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Chapter 30

 Chapter 30

As is usual for any type of family related holiday, we get lots of weird cases in the ER during my shift, and every time I get a chance to lie down I can barely catch a few minutes of sleep before the nurses wake me up again.

After the Thanksgiving dinner we had, I'm somewhat glad to see that other people don't really stick to the saccharine version of it that TV always portrays, either. I'm also not unhappy to leave Bella to comfort Jazz when all I would have been able to do is sit around and be unhelpful in my frustrated silence anyway.

When I finally get to dump my scrubs for street clothes again, it's close to noon. While I'm physically and emotionally drained, I'm looking forward to getting home again - and not just because I get to sleep in an actual bed for a couple of hours straight. Back in our condo I find Bella and Jazz reading their books in companionable silence on the couch, neither of them even looking up as I enter.

I stop inside the door of the living room and look at them for a few seconds, waiting to be acknowledged. When all I get is an absentminded wave from Bella, my conviction that they both need to be taught a lesson is bolstered.

Not that it takes much to reach that conclusion, horny as I am already, but it's not my fault that they are unwittingly playing into my hands like that.

Clearing my throat noisily, I cross my arms over my chest as I approach the couch, until I'm leaning upside down over Bella. This finally makes her put down her book so she can smile up at me. She obviously recognizes the hard look on my face as she doesn't even ask how work has been, but waits almost meekly for me to say something. I don't keep her waiting for much longer.

"That's really no way to greet someone. Playroom, ten minutes, the usual."

Even though I'm frowning down at her, I get a brilliant smile in return, before she gets up with a not quite so meek, "Yes, Master!"

I follow her with my eyes as she skips up the stairs, already losing her clothes along the way like some kind of kinky-superhero-wannabe about to switch identities. Once she is out of earshot I turn to Jazz, who by now has abandoned his book and is looking at me with barely contained excitement.

"You up for your first lesson?"

"Of course!" he replies, then narrows his eyes a little. "But just to make things clear for the dumb newbie, just when do you start the whole roleplaying part of it?"

"Between you and me, it starts when you enter the playroom. We need to talk about a few things beforehand anyway, and I need your honest and blunt answers for that."

"Okay, great, ask away."

Grinning at him for a moment, I turn to the fridge, finding a microwave dish with mac 'n' cheese inside that I heat up while I start to explain.

"Of course we could do a basic demonstration scene, but I don't think it's too much for me to assume you know the difference between a flogger and a cane, so a first-hand experience sounds more fun."

The microwave pings and I get the more or less warmed up container out, too hungry to really care. Jazz has joined me in the kitchen in the meanwhile, still excited but sobering up a little already.

"So what's in store for me?"

"Do you really want to know? I have no problem explaining it all step by step to you now, but it's not going to be that complicated, and not knowing what's coming next might be the more rewarding experience."

"Sure, your call. I trust you with that."

I acknowledge that with a nod.

"Good. My main point with what I have in mind is to see how you react to certain stimuli, and to simply show you how much of a rush it can be when it's not just stop and go like it was with what we did over there at the window."

I allow myself a small smile when his grin gets a little heated, but he doesn't say anything, just nods.

"I know you said before that you're not into pain, but I still think we should put that to the test, if for no other reason than to have you experience how a flogger or cane feels when they are used on you. Don't worry, I'll take it slow, and everything you don't want to take I'm sure Bella will be more than happy to receive."

He looks a bit quizzical at that but finally nods.

"Sounds reasonable."

"Cuffs are okay, too?"


"You know our safeword? Still the same as before."

"Red means stop."

I nod, then finish my meal and chase it all down with half a glass of water.

"Then go upstairs, undress and join Bella in the playroom. When I come in, I want to find you both kneeling ready for me, waiting to please me."

He swallows thickly at my words, then hurries upstairs to do my bidding, leaving me alone in the kitchen. I check my phone and then shut it off, and read my emails to give them a little more time. When I head into the bathroom they're both already gone, and I quickly take care of business and don my leather pants.

When I step into the playroom at last, I find them both waiting for me -

same position, but the difference couldn't be more obvious. While Bella kneels there with her usual serene elegance, all quiet and calm with her body relaxed except for the muscles required to keep her in an upright kneeling position, Jazz can barely hold still for a second or two. I'm sure that by now his thighs are killing him, as is his back, unaccustomed as he is to staying that way for long periods of time.

