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Chapter 34

 Chapter 34

"Do you really think this is a good idea? We could just do it in a week or so instead. Or next month. No need to rush it, right?"

I sigh, fighting hard to control the smile that threatens to spread across my face.

"Jazz, calm down. If you don't want to play, then we won't."

"It's not that I don't want to," he offers, then shrugs. "But, you know, my brief venture into topping hasn't worked out all that well, with the whole lack of observation thing. Maybe it's still too soon?"

"Only one way to find out, right? But right now it's not your lack of awareness that's a problem, but more the fact that you show as much confidence as a slug."

"Hey, who says that slugs can't be confident?"

"I do," I reply, and when that makes him pause I simply raise one eyebrow.

He grunts, then grumbles something under his breath about cocky bastards.

"Look, there's no need to fret. I'll be there the whole time, a silent observer you can depend on, should you need me. But for what it's worth, I think you're ready."

He smiles at me gratefully, then takes a last, deep breath.

"Okay, then let's do this! I mean, what can go wrong? Chances are five to one that I'll be the one to safeword, not her!"

I wisely hold my tongue, then follow him across the hall and into the playroom.

It's slightly weird being reduced to a spectator in my own playroom, but it makes sense to do Jazz's first scene as a Dom here, with Bella, not me.

We've talked at length about what he can do, what he has to keep in mind, and what signals he needs to respond to, should they occur - I really think he is ready. Bella thinks we're both full of shit and should have done this months ago already. Which is another reason why I think she deserves to be on the receiving end of a few errant flogger hits. She has been asking for it - literally and figuratively.

Jazz has opted to play wearing a pair of low-slung jeans, even though I've told him that his choice of dress should be the least of his concerns.

Appearing confident is what is essential, and the way he's walking in a slow circle around Bella - who is of course kneeling in position on the floor -

reminds me more of a half-drunken swagger. Not quite the kind of confidence he'll need, but there's still hope.

He takes his time, letting her stew for a while as he stops behind her and just looks down at where her hands are clasped behind her head. It's obvious to me that, of the two of them, she will be the last to lose her calm, but then she has learned to be remarkably patient over these last months while he can barely kneel for five minutes without fidgeting.

"Get up," he eventually orders. I feel a little proud at how calm and commanding he sounds, even though his fingers still drum against the side of his leg. Bella rises to her feet, then stills again, waiting.

"Hands behind your back, fingers clasped as if you are praying." His directions are clear, and she complies immediately, then jerks once when a flaying rope end hits her thigh accidentally as he starts tying her wrists together. An almost apologetic look appears on his face; he doesn't say anything, but I take a mental note. It's good that he notices. After the scene is over, he can be sorry for it all he wants, but as long as he's playing, he's in change, and the sub has to trust that everything that happens, happens for a reason - and not because the newbie Dom still has problems judging what a few feet of hemp will do if tugged the wrong way.

Once Jazz is done I watch as Bella flexes her fingers, then tugs on the restraints to test them. They seem to hold well, yet aren't too tight. Instead of going right on to the next step, Jazz remains standing behind her, then steps up close enough that her fingers idly brush against his crotch.

Leaning further into her he inhales loudly next to her left ear, then blows on the side of her neck, making her shudder ever so slightly. He grabs her breasts and roughly digs his fingers into her tits for a moment, then lets go just as he steps away. He's giving her a quick taste of what is to come, but deprives her of any further stimulation.

Jazz leaves her standing there and walks over to the toy rack, selecting one of the medium-heavy leather floggers. We've done enough target practice with pillows over the last few days that I'm confident he will do a good job with it. And if not, that will at least wipe the slightly cocky smile off Bella's face that she has been beaming at his back while it has been turned on her.

Before he even raises the flogger to hit her, he walks around her again, letting the leather strands of the toy slide over her ass and thigh, increasing her anticipation. When he is sure that he has her full attention he steps back, grabs the ends of the flogger strands, aims, and lets them fly. His aim isn't perfect, but it's not bad, either, hitting her ass every time without accidentally straying to her thighs or lower back. Bella doesn't react except to curl her fingers upwards, away from where the flogger comes in contact with her skin and to suffer in silence.

