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8 The Two Sniper Hunks in the Finale

 Aside from different ways of staying alive, killing and looting were the core gameplay of this game.

Liu Zilang first replenished his health back to 100% and then approached the crate beside the first player wearing a Ghillie suit in anticipation.


The moment he opened the crate, people around him instantly gasped.

Ghillie suit!


"F*ck! The perfect set to win a game!"

"Hehe. The opposite team's mind must be blown. They attacked first but got instantly defeated instead."

"No choice, expert brother's reaction speed just now was really fast! I was shocked!"

"Yes, looks like the situation now has turned around for the better. You can throw away the UMP9 already."


The next moment, everybody around him was stunned.

Liu Ziliang threw away his UMP9 and picked up the AWM...

Then, no more!

After he finished looting the energy drinks and first-aid kits, Liu Zilang who was wearing the Ghillie suit now had two sniper rifles; one on each side of his shoulders. He left the two crates and then walked toward the circle on the slope.

Everybody was instantly shocked at the sight of this scene!

"Cough cough..." When Chen Zhifei saw this, and he could not help but pretend to cough twice. He reminded Liu Zilang, "Langzi, one sniper rifle is sufficient in this game, you should go back and pick up another rifle."

However, Liu Zilang said without turning back, "Forget about it. I'm not used to those guns, it's easier for me to use sniper rifles."

Pu Taizhuang and Ran Maotong who were beside him also wanted to say something but after hearing Li Ziliang's explanation, the three of them became speechless.

However, when Liu Ziliang carried the two sniper rifles up Pochinki South Hill, he used the two sniper rifles interchangeably. From the hilltop, he eliminated a team of three players who were in a wheat field at the bottom of the slope.

Twenty one kills!

Everybody was shocked and speechless at this bloody massacre!


At the bar counter of the internet cafe.

"Girl, pass me a packet of cigarettes."

A youngster leaning against the bar counter said to the girl attending the place.

By the looks of the way he dressed, he seemed like a student from the nearby University Town.

"If you want to smoke, please do it in the smoking area or else my boss will scold me again!" The girl told him in dissatisfaction but it seemed as though they had known each other for some time.

The moment when the girl wanted to turn around to get the cigarettes, suddenly, somebody ran toward her and said in an anxious tone, "Eh! Girl, get me two bottles of water please."

The person was looking at something when he was talking to the girl.

"Hey, you're here just to browse the net, why are you in such hurry? Rushing to hell are you?" The youngster leaning against the bar counter could not help but scold him while laughing at the sight of this.

From his tone, they seemed to know each other.

As expected, when the person heard his voice, he turned around to take a glance. Then, his face lit up with a smile as he greeted, "Yo! Brother Gou!"

He said, "Not rushing to hell, but it's something similar. Brother Gou, I think you aren't aware that there's a real expert in our internet cafe?"

"A real expert?"

Upon hearing this, the youngster addressed as 'Brother Gou' raised his eyebrows!

The other person took two bottles of water from the girl at the bar counter and then paid her. He turned around before continuing to say enthusiastically, "He's a real expert! He's accumulated a total of twenty kills now! Besides, the way he snipes is really epic! If he's likely to be the winner this round, I think he can go for thirty kills!"

"Thirty kills?" The youngster's face slightly shivered. He was really shocked this time.

"Yes! He absolutely can do it!" The person nodded his head with confidence and then turned around. "I'll talk to you later. I've to go and quickly take a look, he's almost in the finale."

The youngster addressed as 'Brother Gou' stared at the back of the guy who was rushing. He murmured to himself while leaning against the bar counter, "Could it be the one from our school? Impossible... Didn't he already go home during National Day..."


Brother Gou's surname was not Gou.

His name was Wu Yu. He was a sophomore from the nearby town university.

Wu Yu was a frequent visitor of this internet cafe. He was also a popular person in this internet cafe's "PUBG Circle" because he was the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Internet Cafe's captain.

It was safe to say that if you were to mention 'Brother Gou' in front of people who always came to the internet cafe, almost everyone would know him.