As I walk between them to the other side of the room, I pretend not to spare them a glance, but of course that's just part of the game. I still notice how Bella's breathing visibly picks up with her increased excitement, and if I'm not mistaken, Jazz's already semi-erect cock gets harder still. I've missed playing with a male sub. While it's fun to tease a girl about how wet she's gotten from a good spanking, having the much more obvious evidence of an erection in plain sight can be quite arousing. And distracting, I chide myself, forcing my attention to more important things.

As I explained to Jazz before, I plan to stick to the basics, without adding any really advanced elements. For one thing, I'm too tired to come up with something more elaborate, and I also need to know how much he's really into it, too, before I step up the pace. And sometimes the simplest things are the most effective anyway.

Forgoing the ropes completely for the thick padded leather cuffs, I take four pairs from the storage cabinet, dropping two in front of each of my two willing playthings. Bella doesn't move a muscle, but Jazz nearly breaks position before he catches on to her lack of reaction, straightening himself with his hands still laced behind his head.

"You know, if I were a mean bastard, that would already be enough to warrant a quick reminder not to go against my orders," I inform him, grinning. He's now staring straight ahead at my crotch. "Oh, wait, I think I am."

He hesitates, sealing his fate, but then opens his mouth to answer me, nevertheless.

"I'm sorry, Sir, but it's hard to hold this position."

And he is apparently happy to give me a good reason, too.

"Do you think that's news to me?"

"I guess not. Sir."

Now I don't even try to hide my smirk as I lean closer to him.

"Do you think I care?"

"No, Sir," he replies much faster, grinning in spite of himself.

"Damn right I don't. Now pick up the cuffs and crawl over to Bella on your hands and knees, then help each other buckle them onto your wrists and ankles."

There's a definite advantage to having two subs at hand, and while they are busy following my orders, I walk over to my toys and select a flogger and cane, both on the lighter end of the spectrum. Leaving them lying on the padded bench, I pick up a spreader bar, then lower the cable for suspension purposes and attach it to the snap hook in the middle of the bar.

"Come here," I tell them, then connect their wrists cuffs to the ends of the bar, ending with them standing very close, face to face. Their obvious height difference is something I have to overcome, but I don't think Bella will mind some extra strain on herself all that much.

I fetch a pair of wooden cubes and let Bella step onto them, forcing her to widen her stance that way. Using the winch on the wall to raise the bar to where I need it, I force her to stretch her entire body until she's standing on her tip toes, while Jazz can still keep the heels of his feet comfortably on the floor. Chances are that Bella will manage just fine and not lose her footing, but even if that happens she will be fine until I can steady her again.

I take a moment to appreciate them as they stand in front of me, so close to each other that their bodies touch in places. I particularly enjoy Bella's breasts getting squished against his torso, while Jasper's cock rubs haphazardly against her cunt and inner thighs whenever one of them fidgets. For obvious reasons I leave Bella's ankles unrestrained, but on second thought add a second spreader bar to Jazz's, forcing him to keep as still as he can manage with his legs open wide.

Picking up the flogger, I walk in a wide circle around them, drinking in all that smooth skin and tensed muscle in front of me. Bella has a hard time adjusting, her previous calm all but gone, but it's nothing I can reprimand her for. Not that I need a reason to cover her back, ass and thighs in red, really.

While he seems calm enough, Jazz nearly jumps when I let the soft strands of the flogger slide against the outside of his left thigh, then over his ass to the right, but I can tell that he's trying not to move too much. Bella in turn stills when I do the same to her, and only offers the briefest of grunts when I bring down the flogger square on her ass two times. Jazz is a whole different matter, his body now tense from head to toe. Waiting just until I see him relax a bit, I hit him with the soft leather strands, too, softer than Bella but with enough force to sting lightly. He takes it without a sound but doesn't relax like Bella, who seems to lean into the impact while he shies away from it.

Walking around them a few times, I let the flogger land all over their backsides, until I stop behind Bella, stepping close enough to her that my front touches her in several places while I reach between her spread legs from behind. Not surprisingly, I find her pussy wet, and a low moan escapes her when I briefly push two fingers into her.

"So wet," I murmur into her ear, my voice making her shiver. I withdraw my fingers and instead grab Jasper's cock through her spread legs, adding a low, "So hard." He's just as erect as before, a little at odds with his lack of enthusiasm for my ministrations, but considering how wet he is, too, I figure that his excitement might just stem from something else.

Catching his gaze, I stare intently at him, all the while continuing to stroke his cock, while my wrist pushes from below against Bella's pussy.

