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Intense struggling!

Liu Zilang's mask was finally pulled down...

"It's you!" Pikachu's confused voice was heard.


Lying on the ground, Liu Zilang who was left at its mercy was dumbfounded with what she said.

Does she know me?

Then, Pikachu was seen efficiently removing her costume before she stared fiercely at Liu Zilang.

Wait, wasn't she that... affectionate female senior who helped move his things at the start of his first year at University?

Liu Zilang even recalled exchanging numbers with her at that time.

What was her name?


Qin Xuanxuan!

As Liu Zilang recalled her name, he revealed a bitter smile.

To be fair, it was not a total coincident for Liu Zilang to bump into two consecutive people from school in this anime convention.

The anime exhibition was indeed a very close distance to the University Town where Liu Zilang was studying at. Moreover, since it was also the last day of the National Day holidays, those who left for the holidays have also returned. Thus, bumping into several acquaintances from school was really not unusual.

However, bumping into a passionate female senior that had helped him in his first year at this time and place, under these circumstances...

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.


Lying on the ground, Liu Zilang squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying itself.

He said to Qin Xuanxuan awkwardly, "Ahem... Senior, well... Could you let me up?"

Qin Xuanxuan was stunned and as she could not be bothered, she snorted. Yet despite that, she moved away so that Liu Zilang could get up from the ground.

Liu Zilang quickly got up and patted his clothes while he subconsciously raised his other hand to try to help Qin Xuanxuan in patting off the dust on her.

In the midst of extending his hand, he quickly shrank back and said embarrassingly, "Senior, your Pikachu costume... is pretty cute..."

Cute my ass!

That 'Heavy Collision Technique' just now almost kicked Liu Zilang to death.

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Qin Xuanxuan glared at him. With a look as if she had gotten to know his personality, she scorned and said, "I never thought you were someone like this."

"Huh?" Liu Zilang was dumbfounded. He immediately responded by saying, "I think you misunderstood. It was just a misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding my ass!"

Qin Xuanxuan cursed upon hearing what Liu Zilang said. The image of a 'gentle female senior' from the beginning of the school term was no longer there.

Flushed with anger, she glared at Liu Zilang as she added, "Okay, even if that was a misunderstanding, how would you explain yourself about tailing young ladies?"

"Uh... that, too, was a misunderstanding." Liu Zilang scratched his head. "Actually, one of them is my sister."

Qin Xuanxuan obviously did not believe that as her countenance showed even more disdain.

Liu Zilang had no choice but to take out his phone to try to prove it. In the end, after rummaging through the album, he had failed to find any photos of the both of them.

He did possess single photos of Zhang Xiaotong, but that could never be used as evidence. It would only show that his stalking was 'long-planned'.

Looking at Liu Zilang's anxious appearance, Qin Xuanxuan could not help but laugh. She then waved her hands and said, "Okay okay, I'll let you off this time on the account that you're my junior."

"Had it been someone else... Hmph! I would've cut his d*ck off!"

Hearing Qin Xuanxuan's words, he recalled the 'flying kick' he had received just now!

Liu Zilang's heart could not help but feel a sense of fear.

After what happened just now, he had every reason to believe that the other party would practice what she preached.

Unexpectedly, after Qin Xuanxuan was done speaking, she observed Liu Zilang before she suddenly said earnestly, "Junior, you're still young, so listen to your senior's advice. You must change this habit. Otherwise, it'll be difficult in the future. You'll be totally hopeless if you were to become one of the Kimo-Ota!"

Did Kimo-Ota eat all the rice in your house?

Liu Zilang's mind at that time was still immersed in the deterrence just now. Hearing what Qin Xuanxuan had said, he subconsciously nodded.

When Qin Xuanxuan saw Liu Zilang's 'well-behaved' appearance, she smiled with satisfaction.

She then took out her mobile phone from her pocket and gave it a look. Out of the blue, she cried out, "Oh no, this is bad! The association is looking for me."

Once she was done speaking, she held the Pikachu costume and turned back to the direction she came from. As she walked, she glanced back at Liu Zilang. With a slightly cold gaze, she told Liu Zilang, "I'll make my leave first, you should hurry back too. Don't let me catch you doing bad things again!"

"Or else, next time..."

"Huh?" Puzzled, Liu Zilang looked up but found that the other party was already gone.

What the f*ck just happened?

Staring at the back of Qin Xuanxuan, Liu Zilang scratched his head in pain.

He could only pray that this female senior was not a 'big mouth'.

If she was, then the 'wonderful life' he was looking forward to in university would end where it started.

Any lady who hears that he is a tailing pervert would naturally stay away.


On the way back home, Liu Zilang received a call from Ran Maotong.

On the phone, the kid excitedly talked about seeing Li Muqiu in the anime convention today. He had also requested for several signatures. He even asked if Liu Zilang wanted one as well.

However, Liu Zilang casually slid in two sentences before he quickly hung up the call.

He was incredibly irritated now. Although he had successfully gotten rid of that rascal, Li Mufan, he had also found himself in a different kind of trouble.

However, he had caught a feeling from the female senior's hands...

It seemed pretty good?



As soon as this thought of his surfaced, he immediately alerted himself because that would mean that he would really become the pervert that Qin Xuanxuan spoke of.

At that moment, Liu Zilang could not help but evaluate himself.

Am I that kind of person?


In the afternoon, at about three or four o'clock.

Liu Zilang was in his room when he heard the sound of the door opening. He guessed that it might have been Zhang Xiaotong, but he could not help but feel diffident.

So, he got up and put his ear right next to the door as he attempted to eavesdrop for a while. Having found no particular activity, he gradually felt at ease.

As he recalled the train of thoughts he had in the afternoon when he was lying in bed, Liu Zilang hesitated for a while. He then decided to implement his thoughts - to figure out the actual reason as to why there was a gap between the two of them.

Last night, when he changed the information of his secondary account, he found Zhang Xiaotong's QQ.

Zhang Xiaotong's avatar was an anime character with white hair and a brush between her teeth. The petite and cute appearance of the avatar was quite like herself in person.

Yet when he chose to add her as a friend, he had to provide a message for approval.

Liu Zilang thought for a while and typed, "Hello, let's be friends."

After he sent it out, Liu Zilang felt nervous but he could not tell what he was nervous about.

It did not take long before the other party responded.


Liu Zilang suddenly got up, picked up the phone, and stared at it again in confirmation. It was true that it was approved and he was secretly relieved.

If he could not get through with the friend request, he did not even need to consider his subsequent plans.

After going through the request, Liu Zilang laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. He was lost in his thoughts while he bit his nails.

The two were added as friends, but they did not say a word.

Although everyone said that 'first impression matters', Liu Zilang was still considering how he could start the conversation.

After pondering about it for a while, he picked up his phone and type word by word. "How convenient, are you surfing the Internet too?"

It had to be said, and aside from Liu Zilang, no one else would use this line as an opening.

She did not reply immediately. It took about five minutes before a message popped out.



Liu Zilang was shocked. Was this brat always so indifferent on the Internet?

If things progressed as it was now, who knew how long it would take before they talked about anything related to real life.

Having thought of this, Liu Zilang could not help but feel discouraged. In his heart, he already had a strong desire to give up.

However, at night, things suddenly changed.

A message came from her.

"May I know if you've played PlayerUnknown's Battleground?"

Reading the message clearly, Liu Zilang felt entirely shocked!


He definitely knew!