the battle after that, he was using the same AK, and he was quite good. He literally knocked down two players in a car opposite him."


Compared to the noisy discussion going on among the spectators on the live streaming platform, Shen Zeyan who had been secretly watching Zhang Xiaotong's live stream noticed something.

Similarly, as a former FPS player, Shen Zeyan was very observant and could tell that Liu Zilang was basically practicing his shooting skills in the previous matches. He was testing out every gun's ballistic speed and range in an attempt to find out different techniques to use each weapon.

Upon noticing this, Shen Zeyan's face instantly revealed an expression that he was deep in thought.


After Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang had finished their last match, it was already half past six in the evening.

When Zhang Xiaotong saw the time, she cried out loud, "Aiya!"

She then ended her stream after telling her live viewers that she was going to have dinner.

When Liu Zilang heard Zhang Xiaotong mention that it was time for dinner, he remembered that the housekeeping aunty should have already finished preparing dinner by this time.

Thinking about this, he quickly exited the game and opened his door.



When Liu Zilang opened his door, he did not expect that Zhang Xiaotong would have opened her door at the same time.

The two of them looked into each other's eyes.

The moment Liu Zilang wanted to greet her, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly looked away and walked toward the kitchen.

"..." The edge of Liu Zilang's mouth instantly twitched.

This girl was so easy to talk to in the messaging platform earlier, and her voice also sounded cute.

'How did she become like this all of a sudden again?'

'Could she have a multiple personality disorder?'

Liu Zilang's head was filled with these thoughts as he scratched his head, feeling helpless.


In the kitchen, as expected, the housekeeping aunty had already prepared dinner for them.

However, she saw that Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong's doors were tightly shut and hence, she did not disturb them.

Instead, she left a note which mentioned that the rice was kept warm in the rice cooker.

Liu Zilang took his food and went to sit on the living room's sofa. He crossed his legs and held his bowl in his hands. He ate while watching television.

As for Zhang Xiaotong, she took her food into her room. As she walked past Liu Zilang's back, she took a glance at him unintentionally and scorned him softly.

Liu Zilang who was watching television heard Zhang Xiaotong behind him. When he turned around, he saw that Zhang Xiaotong was wearing pink colored cartoon slippers and was walking back to her room.

'Did I hear wrongly?'

'I think not?'

'This girl, why did she scorn at me?'

Liu Zilang did not seem to understand what was going on with this girl...

Thinking of this, he had an idea. He picked up his phone that was on the coffee table and then launched the QQ app, looking for Zhang Xiaotong's account.

He gave his idea a little more thought and then quickly sent a message saying, "Hehe. I was very pro this afternoon right?"

After a short while, there was a reply which read, "It's nothing special, just normal."

Liu Zilang did not know how to respond. He then continued asking, "What are you doing? Eating?"

"Yes," Zhang Xiaotong replied.



"Aren't your parents home? Are you an only child?"

"I'm... not considered as one."


"I... have a brother."

Liu Zilang was speechless the moment he saw Zhang Xiaotong's message...

'What is this feeling of being too embarrassed to admit something?'

However, fortunately, the topic was finally going on the right track. Liu Zilang quickly said, "You still have a brother. Why doesn't your brother eat together with you?"

"Yes. Don't bring him up."

Liu Zilang was startled, he quickly asked, "What happened?"

There was no immediate reply from the other side this time around.

Liu Zilang who was sitting on the sofa instantly got very anxious and the moment when he was about to ask again, a long reply suddenly came from the other side.

When Liu Zilang read it, he was shocked.

"My brother has never cared about me. Normally when he comes back, he only locks himself in his room. He's also very sloppy; there were a few times where I secretly helped him clean his room but he has never thanked me before. Besides, he doesn't even respect my privacy. The last time, he actually peeked at my phone, and simply sent messages to my friends. A few years ago, he even... Forget about it, I don't want to talk about him already."

Liu Zilang looked at his phone's screen, confused. Little could he believe that he was actually this kind of a person in Zhang Xiaotong's eyes.

He never cared about her.

However, the problem was that she never gave him a chance to let him care for her.

He only locked himself up in his room every time he came back.

'Aren't all geeks like this?'


'It sort of makes sense, but it can also be explained that it's a habit...'

'Helped to clean my room.'

'Did it happen before?'

Liu Zilang scratched the back of his head as these thoughts filled his mind. He really did not notice any of this before.

Did not respect her privacy...

'Err... Didn't I already apologize last time?'

'Besides, a few years ago... What happened a few years ago?'

'This girl stopped talking halfway. What is she thinking?'


While thinking about all of these things, Liu Zilang had the urge to directly knock on Zhang Xiaotong's door and confront her face-to-face.

However, he suddenly had the thought that it would end up as a wasted effort. Hence, he stopped himself.

He took a deep breath in his heart and reminded himself.

'Hold on and don't make a rash decision!'

With these thoughts in his mind, Liu Zilang who felt as if his heart was in his mouth took out his phone again and started typing, "Ah! Why is your brother like this! He's a bastard."

However, the moment he sent his message, there was an instant reply from the other side with an angry emoticon.

When Liu Zilang saw it, he was startled.

"Did I say something wrong?"

Initially, Liu Zilang just wanted to go along with what Zhang Xiaotong had said. He did not expect that things would have gone wrong if he did.

When he saw the emoticon, he could not help but ask, "Do you hate your brother?"

After a short while, Zhang Xiaotong replied him, "I do hate him... but sometimes not too much."

"Ah? Why so?" Liu Zilang said in confusion.

"It means... Ah, I got to go, I want to eat my dinner now," Zhang said.


'It had just started and it ended so soon?'

Liu Zilang was speechless. It seemed like the "favorability" he got from making her win a match was already completely used up. That was all they could talk about.

If he wanted to continue talking to her, he had to think of other ways to do so.

Liu Zilang scratched his ears and was in deep thought. Suddenly, there was an idea which came into his mind. He quickly picked up his phone and typed, "Actually I also have a sister. We live together but she doesn't seem to like me too. I wanna ask what type of a brother do you girls like?"

After Liu Zilang had sent out the message, Zhang Xiaotong instantly replied with a "covering mouth while smiling" emoticon.

'What was going on?'

Then, Zhang Xiaotong said, "Uncle, you seem to be quite old judging from your voice. Are you still living with your sister? You're not a geek who's obsessed with your own sister right?"


'Obsessed with my sister?'