"I better not catch that inside of her, or you're going to suffer the consequences. If you don't fuck up I might allow you to fuck her later, but not before I explicitly tell you to."

"Yes, Sir!" he answers immediately, obviously no longer out to test my patience.

Acknowledging that with a curt nod, I let go and step away from them to resume my little game with the flogger. I don't really have to hit much harder to reach the point where he doesn't even relax anymore when I move on to Bella, his small evasive motions away from the hits becoming more jerky by the minute. The signs are obvious and I don't intend to torture him unnecessarily like that much longer, but there's still that matter of him breaking position in the beginning.

"Jazz, do you remember what I told you about not letting a sub get away with even the slightest transgression, to stress that you're not a lenient slob, but deserve their attention and respect?"

From the way he exhales loudly I can tell that he knows what's coming now, and I notice approvingly how he doesn't even try to protest.

"Yes, Sir."

"You know what I'm talking about?"

"Yes, Sir."

Apparently the threat of chastisement has stopped short his need to ramble, although I wouldn't have minded a few words more now.

"Because it's your first time I won't be too hard on you. Thirty strokes with the flogger should suffice. Bella, count."

I have no intention of dragging this out, and set to work quickly. He takes each hit with a strained grunt, his head sagging forward against Bella's shoulder, while she counts for him. Her voice doesn't reveal whether she feels sympathy or not. I make sure that each of the thirty strokes counts as the flogger bites into the hard flesh of his ass, clearly on the painful side of things but not cruelly so. He mostly takes it as a man, no whimper escaping him even when I'm done and let my hand touch the warm, now reddened muscles.

Stepping closer to him as I'd done with Bella before, I bring my hand up his side, letting the touch convey my satisfaction at his reaction. He leans into it for a moment, but then gasps when I pull his head back sharply by his hair so that I can see his face.

"Good boy. Keep that up and there's a reward waiting for you later."

I let go of him and walk back to my toy rack to exchange the light flogger for a somewhat sturdier one. I catch Bella smiling slightly when she sees it but Jazz looks a little concerned, yet does his best not to shy away from the next few hits too much. The fact that they don't hurt more than the light strokes from before the thirty heavier ones seems to surprise him, but I pay attention to keep each impact on the pleasurable side of things. Bella, of course, is another matter entirely, and I'm quite happy to tease the first real cry out of her when I hit her hard enough to leave two faint, red lines between her shoulder blades. On my next track around them I see her smile in spite of her clenched jaw, while Jazz is frowning ever so slightly. I can't tell whether it's his protective side rearing its head, or some form of fear that I will hit him just as hard, but for the moment I ignore it.

Things get a little more interesting as I go on, picking up speed while I stay at Bella's back for longer periods of time now, making her squirm on her tip toes. I can tell that Jazz is having a hard time keeping still while she moves so much against him, but then decide that I might as well use that to my advantage.

What I really want to show him with this little demonstration is just how different their likes and limits are - and that to let her get her kick out of it, he has to learn to erase his own trepidation towards inflicting pain, and of seeing it inflicted on her. In that context, having her highly aroused from more than just the pleasure she derives from being flogged only helps my goal, so I decide to use their position to my advantage.

The next time I'm at Jazz's back I concentrate the hits on his ass only, making him jerk his hips forward each time until Bella utters a low moan, clearly affected by the friction of his cock rubbing against her clit and the entire outside of her pussy. While distracted by what I'm doing to him, he still smiles in turn, the effect only increasing when I make her hips rub against his further when I work on her ass in turn. I keep that up for awhile and soon have them at the point where they realize that I want them to move. I'm rewarded with a handful of lusty sighs between Bella's sounds of pain.

As much as I enjoy directing them like this, I soon tire of it, or at least my arm does, so I put down the flogger and pick up the thin cane instead.

Although clearly lost in what is going on, Jazz grows tense all over, and I leave it at a very few stinging impacts on his ass only before I stop again.

He obviously doesn't like them at all, and doesn't really relax when it's Bella's turn. It's almost painful for me to watch him cringe like that, and for future purposes I decide to keep to the instruments that sting less for him, if needed. He still has to learn that I'm not going to bend my plans just because something is making him uncomfortable, but I figure I might sweeten the deal a little for him.

"I want you to kiss each other when I hit you. Show me just how much you enjoy being here like this, dry humping each other."

