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26 So-Called Covering Fire!

 Seeing the bullet screen on the livestream, Zhang Xiaotong said hesitantly, "You can't be... thinking of betraying me, right?"

"No!" Liu Zilang determinedly said.

Zhang Xiaotong followed-up with a question, "Then... then will I die?"

"Yes," Liu Zilang said.

"Ah! And you said you weren't betraying me!" Zhang Xiaotong suddenly felt infuriated.

Liu Zilang's ears twitched. No longer continuing with the topic, he spoke rapidly, "The opponent is coming! Listen to what I say and trust me!"

The next moment, Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the airdrop crate rapidly fired three rounds of burst shots with his M16.

"Peng peng peng!"

Liu Zilang had no way of aiming, and the shots he fired were all pre-aimed while he was hidden behind the airdrop crate. Among the three shots, only one of them hit.

In spite of this, Liu Zilang still managed to scare away his opponent, causing him to hurriedly hide toward his left.

When the enemy player thought of returning fire, there was no longer a silhouette behind the airdrop crate.

"Be careful! This M16 is quite good!"

"Yeah! Let's reduce our distance first!"

For a period of time, the two subconsciously shielded themselves behind a car, using it as a shelter.

However, with the lesson they had learned just now, they kept their muzzles vigilant to prevent any ambushes.

Suddenly, an individual rushed out from their left.

"There's someone on the left, be careful!"

The two of them had their attention immediately attracted by Zhang Xiaotong.

However, the instant Zhang Xiaotong rushed out, Liu Zilang's gunfire also rang!

"Da da da!"

"Da da da!"

"Da da da!"

Three rounds of burst shots were fired, and a series of extremely rapid gunshots was heard.

The opponent behind the car had knocked down Zhang Xiaotong and was just about to kill her.

However, the expression of the two had suddenly changed!


The car in front of them had suddenly broken out in flames!

However, before they could distance themselves, the car went out with a loud explosion!


A loud explosion was heard throughout the coast.

Two killfeeds appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

"Vic123 killed Kvvvv with a vehicle explosion!"

"Vic123 killed KEntori with a vehicle explosion!"

"One car, two lives!"

"Double kill!"

People watching the livestream saw this scene and were stunned.

"Oh f*ck! Explosion... death by the explosion?"

"666, oh Tactical Master!"

"I guessed the beginning but never would I have guessed the ending!"

"Speaking of which, Expert Bro's M16 has a fast rate of fire! I feel that it's faster than a fully-automatic rifle!"

"Me too! I went crazy after hearing his M16's firing rate!"

"My M16 which is in a different game series is so much more different!"


In the game at this time, Zhang Xiaotong who was knocked down for the third time stared blankly at the two who had just been killed by the detonated vehicle.

When Zilang was exterminated by the vehicle explosion, Zhang Xiaotong was knocked down coincidentally beside the airdrop crate and avoided the impact of the explosion.

However to speak the truth, the moment she was knocked down after rushing out blindly, Zhang Xiaotong was prepared to die. She did not expect the situation in the field to have taken such a great turn. She miraculously lived.

At that moment until Liu Zilang revived her, Zhang Xiaotong who had survived the disaster was still in a daze. She felt as if she was living in a dream.

Speaking of which, to be knocked down three times in this game and to survive was miraculous. Zhang Xiaotong really felt that everything was surreal.

Had it been in the past, she would have already started with another match...

Soon, she came back to her senses.

Seeing the two crates behind the car, Zhang Xiaotong's eyes lit up.

Without saying anything, she dashed toward the two crates.

"Assume position!"

"Get down!"

Zhang Xiaotong's looting movement was surprisingly very skilled!

While lying prone on the ground, her hands were constantly dragging things from the crate and into her bag. From time to time, she giggled with a sound that went "Hehehe."


Liu Zilang was still waiting for a gratuitous word or two. Even a word of praise would have been good too.

However, after seeing the scene before him, Liu Zilang could not help but twitch the corner of his eyes knowing that he had been expecting too much.


"Let's just loot."


After the two crates had been looted, the two who almost "ran naked" all the way from the tallest mountain at the upper right corner of the map, had finally managed to change a fowling piece for a bigger gun.

The two stood by the coast, feeling the sea breeze.

Waves of whispers sounded in their ears.

"Your Level Three Military Spetsnaz Helmet seems nice!"

"Yeah, your Level Three Military Vest is quite good-looking as well!

"Your gun..."

"Your bag..."

"I'm humbled, I'm humbled!"

"Likewise, likewise!"



In the livestream, countless viewers watched the two "shamelessly" compliment each other. It all suddenly fell into silence.

"Oh! It's time to outrun the blue circle!"

Slapping her forehead, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly thought of it.

"Ah! F*ck! We don't have a car anymore!"

Liu Zilang suddenly responded to it as well.

Hearing the words of the two, the viewers of the livestream immediately expressed their speechlessness.

Fortunately, the two possessed many medical items and it was only the second lap. The electric field would not hurt too much.

The two hurriedly recovered themselves and increased their speed, racing towards the bridge.

On the way, Liu Zilang asked if they wanted to find a boat to sneak into, but was disdainfully rejected by Zhang Xiaotong. She felt that since their equipment was at a high level, the right thing to do was to rush over directly on land.

Zhang Xiaotong who seemed to be restrained for half of the game, now had her fighting spirit at an unprecedented high.


Half a minute later, the two were stuck in the middle of the bridge.

Zhang Xiaotong had been shot twice and her health was dropped by half. She hid behind a car as shivered and administered medical items to herself. She said in anger, "I'm furious! Why are there still people blocking the bridge? The entire circle has refreshed, wouldn't they need to outrun the blue circle too?"

"Maybe he's suffering from a relapse," Liu Zilang said thoughtfully.

"..." Zhang Xiaotong was speechless.

After a few moments, Zhang Xiaotong recovered her health bar. She looked at Liu Zilang as she whispered, "Then what should we do?"


Liu Zilang was caressing the 98k in his hand as he said, "You dash out of the back of the car and I'll help provide you with cover fire."

"You're going to betray me again!" Zhang Xiaotong stomped her foot in fury.

Liu Zilang confidently said, "This time it's not the same! There's only one person on the opposite side. As long as he dares to reveal himself, I promise not a shot from him will hit you!"


"Why would I lie to you?"

After a moment of silence, a figure suddenly sprinted out of the back of the abandoned car in the middle of the bridge as if it was deranged!

"Ah ah ah!"

"Can't hit me!"

"Can't hit me!"

Zhang Xiaotong, who had her eyes closed, was running while chanting quickly.

"Da da...!"


Suddenly, a familiar gunshot heard!

Zhang Xiaotong stared blankly at the splash of blood on her body, but she had not lost any blood!

"What's happening here?"

"Is it a bug?'"

While she was in a daze, the system prompted a kill feed that appeared at the bottom left of the screen!

"Vic123 killed PUBGnarcos by headshot with Kar98k!"