He continues like that for a while, the strokes slowly increasing in both speed and force. He is highly focused on the task, missing the way Bella keeps looking at the ceiling instead of at him or herself in the mirrors. At least she does it stealthily, and stops whenever Jazz re-directs his attention to another region of her body. When he puts the flogger down again, her ass and thighs are a nice light shade of red.

Taking her arm in a light but firm grasp, he walks her across the room to the padded bench and pushes her down until she's lying firmly on her back, her ass at the lower edge and her weight on her arms. I'm not sure whether I should tell him to have her sit up and replace the rope with cuffs, but decide against it - I haven't checked the ties, and she should be fine this way for a while. I also trust her to speak up if she starts losing the circulation in her fingers. Another note on my imaginary list.

"Raise your legs and spread them. Let me see your cunt."

Displaying her first real sign of defiance, she only complies after he nudges her thigh, and even after that her body remains tense. When her head lolls to the side I can see her face in the reflection of the mirrored wall, and realize that she's fighting hard to keep her tongue. Jazz doesn't notice -

again - and runs his fingers over the inside of her thighs, then stops briefly to run two fingers up and down her pussy lips.

"Soaking wet already. You really must have liked the flogging," he observes.

Bella's head comes up, a hard move considering the strain it puts on her neck and shoulder muscles, and huffs at him.

"No shit. Did they teach you that in Dom Sunday School?"

Instead of putting her in her place - a hard slap to the pussy might have been a good choice, or sneering into her face to wipe the bratty pout off it an even better one - he grins, then walks off to the supplies cabinet. The moment his back is turned, Bella closes her legs and shimmies around so that she can let them fall somewhat comfortably to the side while she keeps her knees drawn towards her chest.

Jazz is a little perplexed to find her like that, looking innocently up at him with a sweet smile on her face. I can't remember her ever doing that with me. He finally gets the message, but instead of barking at her, he steps between her legs and pries them open, leaning on her thighs with increasing pressure until she grunts. That can't feel good on her hips, but at least it's one way to stress the need for her to keep her position.

"Legs stay open until I tell you to close them, understand?"

I half expect her to shrug, but she keeps on smiling and offers a sweet,

"Yes, Sir," in reply. He smiles back, obviously happy when she complies, and I feel like smacking my forehead.

"Good. Let's see if we can get that cunt of yours dripping for real."

Bella is more amused than anything by his words, but holds her tongue while she watches him turn on the vibrator he took from the cabinet. He runs it over her clit a few times before he pushes it into her pussy, fucking her slowly with it. She relaxes a little, then lets out a few moans a porn star would have been proud of. And if I'm not mistaken, it's suppressed mirth that has her legs shaking a while later.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir, I like it," she replies, laughter now also in her voice. Jazz looks a little irritated, then pushes the vibrator deeper into her.

"That better stay in until I come back."

I half expect her to answer with a succinct, "Or what?", but she leaves it at a meek, if fake smile. At least he doesn't ask for her permission or anything like that. When he returns with the bottle of lube, he pushes one, then two of his fingers into her ass while he keeps the vibrator firmly in her pussy.

Eventually he deems her prepped enough, and after applying lube to the vibrator, slides it slowly into her ass. Bella holds her breath, her body language changing from languid to expectant for a moment, but it soon switches back when all he does with the vibe is make a few, very slow thrusts. I'm all for teasing her, mercilessly even, but right now he's only boring her.

"Let's spice this up a little, shall we?" he says, and this time she doesn't hold back.

"Yes, please, let's."

Jazz frowns, then looks over at me, which draws a long and quite audible sigh from Bella. I only shrug, silently telling him to go on. I feel like my part here is done anyway; the lesson he needs to learn is the one Bella is teaching him right now.

He looks a little unsure as he walks back to the toys, but then straightens and grabs the box of clothespins with more confidence. After pushing the vibrator back into her ass, he starts applying the clothespins to her body -

thighs and breasts mostly, a few more on her labia, but none on her nipples.

The sound of the vibrator hitting the floor makes him whip his head around, then he gloats as she looks up at him with wide, innocent eyes.

"Didn't I tell you to keep that in?"

"No, you didn't. Only that I should keep it in my pussy. You didn't say anything about my ass."