As expected, they respond immediately, Bella all too happy to open her mouth so Jazz can deepen the kiss momentarily. It's a little awkward at first as they have to learn to coordinate that with their continuous rubbing and moving against each other's sex, but by the third time my cane lightly touches Jasper's ass, he doesn't seem to mind all that much anymore.

After keeping that up for a few more minutes, I decide that it's time to stop indulging Jazz. Instead I concentrate on Bella, seeing as she's already worked up enough to come soon, although I'm disinclined to let her get there. Putting the cane away I walk back to them; the few extra inches I have on him help me to be able to unhook his cuffs from the spreader bar without having to lower it, and also remove the second bar from between his legs. He staggers for a moment but finds his balance quickly once he has to support his weight completely on his own again.

"Down on your knees, hands behind your back, your face right in front of her cunt."

He quickly complies and I see Bella smile down at him as he gets into position. Leaning down I pull his arms back further, then attach each wrist to the opposite ankle cuff.

"You're only going to lick her when I tell you to, and you'll stop at my command."

Getting the cane again, I'm satisfied when I see him remain still even when she pushes her hips forward with each impact, only getting to the task when I give him the signal. She responds fast with a moan between two grunts, and I decide to step things up further.

Bella doesn't cringe when I exchange the light cane for a heavier one, letting Jazz lick her in the few seconds the switch takes. She barely has enough time to brace herself before I hit her ass hard and fast a few times, her cries now loud and telling of the pain I inflict.


He quickly obeys even though I don't quit hitting her, although I'm surprised when I see him push his face into her lower stomach as if to steady her while I keep going. I only halt when I can see the deep red on her ass turn darker still, but then switch to her breasts instead, although with a lot less force at first.


Jazz sets himself to the task with new vigor as if to lick away her pain, and in a way that's accurate, judging from the way her eyes roll back in her head when his lips move back around her clit. She's incredibly beautiful, the way she's torn between pleasure and pain, her body covered in sweat and slowly fading marks, all stretched out for me.

We go on like this for a while longer, and I love how much harder I can hit her while Jazz continues to pleasure her as I'm getting close to her breaking point. Somewhere along the way he even seems to lose most of his previous resentment. It's hard not to be fascinated by the spectacle when she's soon moaning with need even when he's not licking her anymore but I'm still covering her ass with welts.

My cock is painfully hard by the time I finally stop, telling Jazz to do the same before I unhook Bella from the spreader bar and help her down to the floor. After spending the better part of half an hour in this position, she's unable to even stand so I let her sit down to lessen the strain on her leg muscles. Leaving her there I return to where Jazz is still kneeling, watching us with interest, but once he realizes that he now has my full attention, he's focused on me alone again.

"Let's see if I can teach you a few more tricks today, shall we?" I drawl, leering down at him before I reach for the fly of my leather pants and unzip it, letting my cock spring free. "Open!"

He's smart enough to realize what I mean by that and obediently opens his mouth, but I obviously surprise him when I grab his head to keep him still and simply shove my cock inside. He starts choking almost immediately but I take my sweet time pulling back out so he can breathe, my fingers never loosening their hold.

Jazz sputters and coughs a little but at my pointed glare goes still again, his mouth once again open. Letting go of his head with one hand only, I grab my cock and rub it over his face, smearing the residue of Bella's juice all over it before I push it back inside his mouth, only not as deep as before.


He follows my command obediently, but not ten seconds later I halt again.

"No teeth, dammit, you're ruining all your work. You better learn fast and make me come in the next ten minutes, or I'll just leave you all worked up like this while I fuck Bella instead. So, suck!"

Jazz looks a little panicked at first but sets to work quickly, a little more careful now than before.

"Stop! Now pull back until only the head is still inside your mouth, then tease it with your tongue."

A quick study, he picks up my hints fast, also when I make him suck on my balls briefly before I shove my cock back into his mouth. Watching - and feeling - him struggle with his gag reflex as he's kneeling before me is a huge turn on, and is soon too much for me to take when he gets rather good at it.

This time I don't warn him when I'm about to come in his mouth, but relish every second of it while he tries hard not to retch with my cock down his throat. When I'm done, I ease my grip on his hair enough so he can suck and lick me clean, then look over to where Bella is following our every motion with bright eyes. She smiles in return before she looks away, pretending not to have been drooling the whole time while watching us.

When I step away from him and zip myself up, Jazz looks deservedly proud of himself. I knock him down a peg by telling him that he still needs lots of practice, and that if I hadn't been that worked up already he likely would have failed, but he doesn't seem to mind the backhand encouragement at all. Releasing him from his restraints I then turn to Bella, smirking down at where she's seemingly comfortable on the floor.

