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23 The Sniper God!

 After a while, Liu Zilang tried asking again, "Why don't you... give me the gun?"

"No! I've not even fired a shot!" Zhang Xiaotong hurriedly added, "The shot earlier doesn't count!"

Liu Zilang let go of his hand helplessly and said, "Alright, you can have a few shots first."

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong quickly ran to the edge of the building in high spirits, she nodded continuously and said, "Okay! Okay! Hurry up and tell me where the guy is!"

"Remember to save me some ammo," Liu Zilang reminded her. He then started telling her about his exact location. "He's behind the Jeep's rear tire. Yes, the person revealed his head. Be careful. I think the weapon which your friend is holding is an M16."

"Okay," Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong slowly raised her head from the rooftop and activated the 98k's scope.


A gunshot was heard!

After the shot, everything became quiet as usual.

Subsequently, there were rapid gunshots coming from there!


Zhang Xiaotong was so shocked that she quickly held her head in her hands and crouched down.

Perhaps she felt somehow dissatisfied. She moved slowly to the left. Once again, she raised her head, and another shot could be heard!

Everything was still as calm as usual. There was no sight of blood near the car.

Zhang Xiaotong's cheeks were slightly red as she said, "I... I made a mistake."

"Hmph! This time I must shoot him!"

Hence, what came after...


The hit didn't connect!


The hit missed!


During this period of time, the friend wielding an M16 near the prison entrance also fired back from time to time.

Perhaps he did not have a scope, he was actually shooting back and forth with Zhang Xiaotong, and the situation in the battlefield seemed extraordinarily intense.

When the spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming channel witnessed this scene, they almost laughed out loud.


"A well-matched opponent!"

"The friend downstairs has a pretty high marksmanship!"

"His acting is perfect! He actually played excitedly with Xiaotong-chan!"

"A like! I have to give him a like!"

"Don't do that! Perhaps he is already trying his best!!"


Liu Zilang's face turned black while counting Zhang Xiaotong's gunshot.

He still remembered Zhang Xiaotong said she only managed to get fifteen 7.62 bullets and the two of them had previously agreed that each of them would fire a few shots.

The revolver's ammo could be used for 98K too. However, since Zhang Xiaotong had forgotten about this, Liu Zilang had decided to keep quiet about this.

At that instance, Zhang Xiaotong had already fired ten shots, exceeding her limit.

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang kept quiet all the time because he saw that she was shooting with excitement. Besides, he also had extra ammo with him.


Three more shots fired...

Zhang Xiaotong said angrily, "This gun sucks! You can't even hit the person using the scope! Take it back!"

Upon completing her sentence, she threw the gun to the floor, along with the two remaining bullets.

The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth twitched!

To think this girl really thought so well of herself.

There were the two of them but she only left two bullets for him.

He would not believe it if this was unintentional.

He could somehow what was in Zhang Xiaotong's mind.

As long as Liu Zilang missed two of the following shots, then Zhang Xiaotong could justify for herself in the live streaming channel, "Look! Even the guru misses it! It's not because of my bad marksmanship! This gun's got a big issue!"

When did this girl become so cunning!

Picking up the Kar98k, Liu Zilang loaded the bullets into the gun, and he could somehow feel Zhang Xiaotong, who was beside him, grinning while covering her mouth.

Thinking about this, the corner of his mouth was slightly lifted.



The intense gunshot cut across the sky above the prison, a bullet from the sniper rifle penetrated speedily through the air!

Blood could be seen splashing at the entrance of the prison!

There was an icon feed appearing at the bottom left corner of the screen.

"Vic123 killed Xiaotong-chan's Guard with a headshot with the Kar98k!"


At the entrance of the prison, the guy hiding behind the Jeep was instantly stunned.

Due to the delay of Douyu's live stream, they did not know that there was a switch of players using the Kar98k on top of the prison building.

Hence, when the guy holding the M16 showed his head, he got headshot by Liu Zilang!

"Crap, there's a switch in the player at the rooftop. Now it's the expert bro who's firing it!"

"Can you help out from your side?"

"Maybe. There's a fence here. Get over here carefully, I'll pass the gun to you."


These two friends who were chasing after Liu Zilang were too busy hunting down Zhang Xiaotong and hence, they did not actually get any loot.

Among the two of them, one had managed to get an M16 while the other came with just a pistol. Their situation was about the same as Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang who were at the rooftop.

At this moment, Liu Zilang at the rooftop did not crouch like Zhang Xiaotong did after he fired a shot.

He stood quietly on top of the building while holding the 98K in his hands!

The spectacularly imposing stance seemed to be telling everyone silently about something.

The moment the other party revealed his head, he was confident that he could kill them before they could be to fire a shot!

You may be fast!

But I'm faster!

Behind his back, when Zhang Xiaotong, who was all the while praying that Liu Zilang would miss his shots, witnessed this scene, she was instantly shocked.


The next moment, a shadow presence sped by behind the fence of the prison entrance.

At this moment, Liu Zilang, who had his eyes squinted, pulled the trigger!


The familiar gunshot was once again heard, and instantly blood could be seen at the other side of the fence!

The fence, also known as "on God's side" was actually shot through by Liu Zilang. The Lady Luck chose to stand by him.

"Vic123 killed Protect Xiaotong-chan by headshot with the Kar98k!"

"Vic123 killed Xiaotong-chan's Guard with the Kar98k!"

A two-man squad was killed just like this by Liu Zilang with two shots!

At that time, the spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming channel burst into a chaotic excitement.

'Is this guy playing the same game?'

'Why can't my Kar98k hit anybody?'

'Why can't I shoot the fence, even when I use up all my bullets?'

"F*ck! Those two shots are too sick!"

"Salute! I really salute this expert brother's shot!"

"When I watched the video today, I thought that this guy's only acting cool holding two rifles. I didn't expect him to be this f*cking awesome!"

"To be frank, how do these two shots compare with Shen Zeyan?"


Everyone was quiet when their eyes reached the bottom of this chat screen.

'Who is Shen Zeyan?'

He used to be a sniper guru in Se7en, at this moment he was the chief sniper in IG team.

In the previous Grand Prix under PUBG, he created the legend of using an M24 to kill three professional teams. He was a 'Sniper God' being sought after by countless PUBG players. At this moment, he almost became the God among everyone who mained a sniper in this kind of game.

'Comparing Vic123 with Shen Zeyan?'

'Can they even be compared?'