He looks ready to argue but then shakes his head slightly, picking up the toy and leaving it near the door to take with us for proper cleaning when we're done. Instead he gets a medium-sized butt plug, and after lubing it up, shoves it into Bella's ass with enough determination to drive home the message. He even keeps on fucking her with it for half a minute before he leaves it in, then adds another push against the base for emphasis. It's funny to observe how she immediately slips into a more docile state when he acts the part, but I wonder how long that will work. The clothespins won't really hurt her, and he seems a little reluctant as he picks up a long, narrow paddle.

The first two slaps he deals to her soft, inner thighs look promising. The resulting cracking sound is loud and underscores her nearly inaudible pants. But then he accidentally hits one of the clothespins, snapping it clean off her skin. Bella utters a high pitched whine, nothing serious but a sound of clear pain. Jazz immediately checks the slightly red mark on her skin, then strokes her cheek in a soothing motion - and that is definitely not what she wants; only her reaction is one neither of us expects.

Her laughter is rich and deep as it bubbles out of her, rocking her whole body. Several clothespins fall off her thighs when she closes her legs and draws her knees towards her chest again, adding a light hiss to her laughter, but doing nothing to stop it.

And as if that isn't bad enough, he keeps hovering by her head, trying to talk some sense into her. It's then that I decide I have to do something.

"Jazz, got a minute?" I bark, maybe a little too forcefully, but it makes both him and Bella look at me, and shuts her up. She even looks a little guarded as she relaxes again when Jazz walks over to where I'm standing, looking a little like a hurt puppy.

"I'm totally fucking this up, aren't I?" he mutters, thankfully too low for her to hear what he's saying.

I sigh inwardly, then sling one arm over his shoulder and turn us both around so that Bella can't see our faces as I whisper to him.

"Quite frankly, yeah, but that's not a surprise. Your first scene, a sub who loves to yank your chain every chance she gets outside of the playroom, of course that's not an ideal setup. Plus she's never been one to be patient and meek, and it's her first time with a Dom who doesn't know how to mentally pull her under within the first minute."

He nods a few times during my little speech, but doesn't look happy.

"So, what do I do now?"

"First off, stop being the overprotective best friend. In here she's your sub.

Her sole purpose is to please you and to take whatever you deal out. Little accidents happen, like with the rope, but you don't react to them during the scene if it's nothing serious. For all she knows, you could have done it deliberately to test her keeping her position."

He inclines his head. "Good."

"Next, you can't let her talk back. Your whole behavior towards her is too lenient, too playful. She's pushing your boundaries, and you're giving up territory inch by inch, so of course she's going to continue that behavior.

Tell her to cut the crap, and don't offer empty threats. Be stern, and if the need arises, treat any transgressions harshly. She can take it, in fact she's asking for that right now. Manhandle her, be rough, not caring and gentle.

There's plenty of time for that after the scene. You can cuddle up with her and bring her hot chocolate and massage the cramps out of her aching shoulders later, but as long as we're here, you show no mercy."

"I'm not sure I can do that," he admits.

"Because she's a woman?"

"Because she's Bella. Sorry."

I sigh, scratching the back of my head.

"Then you have to keep her from getting the idea that she can push you.

Keep her occupied, give her mind something to work on besides finding the chinks in your armor. Challenge her. Hurt her."

"I'm not sure I can-"

"She's a masochist, you do her a favor every time you slap her a little too hard!" I grunt, probably loud enough for her to hear it, but Jazz's whining is getting on my nerves. Turning away from him I walk over to Bella, forcing my face to remain neutral while I let her see by my gaze how displeased I am with her behavior. Even before I reach her she's cringing a little, and looking somewhat guilty.

I lean over her, my hands propped up left and right of her face, and for a few seconds I just leer down at her. She seems to be trying to sink deeper into the padding of the bench but holds my gaze steadily.

"Do you even know why you're behaving like such a brat today?"

I don't have to growl to make her swallow hard, and she shakes her head almost immediately. I wonder for a moment if she's lying, but she doesn't look like she is. Mostly to give Jazz a good example of how ridiculously he is coddling her I grab her nipples and twist them hard while I pull upwards, my fingers digging deep into the pierced flesh. Bella immediately tries to arch her back in an attempt to lessen the strain, a pained moan leaving her that rises into the higher registers when I squeeze even harder.

"I really don't know, I'm sorry, I just can't help myself! He's not doing anything to me and looks ready to apologize, I can't not rub that in his face!


