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4 You Need Only Be a Medic!

 "Does anyone want a muzzle?"

"Drop a marker on the map for me if you see any helmets!"

"What the f*ck?! A level-3 Military Vest? Sweet!"

"There is a 98k here. Mantou, do you want it? I'll take it if you don't."

"No, don't! Brother! Dearest brother! Give it to me, give it to me!"


"Du! Du! Du!"

At that moment, a hail of gunfire could be heard in




The trio of experienced players instantly stopped the second they heard it.

"What's going on?"

Chen Zhifei's expression as he suddenly shouted, "Not good! We're under attack! That team of bastards from Georgopol is coming!"

Ran Maotong on the other hand was rather excited as he remarked, "Just at the right time! My 98k is getting impatient. It's hungry for blood!"

Pu Taizhuang also started grinning stupidly. He looked very eager to fight.

Suddenly, Liu Zilang raised his hand like a primary school student. After this, he meekly spoke up. "I'm sorry... I was actually the one who fired those shots by accident."




Each of the trio reacted differently but they all wore the same expression as they looked at Liu Zilang.

Chen Zhifei vented his frustrations. "Second Brother! Don't go around scaring people by recklessly firing!"

Ran Maotong rubbed his chest to calm himself down before echoing his teammates scolding. "That's right! Someone might have died of fright. Oh, my dear heart..."

However, Pu Taizhuang gave a big wave of his hand and said steadily, "It's all right. Langzi was probably jittery, especially considering that this is the first time that he is playing the game. Just be careful next time."

As soon as he finished talking, he heard a gunshot coming from Liu Zilang's direction.

"That... wasn't a misfire. I wanted to try the gun..."

The three lads stared at each other in disbelief.

After a while, Chen Zhifei spoke up. He smiled nervously as he tried explaining to Liu Zilang, "Second Brother, I'm not condemning you. We are still brothers after all, no? It's just that someone in the support role such as yourself should never be on the front line, right?"

"That's right! There's no need for you to test guns." Pu Taizhuang heard this and repeatedly nodded his head in agreement. "You just need to pick up some bandages, energy drinks, first-aid kits and whatnot. In any case, what gun did you use to fire that shot?"

Liu Zilang looked at the screen and said, "It seems to be what is called the SCAR-L."

"SCAR! It must be fate."

Pu Taizhuang heard this and immediately lit up. "Hurry, hurry! Langzi, where are you? That's my favorite gun, I'll trade my UMP9 with you!"

Liu Zilang's original intention was only to accompany them. The test shot just now was out of a habit that he had previously adopted. When coming across a new gun, he would always fire it to gauge its ballistic range and speed.

Liu Zilang accepted Pu Taizhuang's request because he knew he could play the game regardless of the type of gun he was using. The two quickly completed an exchange near the sixth room in the middle of Downtown.

After the exchange, Pu Taizhuang immediately rubbed his hands together happily and smirked. "With the SCAR in my hands, I will rule the world! The other team in Georgopol stands no chance!"

However, they're conversation was suddenly interrupted by Ran Maotong's shouts.

"What the f*ck! There's someone downstairs!"

Chen Zhifei expression instantly changed as he realized the situation they were in. "It must be the team from Georgopol. Fourth Brother, do not panic and just keep watch over the stairs. We are coming over to support you."

Pu Taizhuang snarled angrily. "F*ck! These imbeciles have guts! We haven't even moved a muscle yet but they have actually come knocking at our door."

He quickly ran toward the direction of Ran Maotong, but not before turning back to order Liu Zilang, "Langzi, don't just sit there and do nothing, follow me and grab the loot. Remember to fire a shot or two if you need to!"

Liu Zilang could not help but feel speechless when he heard this. This group of people really took him as an amateur - he might as well still be watching Teletubbies and singing nursery rhymes in their eyes.

This was the first time Liu Zilang experienced such treatment within the shooting game community.

If his old gang were to find out about this, they would surely die laughing.


Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang slowly approached the house where Ran Maotong was attacked.

Chen Zhifei held his breath, the tension evident in his voice. "Careful, I hear footsteps."

"Let's not be hasty, I'll try throwing a grenade in." Pu Taizhuang said as he stared out at the low wall in front of him.

"Ka chak!"

'Remove the safety pin, cook it, and throw...'

Seconds later, there was an eye-piercing scream.

"Run! I freaking threw it at the wall and it bounced back!"


Liu Zilang had just arrived when he saw the two men hiding behind a car near the house. He looked on as they suddenly got up and darted desperately in opposite directions.

What was going on?

The next moment, a salvo of gunfire came from behind the low wall!

Chen Zhifei health points decreased rapidly as he ran to the left. He was knocked to the ground before he even reached the next piece of cover.

A system prompt brushed through the lower left corner of the screen.

"JJ2B knocked down UnderwaterContra with an M416!"


"Big brother!"

Pu Taizhuang let out a cry of anguish as Liu Zilang was similarly stunned.

He saw Pu Taizhuang running at first, but after getting enraged, he turned around and shouted angrily, "Little sh*ts, I'll kill you!"

"DA DA DA!!!"

The SCAR-L's fully-automatic hail of bullets poured out as Liu Zilang's screen was lit up by bright muzzle flashes.

"Stand your ground, Third Brother! I'm coming!"

Ran Maotong was crouching by a gun rack at the corridor, but upon seeing his teammate slain, he could not take it any longer and swiftly dashed out into the open whilst wielding an Uzi.

As expected though, the second he went downstairs, the loud gunshots rang out from the toilet. 'BANG BANG'.

A dark-skinned and shirtless character with a Level-1 Green Motorcycle Helmet suddenly rushed out after hearing his footsteps. The b*stard had been camping and waiting for him to leave his cover.

Two shots to the face with the S686, a short-ranged godly shotgun!

Ran Maotong was knocked down by the dark-skinned character before he even managed to squeeze his trigger.

"Thekinggavemefreedom knocked down GrassFlowerThief with an S686!"

"You d*ck! Why the hell was he waiting for me?" Ran Maotong was horrified as he stared at his now gray screen.

It wasn't just him though, Pu Taizhuang who was earlier bravely firing in a frenzy with his SCAR-L had unexpectedly been knocked out with four shots from an opponent who appeared the instant his clip ran out. This was despite him donning a Level-1 Police Vest.

'JJ2B knocked down Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit with an M416!'

With that, half a day's worth of planning went down the drain all because of a screwed-up grenade. The three brothers were unexpectedly knocked out in a matter of minutes by the two people opposite them.

At that moment, the faces of the trio who had been so hopeful before they were knocked down were now drained of all color.


The opponent team spoke in the voice chat.

"They're dead!"

"Awesome! To think, we were even going to ask for support."

"It was nothing, the opposing team was just a bunch of amateurs."

"Hahaha, they had a guy who wanted to throw a grenade but ended up having it land at his own feet. I died laughing!"

"Oh right, brother, did you knock that one down or did you kill him?"

"Knocked down, knocked down. I'll go handle him now. There should be one opponent left, be careful!"


The dark-skinned character who carried the shotgun from earlier fired another shot after he said this, killing the isolated Ran Maotong.

The person who had downed Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang on the other hand, held an M416. He inched forward as he made his way over to kill Pu Taizhuang who was lying on the open ground. Chen Zhifei had by now crawled behind some shelter, but his pursuer was not deterred. He crept forward whilst making sure to remain vigilant about his surroundings.


Downtown is a specific area referring to South Georgopol