Before this when Liu Zilang and the rest walked into this internet cafe, the video being played on the big screen on the first floor's recreational zone was the first-person perspective of Wu Yu playing PUBG.

The way Wu Yu played PUBG was passive like a camper. However, his technique was good, his winning probability was also comparatively high. He usually killed fifteen people and above and thus, he was considered as the "permanent expert" on the recreational zone's big screen.

Through time, the nickname "Brother Gou" became well known in this internet cafe's PUBG Circle.

When Wu Yu heard what the guy said just now, he felt extremely surprised. This was because he understood more than anyone at his level about what such a feat signified.

There were only one hundred players in each round of a PUBG game, and they were distributed in such a vast map.

Under normal circumstances, you might not even be able to meet thirty people in a match, what more score thirty kills?

Moreover, this game invented by the designers of PUBG and Tencent, had a "no cheating" e-sports environment that was the first in first-person shooting (FPS) gaming history.

In such a vast surrounding, ten kills or less were what ordinary players would usually achieve in a game.

Ten to fifteen kills belonged to the slightly more experienced players.

Ordinary players who sometimes had better luck could achieve what the experts achieved too.

However, being able to achieve fifteen kills and above was already an amazing feat. Players who averaged fifteen kills and above in each game were considered as real experts.

What should be emphasized was that there were so many people who played passively. The reason why Wu Yu was awarded the title "Brother Gou" was definitely related to him always winning with about sixteen or seventeen kills in each game.

Besides, if fifteen kills was considered an amazing feat, then twenty kills was already the staircase to heaven. Real experts were the ones who could achieve twenty kills and above.

At that time, averagely, the professional players from professional teams and technical anchormen from all platforms had an average of twenty to thirty kills in each game.

As for thirty kills and above, it was not something that ordinary players could hope to achieve. It was already considered as record-breaking.

This was because the players who could achieve thirty kills and above were not playing a game with ordinary players anymore.

Others would be running for their lives while he would be chasing to kill instead!

In PUBG, if you desired to kill thirty players and above, it meant that you were supposed to keep searching for opponents in the whole map.

As for whether you would be able to kill your opponents when you encountered them, it all depended on your skill.

The highest kills record keeper in the Asia server at the moment was the popular star player, Lech from Se7en team, otherwise known as the "God of Killing" Li Muqiu with thirty-six kills!

However, he had been playing FPS games for a long time. Hence it was not a big deal for him to be a legend in the circle of FPS shooting games. It was normal that ordinary players could not beat him.

Hence, the moment when Wu Yu heard that someone was going to achieve thirty kills in a game, his first reaction was to think that it was bullsh*t!

To Wu Yu, even if the person in his school wanted to get thirty kills in a game, he would not be able to do it without good luck.

However, when he saw that the big screen on the first floor's recreational area was so crowded, he was not so sure about it anymore.

Wu Yu decided to walk there to take a look.

With such thoughts, Wu Yu held his cigarette and approached the big screen.


"Vic123 used AWM to knock down Zzppp by headshot!"

Twenty-three kills!

Wu Yu's eyelid could not resist but twitch the moment he got in front of the big screen.

It was because he witnessed the player actually change from his AWM to a 98k with an 8x scope instantly.

After that, there was no hesitation!

He pre-aimed and scoped in!

He slightly lifted the muzzle of his gun, and a gunshot was heard!

His opponent was instantly sniped and killed!

In the wheat field located at Pochinki South Hill, a person who hid behind a wheat stack was shot down instantly the moment he raised his head.

"Vic123 used 98K to kill by headshot!"

"Vic123 used AWM to kill Zzppp!"

With only two shots, a two-man squad was eliminated by the person on the big screen in the finale.

This was an expert!

Wu Yu made an assumption as he felt goosebumps.

Not to mention any other aspect, the sniping foundation of this person was definitely way stronger than the number four sniper in his school's professional team.

As for a person who had the courage to hold two sniper rifles, an AWM and a 98K in the finale, Wu Yu thought that this person was either a fool or he might just be f*cking awesome!

Wu Yu could vaguely feel that this person on the big screen was the latter.