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9 An Encounter With Wei Shen, Eliminating Him With One Shot!

 The crowd which had been amassing behind the row of the four players slowly grew.

This was because the players who had just finished their matches grew excited upon hearing that there was a god-like player who could kill thirty people in the game seated nearby them. They came over to witness this player first-hand.

"F*ck! What a beast!"

"Eighteen players left! Lang Zi, you're nearly there!"

"Be careful, the circle is going to shrink again!"

Liu Ziliang's flatmates were also excited. In fact, at the moment, they were even more excited than Liu Ziliang himself.

Suddenly, Ran Maotong widened his eyes in surprise. "Oh my god! The circle is really surrounding the wheat field!"

Upon hearing this, the crowd likewise became lively and began discussing among themselves.

"This makes it hard to play properly. I think it'll be better to camp by the blue circle."

"Yeah. There are only so few places to take cover in the wheat field. The few hay bales would've already been seized by the four-player teams by now."

"Imagine if he actually ends up encountering a four-man squad..."


However, the expression on Liu Ziliang's face showed that he had already drowned out the crowd's negative comments. He was completely focused on the game.

During the short period of time that he had played the game, he had gone from feeling indifferent when first parachuting down at the beginning of the match, to feeling a slight rush when trying to save his teammates, to feeling joy upon picking up two familiar weapons.

As the number of headshot kills increased, Liu Zilang's mentality began to undergo a huge shift as well.

As he slowly approached the intense finale to the match, Liu Zilang's concentration had increased to the point where his surroundings had all but ceased to exist. Now, it was him and the screen, nothing else.

This kind of feeling seemed familiar but foreign at the same time. Whatever, it was, it was causing his pupils to dilate.

At this moment, Liu Zilang spotted a silhouette behind one of the hay bales in the wheat field not too far away. This guy was an obstacle obstructing his path, so he did not hesitate.

Upon finishing his energy drinks, Liu Zilang who was armed with two guns ran down the mountain slope. Seconds later, he extended his right arm, only for an AWM to appear in it.

Liu Zilang did this because he could vaguely see that the person was wearing a black Level-3 Spetsnaz Helmet.

He quickly scoped in and a loud boom was heard.

The person behind the hay bale who had peaked out in an attempt to shoot Liu Zilang was on the ground before he knew it.

At the same time, two players emerged from the hay bales near the wheat fields.

The person who was hiding behind the hay bale initially wanted to eliminate Liu Zilang himself when he first spotted him running down the mountain slope. However, he was gunned down before he was able to fire. Hence, he could only serve as a warning to his teammates.


"Da! Da! Da!"


Heavy gunfire rained upon Liu Zilang. One of his opponent's held an M16A4 with a 4x Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) scope, while the other wielded a SCAR-L with a red dot sight and fully-automatic firing!

Liu Zilang's ear twitched slightly as he quickly made a judgement call..

He rapidly changed his weapon from the AWM to the 98K. After this, he first sniped the player on the left who was holding the SCAR-L in order to eliminate this 'uncertainty'.

Then, he reloaded as he leaped to the side to confuse his opponent before aiming down his sights once again.

The third player also fell to the ground. Liu Ziliang had once again eliminated a three-player team in a face-to-face encounter.

Twenty-six kills!

The entire first floor of the internet cafe immediately turned chaotic upon witnessing this scene!


"F*ck! F*ck!"

"I can't do this anymore! This guy is just too much!"

"This guy can kill any player with just a single shot!"

"This sniper is too awesome! Seriously!"

"No way! I have to record this with my phone. I want my flatmates to know what a true sniper is!"


Pu Taizhuang and Chen Zhifei also showed their disbelief as they sat next to Liu Zilang. Who the hell have they been friends with this entire time?


The massacre continued.

The shrinking of the circle caused the ensuing battles to become fiercer and more frequent. Continuous gunshots were heard as they slowly approached the finale in the wheat field.

Very soon, Liu Ziliang finished the AWM bullets he had picked up. Thus, he dumped the gun without any hesitation.

After that, he carried nothing but the 98K. He used it to shoot everyone on sight, looting whatever items he was able to get his hands on.

If he aimed at you, you might as well start another match, because you were as good as dead.

When the sound of gunshots eventually died down, the surroundings became pin drop silent.

Now, there were only five players still alive.

As for Liu Ziliang's kills, he now had a grand total of thirty-one!


On the first floor of the Internet cafe's lounge, Wu Yu widened his eyes as he stared at the big screen. The cigarette he had been holding in his mouth for the past five minutes had not even been lit. By now, the screen in the lounge was so crowded that people were forced to squeeze against each other.

People from the second floor would even occasionally come down after they overheard people talking about this exciting match, thus causing them to add to the ever-growing mass of spectators.

Some people who just entered the internet cafe likewise could not stifle their curiosity, causing them to take a glance at the screen. Unknown to them, they would not turn away from it for some time.

A masterfully executed massacre, the dangerous teetering between life and death, and the increasing heartrate from the rapid secretion of adrenaline...

The charm of PUBG as the latest and most popular phenomenal game worldwide was on display for everyone to see.


Chen Zhifei who was beside Liu Zilang finally came back to his senses after the immense shock.

At this moment, he was already sure that this second brother in front of him was not just 'talented'. However, right now was not time to discuss this. He would save the thought.

