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32 My Car Flew Past Your Head!

 Winner winner chicken dinner!

In the smog at the landing zone, looking at the image which had suddenly popped up on the screen, not only was Zhang Xiaotong shocked, the spectators on the live streaming platform were too!

How much time had actually passed?

Did expert bro kill all the remaining players in the match alone?

How did he manage to do that?

The spectators on the live streaming platform who were watching from Zhang Xiaotong's perspective instantly became curious.

"Does anybody remember how many people expert bro killed?"

"If my calculations are correct, it should be thirty-nine kills!"

"F*ck! The highest record of kills on the Asia server for a duo round is currently only thirty-eight right?"

"Yes, it's thirty-eight kills from the sniper" Wolves" from team IG."

"I'm so angry! I didn't get to see expert bro's first-person perspective when he broke the record just now."

"Is expert bro really this pro? Has he done any live streaming?"

"I have never heard of him, I don't think he has."

Zhang Xiaotong took some time to read the pop-up comments. The moment she saw people commenting and mentioning that Liu Zilang had killed thirty-nine people in this game, she could not resist but to seek confirmation from Liu Zilang himself.

Very quickly, she got an assured response from him. Upon hearing it, Zhang Xiaotong pouted.

In that match, aside from getting the minimum guaranteed kills, she technically did not kill anybody.

However, her face immediately turned black when she saw one of the comments on the live streaming platform.

"Sigh. It'd have been good if Xiaotong-chan died just now. Then we'd be able to watch from expert bro's perspective," Zhang Xiaotong read the comment out loud in the live streaming platform. Then, she said calmly, "Please block this person."

Spectators on the live streaming platform were speechless.

When Liu Zilang heard that, he found it funny. This guy was way too frank.


At the same time, on Panda TV's live streaming platform.

There was a winning scene appearing on the platform of a person who had approximately two million views.


Team rank #1, Kill 16, Reward 1132 coins!!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!


"Sigh, what a dull and boring win!"

"Only sixteen kills, fail!"

"It's actually not bad to have sixteen kills. This is a higher ranked game on the Asia server, you think this is a game full of newbies?"

"That's right, if you were to change the game to be of lower ranking, with Master Ze's capability, he could easily kill twenty to thirty players."

"Oh yes, have you guys heard that Master Ze's duo record was just broken by someone from Douyu?"

"F*ck? Some streamer?"

"I just visited the site. I think it's not a streamer. It's someone who played duo with Xiaotong-chan."

"The Xiaotong-chan who sings in Douyu?"

"Yes, the person killed thirty-nine people while Xiaotong-chan only secured two minimum guaranteed kills at the beginning of the match."

"F*ck... That f*cker is quite a pro!"


Jianghai, in IG recreational club's base.

A youngster wearing an IG team shirt sat in front of a computer. His appearance looked very cold.

His eyebrows were sleek and he had sharp black eyes but his most distinct feature was his extremely thin lips.

At first glance, he seemed to give people his cold shoulder.

After completing a match, he exited the game and was about to go offline.

However, he accidentally saw pop-up comments saying that his record had been broken on the live streaming platform.

He was not really concerned about things like holding a record.

If the record was broken, he could just get it back again.

However, when he recalled watching the video which Li Muqiu shared with him, he was somehow disturbed.

Thinking about this, he quickly announced on his live streaming platform, "Today's live stream ends here, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Upon finishing his sentence, he then disconnected from the platform.

At that instance, the live streaming platform which had two million views immediately turned into a pitch black screen.

"F*ck! What happened? Did the streamer disconnect?"

"Hehe, you must be new right? You don't even know about Master Ze's 'quick offline'?"

"Dismiss! Dismiss! Come back again tomorrow."

"Since Master Ze's record was broken, will he try to get back his title?"

"I've been watching Master Ze play since CS in the past. Based on my knowledge, he definitely went offline to secretly play again."

"That does seem like Master Ze's style, lol..."


"Master Ze" that was mentioned by the spectator was "The Sniper God', Wolves, Shen Zeyan, who used to be in team Se7en.

However, this time, what he did was unlike what the spectators expected; that he would secretly go and play to reclaim the best duo's kill record. Instead, he went to Douyu.

After taking a few glances at the main page of the live streaming platform, Shen Zeyan very quickly found the Zhang Xiaotong's stream; ''Xiaotong-chan Sings For You" which was ranked first in the MAG section.

After clicking into it, Shen Zeyan first heard a clear yet soft voice that belonged to a girl and then a male voice which sounded a little old.

Upon hearing the male's voice, Shen Zeyan frowned.

Did Li Muqiu guess wrongly?

However, very quickly, when the two of them in the live stream entered a match, Shen Zeyan immediately noticed the ID, "Vic123".

Instantly, his pupils suddenly shrank!

It was him!

Shen Zeyan gripped his mouse tightly.

"I should've thought of this possibility earlier..."

Aside from this player, nobody could have gotten such a high kill count in two matches, breaking his record.

'Are you prepared to come back"'

Although Shen Zeyan's eyes fell on the computer screen right in front of him, he seemed to have been looking somewhere further away.


At that moment, compared to Shen Zeyan who was deep in thoughts, Liu Zilang had just begun his "fun" trip; playing the duo mode with his sister.

"Hmph! I want kills this game!" Zhang Xiaotong's voice sounded a little agitated.

"Ok ok ok!" Liu Zilang immediately smiled while nodding his head.

"You'll help me kill the downed players!" Zhang Xiaotong added.

"No problem!" Liu Zilang definitely had no second choice.

"I'll lead you to victory! All you've to do is lean down!" Zhang Xiaotong said proudly.

"..." Liu Zilang was speechless.

Zhang Xiaotong had learned her lesson from the previous match. Therefore, she did not go to the end of the plane ride to get the minimum guaranteed kills. Instead, she decided to land at one of the further locations from the route; this was the villa garden located north of the Prison.

Due to the place's deviation from the route, Liu Zilang saw that there was nobody nearby. Thus, he did not parachute to the villa garden together with Zhang Xiaotong. Instead, he parachuted to a place beside it.

After the two of them had searched through the area and picked up some items, the first circle shrank.

It was unknown how Zhang Xiaotong managed to get a motorcycle. She rode it to pick Liu Zilang up.

At this time, Liu Zilang was at the bottom of a slope. Zhang Xiaotong's voice was heard over the voice messenger, "Haha! Look at how I ride, I'll fly past your head!"

Then, Liu Zilang got killed.

The motorcycle landed on Liu Zilang, but it actually continued to thrust forward for some distance. Unfortunately, Liu Zilang who got knocked down by the motorcycle's impact was killed as it skidded forward.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

The moment the spectators on the live streaming platform witnessed this, they instantly burst into laughter.

"Hahaha! I can't take this anymore!"

"GG! This boastfulness is too much!"

"Well played! Xiaotong-chan's driving skills only get better and better!"

"This round, expert bro died before he even had the chance to play!"

"The lethality of a female driver!"

"My motorcycle will fly past your head!"