"You know how I just had your cuffs connected to each other? Do the same to her, but with her lying on her stomach."

A little stunned that I actually let him do anything, Jazz sets to the task, Bella's helpful compliance soon having her hogtied on the floor, her hands grasping her toes along with the cuffs keeping her limbs locked together.

"Now get on your knees behind her and fuck her."

My simple command seems to stun him, and he's looking a little unsure at first.

"Just like that?"

"Do you need a special invitation? Or another reminder of what happens when you don't comply, quickly?"

It's funny how fast he's on the floor and grabbing onto her hips, but he has already run into his first obstacle. Bound like that, Bella's movements are very limited, and while she can't close her thighs, they're not spread enough to accommodate him. As expected he hesitates, but after another look at me slowly pushes her legs farther apart, his palms pressing against the inside of her thighs.

Bella groans softly, making him hesitate yet again, but this time he's not so easily deterred and keeps going, until he grabs her and pulls her back towards him, drawing an even louder moan from her as he pretty much impales her on his cock. Whatever chivalry usually holds him back is worn down between my command and his own need, and he starts fucking her surprisingly roughly without further ado.

I love the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, underlined by both their sounds of pleasure and Bella's higher yips, speaking of her discomfort. I doubt that she will come quickly, if at all, in this position, restrained as she is. Already I can see her legs trembling. Before long the strain will spread to her shoulders, neck, even her stomach muscles until her whole body is screaming with more than just the need for release.

"Pull her head back by her hair. I want to see her face while you fuck her."

He does as he's told, switching one hand to her shoulder, the other locked in her hair. He pulls her head back as far as he can without hurting her too much. Her eyes are bright and her mouth half open, the look on her face unreadable as it's torn between so many conflicting things that leave her wanting more and more.

I can tell that he's close, but I wait until he finds my gaze and opens his mouth to beg me to let him come, before I utter my next order.


He thrusts hard twice more until his brain registers the meaning of my words, leaving him panting loudly as he forces his body to stop moving.

The way they both look at me, pleading with their eyes, wanting only to reach their climax, gives me a real kick, and I feel my cock stirring again surprisingly quickly.

"Go on," I tell him as I open my pants again, this time shoving them down my legs completely so they don't get in the way any more. Remaining standing in front of them, I start stroking myself while I watch them writhe on the floor.

"A little slower, but try to shove your cock as deep into her as you can.

Make her feel every inch of it."

Bella's eyes roll back at my words and a low keen leaves her when he starts to comply, now also panting into her ear with every thrust. Soon she looks even closer to her orgasm than he does and I order him to stop again, leaving them both lost in their frustration while I keep pumping my fist up and down my cock.

I'm already feeling a little high from the sensation when I finally stop ordering him to hold it time and time again, the sheer power of being in control nearly enough to make me shoot my load as it is. Only squeezing my cock hard helps me hold back as I watch Jazz finally succumb to his need and come deep inside of her with a loud shout, but my patience is worn thin. So thin indeed that I don't wait any longer and simply push him away so I can take her just as he has moments before. Within a few strokes I add my sperm to his deep inside her cunt.

I stay crouched over her for a moment, feeling my heart slow down as the adrenaline leaks from my body, then kiss her shoulder softly before I begin to free her from her restraints. She utters a series of pain filled sounds when her locked muscles are forced to stretch, then relax, and I know that she will be sore for more than just a few hours. She obediently holds still while I unbuckle the cuffs, then rolls into a ball to alleviate the strain her body has been subjected to. I stay kneeling next to her and stroke her sweat soaked hair gently while I watch her relax. Only when I'm sure that she's fine, except for her frustration at not being allowed to come, I look up and signal Jazz to come over.

He's unfamiliarly meek as he crouches down next to me so I can release him from the cuffs, and also remains somewhat subdued when he follows me as I carry Bella over to the shower. We take turns supporting and washing her, leaving her probably more thoroughly cleaned than strictly necessary and even more frustrated than before, but she takes it in stride.

Obviously the mental satisfaction of a wonderful scene far outweighs the downside of not being allowed a physical release. She still has that look in her eyes that I associate with her as my sub, that longing to please me and take whatever I wish to give her, as long as I keep her on a very short leash.

