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25 Swallow Counter!

 At the east bridgehead.

"You knocked one down just now?" A man who had been staring across the bridge asked.

"Yeah, the one on the coast. Seems like an amateur," replied the other person, "hehe, to think she would attempt to crawl over and collect the airdrop on my watch."

"Haha, that's a little cute. Maybe she's a chick." The man smiled as he asked. "So now what?"

The other person paused and said, "let's clear out the other one. Otherwise, if she gets rescued, even an amateur can turn into a hidden danger for us when we cross the bridge."


"I'm... rapidly losing my health points!"

"Great guru, hurry up and save me! I'm going to die! I'm going to die!"

"What should I do? More than half of my health is gone now!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Hearing Zhang Xiaotong going on and on, Liu Zilang was speechless.

This girl had always treated him coldly at home. The sight before him was really one which he had never seen before.

Glancing up, the two opponents opposite seemed to be approaching, considering that someone on this side had been knocked down.

Seizing an opportunity, Liu Zilang got into the car straight away and stepped on the accelerator, rushing ahead.

The two people approaching from the opposite heard the sound of the car and immediately stood still before firing their shots.

Fortunately, the two of them only had average marksmanship. Their shots were basically fired onto the car.

Liu Zilang saw that the car had been shot to the point where it started emitting smoke. He did not dare to drive the car up to the side of the airdrop. Instead, he stopped the car in front of it.

He got down the car and briefly went around to get to Zhang Xiaotong. He then crouched down and began the revival process.

A person who was knocked down would be able to move a little bit in the midst of a revival.

Zhang Xiaotong, who knelt on the ground at that time, was like a puppy. She hid behind the fallen aircraft crate, rolling around Liu Zilang who was crouching down and reviving her and calling out from time to time.

"Oh no! Someone's coming! Someone's coming!"

"Hurry up, hurry up!"

"Huh? They stopped behind that slope!"

"No good! They are going to throw a grenade!"


Zhang Xiaotong was suddenly shocked; her tone was filled with panic.

It should be noted that Liu Zilang was currently trying to revive someone at that time. Had he given up immediately and run, he would probably be able to make it out alive.

However, it was already Zhang Xiaotong's second knockdown. Even if the grenade failed to finish her off, she would have been long dead by the time Liu Zilang returned.

Besides, even if Liu Zilang ran out, he would not have the airdropped crate as his cover. Undoubtedly, he would also be exposed to the opponent's fields of vision.

Evidently, even though the marksmanship of the opposing team was not much, it was obvious that they were not amateurs based on their attention to detail.

Looking at the icon of the revival timer counting down to its last two seconds calmly, a lot of things were going through his mind.

'There is a way.'

'There must be a way!'

In a flash, a thought struck Liu Zilang. He remembered a joke that kid Mantou, once cracked.

The next moment, Zhang Xiaotong's panicked voice was heard. "Run! Run! The opponent threw a grenade!"

However, Liu Zilang did not run. He suddenly put away his M16, abruptly pulling out a pan from his rear.

A grenade had been thrown out suddenly from the back of a nearby slope. Its arc cut across the sky, flying towards the airdropped crate at a high speed.

In a panic, Zhang Xiaotong helplessly watched the grenade, unable to move away at a moment's notice.

'It's over!'

Almost subconsciously, she looked at Liu Zilang who was crouching beside her.

Just at that moment, Liu Zilang was seen slightly squinting the instant the grenade flew over. He suddenly stepped backward, jumped up and swung the pan in his hand with all his might!

A 'clang' was heard!

All of a sudden, the hand grenade was actually hit by Liu Zilang's pan. Much like a swallow returning to its nest, it flew back quickly.

In the air, the hand grenade detonated with a 'bang', giving off a burst of explosion!

Obviously, the opponent had pulled the safety pin before throwing the grenade.



'Such a skill exists?'

In the live stream, countless viewers were shocked, witnessing that scene.

"It's a joke, right?"

"Is this... the legendary grenade-batting pan?"

"My eyes are not playing tricks on me, right? The grenade was sent back with a pan, right?"

"What the f*ck! This is too f*cking epic!"

"Expert bro! Oh, no! Great guru! I kneel!"



On the other side, the two buddies hiding behind the back of the slope were also dumbfounded. The corner of their eyes twitched.

'What's the situation here?'

"F*ck! The opponent is one lucky b*stard!"

"This is pissing me off! I can't stand it! I'm going in!"

"I think it's doable. The opponent had just revived someone, he must be replenishing his health."

"Yes, and the both of them are not very well-equipped, the one just now only had a Level One Motorcycle Helmet. You take the left and I'll take the right, let's move!"


The two who were hiding behind the slope could not stomach the insult and simply rushed out.

Liu Zilang only had a Level One Motorcycle Helmet, he did not have a vest.

Those kinds of equipment were nothing much for them as they were almost fully-equipped with level three gears after blocking the bridge for half a day.

It must be known that in the game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it is not only marksmanship that determined the outcome of the game. One's equipment was also a major key factor.


Taking it into consideration, the two rushed in without hesitation.


'Oh, sh*t!'

'The opponent is coming.'

Seeing the two rushing from the back of the slope, he looked back at the airdrop before him. With only compensators, adrenaline syringe, first-aid kit, and a Level Three Backpack found in the crate, Liu Zilang was suddenly irritated.

'What f*cking airdrop is this?'

If the opponents were still behind the slope, he might have been able to take the 98k from Zhang Xiaotong and face the opponent, entering into a deadlock with them and trying to shift the outcome.

However, the opponent's charging head-on happened to be a kick in the gut to them.

In the face of a frontal assault, Liu Zilang could never avoid receiving any shots regardless of how good his movements are.

Moreover, to receive more than two shots with his current health without a vest would certainly spell death.


He could not passively defend!

Liu Zilang quickly made a decision, he touched the M16 in his hand which had just emerged from the back of the airdropped crate.

'Da da da da!'

Continuous gunfire sounded as bullets were intensively fired at the edge of the fallen airdrop crate. Some of them brushed over Liu Zilang, who was quickly rushing back.


Liu Zilang inhaled a breath of cold air.

Had it not been for his quick response of spotting the opponent's actions when he exposed himself in trying to scope and retracting quickly, he was afraid that he would already be lying on the ground.

"What to do! What to do! There's one on my side too!" Zhang Xiaotong's anxious voice sounded.

At that moment, Liu Zilang, who inadvertently shot a glance at the car behind the fallen airdrop crate, was suddenly struck by a thought. He asked Zhang Xiaotong via voice chat, "do you trust me?"


"I asked if you trust me?"

"Yes yes!"

Liu Zilang, who was leaning against his back on the fallen crate, took a deep breath before slowly opening his mouth, "excellent, wait until they are close, you go out from the left on my command."

"Ah?" Listening to what Liu Zilang said, Zhang Xiaotong was suddenly confused.

The viewers of the live stream thought they had guessed Liu Zilang's intention and bombarded the chat screen.

"Psstt... expert bro is trying to have Xiaotong-chan act as a decoy!"

"Awesome, awesome! What a vicious tactic!"

"A man should be decisive!"

"But, if Xiaotong-chan were to go out with such a low health, I guess she won't be able to make it back."

"Upon this gale and the chilly water of River Yi I shall depart. Farewell to you my people, for I shall not return when fulfilling my duty...."