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22 Teng Yuan Zilang!

 "Headshot using a revolver?"

"Is this... McCree?

"Bro, you're in the wrong game right?"

"Oh my god! This doesn't even make sense at all!"

"Why can't I even hit the standing target using a revolver? He's not playing the same game as us, right?"

"I'm impressed! No wonder he's the expert bro with thirty-five kills!"


Seeing as Liu Zilang could actually eliminate a team with a headshot by using a revolver, if the spectators on Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform knew that Liu Zilang was an expert through watching the online video, it was only at this moment that they finally realized how professional this expert was!


After killing the two of them, Liu Zilang revived Zhang Xiaotong and asked her curiously, "Why did you land so slowly just now? I think I've also seen you using your fist to kill two players. How did you suddenly get chased after by a car?"

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong who managed to survive the disaster was very embarrassed. She tried to change the topic by saying, "Hm... I'm not too sure! Aiya! We're not in the circle, let's get to the safe zone fast!"

As soon as she was done talking, the sound of a car engine could be heard coming from nearby.

Zhang Xiaotong's face changed. "Sh*t! Don't tell me there are more?"

"Get into the car!" Liu Zilang said without hesitation.

"Okay, oh yes! Where's the backpack?" Zhang Xiaotong asked while she looked at the two crates behind the Jeep.

"I suppose these two came here right after they got a car just now. There shouldn't be anything, let's just leave it," Liu Zilang dismissed Zhang Xiaotong's thought and took the lead by getting into the driver seat.

After hearing what Liu Zilang had said, Zhang Xiaotong was very reluctant. She kept turning around every two to three steps. It seemed like the attraction of the crates to her was not an ordinary one.

Perhaps for a player who always ended up as a crate, the best thing in PUBG was to search other people's crates.

The moment the two of them got into the car, there were suddenly two Jeeps which appeared behind them at the same time. Moreover, they started to honk when they got closer.


Beep beep!

Beep beep beep!

When Zhang Xiaotong, who just got into the car heard the honking beat, she instantly revealed a delightful expression. She said happily to Liu Zilang, "My friends are here!"

Sure enough, when the cars came speeding towards them, everyone inside began to scream and shout.

Liu Zilang heaved a sigh of relief knowing that they were not enemies.

At this moment, a "dadada" sound was heard. The rear of their car was shot multiple times!

Liu Zilang immediately froze as he turned his head towards Zhang Xiaotong and asked in confusion, "Didn't you say they're your friends?"

"Yes!" Zhang Xiaotong answered.

"Then why are they still shooting us?" Liu Zilang felt like he was going to break down.

"Why won't they shoot?" Zhang Xiaotong said in a very natural way, "My friends are, of course, here to hunt me down!"


Liu Zilang cursed internally when he heard what Zhang Xiaotong said.

Immediately after, he reversed the car and stepped on the accelerator, speeding towards the winding mountain road below the Guang Ming Hill.

When the speed started to increase, Liu Zilang did not fail to provoke the few Jeep cars which were tailgating him from time to time. "Tonight at 10pm, I'll wait for you guys on Mount Akina."

"You win if you can see my tail lights!"

Zhang Xiaotong remained silent.


The car traveled all the way towards the south.

Behind them, the few friends of Zhang Xiaotong seemed to be high on drugs as they would not stop tailgating them.

This time, Liu Zilang did not have the grandeur of the Mount Akina's God of Racing. Confused, he asked Zhang Xiaotong, "Why do your friends keep chasing after us?"

"I have no idea as well." Zhang Xiaotong's tone seemed very innocent.

Liu Zilang rubbed his forehead helplessly. After hearing Zhang Xiaotong's words, he enlarged the map to take a look at it.

At this moment, they were quite close to the edge of the first safe zone. If they drove further, the Shelter and Prison were located at the edge of the safe zone.

"Go to the Prison! Let's end this!" Liu Zilang said fiercely.

"Okay!" After going through that situation just now, Zhang Xiaotong now trusted Liu Zilang completely.

The two of them dashed forward and broke into the Prison.

When they got down the car, Liu Zilang quickly said, "You loot the two depots on the left and I'll loot the three depots. Do it quickly because your friends will be here soon. After looting, we'll go straight up."

"Okay. What if there are other players in the Prison?" Zhang Xiaotong asked her question.

"Just resign yourself to fate!" Liu Zilang responded in a very careless way.

Then, the two of them moved toward the left and right direction respectively before they rushed into the prison's depot.


After looting through two depots, Liu Zilang felt disappointed.

That was because, aside from a Level 1 helmet, he did not manage to find anything else.

Though as expected, as he took a quick glance upon entering the third depot, it was also empty on the inside!

It was obvious that the teams that parachuted here had looted this place.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong's screams of surprise were heard, "Yeah! A 98K!"

Liu Zilang was a little confused. "Didn't your place get looted before? Is there anything else?"

Zhang Xiaotong was already drowned in the joy of being able to get a 98K. She said giddily, "There's nothing else, but I got a 98K!"

Liu Zilang did not know how to respond to that.

He then realized that he was no longer the first-timer for this game anymore. He knew that a sniper rifle only had a limited function most of the time.

At this moment, the roaring sound of the engine could be heard coming from the entrance of the Prison.

Liu Zilang's expression changed, and he quickly said, "Don't stay at the depot, let's get into the building!"

"Oh oh!" Zhang Xiaotong hugged her 98K and dashed as fast as a rabbit into the building.


Hiding on top of the building, the two of them were listening for the activities outside.

Liu Zilang took a glance at the 98K in Zhang Xiaotong's embrace and he coughed, "That..."

"It's mine," Zhang Xiaotong pouted while saying. She retracted behind Liu Zilang.

Seeing Zhao Xiaotong's response, Liu Zilang did not know whether to laugh or cry. "I know it's yours, but can you just lend it to me for a while?"

"No!" Zhang Xiaotong's body retracted to the back once again. "You... You have a gun and even a helmet! I don't even have anything."

Liu Zilang was very perplexed.

Upon witnessing this scene, the spectators in the live streaming platform could not stop laughing.

"Haha. It seems like Xiaotong-chan hasn't really touched a 98K since she started playing PUBG, huh?"

"The expert bro is going to cry!"

"Hopefully his revolver can do wonders once again."

"I think it's difficult. McCree's technique requires CD."



After moments of holding his forehead, Liu Zilang suddenly squinted his eyes and spoke softly, "Beware! There's somebody at the entrance."

"Where? Where?" Zhang Xiaotong's tone seemed a little agitated.

"Over the steel fence at the Prison entrance. Can you see it? There's a car, and that person is just..."

Before he could complete his sentence, a "boom" sound was heard!


This girl has great eyesight?

Liu Zilang turned his head around only to realize that Zhang Xiaotong was stunned while she embraced the 98K.

Then, he heard Zhang Xiaotong awkwardly saying, "Sorry... I accidentally fired a shot, I'm a little nervous."

Liu Zilang had nothing to say