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15 Please Sit Down!

 Liu Zilang ended up waiting until the next morning, and his 'night owl' attribute was coming back to him.

He burried himself in his pillow and slept like a log that he was unable to get up.

He could not help it. It was his fault for having lived an inverse life of day and night for the past few years, and in turn, that messed up his biological clock on the holidays.

Right at that moment, while he was still in a daze, the doorbell rang.

Liu Zilang, who was still in bed, was suddenly startled. He quickly ransacked the top and bottom of the bed for some clothes before he scrambled to put them on. Then, he jumped down his bed.

Based on his past experiences, if it was around this timing it would certainly be his father, Liu Yigang who came over to 'check the room'.

He remembered that after he had returned home for a period of time, Liu Yigang used this method to forced Liu Zilang to change his biological clock.

Liu Zilang's heart twisted as he recalled those days.


When Liu Zilang opened his room door, Zhang Xiaotong's room door opened as well.

The two bumped into each other, face to face.

"Hi!" Liu Zilang lifted his hand and greeted her with a smile.

"Hmph!" Instead, Zhang Xiaotong's attitude was cold and faint as she turned toward the door.

"Let me answer it!" Liu Zilang strode past Zhang Xiaotong. When he arrived at the door, he turned around and grinned while he struck a 'yeah' gesture before he opened the door.

Surprisingly, standing outside the door was not his father, Liu Yigang but the 'glasses lolita' who Liu Zilang saw the last time.


As the little girl outside the door saw the sudden emergence of Liu Zilang, she was shocked as well.

She immediately blushed with her head lowered and twiddled her fingers. She then said, "I... I'm here for Xiaotong."

"Yumeng, come in and ignore him," Zhang Xiaotong said at the door in a poor manner.

Though because of what happened last night, Liu Zilang knew that he was in the wrong.

Listening to what Zhang Xiaotong said, he could not maintain his image in front of the 'glasses lolita'. So, he leaned sideways to step aside and stood right next to the door.

The young lady hesitated for a moment, but she eventually stepped inside.

When she passed by Liu Zilang, she could not help but shot him a puzzled look.

As Liu Zilang noticing the young lady's gaze, he flashed a smile that showed off his teeth.

The young lady was so startled that she immediately lowered her head and followed Zhang Xiaotong into her room.

Left behind, Liu Zilang stroked his chin dejectedly while he doubted his life.


Forget it!

Since it was not father, then just go back to sleep!

Liu Zilang strode forward with the intention of returning to his room. Suddenly, he vaguely heard Zhang Xiaotong and the young lady talking about fireflies or the likes...


Were they going to catch fireflies?

Liu Zilang paused for a moment, only to react violently all of a sudden!


That was the place that the kid mentioned last night?

Zhang Xiaotong was going to go today as well?

Now, Liu Zilang was completely sober!


He must not let Xiaotong go.

Liu Zilang thought of knocking the door to say something, but then he thought about the indifferent attitude Zhang Xiaotong had towards him.

He did not even have the chance to apologize last night, and he was going to give her a 'restraining order' set meal today?

As he thought about it, Liu Zilang was suddenly an irritable person...


Half an hour later.

Zhang Xiaotong's door opened again. Together with the 'glasses lolita', they carried their backpacks and left the house.

When they were leaving, she could not help but stare at the door of Liu Zilang's room. Then, she pursed her lips and went 'hmph'.

After Zhang Xiaotong had left, Liu Zilang's room door opened.

Wearing a hooded sweater, he stuck his head out of the door and looked around. He then went to the door to stop a taxi. He told the driver the address of the 'Fireflies' anime and video game convention that he had just searched for online and followed suit.

That's right!

Liu Zilang wanted to tail...

Not right!

He was stalking.

That was also not right. Anyway, it means that...

In short, as a guardian, Liu Zilang felt that he could not stand by and watch as Zhang Xiaotong experience her first puppy love in junior high.

These germinations must be totally nipped and then incinerated!


Liu Zilang had a good idea but once he arrived at the scene, he was dumbfounded.

The place was ridiculously large!

There were too many people!

The exhibition hall was crowded with a variety of animes and games. Countless 'Kimo-Ota' were seen flopping around like salted fish on the road, excitedly holding cameras and taking photos of the exhibition halls, as well as the Cosers by the side of the road...

People like Liu Zilang who wore a hooded sweatshirt, baggy pants, and came with his hands in his pockets were basically no one.

Obviously, to look for two little girls in this kind of place would be an unusually great challenge.

Liu Zilang scratched his head, feeling a little helpless.

However, he could not just go back without doing anything since he had come all the way here.

So, he could only stick his hands in his pockets and roam around in the major exhibition halls. Meanwhile, he prayed for an inadvertent encounter that would be arranged by God.


Though it was worth mentioning that things such as fateful encounters do not only exist in televisions and fictions.

It existed in reality as well.

As Liu Zilang was aimlessly wandering around, a person behind him suddenly patted his shoulder.


Feeling overjoyed, Liu Zilang turned around to take a look.

Instead, a man with the height of six foot appeared behind Liu Zilang and stared at Liu Zilang with a pleasantly surprised expression.

Pleasantly surprised, or not?

Unexpected, or not?

Liu Zilang scratched his head. In doubt, he asked, "You are?"

The towering person cheerfully replied Liu Zilang, "Oh gosh, Liu Zilang! You've forgotten about me, haven't you... Think again..."

"Oh oh..." Liu Zilang tried very hard to recall, but he really could not remember. He could only pretend to have a sudden realization, "You are... that... that..."

"Zhao Tiezhu!" The man slapped Liu Zilang's shoulder amicably, and said with a warm smile, "We are classmates this semester, and our dorm rooms are just diagonally opposite yours. I didn't expect to meet you here."

"Yes yes! Zhao Tiezhu! Yes, what coincidence."

Liu Zilang nodded like grinding garlic. He looked up at Zhao Tiezhu, secretly thinking if he could sit down and talk.

Zhao Tiezhu replied cheerfully, "I'm here to visit PUBG's booth. I heard that there will be several heavyweight celebrity gurus who are coming over today. You probably came here because of this, am I right?"

"Huh?" Liu Zilang blanked out for a while.

This was not a good time to say that he was tracking his sister and had ended up losing her; it would be too embarrassing. Hence, he could only nod in response.

Just then, sudden squeals of delight could be heard from the crowd!

"Ah! Li Muqiu!"

After a 'buzz' sound, screams of excitement filled the entire surrounding area!

"Li Muqiu? Lech guru is here?"

"Where? Where?"

"Nonsense, of course he would be at the PUBG booth!"

"Oh my God! I must get Li Muqiu guru's signature today!"

"If I can shake the guru's hand, I'm definitely not going to wash my hands after that. I'll always get chicken dinner the next time."

"Qiu Qiu! We love you!"


From the name Li Muqiu to the various debates and squealings, Liu Zilang's head suddenly lagged a little. In the end, the words 'Qiu Qiu' even gave him a chill.

Seeing that scene, Liu Zilang could not help but stroke his chin.

When did that kid become so popular?