I send Jazz into the bedroom ahead of us, then lift her up onto the counter and get to the more uncomfortable part for her of cleaning her labia piercings thoroughly. They've been healing well but human saliva is about as germ-filled as fluids get, and while I'm sure she's happy to trade the discomfort now for the pleasure she's received, neither of us want to risk her getting infected just because we've been horny and careless.

"That was fun." She finally breaks the comfortable silence while she watches me work, wrapping one stand of wet hair around her finger over and over again.

"You think?" I grin, then brush my thumb over her clit, making her inhale sharply. I chuckle when I realize just how aroused she still is, but abandon teasing her soon after. She doesn't even glare at me, making it obvious just how much she's still in her role.

When I'm done, I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom where Jazz is waiting for us, about as tired as Bella but a lot less strung out. He scoots over when I put her down onto the mattress, then pulls her to him and I crawl under the covers to join them. Like the last time we ended up here together, Bella is content to find herself between us, laughing softly when I nibble on the side of her neck.

Jazz watches us for awhile before he clears his throat, drawing our attention back to him.

"That was unexpected, but I can't say I feel like complaining."

"Well, good for you!" Bella huffs, already sounding a lot more like her usual self. It's funny to watch her use him to pull herself back together, although part of me resents that she feels the need to do so.

"So you'll do it again?" I want to know.

Jazz hesitates but then nods, although a slight frown remains on his forehead.

"If you ditch the cane completely next time, okay." Bella must have made a face for he backtracks almost immediately, adding a quick, "When it comes to my ass, I mean, feel free to work her over as much as she wants."

"Now why does that still sound like you're trying to convince yourself you're okay with that?" I remark dryly, getting a hard look from him in return that somehow amuses me even more.

"Hey, I'm trying, can't teach a dog new tricks overnight! But I have to admit, watching your face light up with intensity while you were making her scream and writhe was a lot more of a turn-on than I expected."

I hadn't even noticed that he was watching me, but stranger things have happened, and his observation leaves me smiling back at him.

"So you won't run the next time if I'm getting out the heavy guns?"

Now he's looking properly cowed.

"Uh, this wasn't what you consider, ah, heavy?"

I don't even have to answer; Bella does it for me when she starts to laugh, rocking us both with the motion of it.

"Are you serious? Jazz, this wasn't really that much more than we did last spring in the woods! Okay, this time you were on the receiving side of things, too, but Edward didn't really hurt me. Sure I might have groaned and grunted a little, and shouted a few times, but that's nothing. Look at my ass, I don't even have any real marks!"

Jazz seems stunned at her revelation, then actually checks her butt, only finding a residual reddening of the skin but not a single welt that survived long enough to still show.

"Happy now?" she asks, still laughing, before she curls into my embrace again.

"I guess. It just seemed more vicious while it was happening."

"That's part of the game as we play it," I admit, amused by how long it takes him to discern reality from acting.

"Although some parts of it were pretty rough. Like when you were trying to shove me right through the floor while you were fucking me. It's funny that you were all about trying to lend strength to me when Edward went a little enthusiastic with the cane, but you didn't seem to realize just what problems you were causing with your own body weight."

Jazz looks downright guilty at hearing that, a clear admission that she's right in her assessment, but before Bella can drive the point home, I interject to put them both more at ease again.

"That's why it was my call to stop it or let you go on. Getting caught up in the moment happens to everyone, but if you let it happen, you better make sure beforehand that you won't injure your partner for real, or that someone is close by to keep track of what's going on with you. There's a reason why you need to learn things from me."

Bella nods, a little sheepish at her previous words, then adds, "Plus, it's kind of a huge advantage to have someone handy who can drive me crazy with his tongue on my clit so you can beat my ass soundly without having to stop to do that whole pesky jerking me off yourself. Must be so much easier this way."

"So you think it's easier to be in control of two people at the same time compared to just one?"

She huffs, her eyes taking on that playful glint that makes it obvious that she's up to something.

"Maybe not easier, but it can't be that hard."

"Why don't you try it yourself then?"

As the words leave my lips I realize that must have been her goal from the start.

"What a great idea, and coming so out of the blue!" she simpers, then laughs when first I, then Jazz, look quizzically at her. "What, are you afraid I'm going to take revenge on you?"

"The thought might have crossed my mind," Jazz admitted, making her laugh a little wickedly.

"We'll see. It's not like a small woman like me can force two hunks like you to do anything against their wills, right?"

Instead of answering, I kiss her, drowning out her laughter. And true enough, my cock isn't the only part of me already looking forward to this.