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7 He Was Certainly a Guru!


Chen Zhifei could not help but let out a sigh of admiration after witnessing that shot.

One needed to know that the game implemented an in-game physics engine to plot the trajectory like that. In other words, the bullets in this game would eventually fall downward regardless of the gun used.

Therefore, the fact that the player on the screen had fired immediately after aiming down the scopes meant that he had done all the necessary calculations in the split-second before he had taken the shot. This player had exhibited a level of skill no ordinary player could reach.

As Chen Zhifei was reminiscing about the absurdity of the earlier shot, he suddenly realized that something seemed a bit off...

That very next moment, he jerked his head around to look at the killed prompt at the bottom right corner of the big screen.

"Vic123 killed LYBisme with a headshot from a Kar98k!"

"Vic123... Vic123..." Chen Zhifei murmured, repeating it twice. Suddenly, he slapped his forehead and shouted aloud, "Holy shit! Isn't that second bro?!"

The people around him were also taken aback by Chen Zhifei's sudden exclamation and shot him dirty looks.

However, Chen Zhifei could not care less about the reactions of the people around him. At that moment, he just wanted to hurriedly return to his seat to see everything with his own two eyes.

Right now, he would genuinely believe it if someone were to tell him that some great god was helping Liu Zilang play. However, he would struggle to believe it if the person on the big screen really was indeed Liu Zilang.

This was because the ability demonstrated by the player on the screen far exceeded his expectations of Liu Zilang.


Chen Zhifei could not return to his seat due to the fact that there now stood dozens of people behind where his roommates sat, thus obstructing his path.

The small area of the first floor of the internet cafe now had many computer screens on, but nobody seated in front of them.

The reason for this was simple, everyone was standing around Liu Zilang.

"Make way! Excuse me! Let me through!"

With great difficulty, Chen Zhifei finally managed to part the crowd. As he walked forward, he saw his two dormmates with their jaws on the ground.

Pu Taizhuang and Ran Maotong sat there staring dumbfoundedly next to Liu Zilang, their eyes glued unblinkingly at his screen.

It really was second brother!

After finally confirming that everything he had just seen was true, Chen Zhifei's nearly had a heart attack.

At that moment, he also noticed certain minor details he had missed when he first logged onto his computer.

For example, Liu Zilang's keyboard was tilted at a weird angle, making it look very unnatural.

Another thing was there was always a piece of paper towel underneath Liu Zilang's mouse. He would also change this sheet every once in a while.

And then there was Liu Zilang's hands...

Fair, slender, long fingers with smooth nails which he was apparently in the habit of maintaining.

Chen Zhifei came from a wealthy family background where he had been forced to attend piano lessons during elementary school. The piano teacher his parents had employed was someone particularly famous in that city, and was also very attractive.

After numerous years of classes, the deepest impression Chen Zhifei had of her was regarding her pair of hands.

However, compared to Liu Zilang's hands, hers looked normal and fan. This guy's fingers were as thin and slender as a chopstick!


"Damn, the circle is moving towards the wheat field in front of the South Pochinki Hill!"

"Don't worry, according to the system's tendencies, it should not close in any longer."

"It's hard to play now. The wheat field is an exposed area, encountering another squad here will inevitably lead to someone's demise!"

"The question now is how to get there. The South Pochinki Hill is right on the edge of the safe area. I'm sure someone will camp near the edge of the blue circle!"


At that moment, a whispered discussion around him interrupted Chen Zhifei's thoughts.

He looked up and saw Liu Zilang holding a UMP9 in one hand, and a 98k in the other.

He had already shot his way all the way from North Georgopol all the way to the South, as well as through the whole of Pochinki, eventually arriving at the foot of South Pochinki Hill.

With Liu Zilang's sixteenth kill, there were now twenty-nine people left. Furthermore, there was still a minute or so before the blue circle refreshes.

Seeing that Liu Zilang was going to drive up the hill with a three-wheeler, Chen Zhifei hurriedly exclaimed, "Don't drive, use an energy drink and run. Otherwise, you will be wiped out if you encounter another squad on the hill."

The people around him heard Chen Zhifei's words and their eyes immediately glanced over to him.

In truth, they were all worried when they first saw Liu Zilang driving a three-wheeled motorcycle with the intention of going up the mountain to enter the circle.

However, no one had dared to speak up as they all thought that this master was obviously on a higher level than them. Maybe the 'great guru' has his own way of thinking.

They did not expect the person who had just squeezed to the front to suddenly speak up.


He is a man who doesn't know the height of the sky! How can us mere mortals understand his thinking?

The crowd sneered at him when they heard Chen Zhifei trying to offer his advice.


However, what surprised them even more was that, Liu Zilang, who was driving the three-wheeler, did not retort. He actually obediently got off the bike and used an energy drink on the spot.

What was going on? The people around him were absolutely perplexed.

"Humph!" Chen Zhifei smirked inwardly, but he still felt the scorn in the other players' eyes.

However, he disregarded them and got closer to Liu Zilang before explaining, "This terrain is not suitable for driving, and this three-wheeler of your is not safe. I think it's better to head to the mountains quietly and camp near the blue circle.

Even though Liu Zilang had gotten acquainted with the trajectory of the weapon and had no problems with marksmanship, he was still lacking in terms of in-game knowledge and experience. After hearing Chen Zhifei's advice, he naturally humbled himself and listened.

The people behind him saw this and were confused even further. They just could not wrap their heads around the situation.

"Why is the great guru only know learning these basic newbie things?"

"Could it be that I have misjudged?"

The doubts began to pop up in their heads.

The next moment, someone exclaimed loudly, "Be careful!"

It was too late, however, as a camouflaged man suddenly appeared in front of Liu Zilang on a hill not too far away.

The next moment, the sound of bullets pierced the sky.

"Da Da!"


The people heard bullets firing at a fully-automatic rate, but it only made two short bursts of noise before it abruptly stopped.

The man behind him who had just shouted 'careful' watched as Liu Zilang scoped in when the first gunshot was heard. When the second gunshot was heard, his crosshair was already locked onto the head of the man.

Then there was a loud 'bang' and the man wearing the ghillie suit fell to the ground!

"Vic123 knocked down ImBigBro with a headshot from a Kar98k!"

However, even after seeing this, the people around did not have any time to catch their breath as the moment the man in the ghillie suit fell, another person emerged from behind a tree.

"Du! Du! Du!"

A burst of silenced M16A4 shots were fired as Liu Zilang's body started to bleed. His health bar also dropped to a critical level. Not good!

Seeing this, the spectator's hearts sank once again!

Liu Zilang had already taken a shot. He didn't expect another person to ambush him from behind during the time that he was reloading his bolt-action rifle.

There was no doubt that all it would take was another shot before Liu Zilang, who only has a Level-2 Police Vest, would fall to the ground!

However, in the face of the sudden crisis, Liu Zilang did not panic, nor feel did he rush forward like a newbie. Instead, he reacted very quickly and moved slightly to the right. As he did this, he also moved the cross of the 98K ever so slightly.

"Scope in! Aim!"

He pulled the trigger and fired!

With a loud 'BANG', the tree burst into flames as blood splashed all around!

"Vic123 killed CallMeBoss with a headshot from a Kar98k!"

"Vic123 killed ImBigBro with a headshot from a Kar98k!"

Eighteen kills!

The kill feed read as Liu Zilang killed the second person. Obviously, this was a team with only two remaining members.

After this, the people around him no longer look at him with doubt. Instead, they became extremely heated at the scene!

Guru, there was no doubt that he was a guru!