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31 The Lone Ranger Who Won with a Grenade in the End!

 Thirty-four kills!

There were only eight players remaining in the game!

On the live streaming platform, the spectators who had heard the conversation between the both of them could not help but get excited.

"How many kills did expert bro mention he achieved just now?"

"Thirty kills! Together with the four kills moments ago, it's a total of thirty-four kills!"

"Oh my god! He's already achieved my accumulated kill count of the entire night!"


"I have a feeling that expert bro is going to break a record again this time!"


At that time, the blue circle had stopped shrinking and the next safe zone was revealed.

The moment the spectators on the live streaming platform saw the range of the safe zone, they were speechless.

This was because the next safe zone was actually located at the spacious landing zone near the military base. The only place which could be considered as a shelter was the area located near the oil tanks, north of the A building.

The eight remaining players left in the game were basically near the K building and the three warehouses on the left. This included Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.

Although it was calm and quiet at the moment, once the circle shrink, the ones who moved first would be a target for the others.

In such situations, the majority of ordinary players would choose to stay calm and hold their position.

They would definitely not be the first one to move because if worse came to worst, all they needed to do was consume their healing items.

Nevertheless, that was something that Liu Zilang would not do.

"Xiaotong-chan, do you trust me?"

Upon hearing that, Zhang Xiaotong could not help but tremble. There was instantly a bad feeling within her.




Two smoke grenades were tossed toward the direction of the landing zone in front of the military base.

"You... You said that I wouldn't die."

"Yes, I guarantee you won't!"

"What if you're lying to me?"

"If I lie to you... I'm a puppy?"


"Hurry! There are so many spectators watching your livestream, be brave!"


"You're the best!"


At the same time, in the three warehouses at the Sosnovka Military Base.

There were two teams hiding in the warehouses and there was also a team hiding behind the third warehouse's low wall, near the blue circle. In total, six players were there.

Initially, they all intended to stay calm and watch each other.

However, at that moment, there was a smoke grenade seen on the landing zone.

'Someone's coming into the circle!'

In a split second, everyone had the same thought in their mind.

It was expected!

The next moment, a shadow was seen dashing into the smog.


Instantly, there were loud gunshots heard around the three warehouses.

In this instance, these few players' thoughts were surprisingly similar.

'If I can't get into the circle, you can't enter into the circle too.'

However, the fact that there was smog blocking their view, all they could do was only blindly shoot at an approximate target. It was difficult for them to immediately knock Zhang Xiaotong down.

What they did not realize was that the moment when gunfire could be heard, a shadow moved swiftly from the leftmost warehouse toward them like a spirit.


"Ah! Someone is here to attack us!"


In the first warehouse, the instant one of them realized that something was not right, someone had been shot down by Liu Zilang and his M16.

The downed player's teammate quickly shifted his muzzle but unfortunately, he was unable to swap his scope in such a rush. This was because he had shot Zhang Xiaotong with a four-times scope just now.

In addition to that, he was anxious and after turning around to scope in, he was shot by Liu Zilang.

In a flash, the two-man squad in the final stage was immediately destroyed.

"Vic123 knocked down ListeningToTheRainAsIDream using M16A4!"

"Vic123 killed SouthernTombRaider by headshot using M16A4!"

After Liu Zilang killed the two players, he did not stop. He was reloading while walking to the back door of the next warehouse.

Upon hearing the sound next door, the two players in the warehouse stopped shooting Zhang Xiaotong who was in the smog's cover. Instead, they changed the high magnification scopes on their rifles to regular scopes and vigilantly guarded their surroundings.



Liu Zilang took the lead to shoot.

"The person is behind!"

This team's reaction was not too slow.

However, Liu Zilang still managed to knock down a person using his M16. He then moved back to the wall behind him.

"Ding ding ding"'

Countless bullets instantly hit the wall and flew past him. Liu Zilang who hid behind the wall threw a grenade without any hesitation.

Pulled the trigger!


Liu Zilang extended his head and threw the grenade!

The player opposite him was watching the wall where he was hiding behind. The player did this so his teammate who got knocked down could climb to the back of the shelter.

Upon seeing Liu Zilang's extended his head, the player was about to open fire but his eyes suddenly widened!


A grenade flew across the warehouse and it exploded immediately!


"Vic123 killed IronManlronM with Frag Grenade!"

"Vic123 killed MikeAC with Frag Grenade!"

Another team was eliminated!

Nevertheless, the moment when Liu Zilang wanted to continue marching forward to the right side, his health points (HP) started dropping tremendously!

He was so nervous all of a sudden!

He instantly made the decision to dash toward the warehouse in front of him.

Liu Zilang hid behind the back door and took a glance at his right side.

It was the team outside the warehouse that had come toward Liu Zilang's direction after hearing the intense gunfire. They had given up on searching for Zhang Xiaotong who was in the smog.

Coincidentally, they had encountered Liu Zilang who was at the second warehouse's backdoor and managed to shoot him at his side.

If not for Liu Zilang's quick judgement and his timely reaction, he would have most probably been knocked down.

Furthermore, the Level 3 Military Vest on his torso was very worn out. His health points were dwindling.


Liu Zilang quickly calmed down.

He consumed a first-aid kit and listened to the sounds coming from his right side.


At this instance, a familiar sound entered his ears.

Liu Zilang who was only left with very little health points suddenly had an idea. He instantly gave up on consuming the first-aid kit.

He extended his right hand and a 98k was in his hands.

Suddenly, there was a person seen at the back of the right warehouse. The person lifted his right hand toward Liu Zilang's direction.

It was definitely not a reporting stance!

The person was throwing a grenade!

Liu Zilang squinted his eyes and the moment the player extended his hand, he scoped in.

For such a short distance, after pre-aiming with the aim down sights of the 98K using an 8x scope, Liu Zilang's crosshair was on top of the player's head the moment he scoped in!


"Vic123 knocked down WhoAmIToYou by headshot using Kar98k!"

It was obvious that before the player managed to throw his grenade, his Level 2 Military Helmet was shot by Liu Zilang. The player fell to the ground while holding his stomach.


"What's going on?" His teammate asked in confusion.

"F*ck! Leave me alone!" The person who intended to throw the grenade screamed hastily.

The next second, a "Boom" sound was heard!

There was a flash at the warehouse's backdoor and dust filled the entire grassland!

Two system prompts instantly appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

"Vic123 killed WhoAmIToYou using Kar98k!"

"WhoAmIToYou killed IAmYourMelody with Frag Grenade!"

Liu Zilang was shocked when he saw the prompt and almost burst into laughter.

At the same time, his game froze.


Team Rank #1, Kill 39, Reward 1453 coins!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!