I'm not sure she really knows what she's pleading for - while her face is contorted with pain I don't think she actually wants me to stop - but I figure that's beside the point. Still keeping up the pressure on her nipples, I lean back down and kiss her, stopping her up. Then I move on to her ear, and pretend to kiss her again while I whisper softly to her.

"It's because he shows the dominant behavior of a doormat. Keep pushing if you're willing to handle what you'll get when he snaps."

Then I let go and return to Jazz, smirking at him but doing it so Bella can't see.

"Now she's wet, trust me. She's really getting off on that."

I know that he understands that, but there's a huge difference between being aware of a fact and acting on it. Changing my tone so my voice is a little less belligerent, I give him a few more pointers.

"Get her off the table, remove the remaining pins, and tie her breasts like I showed you last week. Then add more pins, but use the plastic ones on her labia. The bondage will make her tits more sensitive, and adding the pins then will be more intense. Then use the paddle, and get a little creative. Hit her calves, the soles of her feet, the underside of her breasts. After the pins have been on for a while, they will pinch the flesh enough so that hitting them lightly will hurt - play with that. Let time work for you; the longer you draw things out, the more removing the pins will hurt. Slap them off with the paddle, that should make her scream and writhe nicely. If you're up to it, do it while you fuck her, she squeezes so nicely when she's in pain. Tan her ass good if she comes without permission, though. If talking isn't your thing, then don't do it, it's not a role-play scene."

Jazz looks ready to bolt for a moment, but then exhales slowly.

"She's here to please me and take whatever I want her to suffer through."

"Exactly. Now go and give her a wild ride. She deserves it."

I take my place in the back again while Jazz seems to consider his next step, probably a little overwhelmed by my info dump. He shouldn't be, as we've talked about this at length, and all the possible ways the plan could be modified along the way. Then he squares his shoulders and walks back to her, his whole manner changing bit by bit as he comes closer.

There is no hesitating this time when he grabs her arm and hauls her back to her feet. Keeping his hand tightly around her bicep, he pulls the clothespins off her tits and lets them fall to the floor.

"Don't move," he barks, then undoes the knots holding her wrists tied behind her back. I catch a look at her hands while he gets the cuffs. The skin is red but not bad enough to intervene and tell him not to have her lie on them again. He forgoes the breast bondage, but that's his call to make.

Yet instead of just substituting the previous ties, he now cuffs her hands in front of her body, pushes her down on the bench again and brings her arms up to clip the cuffs to a snap hook at the other end of the piece of furniture.

With her ass still at the lower edge, she is forced to stretch her body to resume her previous position.

"Legs open. Don't close them again."

I'm a little proud that he leaves it at a simple command, without adding a pointless threat that might just provoke her to see if he will really act on it if she doesn't obey. She's still hesitant to comply and he lets it slide, but gets the other box of clothespins, the plastic ones. Bella goes still when he starts putting them on her labia first, pinching the puffy, swollen flesh around and between her piercings. He also uses them on her tits, forming neat circles around the edge of each of her aureoles, the last two pins on her nipples make her whimper. Lastly, he adds a few more on her arms, but not on her thighs, which makes me curious.

Once he's done he steps away and admires his work a little, before he picks up the paddle again. Holding it in front of her eyes first, he brushes it almost tenderly over each of her cheeks, then down between her tits until he reaches her pussy. I'm a little surprised when he taps it twice against the pins on her labia, but the shudder she gives in response looks good.

Still standing beside her, he proceeds to slap her spread thighs with the paddle, fast and almost methodically. At first she takes each hit in stride, but before long her legs start to tremble with the strain of fighting her instinct to close them and hide away from the pain.

"Keep them open," he tells her, almost conversationally, never missing a single slap. She doesn't reply - no witty comment nor meek acknowledgement - but compared to before that's an improvement.

By the time he finally stops, her thighs are a uniform red color, and she grunts loudly when he adds a few slaps with his bare hand. None of that should have been really painful, but considering it went on for a few minutes and there was no added pleasure, it has done a good job wearing her down a little. And this time Jazz's expression is evil when he grins down at her.

Still holding the paddle in one hand, he walks up to where her hands are tied. He unzips his jeans and shoves them down his legs, then takes his partially erect cock in his hand and slaps it playfully against her hands.

"Make me hard."

