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5 Combat Pistol Technique?

 Chen Zhifei had hid behind the shelter and was now hearing footsteps approaching from the opposite side. He saw his in-game life flash before his eyes as he allowed his arms to drop limply to his side.

Suddenly, a shadow darted past him to head around the corner, right into the path of the opponent!

"Bang bang bang!"

"Da da da!"

All of a sudden, gunfire erupted everywhere as the air was filled with smoke. The outcome was clear in a split second as the kill feed confirmed the results in the lower left corner of the screen!

"Vic123 knocked down JJ2B with a UMP9 submachine gun!"

"What the hell?" The three players beside Liu Zilang were stunned, but they quickly responded.

"That's right!"

"We still have a teammate!"

"Way to go Langzi!"

Pu Taizhuang excitedly shook Liu Zilang's shoulder as he sat next to him. He pointed at the screen and exclaimed, "Quickly kill this little sh*t!"

"Wait, wait!" Chen Zhifei who had been knocked down hurriedly called out to him, "Revive me first! I'm almost dead, leave that guy alone for now."

However, Chen Zhifei's request was interrupted by a burst of gunfire from the left side of the wall.

"Bang bang bang!"

Chen Zhifei who had fallen to the ground with only half his health bar remaining had taken two shots and was immediately killed...

"Loc18 killed UnderwaterContra with an M16A4!"

"F*ck you!"

Chen Zhifei's hopes were crushed and could not help but began a barrage of swear words. He then turned to Liu Zilang and screamed, "Kill him! Kill this bastard!"

However, Liu Zilang did not immediately respond due to the fact that he was low on health.

After the man wielding the M16A4 had killed Chen Zhifei with burst shots, he had also shot Liu Zilang who was crouching behind him.

Had Liu Zilang not respond quickly in canceling the rescue attempt and running sideways, he might not even be standing at the moment.

Seeing Liu Zilang's health points drop, Pu Taizhuang told him calmly, "No rush, no rush. Langzi you should first replenish your health. Immediately kill the ones you have knocked down. If you don't then they might come back to haunt you."

Ran Maotong and Chen Zhifei also nodded in agreement. "If we can get one of them then we will be alright - if you can get two then we would consider that a victory!"

It was obvious from their words that at best, they were hoping for a one-for-one trade.

After all, Liu Zilang was playing this game for the first time. They recalled their reactions the first time they played the game. At that time all they were able to think about was, "Who am I?", "Where am I?", and "Who was freaking hitting me?"

In all honesty, it surprised them that Langzi was even able to kill someone at such a close-range.

However, it would still be a stretch for them to think that Liu Zilang genuinely possessed any actual skill.


"Da! Da! Da!"

After using a first-aid kit, Liu Zilang found an opportunity to move around the corner and immediately kill the man who he had earlier knocked down.

After he did this, he quickly retreated.

The man at the gun rack nearby had only caught a glimpse of Liu Zilang and did not have enough time to counterattack before his friend died.

"What was the situation?"

This scene made Pu Taizhuang's eyes light up, "That's it, Langzi! My goodness, your hands are quick!"

Chen Zhifei let out a long sigh at the sight. "Well played! Get these assh*les and avenge us!"

Ran Maotong was looking at the screen, seemingly worried. "There should be a four-man squad at Georgopol. Now there are three left. The guy's teammates should be arriving soon."

The ensuing incident soon proved Ran Maotong's analysis to be correct.

After Liu Zilang had killed the opponent, his teammate hiding behind the wall did not immediately rush forward but instead continued acting as a decoy to Liu Zilang's left. He began flanking Liu Zilang alongside his two newly-arrived teammates who were now rushing in from the right. This prevented Liu Zilang from taking cover behind the low wall.

Liu Zilang's brows furrowed as he saw his opponent's actions.

His natural game sense helped him to quickly realize the other person's intentions. He prepared for the two new threats by quickly pulling back before heading into a two-story building behind him.


"He entered the building!"

"The awareness of the remaining member is not bad."

"Yup, he should be a veteran. He was very fast when he took out JJ!"

"Don't call me JJ!"

"Huh? Then should I call you 2B?"



His opponents still did not sound nervous. Even though Zilang's awareness was good, they still had three people on their side.

FPS shooting games and MOBA games are intrinsically different. To play LoL, one only needed good mechanical skills - a good player would have no problem going one against three. However, in the context of FPS games, an additional person would mean an extra gun. The increase in difficulty is very much exponential.

Under normal circumstances, Liu Zilang might have been able to take on 3 people on his own if everybody was doing their own thing, but as he was the last remaining member of his team, all 3 of his opponents were going for him.

The three opponents clearly did not expect to encounter somebody this skilled so early in the match. Therefore, they were not nervous at all, even taking jabs among themselves as they walked.


Below the two-story building, the three members from the opposing team had identified Langzi's position by listening in for his footsteps. Moments later, two grenades were thrown into the second-floor window.



