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17 Pikachu’s Flying Kick!

 On the exhibition stage, a beautiful, long-legged hostess held the microphone and helped Li Muqiu interact with all the fans present with a smile on her face.

Suddenly, the elegant tunes of a piano could be heard.

"Excuse me." Li Muqiu casually took out his mobile phone from the pocket of his team uniform. Smiling, he pointed at the screen.

The hostess was stunned for a moment; it was apparent she had not encountered such a situation before.

She initially thought that after Li Muqiu had said 'Excuse me', he would switch his phone off. She had never thought that Li Muqiu would actually answer the call and leave her hanging after looking at the screen.

Having seen what happened, the fans in the audience were also shocked. Thereafter, female fans in the front row actually got into a heated discussion.

"Wow! Qiuqiu is really laid-back!"

"Uh-huh. Speaking of which, what was Qiuqiu's ringtone just now?"

"I didn't listen to it clearly. It seemed like a piano melody. Qiuqiu has such a good taste!"

"You guys, guess whose call did Qiuqiu answer?"

"Could it be his girlfriend?"

"Impossible! Qiuqiu's official girlfriend is me!"

"It's me! It's me!"


The hostess, who was awkwardly standing on the stage, looked at Li Muqiu who was on the phone as though no one was around him. She then listened to the discussions of the little missies, forcefully squeezing a faint smile. Yet, her heart had already...


On the phone.

"Little Qiuqiu?"

"Hmm? You're still not dead?"

"Why did you start off by cursing someone to die! How horrible!"

"No use expressing your disgust to me. This was what Shen Zeyan asked last time."


"Where are you?"

"I'm one of your fans, and I want to have your children."

"Speak human, otherwise I'm hanging up."


The call was paused here.

After that, Li Muqiu heard a furious voice from the other end of the line, "Do you have a brother named Li Mufan? Don't try to deny it. One look at that kid and I know he's your brother, I won't believe it even if you say he's illegitimate!"

"Get that bastard to stay away from my sister. I'll overlook it on your account this time. Otherwise, don't blame me the next time!"

Li Muqiu listened to Liu Zilang's 'roars' with a puzzled look on his face, wanting to ask what the situation was like.

In the end, as soon as the other party finished speaking, he hung up.

He froze for a moment while he listened to the busy tone on the phone. 'How did the kid Mufan get himself involved with this fellow?' He wondered.

'Younger sister?'

'That guy has a sister?'


"Guru Qiu? Guru Qiu?"

"Can we proceed with the interview?"

Li Muqiu was thinking about those things before he was suddenly interrupted by the female hostess's reminder.

He froze but responded immediately. He gave a friendly smile, nodding gently and said, "I'm sorry..."

The long-legged hostess sighed in relief.

"I need to make another call."


Hearing those words, the long-legged hostess's emotions fell in a complete mess.


Below the stage, after hanging up, Liu Zilang felt that he had finally vented.

Seeing the chattering kid, who was standing next to Zhang Xiaotong, in front of him, Liu Zilang felt rather irritable.

Unexpectedly, the boy suddenly took a call and immediately had a long face. He then reluctantly told Zhang Xiaotong something before dejectedly leaving, hugging his skateboard.

Watching what happened, Liu Zilang immediately chuckled.

In his heart, he thought that old Qiu hadn't changed. It seemed that 'there is honor among perverts.'

As he was heaving a sigh, another person behind him patted his shoulders again. "Hey buddy, why did you come to the back?"

The corner of his eye saw Zhang Xiaotong, who seemed to be leaving, and Liu Zilang hurriedly turned back and said, "I'm sorry, brother. I have something going on, I need to leave. You carry on here."

When he finished talking, he ran off without waiting for the other person to respond.


At anime, comic and game conventions such as these, there were usually many booths set up on both sides of the road.

Those stalls sold anime and game merchandises such as small figurines, sketchbooks and so on. Business was looking good.

After Zhang Xiaotong and the loli girl with glasses left the PUBG exhibition stage, they held hands and went looking around.

When they saw something they liked, the would stop and check that out. The both of them were having a great time.

As the two moved through the convention, Liu Zilang was not far behind.

He used his espionage knowledge acquired from watching films and television dramas. His zipper was pulled all the way to his neck. His head was in a hoodie, wearing a mask and his hands in his pockets.

Whenever the two in front stopped, he would immediately find a roadside stall and pretend to be browsing the items, yet never buying anything in the end.

The proprietors of the stall watched as Liu Zilang fiddled about with their merchandises and left without a purchase made.

Seeing Liu Zilang tailing two beautiful young girls in a suspicious manner gave them the wrong impression, causing the owners to curse under their breaths.

After walking like that for a while, Liu Zilang's trailing behind had finally stopped!


The one who stopped him was a Pikachu.


A large Pikachu cosplayer, to be exact.

It was about 1.6 meter in size, and it looked cute. It suddenly appeared in front of Liu Zilang who had his head concealed under the hoodie.

Liu Zilang was worried at that time, he did not look up at the road.

The outcome was undesirable.

The two slammed directly into one another and Liu Zilang fell onto the large Pikachu.


'Oh no!'

Two cries of pain could be heard, one was Liu Zilang's and the other voice was surprisingly high-pitched; it was most likely a lady's voice.


He fell on the Pikachu and felt a sensation of softness to his face.

Liu Zilang puzzledly looked at the Pikachu under him. The quality of these cosplayers' costumes was quite good, he thought to himself.

Subconsciously, he extended his arm and touched it again.


'Something doesn't feel right.'


A scream could be heard on both sides of the road in the anime convention.

'Not good!'

Although Liu Zilang was somewhat inattentive, it did not mean that he was a fool.

The moment he heard screaming, he understood everything!


"Pervert! I'll kill you!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I really didn't mean it!"

"Don't you dare run away!"

"Sorry! Sorry!"


A chase ensued with the intent to kill on one side and apologies on the other, much like a 'see-saw battle.'

Despite Liu Zilang constantly staying ahead, the other party persevered.

She might have been embarrassed, but the Pikachu who chased after Liu Zilang had not taken off her costume. Therefore, strictly speaking, the reason Liu Zilang managed to maintain his lead was because his opponent could not move freely.

As a result, the people who went to the anime and video game convention that day, saw a 'refreshing' performance of a pursuit to kill.

A cute, large-sized Pikachu moving its clumsily cute body, crazily chasing after a masked man.

"What was that?"

"Mmm... somewhat weird?"

"Today's special program for the Comic Con?"

"Yeah! Maybe!"


Liu Zilang did not have the time to care about what the others were saying because he was gradually losing his energy.

'He could not help it, he is an otaku, after all...'

'Everyone understands'

What was even sadder was that Liu Zilang had never been to this place and was not familiar with the site.

Running and running, he met a dead end.


He looked back, and the Pikachu behind him had rushed over aggressively.

In desperation, he took a breath and attempted to explain and communicate.

He did not expect the Pikachu who was behind him to have suddenly leaped and delivered a kick while in mid-air!

Liu Zilang was instantly dumbfounded!

'What is this?'

'A flying kick?'