Another simple command, and one that would normally be easy for her to obey, but with the way her arms are already stretched out and the cuffs fixed to the bench, she has a hard time even rotating her wrists, let alone jerking him off. He watches her feeble attempts for a little while, then laughs softly.

"Seems like you need some incentive to do a good job."

Leaning forward, he taps the paddle against the upright clothespins on her breast from the side, slowly increasing the strength with which leather hits plastic. It's not hard enough to knock the pins off but certainly enough to make her feel it, and I hear her gasp when he switches to her other breast.

He keeps alternating between them, then uses the paddle in between her tits, rapidly slapping the pins on the inside of both of them.

"I'm not distracting you too much, am I?" he asks, his voice deliciously sarcastic.

Eventually Bella manages to get him hard enough for his liking, and I wonder how much harder that must have been compared to if it had been me. I would have gotten a hard-on from hurting her alone, but if I'm not completely mistaken, Jazz has been working against her the whole time like this. Bella's certainly worked up by the time he changes his position to standing beside her so that he can take her head and shove his cock into her mouth. She rises to the challenge with alacrity, and for a while he just enjoys the way she bobs her head vigorously up and down on his cock, his head thrown back and his eyes closed.


She halts immediately, her lips sealed halfway down his dick, and looks a little perplexed when he just steps away from her, his wet, hard cock moving up and down with each of his steps. He eyes the clothespins on her pussy curiously, then walks back to the storage cabinet - and returns with a roll of duct tape.

Bella tries to raise her head and watch what he's doing, but the way she had to move her head for the blow job has strained her muscles too much for now. She gives up when she feels him tug on the pins experimentally, then moans softly when he pulls all the pins on one labia towards her thigh and starts running the tape around her leg and over the pins, fixing them in place there. When the tape holds he does the same with her other leg, leaving her labia spread wide and her pussy open and vulnerable. My cock definitely approves of that setup.

Jazz experimentally flicks her clit, making her jerk briefly, then pant from the pain the motion has caused.

"Oh, I like that," he observes conversationally, then goes to fetch another vibrator. Bella moans when he switches it on and holds it to her clit briefly, then hisses and nearly bucks off the bench when he presses it against all of the clothespins on her right pussy lip.

It's fascinating that he obviously has no problem watching her in pain, even pain he has caused directly, if it's not a vicious kind of pain but rather circumstantial. I wonder for a moment how he justifies it to himself, but as long as he somehow does, I don't really care.

Eventually he seems to grow tired of it, and with a grin still on his face tells Bella to open her mouth. Switching the vibrator off, he slides it between her lips, then leaves it there. He runs his cock up and down between her spread labia, teasing her like that for a while, before he shoves himself deep inside her, making her buck against him in turn. Taking her ankles, he pulls them back to his ass, signaling her to close her legs around him, before he picks up fucking her, hard, fast and deep.

Bella is just about to relax into the motion when he reaches towards her tits and starts to pluck the clothespins off, making her scream around her improvised vibrator gag when the blood comes rushing back into the pinched-off flesh. Soon only the last two pins on her nipples are left, and from the way her eyes widen with trepidation, I can tell that she's dreading their removal.

Jazz stops, his cock deep inside her, then grabs the vibe from between her teeth and brings it to her clit, switching it on again. Bella pants in turn, her fists clenching at the direct pleasurable assault. He keeps watching her face without moving until she finally starts to beg.

"Please, Sir, may I come?"

"So soon already?" he taunts, then resumes fucking her, making her pant hard while she fights to remain in control of herself.

"Yes! Please!"


Her teeth clench and her nails dig into her palms, the way she's trying to hold back stunningly erotic.

"Please, let me come, Sir, I beg you, please! I can't hold it much longer!"

Jazz snorts, then shoves the vibe back into her mouth without switching it off this time.

"That's not exactly my problem, is it?"

She tries to talk around the gag but is unable to get a single word out. After watching her tremble for another ten seconds, Jazz reaches for the two remaining clothespins, taking one in each hand and pulling softly, making her keen in return.

"I will count down from five, then remove them. Only after that are you allowed to come."

Bella nods frantically, her eyes open and fixed on him, then on the pins when he pulls harder on them and starts to count, while at the same time increasing the speed of his thrusts into her.

