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6 Solo Versus Squad!

 The so-called 'Combat Pistol Technique' was actually just burst shooting.

Generally, it was a common move used by highly-skilled or professional players who were on the defensive. It relied on the use of walls and other obstacles to obstruct the opponent's field of vision before unleashing a burst of bullets and retreating right after.

This technique was not difficult, but nor was it easy.

The difficulty was further amplified due to the fact that Liu Zilang had little room for error, as even the slightest mistake would take him out of the game.

The most commonly used firearm for spraying was the S1897. This was a shotgun that needed to be pumped for every time a shot was fired - it was never meant for continuous spraying.

However, the interval between pumps would help give people a sense of rhythm that would aid their burst shooting. In contrast, the rhythm of a double-barreled shotgun such as the S686 would require a bit more skill to grasp.

The two shots Liu Zilang had just fired with the S686 were superb, both in terms of speed and timing. This allowed him to dispatch the two enemies despite the fact that he had critically low health.

That being said, the three roommates were not observant enough to pick up on these tiny details.

They just thought that Liu Zilang had unleashed two extremely accurate blasts. The fact that they had been able to kill his opponents was amazing, it was not something a typical newbie would be capable of.

Pu Taizhuang simply stared at Liu Zilang as he continued looting. His jaw dropped to the ground as he slapped his forehead and exclaimed, "Langzi has just single-handedly annihilated an entire team!"

When Ran Maotong and Chen Zhifei heard what Pu Taizhuang said, they too slowly realized what Liu Zilang had just done...

He had single-handedly taken out an entire team!

This was the kind of play that streamers and professional players would put into their highlight reels!

However, the roommate sitting next to them had done it without even batting an eyelid.


Around this time, several people gasped as their gaze shifted toward Liu Zilang.

Pu Taizhuang was blunter as he could not help but ask, "Langzi, tell us the truth. Is this really your first time playing?"

When he heard Pu Taizhuang say this, Liu Zilang realized that he had pulled off something unusual and impressive. Thus, he shrugged his shoulders and pretended to be relaxed. "Of course this is the first time I'm playing. Haha, the opponents were really dumb and stood no chance against me."

The trio who had just killed by these 'dumb opponents' felt their heads throb when they heard their friend say this. This guy was too cocky...

Recalling the scene just now, Ran Maotong suddenly thought of something as he shouted at Liu Zilang, "Impossible! The way you threw that grenade just now proved that you were more familiar with the in-game mechanics than the rest of us. If it really is your first time playing, then there is no way you could have known how to throw that grenade."

After he finished talking, he looked at Liu Zilang smugly as though he had caught him red-handed.

Nobody expected the still-looting Liu Zilang to suddenly turn around to reveal a confused expression, almost as if he was speaking to idiots. He then turned on his phone screen before placing it on his desk.

After Liu Zilang did this, the trio grouped around him to see what he was trying to show them.

"An overview of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' basic key settings!"

Ran Maotong nearly coughed blood after seeing the display on the screen of the mobile phone.

It's meaning was obvious, if he was a seasoned player, then there was no need for him to watch while playing.

Those who have played a handful of times would already move on and start referring to more complex guides like the 'Beginner's Guide to guns in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' and 'LYB's guide to camping'. Nobody but the freshest of newbies would bother to look through the basic key settings while playing the game.

Seeing this, Ran Maotong could only let out a long-winded sigh. "When I started playing I could not even manage four kills throughout the entire day. Second Brother has just started and has already wiped out an entire team. This is beyond ridiculous!"

Pu Taizhuang also nodded his head as he rubbed his chin and said, "I did not expect Langzi to be so skilled in LOL, as well as PUBG. He might just be naturally gifted in video games."

After that, he looked at Liu Zilang who by now had already finished looting. The lower level equipment he was previously wearing had now been replaced by higher-level ones. He couldn't help but exclaim, "Come Langzi, let's retreat. Let's start another round. With you on our team we might really be able to get a chicken dinner today!"

When Pu Tai Zhuang said this, the big boss Chen Zhifei immediately waved his hand and dismissed him. "Don't! Let Second Bro continue playing. Just let him get used to the game. We did not have the time earlier, but now we can guide him."

Ran Maotong nodded and smiled. "I see, it could work. I have a hunch that Second Brother will get a chicken dinner this round!"

"My sentiments exactly!" Chen Zhifei nodded his head.

"Chicken dinner? Forget it!" Pu Shizhuang looked at the survivor count displayed in the upper right corner of the screen that read '65' and could not help but smile. "It is true that Langzi is a natural at this game. That being said, he is alone now. He might be able to last if he tried to stay in hiding but you guys would have to understand that this is a squad game."

"That's true. We are now dead, so Langzi has to go solo versus the enemy squads."

"Exactly! And you think he can get a chicken dinner? I will buy all of you chicken dinner later if he can get chicken dinner in this round!"

Hearing Pu Taizhuang's conditional offer, both Ran Maotong and Chen Zhifei turned their heads toward Liu Zilang.

"Second Brother, we're counting on you to break Third Brother's bank tonight!"

"Second Brother! Come on! Win, win, win!"

"Quit making me uncomfortable!" Liu Zilang grinned. "I was just lucky our last opponents underestimated me. Please don't have such high hopes for me."

At that moment, Chen Zhifei suddenly got up from his seat on the far left and carefully patted Liu Zilang's shoulder. "Second Brother! Play passively, I'm sure you can do it!"

When he finished, he laughed and walked off. "You guys teach Second Bro more on how to play. In the meantime, I'll go answer nature's calling."

Hearing this Chen Zhifei, Liu Zilang's face suddenly turned dark as they shared the same one-word thought. "F*ck."

They couldn't believe that their big bro intended to go to the toilet during such an intense scenario. This guy really wasn't worried at all.


Liu Zilang's character was cool on the outside, but wild on the inside. He would brush it off if one were to say that he was skilled or strong. Even if he appeared modest, he was quite used to hearing their honey-coated words. Thus, he would be able to accept their compliments without blushing.

But if one were to say that he was unable to do something... He may not show it, but he just might take it to heart.


Approximately ten minutes later, Chen Zhifei walked out of the internet cafe's lavatory feeling relaxed and refreshed.

He started walking toward the lounge they were previously gaming in and suddenly frowned at the thought of something. "Second Brother should have already finished his match by now. I hope those guys didn't start another round of game without me."

As he passed the big screen in lobby of the cyber cafe, he overheard some rather loud and excited comments.

"What the f*ck! Fifteen already? There are still thirty people left."

"Awesome! How many more does this guy have to kill to get his chicken dinner? Thirty?"

"Thirty kills? What a joke! Thirty-six kills is currently the highest ever number of kills on the Asia server, right?"

"Mhmm. But do you think a god like Lech would appear in our very own internet cafe?"

"Quiet! He's going to get another kill!"

"Who is this bro? His teammates are all dead. He's going solo against the other squads but is still fighting so fiercely!"

"I don't know, I have not seen his ID in this internet cafe before. It may be that it's his first time visiting this place."


As he listened to the comments of the people surrounding the screen, Chen Zhifei could not help but grow curious and try to squeeze to the front.

At that moment, the player on the screen suddenly aime down his scope and fired a shot off at the distant mountain!


This shot was fired from an extremely long distance with an inclined angle, thus taking out the lone player laying prone on the mountainside with extreme accuracy.

"Vic123 killed LYBisme with a headshot from a Kar98k!"

Sixteen kills!