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10 Looks Like It’s Nothing?

 In the main hall on the first floor, in front of the big screen in the recreational zone.

Wu Yu raised his head to look at the big screen. He became dazed and his jaw dropped; the cigarette in his mouth that was yet to be lit slipped out of his mouth silently.



A mixture of feelings instantly rushed into Wu Yu and it drowned him in a state of scalp numbness.

The scene of Liu Ziliang's last shot of blind sniping was being played repeatedly in his mind. The principle behind it was not complicated; after firing his first shot by scoping in, he used his muscle memory to stabilize his sight.

The second shot did not require aiming, he just scoped in immediately and sniped!

Actually, as long as you had some talent, players who had been playing sniping games would technically be able to do this.

However, on whether your shot would be a successful hit or not, that would have depended on your luck.

That being said, Wu Yu could clearly feel that Liu Zilang's performance was definitely not just because he was lucky!

The speed, the calmness, and the confidence Liu Zilang had in each situation had revealed that from the beginning. Liu Zilang had not once thought about what would happen if he missed a shot.

Whenever a shot was fired.

The shot was 100% accurate.

It seemed like in the eyes of the person on the big screen, everything seemed to be inevitable and right.

Looking at the thirty-five kill count on the fixed screen caused a rush of adrenaline. The one who almost broke the record for the highest total headshot kills held by "The God of Killing" Li Muqiu.

Wu Yu could not control himself but made a guess...

Could that person have been a professional player in an FPS shooting game in the past?

Very quickly, Wu Yu shook his head.

The reason being was that PUBG was different from any type of previous shooting games. As a globally popular game in the present, there were a lot of well-known god-like FPS players who switched to playing PUBG.

However, the truth was already proven.

The previous FPS god-like players were just somehow better and faster compared to the ordinary players in this game.

However, it did not mean that they were still considered as god-like players in this game even if they were highly looked up to in the past.

Regarding this point, the more popular example in the country was when Team Se7en represented Hua Xia to participate in the "Stars War" tournament; otherwise recognized as the "Clash of Titans" in FPS gaming history half a year ago.

Almost everyone on the team was a top genius in the FPS realm. Their mental responses were a totally different reflex arc when compared to ordinary people.

As for the "Clash of the Titans", Team Se7en lost to the western Royal Team SKK in the finals due to a few reasons. Later on, the team disbanded overnight. The most mysterious "Black Masked" team leader named Victor disappeared, and the remaining members went their own ways. Some of them even switched over to play PUBG as time progressed.

Aside from the "Black Masked" team leader Victor, only Lech and Wolves from the five-man team switched to another game.

Lech Li Muqiu continued to stay in team Se7en, assuming the role of the No.1 assaulter. He was also the record keeper for having the highest points and highest kills scored in a single match;

Wolves Shen Zeyan transferred to Team IG to be their No.4 sniper. In recent competitions in the PUBG line, he performed very well and shone brightly. He was even given the title of "The Ultimate Sniper God".

Two of them were also contracted to a livestreaming platform and quickly became the most popular and capable players in PUBG, having a large number of fans.

As for the two remaining players on the team, Su Changming and Gao Yunyang, one worked behind the scenes and became the manager of team Se7en while the other one also disappeared from the FPS scene just like the "Black Masked" team leader Vic.

Other examples also included other god-like players from FPS games from foreign countries such as F0rest and Neo. Some of them had managed to transform but the majority of them had disappeared instead.

Therefore, with the sole explanation of being a "retired professional player", it did not make sense that a god-like player like this would appear in an internet cafe near the town college.


At team 4AM's training base in Jianghai

Wei Shen was startled upon looking at the match's result. His heart was filled with grief.

In the finale just now, not only were two of his headcount kills taken but even the victory which he was about to get his hands on was also taken away. At this moment, all he could do was grieve for the victory that slipped away. Even if someone else were in his shoes, that person would not feel content either.

Moreover, the livestream studio where Wei Shen was in was also in chaos and all sorts of bullets flew past him.

