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27 Unable to Brake!

 Seeing what had just happened, the viewers in Zhang Xiaotong's livestream were immensely shocked!

"What the f*ck!"


"This is what f*cking covering fire really is!"

"Why is it that every time my buddies provide cover fire for me, I always get f*cking killed? Furthermore, they always still have no idea where the opponents are!"

"23333 ... You guys are different! Different!"

"Speaking of which, Xiaotong-chan was obviously hit just now, how come she didn't lose any health points?"

"There's only one explanation!"

"It's because once the bro who was blocking the bridge had just fired his shot, he was headshot by expert bro."

"The bullet damage was judged to be invalid."




At that moment, in the game.

After a slight pause, Zhang Xiaotong began dancing around excitedly and started sprinting with a speed faster than before.

"Let's loot!"

The corner of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched at the sight of Zhang Xiaotong who was inert moments ago but had suddenly become so excited.

It seemed that for the girl, looting was the true meaning of the game.

With an M16 on his left and a 98k on his right, Liu Zilang was not short of anything. Therefore, he did not fight with Zhang Xiaotong over weapons.

He looked at their current situation.

The electrified area outside of the third circle had begun to shrink. As there were no intense fights between the players, the map was left with forty-one people. This meant that the game had a relatively high rate of survival.

Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had made their way from the tallest mountain in the top right corner of the map. They had now killed seven people in total.

Liu Zilang licked his lips and the previous feeling of scoring thirty-five kills began to stir his heart.

"That felt really good!"

Although the start of this round was a bit tragic, Liu Zilang's equipment was now very souped-up.

After finding out that the record for the highest kill count in Asia was actually held by that kid Li Muqiu, a certain thought started to stir Li Zilang's heart!

"Drip drip drip!"

Suddenly, the honk of a car interrupted Liu Zilang's "undulating" thoughts.

"Haha! This person is too nice! He even gave us a car."

After Zhang Xiaotong elatedly finished looting the crate, she swiftly climbed into the car. Slamming the honk, she said to Liu Zilang, "What are you waiting for? Get in! I'll take you for a ride!"

Liu Zilang heard what she said and paused for a while before laughing.

"What was the guy thinking just now?"

"Forget it, since everyone has withdrawn, let's not make things difficult for others."


The next white circle had been refreshed. The position of the next safe zone was at the Sosnovka Military Base, on the island, and the observation station on top of the hill.

This round, the route of the plane was from the map's lower left corner to the upper right corner. This meant that because the safe zone had been refreshed to the Sosnovka Military Base, a vast majority of people would rush over from the surrounding area of the West bridge.

Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had just killed off two teams at the East bridge and were heading to the Sosnovka Military Base in a Jeep. They did not encounter anyone along the way.

"Where are we going?"

Once Zhang Xiaotong finished her sentence, a plane rumbled over their heads.

Seeing the plan, Zhang Xiaotong immediately stepped on the brakes with excitement. She got out of the car and aimed her 98K toward the sky.

"Watch me!"


After the gunshot, the plane still passed by them, showing no sign of throwing an airdrop.

"Ah! I missed it!" Zhang Xiaotong scratched her head in frustration.

She really seemed to think that the reason why there was no airdrop was that she missed the shot.

As soon as the viewers of the livestream saw what had happened, they could not help but laugh.

"What the f*ck! Sister Fa is really bad!"

"Newbie question, what does this have anything to do with Sister Fa?"

"Haha, buddy, you don't know? The last time Sister Fa guided Xiaotong-chan in playing, she told her that an airdrop could be shot down. I never thought that Xiaotong-chan took her seriously."

"23333! Sister Fa is good at deceiving little children."

"That's because Xiaotong-chan is too silly."


Suddenly, a gunshot was also heard from where Liu Zilang was!

Zhang Xiaotong looked at the plane that was about to fly into a distance. She widened her eyes and immediately shouted with excitement as she clapped her hands, "It's a hit! It's a hit!"

Not far from the sky, the same time as Liu Zilang's gunshot sounded, the plane really dropped a crate.

When Liu Zilang saw the crate drop, he couldn't help but doubtfully stroke his chin. "It can really be shot down."

"Of course, why would I lie to you?" Zhang Xiaotong raised her chin proudly.

The viewers in the livestream heard the conversation between the two and were speechless.

In the end, they could not exactly tell if 'expert bro' was good or bad at the game.


"Slow down! Slow down!"

"Huh? Didn't you ask me to drive faster just now?"

"I'm afraid there's someone..."

"Don't be afraid! There will definitely be someone."


As soon as they arrived near the airdrop supply box, Zhang Xiaotong whispered, "Let's ... park our car and sneak over."

"That would be a bit difficult." Liu Zilang's face darkened.

He could not help but recall the scene at the coast where Zhang Xiaotong crawled toward an airdrop under the opponent's line of sight.

Even though Liu Zilang was not a veteran, he knew that with a circle that large and with so many surviving people, looting an airdrop would be too obvious.

Zhang Xiaotong said she wanted to park the car and creep over stealthily. The word "stealth" would be invalid in this situation. Liu Zilang could not tell for sure how many high-powered scopes would be pointing toward that direction.

Therefore, the next moment, he was heard going "Oh no!"

"What's wrong? What's wrong?" Zhang Xiaotong suddenly became nervous.

"The brake is broken!" Liu Zilang said.

"Ah?" Zhang Xiaotong froze.

"I can't brake! I can't brake!" Liu Zilang's acting skill revved up.

Zhang Xiaotong realized something was not right. "You're lying! Hurry up and stop! I'm going to jump out of the car!"

"You'll die." Liu Zilang said calmly.

"..." Zhang Xiaotong was speechless.

The car quieted down, but a faint tooth grinding sound was heard.

"Your family has rats?" Liu Zilang laughed.

"Hmph!" Zhang Xiaotong grunted.


Facts proved that Liu Zilang's judgment had not gone awry. Sure enough, someone on the road by the overpass was aiming at the airdrop. Furthermore, there was more than one team.

As soon as their car approached, a series of gunshots sounded around them.

Liu Zilang's ears twitched slightly.

He could almost instantaneously determine the direction of the gunshots.

"Screech screech screech!"

Liu Zilang drifted the car to a halt next to the airdrop, blocking the Northeast and Northwest vantage points.

"Hurry and pick up the airdrop, maybe there are people in the airport as well," Liu Zilang said immediately after getting out of the car.

"Wow! A Ghillie suit! An AWM!" Zhang Xiaotong suddenly called out in surprise.

"Choose one!" Liu Zilang said.

Zhang Xiaotong paused, and then whispered, "Huh? I want both of them... can I?"

"What do you think?" Replied Liu Zilang.

"Hmph! Stingy!" Zhang Xiaotong groaned and then picked up the Ghillie suit.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang quickly unloaded the accessories on his 98k and picked up the AWM.

"What should we do next?"

"Climb up Duga!"