Then the clothespins come off, and Bella nearly pushes off the table, the back of her shoulders and her ass the only parts of her body still on the bench as she comes with a high-pitched scream. Holding onto her hips the whole time, Jazz keeps fucking her, his own orgasm following when the worst of hers is over. For a moment he sags down on her, his lips kissing the red marks on the soft flesh of her tit, before he pushes away and crouches down between her now slack legs to remove the duct tape.

Spent as she is, Bella whimpers a few times while he unwinds the tape, the noises laced with pain when he has to pull harder to unstick it from the clothespins. Finally the tape is gone and he starts taking the pins off, slowly, one after the other. She jerks a few times but takes the pain mostly in silence, then relaxes further when he rubs her clit with one thumb while massaging her reddened labia with the other hand.

When Jazz is done he straightens, then walks back to her head, unclipping the cuffs from the bench but leaving her wrists still restrained.

"Lick your juices off my cock."

She complies quickly, her motions a little sluggish but with no hesitation in them anymore.

"Now kiss it to thank me."

Again she doesn't hesitate, doesn't question, but still scrunches her nose up when she lets her head fall back onto the bench. Jazz laughs softly, then leans down to kiss her gently on the mouth before he unbuckles the cuffs and helps her off the table. Bella's legs are still a little shaky as they both come walking over to where I straighten up from my crouch on the floor.

"Better now?" Jazz asks, cocking one eyebrow dramatically.

"Don't ask me, ask her," I retort, grinning at them both.

"Well, you certainly had a few problems at the beginning, but I can't complain about the end."

Jazz beams at her words, as if they were that much of a surprise. I nod in agreement, then look pointedly at Bella's ass.

"Haven't you forgotten something?"

"Nope, I figured you'd take care of it and relieve what must be, without a doubt, an uncomfortable hard-on," Jazz replies sagely, then hugs Bella before he walks out of the room, leaving us alone.

Bella looks after him with confusion plain on her face, before she turns to me.

"What was that all about?"

"I think he's trying to give us some privacy," I venture a guess.

"What for? It's not like him to walk out on watching us fuck."

I shrug.

"I think he expects us to do more than just fuck."

It's funny to watch her cross her arms over her chest in a clearly defensive gesture, but the way she looks me is hungry, not weary.

"And do you plan on doing that?"

"You know me, I only ever think with my cock, any way you make me come will do."

She huffs, then steps closer to me so she can kiss me, molding her naked body against mine. Very quickly my clothes are gone and we end up on the floor, me on my back and Bella straddling me, her beautiful breasts, all covered with fading marks, right in front of my face.

I sigh contently as she guides my cock into her pussy, feeling the butt plug rub against me as she sinks down. While I'm horny as fuck I still love letting her take the lead, starting to move on me before she takes my hands and brings them to her tits.

"But be nice to them, my nipples still hurt like fuck ."

"They do?" I tease, then grab her hips for a moment so that I can rearrange myself into a position that allows me to reach her breasts with my mouth instead. "Guess I'll have to do something about that."

"You should," she moans as my hungry mouth finds her left nipple, her hands holding my head in place as I start sucking and nibbling on the pierced flesh. I'm so happy her nipples are finally completely healed so that I can lick them again, much to her ongoing amusement. Today she doesn't tease me about it, though, but instead arches her back in an attempt to urge me on as she presses her tits into my face.

"Yeah, like that!" she grunts as my hand finds her other nipple, deftly pinching the already tormented flesh. "May I rub my clit?"

I'm a little surprised that she asks, seeing as we're obviously not playing, but I don't mind, of course.

"No," I tell her succinctly, then grin up at her when she looks disappointed.

"But you may pinch it. I want to listen to you moan in pain."

Her eyes glaze over a little as she nods, then slips one hand in between our bodies. The angle is a little awkward, though, and after a minute or two she stops moving.

"Do you mind fucking my ass instead?"

"Of course not."

She has the plug out before I can even withdraw my cock, and when I try to push her away so I can grab the lube, she simply takes my dick and pulls it back to her anus, then eases herself down on it.

"There's more than enough lubrication, Jazz got very enthusiastic about it,"

she laughs, then dutifully brings her fingers back to her clit. "Shall we go on?"

Instead of answering I thrust upwards into her, then bite down on her nipple while I dig the fingers of my other hand into her aching breast. She clenches hard around me in turn, letting me hear the moan rising up from her, loud and clear.