"GG! This loss is a little too difficult to withstand."

"F*ck! The guy just now was too pro! The last shot had me stunned!"

"Lost in a match full of newbies, Wei Shen finally met an expert!"

"Vic123, I've been watching him since the beginning of the match, I didn't expect that he was a real expert!"

"By the looks of him always sniping, he can't be the god-like player, Wolves from IG right?"

"If he's really Wolves, then there's nothing more to say."

"Let's play another round of one-man squad!"

"Be optimistic! Up! Up!"


At this moment, Long Shenjue who sat beside Wei Shen also moved his chair closer to him.

As the coach of 4AM, he had been spectating the entire match just now.

When Long Shenjue saw Wei Shen's frustrated look, he could not resist but laugh. "You were a little careless just now. The player opposite you just now had some skills, and his last dodge was on point. It's insufficient to have only good shooting skills in this game."

"I admit the defeat." Upon hearing Long Shenjue's words, Wei Shen who had been blue for quite a while could not help but sigh. "I really underestimated the newbies in the match just now, I made some mistakes."

"But he doesn't look like someone from this circle by his ID. Not sure where this god-like player belongs to."

Long Shenjue shrugged his shoulders. "That's is a difficult guess. Now this game is very popular, a big number of past FPS players are all in the midst of their transformations. There are also plenty from foreign countries. The range is too wide."

Upon hearing Long Shenjue, Wei Shen also nodded his head. He silently memorized this "Vic123" ID in his mind.

Of course, if the two of them knew that Liu Zilang had managed to win this game with thirty-five kills, and the fact that he could almost break the highest record kills in the Asia server, the range which they mentioned just now would have been reduced significantly.


In the Ao Xiang Internet Cafe.

"So... we've won this game without contributing?"

Ran Maotong was dazed as he watched the winning image appear on his screen. He turned his head in confusion and then asked Chen Zhifei who sat beside him.

Chen Zhifei nodded his head in a serious manner and then said, "If the display system isn't wrong, we really have won the game without contributing!"

Pu Taizhuang slapped Liu Zilang's shoulder as he said in excitement, "F*ck! Lang Zi you're really good!"

Liu Zilang gave a grimace of pain after being hit. He said angrily, "Can you be softer? This is how you guys treat your hero?"

"Hero? You're more like a conspired hero!" Chen Zhifei said as he stared at the headcount kills on the screen. He could not resist but to turn his head around to continue asking, "Do you know what those thirty-five kills of yours mean?"

"What do they mean?" Liu Zilang seemed to have realized that something was not right.

However, he spoke softly, "There are one hundred players in a match, killing thirty-five of them doesn't seem like a big deal?"

Upon hearing what Liu Zilang said, those who were still surrounding and standing behind him almost fell to the ground instantly!

Among all these people, the majority of them had not even managed to win a match in a day. There were even more of them who got killed and turned into crates.

Everybody was crying on the inside.

An expert indeed, he was even this good, showing off!

Chen Zhifei also showed an expression of "you surely can show off".

Liu Zilang was frightened as he was stared at by people surrounding him. He could not help but approach Chen Zhifei. "Is it really a lot to have killed thirty-five people?"

"Do you know what's the highest record of the number of kills in the Asia server at the moment?" Chen Zhifei asked.

"Er... I'm not clear about it." There was a bad feeling in Liu Zilang's heart.

Chen Zhifei lifted three fingers on his left hand and then his thumb and little finger on his right hand. He looked at Liu Zilang and said, "Thirty-six!"

"Yo! It's crazy Lang Zi!" Upon hearing Chen Zhifei's words, Pu Taizhuang beside him subconsciously praised Liu Zilang. After three seconds of delay, he suddenly reacted, "F*ck! Does this mean Lang Zi almost broke the highest record of kills in the Asia server just now?"

"..." Instantly, everybody was speechless.

Brother of Emotions, did you just manage to react to the situation?