Upon seeing the situation in the game, Chen Zhifei frowned. "There are only four other players left, it can't be a four-man squad right?"

When Ran Maotong heard what Chen Zhifei said, he also stroked his chin while thinking. "It's going to be tough if it's a four-man squad. It'll be really difficult for our second brother to fight against a four-man squad with a 98K."

There were changes in Ran Maotong's attitude when he spoke. He mentioned the words "really difficult" but not "impossible".

This was because Liu Zilang had already down the impossible many times throughout his journey from South Georgopol to the wheat field!

At this moment, something happened on the field. A gunshot was heard coming from a nearby hay bale, and immediately after, an update popped up at the bottom left of the screen.

"We1less downed TheLonelyKing with a headshot from a Kar98k!"


It was not a four-man squad! Upon seeing the kill feed, everyone who was watching this game in the internet cafe got excited.

However, the next second, someone exclaimed, "Oh my god, isn't that Wei Shen's ID?"

"Ah? Let me take a look!"

"Crap! I think it's really him!"

"Could it be an impersonator? Wei Shen is already ranked top ten in the Asia server."

"There's no doubt, I've watched Wei Shen's livestream before, that's his ID!"

"Quickly see if Wei Shen is doing livestream or not!"


Some people rushed back to their computers while others took out their mobile phones and opened up Douyu. They were all shocked to learn that it really was Wei Shen playing as a one-man squad!"

"GG! It's about to get really interesting!"

"Looks like among the five players left, only brother expert and Wei Shen are lone wolves, the other three should be a three-man squad."

"That should be the case. Wei Shen eliminated one just now, so there must still be two others left."

"Hehe. It'd be good if Wei Shen and brother expert form an alliance. It'll be an easy task for them to eliminate the three-man squad!"


Another gunshot was heard immediately after this as a message appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

"Vic123 killed TheLonelyKing with a headshot from a Kar98k!"

Thirty-two kills!

Everyone was startled when they witnessed this scene! Liu Zilang's shot actually took out the player that Wei Shen had downed but not yet killed. This meant Liu Zilang had stolen a kill from Wei Shen!

The next moment, another gunshot from a 98k was heard.


A bullet quickly cut through the air, hitting the hale bay that Liu Zilang was hiding behind.

The spectators instantly knew that something was wrong. GG, this was a warning!

However, the teammates of the player that had been killed by the informal cooperation between Wei Shen and Liu Zilang quickly heard the gunshots from Wei Shen's side. They started to launch attacks at the hay bale where Wei Shen was hiding behind by throwing grenades and exposing themselves to lure out the enemy.

They clearly thought Wei Shen was the one who had killed their teammate!


Liu Zilang did not even realize he had taken a kill from Wei Shen, so why would he have a guilty conscience?

He spotted someone dashing out from the nearby wheat stack on his left, but he did not rush to take a shot. Instead, he aimed at the hay bale behind the player.

Just as expected, soon after another player leaned out in an attempt to cover for his teammate who had just rushed out!


Liu Zilang immediately pulled the trigger and eliminated the person with a headshot!

Then, he took his time to aim and fire another shot towards the person who was dashing towards Wei Shen,


The player who charged out was wearing a Level-3 Spetsnaz Helmet, so technically, a shot from the 98k was not lethal to him.

However, after Wei Shen had escaped from the blast of the grenade, he had also fired two shots at his bloodthirsty opponent, thus lowering his health enough for Liu Zilang to take him out with a headshot!

"Vic123 killed Where2go with a headshot from a Kar98K!"

"Vic123 killed Mikagu with a headshot from a Kar98K!"

Once again, he had padded his stats by finishing off Wei Shen's target. Once again, another two-man squad had been eliminated.

Thirty-four kills!

Not to mention, now there were only two players left in the game - 1V1, the ultimate finale!

Upon seeing the number of kills and the remaining players left in the game on the big screen, everyone on the first floor of the internet café held their breath.

The next moment, the blue circle on the map started to contract once again. The circle was once again shrinking.

Furthermore, neither of the hale bays where Liu Zilang and Wei Shen were hiding behind were in the safe zone. The safe zone was an open field containing nothing but wheat!

Seconds later, the crowd saw Liu Zilang chuck a grenade towards the hale bay that Wei Shen was hiding behind. As the grenade soared through the air, the two of them responded simultaneously by dashing out from behind cover at the same time. They then quickly stood still and aimed.

However, the spectators who were watching Liu Zilang play got the shock of their lives when they saw that Wei Shen was in fact wearing a Level-3 Spetsnaz Helmet!




The Kar98k and M4 fired at the same time!

After Liu Zilang fired his shot, he quickly squatted while facing Wei Shen's M416 which was in full-auto firing mode. When he stood up again, he quickly began reloading his rifle.

His health was rapidly dropping and turned red as he did this.

At this moment, everybody had similar thoughts, "He would not make it!"

However, as they held their breaths and watched on, nobody, regardless of whether it was the people directly behind him or those crowding around the screen in the lounge, saw him aim down the sights.

They simply heard a loud "boom". The sound of the Kar98K firing was heard immediately after Liu Zilang finished reloading.

He had fired without aiming!

The next moment, the entire café fell into dead silence as the image on the screen froze.

"Vic123! TEAM RANK #1, KILLS 35, REWARD 1498 coins!"

"Winner winner chicken dinner!"

The main hall of the internet cafe burst into chaos!