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19 The Headless Streamer

 In Douyu's MAG section.

A live video named 'Xiaotong-chan Sings For You' was playing in the live streaming platform. The popularity of this program was extraordinarily high, and thus there was a spam of pop-up comments.

"Oh my god!"

"It's so nice! So nice!"

"Xiaotong-chan's voice is cute! Ahhhhh! My heart is melting!"

"Please sing another song, I'd like to listen to 'The Flower We Saw That Day'."

"Come to talk about it, does anybody know how old Xiaotong-chan is now?"

"She should be at a legal age already?"

"Don't mess around. The host is still a kid!"

"I want to watch some house dance. Are you going to dance today Xiaotong-chan?"

"Oh yes, a dance will be good! Hehehe!"

"Guys, come on let's dance!"

"Dance! Dance!"


In a bedroom somewhere in Jianghai, the little girl who was wearing a koala pajamas moved her body. The angle of the camera in front of her computer could only capture the upper body below her head.

At this moment, when she witnessed the pop-up comments in the live streaming platform, she frowned in distress.

After clearing her throat, she spoke to the microphone, "The host is a little tired today so I won't dance. Let's play a game instead."

The moment she mentioned about games, spectators in the live streaming platform started to get hyped up again and the pop-up comments were everywhere.

Some people mentioned the game 'LOL', and some also mentioned games in which some people had not heard of...

However, the majority of them commented on the same game, 'PUBG'.

Upon seeing this, the little girl raised the corner of her mouth and said proudly, "I've just met Li Muqiu guru today, so let's play PUBG. I believe with the guru's luck, I'll definitely win tonight."

When they heard the host's words, countless self-volunteered spectators instantly spammed their game IDs in the pop-up comments.

Some of them even self-declared that they were the 'first 98K in Asia server', 'the fastest M16 in Asia server', 'AK Little Prince' and so on while commenting. It was an attempt to form a squad with her.

The little girl laughed while she stared at the pop-up comments without considering whether the spectators could see it or not. She shook her head and said, "Guys, please stop spamming. I don't team up with noobs!"

Upon hearing that, the pop-up comments immediately filled up with cries. Some of them even tried to advise her to make it an exception today because it would be too boring to play alone.

Though as the little girl saw the pop-up comments, she frowned in distress.

Yet suddenly, her little face revealed a joyful smile as she said, "I'm not playing alone today. I still have a MAG teammate."


At the same time, in different rooms.

Liu Zilang sat in front of his computer. He was getting ready and excited while he downloaded the game.

PUBG's clientele was not large, and so after a short while, Liu Zilang had completed with the download of the game.

Then, he opened the game and let it run. Realizing that it was still running, Liu Zilang quickly sent a message over.

"I've completed my download. Do we communicate in YY?"

The other party replied with a 'YY channel' before Liu Zilang quickly entered that platform.

After entering YY, he did not dare to voice out immediately and instead, he used a voice changer to make his voice sound slightly deeper. Then, he opened his mouth and attempted to talk, "Hey, are you there?"

"I'm here." After she was done talking, she went silent for a moment before she made a 'heh' sound. "I didn't know you were this old."

At this moment, her voice sounded playful and slightly adorable, which was completely different from the person whom Liu Zilang always knew.

"Ah?" Liu Zilang was stunned for a moment. Then, he realized that maybe the voice changer had made Zhang Xiaotong misunderstand.

In order to prevent any generation gaps, he could only explain himself, "No, actually I'm only eighteen. The voice... My voice is slightly precocious."

"Uh..." Hearing Liu Zilang's explanation, the little girl did not know how to react.

"Okay okay. What's your game ID? I'll add you as a friend." Liu Zilang quickly switched the topic to ask what her game ID was.

"I've posted it on my platform, so take a look at it yourself," she responded.


Typing fast, he entered the name and sent the friend invitation.

'You have successfully added the other party as your friend.'

Liu Zilang closed in first as he asked, "Are you ready? Should I invite you?"

"Yes. But I have one thing I need to tell you in advance," Zhang Xiaotong said, "I'm actually a host."

"What?" Liu Zilang was shocked.

"Is it such a shock?" Zhang Xiaotong asked curiously.

"Um... No, it's surprising..." Liu Zilang took a deep breath and explained, "Just a little surprised."

"Hehe." Zhang Xiaotong's laugh sounded a little playful. "Please do perform well. I have a lot of spectators over here watching you."

Liu Zilang was dazed. Once again, he realized that it really seemed like he did not know anything about this little girl.

A brother like this was really a failure!

Attempting to cheer himself up, Liu Zilang said, "I have a secret too. Actually, I'm a super guru in PUBG."

"Um." Zhang Xiaotong clearly did not believe him. Then, she blinked her eyes and said, "Good luck!"

Instantly, Liu Zilang felt empty.


In Douyu's MAG section.

In the live streaming platform of 'Xiaotong-chan Sings For You'.

A lot of spectators became curious when they witnessed Zhang Xiaotong invite someone they had not met before into the live streaming video.

Then, when they heard Liu Zilang self-declared that he was a 'super guru', they instantly scolded and criticized how shameless he could be!

"Who's this bro?"

"Big brother, isn't it a little too early for you to say that?"

"He's a super guru! I'm so scared!"

"Bro, if you can't do this, please initiate to withdraw from the game."

"Yes man, so many of us are waiting here!"


This bunch of people was happily teasing him, but the moment they witnessed Liu Zilang's ID, they were immediately stunned.

"Eh eh eh... Do you guys think that this name looks familiar?"

"Vic123? Yeah, it does sound a little familiar..."

"F*ck! This should be the guy on the internet that won with thirty-five kills!"

"Yes, it's him! I've watched the video! The name is exactly the same and it's definitely not an imitation!"

"Back to the topic, how does Xiaotong-chan know this expert?"



In the game's waiting room, Zhang Xiaotong inadvertently took a glance at the pop-up comments and somehow, she was shocked.

She looked at her teammate's name at the bottle left corner which said Vic123.

As Liu Zilang's video was just uploaded onto the internet, Zhang Xiaotong had not have the chance to watch yet. However, she could vaguely remember hearing about this ID somewhere today.

Thinking about this, Zhang Xiaotong could not help but ask in hesitation on YY, "About that... Are you really a guru?"

"That's genuine!" Liu Zilang said while thumping his chest.

"The one who got thirty-five kills?" Zhang Xiaotong asked.

"How do you know?" Liu Zilang was shocked.

"They... The spectators in my live streaming platform mentioned that your video is on the internet," Zhang Xiaotong explained.

"It's nothing."

On the inside, Liu Zilang was happy but he pretended as though it did not matter to him on the outside.

He was initially waiting for Zhang Xiaotong to say something more. Yet little did he expect that when Zhang Xiaotong heard what Liu Zilang said, she merely responded with an 'oh' before the conversation ended. It instantly disappointed him.

Coincidentally, they entered the game at that moment. The loud noise in the spawn area once again entered his ears.

When they finally entered into the spawn area, Zhao Xiaotong said in excitement, "Where are you? Come over quickly! I'll teach you how to dance."


Liu Zilang was dumbfounded. So, he doubtfully asked, "You can dance in this game?"