It doesn't take long until I'm close, and when I feel her bear down on me as her own orgasm makes her body shake, I let go, finishing with my cock buried deep inside her.

"That was fun," Bella pants when I help her off me, and we leave the playroom together. I can always clean up on my own later, but right now I want to rub myself all over her ass in the shower.

We find Jazz still in the bathroom, and he looks perplexed that we're done so soon. Bella laughs at his astonishment as she draws me along into the shower.

"Not all scenes take two hours or longer, and I don't mind still being able to walk out of the playroom without needing additional support. You did a good job, no need to get my kink on any further."

It's still early in the day when we're done cleaning ourselves, barely noon, so we don't head for the bed afterwards but downstairs. Bella excuses herself; she has some research to do, or so she says. That leaves Jazz and me to talk about the scene.

"Better?" he asks, unnecessarily.

"Lots. You did a good job there finding a balance between her needs and your comfort zone."

"It's still kind of weird to play with her," he admits. "And not just because it's her, but because her expectations are kind of, well, intimidating."

I sigh, for a moment wondering how often I will have to explain this part to him.

"Jazz, her expectations as a submissive are simple - she wants you to dominate her, to assume, be, and stay in control of her. That's all. You don't have to cater to all her needs, you don't have to max her out until she's close to using her safeword, she just wants not to be in charge, and to not have to think. It's not your responsibility to do anything that makes you uncomfortable just because you want to indulge her."

"I know. You've told me that often enough."

"Then why do I have to tell you again?"

He shrugs, but doesn't answer.

"Do you think I'm a hypocrite for having problems being rough with her when I don't have the same issues with you?"

No idea why, but his question cracks me up.

"Uhm, why should I? At least you're honest about that, so no harm done, no deluding anyone, right?"

"Yeah, but doesn't that make you feel like I, well, don't know, discriminate too much between the two of you?"

"And why should that be a bad thing?" I want to know, then grab his head and pull him close for a quick yet passionate kiss. "You discriminate between us on other levels, too, and I so don't mind."

"True," he huffs, but while I can tell that it was the right answer from me, I think he needs a little more convincing still.

"Look at it like this - Bella can get her kink on with me, too, and we both enjoy that a lot. But whenever we switch, it's mostly her indulging my needs. I know that she likes it once in a while, but she doesn't need it, and I wouldn't ask it of her more often. Now with you in the picture, she doesn't have to do it unless she wants to, and she does enjoy playing with you on both sides of the equation. Otherwise you wouldn't have had her begging like that. You did a good job once you got your groove on, and you both had fun. That's what counts."

Jazz is a little pensive after that.

"You know, it's kind of strange. I don't want to hurt her, but I like to make her react and writhe like that, which I only manage to do when I hurt her.

Still feels hypocritical to me."

I sigh, shaking my head.

"Then you're a lost cause, and the endless guilt will eat you up! Will my bending you over the back of the couch and fucking you long and hard help ease the emotional pain weighing down your soul?"

"And there I thought we were having a real conversation!" he proclaims dramatically, then leans back and regards me levelly. "Although I wouldn't mind bending you over the back of the couch."

"No wrecking the couch or I won't cook for a week!" Bella interjects from across the room, not even looking up from her laptop.

"That's a serious threat! Not fair!" Jazz complains, then sobers up again, turning back to me. "But I really liked the way she started to respond to me when I picked up the pace a little. That look in her eyes, the way she was begging for it even when she couldn't do so with her mouth."

"Now we're talking," I laugh, amused when he sneers in return.

"I told you before, I'm not into it for the pain, I like the whole power exchange thing way more. Even if it scares the crap out of me, taking all that responsibility and all."

"Which just proves that you're the right guy for the job. Don't worry, it gets easier with time, and a hell of a lot more rewarding."

"I think I'll just take your word on that," he remarks dryly, then leans closer so that his breath tickles the side of my neck. "Still, as it is right now, I prefer not to be the one who calls all the shots. But maybe if the next time it's you kneeling on the floor, looking up at me with pleading eyes while I fuck your throat, I think I could get used to it faster."


He laughs until I silence him with my tongue, plunging it into his mouth.

Still, I have to admit, I really like the idea myself. It certainly beats playing watchdog all the time.