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20 Paradise Public Square Dance, The Player Who Frequently Gets the Minimum Guaranteed Kills!

 Deng deng deng!

Deng deng!

Deng deng deng deng!


Suddenly, a cheerful prelude started to play. It was the 'Gokuraku Jodo' song which was once popular among the video sites.

Liu Zilang froze when he saw the ponytail girl on his screen moving to the rhythm, crouching and shaking her head. The edge of her mouth could not help but started to twitch.

"Don't just stand there! Follow me!"

Zhang Xiaotong's cheerful voice came from the YY platform, "You don't know how to dance? Hehe. Let me teach you!"

"One two three, go!"

"QQQ, QEQE, left right left, left right left!"


"Left side, eh! Not right side!"

"Hehe! It's just like this! Looks like you're a fast learner?"


At this moment, Liu Zilang's fingers were tapping on the keyboard like a robot. He was like a marionette listening to Zhang Xiaotong's command as he did all the weird movements.

Upon seeing the combatants in the spawn area, Liu Zilang who was sat in front of his computer could somehow feel that everyone in there was looking at him as though he was psychotic. At that moment, he felt extremely embarrassed.

However, he did not expect that Zhang Xiaotong's voice and music would make everyone move.

When the people around them heard the music, they started to dance as well.

"Paradise public square dance! F*ck! I think we're in the same match as Xiaotong-chan!"

"Who is Xiaotong-chan?"

"The one who sings in Douyu!"

"She's there! The two of them who are dancing right there!"

"Bros! Follow me!"

Following that, a scene which astonished Liu Zilang appeared right in front of his eyes.

In the beginning, only some of those who recognized Zhang Xiaotong joined their 'public square dance' team and they started to dance together in the background.

After a while, some of those surrounding them felt so entertained that they joined in as well.

In the end, almost half of them in the spawn area started dancing and moving together near the aircraft remnants. The whole scene looked like 'a cult site'!

In this process, Zhang Xiaotong commanded while she laughed at the same time. She was really enjoying it.

It goes without saying that Liu Zilang had never seen this side of her before.


When the countdown timer was almost ending in the spawn area, Zhang Xiaotong clapped her hand and said, "Okay! Dismiss! Let's meet again next time!"

Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong's clear voice, most of the people in the spawn area got excited.

"Xiaotong-chan! She's Xiaotong-chan!"

"Where are you parachuting into? We'll snipe you!"

"Sosnovka Military Base! I'll be at the Sosnovka Military Base!"


Upon hearing this, Liu Zilang's facial expression changed. He could see the situation in his mind, whereby a whole bunch of combatants would come after them when they landed.

Yet fortunately, Zhang Xiaotong was not that silly after all. All she did was cover her mouth and giggled without responding.

The next moment, the displayed screen changed and everybody was in the aircraft.

"Then... Where are we parachuting into?" Liu Zilang enlarged the map and looked at the route. He then realized that the route started from Primorsk which was at the bottom left corner before it passed through the School and they were heading towards the top right corner.

"Ooo... Aren't you a guru? You shall command!" Zhang Xiaotong answered in a straightforward tone.

After having played the game for the entire afternoon the last time, Liu Zilang had almost mastered the basics about the map. Although he was not as good as the experienced players, he at least knew which part of the map had the most people, the least people, and the distribution of resources.

As he thought about this, he tried to ask, "How about flying to the Sosnovka Military Base? There shouldn't be too many people taking that route."

"No! That's too far away, and I might fall into the sea," Zhang Xiaotong quickly rejected his idea.

"How about Pochinki?"

"It's too complicated, I'll get lost."

"The Water Town?"

"It's going to get sticky when we walk there, so no thanks."

"The School?"

"I hate going to the school the most."


Liu Zilang was suddenly speechless. He thought, 'Am I even the one commanding?'

So, he touched his forehead and said, "Okay. So you tell me where you want to land?"

"Hehe, let's go here!"

The moment Liu Zilang enlarged the map, he realized that Zhang Xiaotong had actually marked the endpoint of the route. That place was Guang Ming Hill which was situated at the top right corner of the map, somewhere near the Stalber's ruins.

Looking at Zhang Xiaotong's marked location, Liu Zilang doubtfully scratched his head.

To be frank, this place was too remote. Since Liu Zilang had only played this game for a short period of time, he had not been there before.


In Douyu's MAG section.

In Xiaotong-chan's live streaming platform.

When the spectators in Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming platform spotted her marked location, they all got excited.

"Haha, Xiaotong-chan is ready to get the minimum guaranteed kills again!"

"So sad for the expert bro, he must be confused."

"Do we know if anyone would be disconnected in this round?"

"After Sister Fa brought Xiaotong-chan to get the minimum guaranteed kills the last time, she's now Douyu's most frequent PUBG player to do so!"


"Getting the minimum guaranteed kills" was an appellation in PUBG. This was because, in PUBG, players who were disconnected in every match would be thrown out at the end of the plane ride when the aircraft arrived at the edge of the map. Then instead of dying, this game would turn the majority of players into crates. Therefore, it was difficult to kill even one person in a match.

At this moment, getting the minimum guaranteed kills would obviously become their best choice in winning the game.

Unfortunately, Liu Zilang just got to know about this game and none of the players in his dorm had actually gotten the minimum guaranteed kills. Hence, he was not aware there was such thing.


The aircraft traveled through the entire route and passed through the Yasnaya Polyana before they were finally nearing their final destination.

"Prepare to parachute!" Zhang Xiaotong said happily while she giggled, "There might be a surprise for you later!"

"Huh?" Liu Zilang was confused but due to his image as an expert, he did not ask further.

Yet when he wanted to parachute, he was instantly dumbfounded!

One, two, three, four, five, six.....



Why were there so many people?

Did those people in the dorm cheat on me? Could this place be one of the best-hidden loots on the map?

At this moment, it was very different for Liu Zilang.

The moment Zhang Xiaotong realized that there were so many people around her when she was about to parachute, she suddenly giggled as though she was a cat that got a fish out of nowhere.


Liu Zilang dived down rapidly!

He deployed his parachute and landed smoothly.

Liu Zilang got rid of the parachute before he quickly dashed towards a house by the sea as though he was a wild dog that was just released.

After yesterday afternoon's lesson, he knew that this game was very different from the previous FPS shooting game. Regardless of how good your skills were, if you did not get a gun when you landed, there was nothing you could do.

In a situation like this whereby many people parachuted as well, he must get a weapon in order not to get chased by the rest.

He opened the door and got into the room.

First floor, bandage, Level one backpack, and a smoke grenade.

Second floor, revolvers and ammo.

He did not have the best luck as he did not manage to find a powerful gun.

After a quick search, Liu Zilang jumped out from the second-floor window in an attempt to utilize his time well to search the next house.

However, when he looked up at the sky, he realized that Zhang Xiaotong was still floating in the sky.

What was going on?

Liu Zilang's mind was immediately filled with question marks, and he could not help but ask, "Uh... Why are you still up there?"

"Ah? I... I'm admiring the scenery," Zhang Xiaotong answered in a slightly anxious tone.

Upon hearing this response, Liu Zilang immediately felt the twitch at the edge of his eye and he was speechless.