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28 Quick Sniper, Liu Zilang!


Two smoke grenades were thrown toward the spiral staircase of Duga near Building C. After a short time, a smoke-enveloped zone was formed between the road and Duga.

"Let"s go, the opponent shouldn"t be able to hit us." Liu Zilang was the first to rush out from behind the shield formed by the airdrop and the car.

Zhang Xiaotong who was dressed in the Ghillie outfit followed closely behind, running out like a swamp monster. She questioned from the back, "Uh... What about ascending the stairs?"

"No problem, I"ll cover you." Toward that aspect, Liu Zilang had nothing to worry about.


Two teams on the hillside were obviously aiming toward their direction. Seeing Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong planning to sneak away after looting the airdrop, naturally, they would not let them go easily.

"Da da da da..."

Gunfire sounded as soon as the two entered the smoke-enveloped area.

"Ding! Ding!"

Zhang Xiaotong heard the gunshots and her heart tightened. Thereafter realizing that the opponent had shot the pan at her rear, she immediately relaxed. She shouted at Liu Zilang who was in front, "Hehe! My pan blocked two shots for me, cool right!"

Just when she had finished speaking, a bullet flew through the smoke, shooting her right in the head.

A sudden "Whosh!"

Zhang Xiaotong"s health suddenly dropped by a large chunk.


She voiced a burst of exclamation and no longer dared to show off. She quickly covered her head and tried to catch up with Liu Zilang.


"Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!"

Just as Liu Zilang had finished climbing up Duga, dazzling sparks made by bullets could be seen from the railing of the stairs. From time to time, there were even bullets that brushed past Liu Zilang"s body.

Despite this, Liu Zilang kept himself calm and the corner of his mouth slightly curved up.

In truth, if there was no one to fight once he came up, he would have been depressed.

Liu Zilang narrowed his eyes and waved his right hand. A dark green AWM with a 8x scope appeared. While Liu Zilang was running along the stairs of Duga, his ears had tuned-in to the sound of the gunshots. He managed to determine that most of the gunshots were coming from a hill opposite of them.

"Scope in!"

In an extremely short period of time, the crosshair of the 8x scope was instantly pulled over to a man"s head!


In the absence of a silencer, the AWM"s powerful gunshot suddenly rang out across the field, cutting across the overhead of the military base.

"Vic123 knocked down Ricedumplingbroooo by headshot with AWM!"

After Liu Zilang"s took his shot, as he was pulling the bolt, he subconsciously transitioned into a squatting movement.


A bullet flew over his head, almost scraping through his scalp.

Unsurprisingly, there was someone aiming at him with a high-powered scope.

As soon as he stopped at the stairs, the man with the sniper aimed and shot.

Despite being under such pressure, Liu Zilang"s expression did not even change in the slightest.

The man was seen getting up after kneeling down, pulling the bolt and reloading. Liu Zilang scoped in on him without hesitation.


A burst of sensation came from the AWM in Liu Zilang"s hand. That person whose teammate was knocked down by Liu Zilang was shot down the instant he appeared from behind the tree.

"Vic123 killed NumbedGotun by headshot with AWM!"

"Vic123 killed Ricedumplingbroooo with AWM!"

After clearing one of the teams on the hillside, Liu Zilang did not stop. Instead, he turned his muzzle and aimed at the team on the left side of the hill that had a sniper.

Scoping in, he fired a shot!


When the sniper popped up, there seemed to be something that flew past the side of his ear.

The next moment, the man who confronted Liu Zilang on the hillside was immediately knocked down by a Magnum bullet. The bullet went through his helmet and he immediately fell to the ground.

"Vic123 knocked down Areyouworthy by headshot with AWM!"

The man's teammate was originally looking out for his friend. He was staring at the rear slope of the mountain instead of Liu Zilang's direction.

The moment he saw his teammate fall to the ground, he subconsciously ran up the slope.

Consequently, as soon as he emerged from the hillside, his helmet was knocked off by a shot.

Under the immense impact of a sniper bullet, his entire body was blown away.

"Vic123 killed Givemeaglassofwine by headshot with AWM."

"Vic123 killed Areyouworthy with AWM!"

In an extremely short period of time, four continuous kill feeds were prompted by the system, appearing at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Two teams of players were instantly kicked out of the game. One could not believe that it was something an AWM would be capable of.

This was because for many players, although such firearms were very powerful, they needed to be aimed each time to be effective. Furthermore, its bolt needed to be pulled each time after a shot had been fired. Many new players that have just started playing this game would generally charge in with a rifle and an assault rifle, unwilling to take only a rifle.

However, in Liu Zilang's case, these problems seemed untenable.

Seeing this scene, the viewers in Zhang Xiaotong's livestream were also a bit shocked.

"This Expert bro's sniper is too fast, right?"


"A shot for a kid! I submit!"

"My d*ck! No doubt he's the burly man with 35 kills in the final round of double sniping!"

"Expert bro is a professional player? Why haven't I heard of his ID before?"

"What a professional! Great guru is among the people!"


After killing his opponents, Liu Zilang himself had no special feeling because he was a former top professional FPS player. He clearly knew that these players were purely bystanders.

Many times regardless of their consciousness or reaction, they were not of the same level and to him there was nothing worth mentioning.

As for the third person who intended to snipe him but was shot down with a single shot.

Had it been Shen Zeyan or TyLoo's Bai Shaobin, perhaps they would have been able to excite him a little bit. In the past, maybe he would have even shared it in his moments[1][1] .

However, as of now, Liu Zilang's heart basically did not fluctuate.


After clearing the obstacles along with the stairs of Duga, Liu Zilang was climbing toward the elevated platform when he suddenly felt that something was not right.

Looking down, Liu Zilang's face suddenly darkened.

Zhang Xiaotong was seen following him halfway through before she suddenly turned around and sneakily ran downward.

"Needless to say, this girl is definitely trying to loot."

The problem was, the crates of the several people were all on the opposite hill. Judging by that distance, even driving would be time-consuming. Moreover, the sound of gunfire just now would have definitely attracted other teams over.

Liu Zilang could not help but admire Zhang Xiaotong"s "persistent looting" spirit at that time.


"Ding Ding Tang Tang!"

A few bullet rounds hit the railings around Zhang Xiaotong, causing sparks.

"Ah! Someone hit me!" Zhang Xiaotong exclaimed.

"It"s me." Liu Zilang said snappily.

"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotong froze for a moment a moment. She was suddenly unhappy and asked, "Why did you hit me?"

"What do you think you"re doing?" asked Liu Zilang.

"Uhh..." Zhang Xiaotong suddenly said nothing.

She initially wanted to take advantage of Liu Zilang's inattention to secretly go over and loot.

Liu Zilang swept two shots again, urging her, "Hurry up and come up. You're not short in anything."

"Oh... All right." Zhang Xiaotong said while snorting.

"Ding ding dang dang!"

Who would have thought that when she was about to turn back and resume climbing upward, the parapets around her would once again spark.

"Ah!" Zhang Xiaotong was shocked. She then said with a startled breath, "I"m already up! You're still shooting at me!"

"This time it wasn't me."



TN: Referring to the "Moments" in social platforms.