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21 In the Scene of the Blockbuster Film, Your Time is Up!

 Liu Zilang felt a headache once again when he saw the safe zone.

They had parachuted down onto the top left corner of the map, but the safe zone was Sosnovka Military Base instead.

When Liu Zilang saw this, he decided to stop his search.

He then ran on the highway, along the houses by the sea until he finally managed to find a blue vehicle. He quickly dashed towards it, preparing to take Zhang Xiaotong to the safe zone first.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard Zhang Xiaotong's anxious call for help!

"Guru, where are you? Save me! Save me!"

What was going on?


The countless of spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform felt entertained.

It turned out that after Zhang Xiaotong had used her fist to kill two players and when she was about to punch the third player, a Jeep was suddenly headed towards her direction.

The disconnected player's teammate was here!

Seeing that Zhang Xiaotong was punching his own teammate, the Jeep accelerated and dashed towards her.


Zhang Xiaotong was so scared that she quickly moved aside.

This time, she did not dare to punch the player anymore and instead, she wanted to run away.

Suddenly, the player who got punched by her twice was connected to the game again and immediately got onto his teammate's car. Then, the two of them drove the car towards Zhang Xiaotong's direction.

Zhang Xiaotong realized that she was on an empty land at the north side of 'Guang Ming Hill' - the tallest hill in Stalber. There was rarely any tree or houses seen here.

Being chased after by a Jeep in a place like that was as scary as it could be!

Under such an emergency situation, Zhang Xiaotong recalled that she still had a teammate and thus, she quickly screamed out for help.


"Don't panic! Wait for me!"

"Come quick! I'm going to get knocked down by a car soon!"

"Somebody wants to hit you with a car? Then you better find a shelter to hide in!"

"There's no shelter here! Ah! Stop chasing after me please!"


Zhang Xiaotong kept turning around to beg for mercy while she talked to Liu Zilang.

However, the two guys in the car behind did not have their audio on and so, they could not hear Zhang Xiaotong's voice. Even so, they would not feel pity or protective over a fair lady like this.

In their eyes, they had fixated on the fact that Zhang Xiaotong wanted to harm them intentionally harmed and because of that, they had made up their minds to kill her.



The split second before the Jeep sped down from behind, Zhang Xiaotong quickly jumped to the side and she actually managed to escape!

Bluek bluek bluek!

As she stared at the Jeep that did not knock her down, Zhang Xiaotong gave a sigh of relief. Then, she proudly stuck her tongue out.

Little did she know that the two guys had a high level of perseverance. When they did not manage to knock her down, they quickly turned around and came back once again, driving towards her direction.



Instantly, Zhang Xiaotong freaked out; she turned around and ran away in panic.

Vroom vroom!

The Jeep behind her had managed to catch up with her. When Zhang Xiaotong wanted to do the same trick again, little did she expect that the guys in the car had already learned their lesson. As Zhang Xiaotong jumped toward the right side, he quickly turned his steering wheel around!


At that instant, Zhang Xiaotong was knocked down as she kneeled helplessly on the ground.

At the sight of this scene, the spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform immediately burst into anger.

"F*ck! Who's this person that's driving!"

"This is too cruel!"

"Where are her teammates? Save Xiaotong-chan, quickly!"

"Guardian team! Calling for the guardian team!"

"Oh yes! Where's the expert bro? Why does it look like he's missing?"

"What kind of person is this! One who only knows how to search for weapons when he landed."

"Xiaotong-chan, he's not a great person to play with. Let us lead you in the next round!"


Zhang Xiaotong held her stomach while she knelt on the ground. Zhang Xiaotong almost wanted to burst into tears as she witnessed the Jeep that knocked her down had actually taken another turn - they were about to knock her down once again.

"Guru! Where are you?"

"I'm coming! Hold on!"

"Liar! You're not coming!"

"Hold on! Hold on!"

"I can't hold onto this anymore!"

Crawling on the ground and trying to put in all her effort to move, Zhang Xiotong then helplessly closed her eyes when she saw the Jeep dashing towards her.

Just give up...

However, the second she closed her eyes, she heard a sudden loud "boom"!

Zhang Xiaotong quickly opened her eyes. All she saw next was a blue car coming in wildly from the side and hit the Jeep which was coming for Zhang Xiaotong!


The friction between the wheels and the grass could be heard.

Due to the enormous collision, the Jeep heading towards Zhang Xiaotong was uncontrollably forced into the wrong direction and it merely brushed past Zhang Xiaotong.



"This feels like a blockbuster film!"

"So cool! The expert bro has made such an awesome appearance!"

"Incredibly awesome!"


The spectators at Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform were shocked upon witnessing this scene!

Sitting in front of the computer, Zhang Xiaotong rubbed her eyes as she watched the person who got down from the blue car with an unbelievable expression on her face.

Only after a few seconds later she was able to react. Instantly, she screamed in joy and said, "Ah! That's great! Please save me, save me!"



He finally managed to catch up!

Liu Zilang heaved a sigh of relief before he jumped out of the car and walked towards Zhang Xiaotong who was crawling on the ground.

The moment he crouched down to save her, little did anybody expect that the Jeep which got hit by Liu Zilang was secretly observing nearby. Realizing that Liu Zilang did not get down from the car with a weapon in his hand, they came dashing over once again.

"Are they even human?"

"Guardian team! Calling for the guardian team!"

"GG! GG!"

"Just start the next game!"


Observing the Jeep's movement from the opposite end, the spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform turned speechless.

Right at this moment, all they could see was a crouching Liu Zilang, who was trying to save Zhang Xiaotong, suddenly stood up. He stood in front of Zhang Xiaotong to shield her when he saw the Jeep turn back and come for them once again.

Everybody was shocked!

What kind of manipulation was this?

The spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform cried while they scolded Liu Zilang for his trick!

If you were to flirt with a girl, you should follow the basic rules!


No wonder I was still single!

Look at how particular he was even when he was playing a game.

In these people's eyes, the reason why Liu Zilang stood right in front of Zhang Xiaotong was undoubtedly to "sacrifice himself for the girl he liked". However, at this moment, it did not matter whether any meaning was tied to his action.

Yet the next second, everyone was stunned once again.

It seemed like Liu Zilang who was shielding Zhang Xiaotong suddenly took a revolver out from the holster on his thigh. Then, he held the gun with both hands, held his breath and activated his iron sight while he stood still.

This was just a joke right?


The guys in the Jeep which was moving at a high speed noticed that Liu Zilang had taken out his revolver and aimed at them.

For a moment, the two guys in the car were confused before they laughed out loud.

Were you trying to use a revolver to defeat me?

Bro, are you still sleeping?

In this state of mind, the one driving the car was fooling around with the steering wheel by moving it left and right as they dashed towards Liu Zilang. The guy was showing off his driving skills.

At that moment, a gunshot was heard!

One second ago, the guy sitting at the passenger seat of the Jeep was still laughing but the next moment, he turned around to discover a bloodbath beside him!

Not far from his opposite side, a light smoke rose from the muzzle of Liu Zilang's revolver.

"Vic123 knocked down WindChasingWind with R1895!"


Without the driver, the car started moving at a decreasing speed.


Before the shock in him faded, the guy on the passenger seat responded by moving quickly to the driver seat in an attempt to stabilize the car first.

Little did anybody expect that the moment he tried to change his seat, a gunshot sounded.


The next moment, two icon killfeed appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

"Vic123 killed ILoveTaiwaneseChicks by headshot with R1895!"

"Vic123 killed WindChasingWind with R1895!"

One shot per person!

Double kill!