The second floor shook violently before everything went quiet.

"It didn't seem to hit him. What do we do now?" Someone asked.

"It doesn't matter, there's no way we will lose in a three versus one." Someone else replied.

"That's right, I'm rushing in first! Clear the first floor!"

The one who spoke the last sentence was the dark-skinned camper who had earlier ambushed Ran Maotong.

After the decision was made, the opponents quickly went into action.

Wearing a Level One Motorcycle Helmet, the dark-skinned character rushed in with his S686 shotgun. He opened the door and entered the house while and the other two swiftly followed behind him.

"Toilet, clear!"

"Bedroom, clear!"

"Nothing here either!"

"On to the second floor! I'll lead the way!"

"Go straight up and don't block the corridor!"

"Sure thing!"

After confirming their tactics, the dark-skinned character with the S686 rushed down the corridor. As the two other players trailed behind, they suddenly heard the sound of something hitting the wall.


One of the grenades bounced off the wall before landing on the ground. It was now rolling down the corridor toward them.

'Not good!'

The two people behind the dark-skinned character quickly backed off.

Unfortunately, the dark-skinned character was in front, so he could not retreat. He could only grit his teeth and face his opponent head-on.

As soon as he went upstairs, a figure appeared around the corner.

The dark-skinned character got excited, thinking that they were about to fight at close quarters. Even if his opponent was indeed more skilled, nobody could survive the blast of a shotgun.

However, before the dark-skinned character could rush forward, the figure jumped out from the corner.

"Peng peng!"

"Da da da!"

The bullets flew around the tight space.

The dark-skinned character only had time to fire two shots at the silhoutte of the person before he discovered that his character had been downed.


"Way to go Zilang!"

The trio could not help but stare in awe as they witnessed Liu Zilang suddenly jump out from behind the corner and fire his gun mid-air.

Liu Zilang did not even reply, as seconds later, another loud "bang" came from further down the corridor.

The grenade that Liu Zilang threw earlier had exploded.

Although this grenade did not kill the two people downstairs, it did divide the opponents by forcing them to split up, thus allowing Liu Zilang to deal with the now isolated dark-skinned character without having to worry about his teammates.

The eyes of the trio beside Liu Zilang widened when they heard the explosion.

They were confused. Was it really this guy's first time playing the game?

When they saw Liu Zilang throwing the grenade against the wall, Chen Zhifei could not help but remind him to be careful. He was afraid that he would throw another screwed-up grenade, similar to that of Pu Taizhuang's.

However, they did not expect Liu Zilang to actually use the wall as a way to bounce the grenade down to the floor below.

This was clearly planned.


"Da da da!"

The muzzle of the UMP9 flashed once again and the knocked-down dark-skinned character was killed, his corpse turning into a loot crate.

Liu Zilang, had by now entered a state of trance as he ignored the doubts of the people around him. They watched as he swiftly approached the crate to collect the loot.

In the blink of an eye, a shotgun appeared in Liu Zilang's hands. It was the S686 that the dark-skinned character had used!

Seconds later, he once again heard the rush of footsteps from down the corridor!

After the dark-skinned character had died, he had reported to his teammates that Liu Zilang was looting his body. The opponents could not miss this opportunity and naturally rushed upstairs to try to catch him off-guard.

"Quick, stop looting! They're coming!"

Big brother Chen Zhifei heard the footsteps through his headphones and immediately warned Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang's face, however, remained calm. He quickly left the stairwell and retreated while reloading his S686.

A moment later, the two opponents appeared and fired directly at the corner where Liu Zilang was standing just seconds before.

Liu Zilang ducked sideways behind the wall, he had taken two hits and his health bar was red. The trio next to him immediately became nervous.

They watched as Liu Zilang repeatedly fidgeted with the S686 in his hands.

"Ka dak!"

"Finished reloading!"

Even though Liu Zilang was stuck behind a corner, he could clearly see the two men rushing over.


"He's done for!"

Chen Zhifei, Pu Taizhuang, and others had no hope for Liu Zilang - the guy just had too little health!

However, at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly turned sideways.


He fired a few shots before retracting his head very quickly , all without letting his teammates get a clear look.

Immediately afterward, a burst of gunshots were heard!

The opponents caught the slightest glimpse on him and attempted to shoot through the walls to try to register a hit. However, Liu Zanglang was agile and he easily managed to escape from the hail of gunfire.


As if on replay, the scene was acted out once again. The sound of the opponent's gunfire paused briefly as Liu Zilang once again peeked his head out and fired his weapon.

At that instant, the two opponents fell to the ground!


Gasps could be heard all around.

After killing his opponents, Liu Zilang finally relaxed a little. He turned around and saw his three roommates looking at him as though he were monster.

Ran Maotong's eyes widened in horror as his voice rattled. "This is... the 'Combat Pistol Technique'..."