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Chapter 26

 Chapter 26

My resolve falters when I reach the top of the stairs leading down into the living room. It's only a moment, barely long enough for Bella to walk by me so she ends up being the one to tug me after her and not the other way round, but in those seconds panic grips me hard. Suddenly I don't know what to do because everything seems like the perfect recipe for disaster, and I just want to go back and hide in the bedroom untill-

But this is where my thoughts grind to a halt and I'm able to calm myself again. I've been hiding and waiting for months, and a quick glance at the set of Bella's jaw tells me that she thinks now is the best time to stop doing that and move on.

Moments later we reach the room below and Bella lets go of my hand, but only after caressing my forearm lovingly.

"I'll go make some more coffee," she murmurs softly, then leaves me standing there on my own.

Looking over from her to where Jazz is sitting on the couch, I have to fight a new wave of apprehension, but one of a wholly different kind than before.

The way his shoulders tense I can tell that he's aware of our presence, but he doesn't yet look up from where he's slumped, his face buried in his hands. I try to remember if I've ever seen him that down, but come up blank. Not even after Alice has kicked him out has he seemed so lost.

I hate seeing him like that, even more so because I'm part of the problem.

And with that realization comes another - I'm so sick of feeling like shit all the time, with everything being plagued with issues and every situation about as awkward as it can get.

Using my newfound resolve to change that, I sit down on the sofa on the far side from Jazz. He doesn't move for a while, but then I hear him sigh softly as if he's gathering his strength. When he finally straightens and looks at me he's still weary, but I can see in his eyes that he's trying to steel himself for what's to come. Guess I can't hold that against him.

"If you want me to go, just say so, I'll spare you the bother of having to kick me out."

"No one's going to kick you out," I reply, surprised at how steady my voice sounds when inside I'm still feeling like I'm totally blindsided.

Jazz looks surprised for a moment, then accepts my words with a nod, and we both keep staring at each other until Bella joins us with the coffee.

"Gee, tone it down a notch, both of you, you're making my skin crawl with all that heavy, meaningful silence," she jokes, then sits down. Just not between us where there's the most space on the sofa, but on my left, squeezing herself between me and the armrest at the end of the seat. To make room for her I have to move towards Jazz, and I pointedly glance at her less than subtle hint, which she of course ignores.

The silence continues to stretch in all its awkwardness while we're busy caffeinating ourselves. And it just keeps getting worse by the minute, until finally I've reached a point where I just can't let it drag on anymore.

Straightening, I lean back, not quite incidentally snaking my arm around Bella to keep close to her. She smiles a little at that but doesn't comment, nor does she lean into me, either.

Turning back to where Jazz is studying us, I try to come up with something worthwhile to say, but as my mind is still sluggish, I decide to stick with being blunt. So far that has served us all well today.

"I'm so sick of all this shit." Jazz frowns at my words but holds his tongue, and with a loud exhale I force myself to go on. "I'm sick of feeling like a dumb fuck, and I'm sick of everything being so difficult and awkward. We've all made mistakes, and we'll have to deal with this mess eventually, but something has to change, now."

I can feel Bella's silent approval from my side, but Jazz still looks doubtful.

No wonder, considering that both he and Bella did a lot of talking, in the bathroom and afterwards respectively, while I've mostly kept my thoughts to myself.

Looking down at my hands for a moment, I force myself to take the next step.

"I had thought that I was done with you, but listening to you and Bella today has made me realize that I still want you. Not in a mushy, 'oh I've been so heartbroken over losing you' kind of way, but simple, primal need. I want to fuck you, no more, no less."

A hint of a grin starts showing on Jasper's face, but I go on before he can get his hopes up.

"But that doesn't mean I'm over what you did, or that either of us has forgiven you. It just means that we're willing to give you a chance." I deliberately stress that I'm talking for both Bella and myself, and when I stop there she picks up the thread effortlessly after squeezing my thigh.

"And by chance we mean one chance. Don't fuck up or I will personally kick you out for good."

The underlying rage in her voice is scary, and it has a satisfyingly sobering effect on Jazz.

"I won't mess up, I promise," Jazz tries to interject, but Bella isn't done yet, and a look from her is enough to make him shut up at once.

"We'll see about that. I just need you to fully understand what I mean.

Edward and I have moved forward a lot since our last threesome, both as a couple and in the playroom. As much as I'm happy to have you back with us, I won't let you come between us. I'm sure Edward will enjoy teaching you a thing or two if you want that and letting you be his sidekick, but I could never see you as my Dom. I also don't need you to be my knight in shining armor, because this damsel here really loves being in distress. If something freaks you out I expect you to just go and leave us to what we want to do, and later we can talk about it. But you can't intervene on my behalf, so to say, because I really don't want you to, and the last thing I need is Edward second-guessing himself just because what I need him to do makes you uncomfortable. Get that?"

"Loud and clear. And don't worry, I won't even try."

Her snort is derisive, but she leaves it at that, obviously happy to have that conversation for another time. Jazz looks sincere enough that I don't think this matter needs any more stressing, but I'm relieved that Bella has been the one to tackle it - however he might really be feeling about it, hearing it from her will leave more of an impression than if I had said it.

"Good, now that that's settled I guess we can move on, right?"

They both look a little surprised at my forced happy tone, but I don't dwell on that.

"Of course we can spend weeks now, or even months, to slowly re-establish our friendship and take baby steps to see just where this will lead to, but somehow I get the impression that none of us would really be happy with that. Let's face it, you want to fuck me, I want to fuck you, and Bella's a step away from happy feet at the thought of being the filling in that sandwich, so why wait?"

Jazz nearly chokes on his last sip of coffee at my words, then turns a partly lopsided grin at me.

"You don't really believe in beating around the bush anymore, I take it."

"Nope. Every time I tried to be subtle about something instead of stating blunt facts it ended in a mess. I'm done with that. Got any problems with that?"

"None, whatsoever."

"Great, are we done with this yet? Because I really need to get laid, now that the number of available cocks has doubled for me."

Jazz looks from Bella to me, then back to her and chuckles.

"You don't do subtle anymore, either, I see?"

She laughs, then gets up in one lithe motion as she shakes her head.

"Subtlety is so overrated, if you ask me."

Leaning down she plants a single, gentle kiss onto my lips, murmuring a soft, "Don't be a stranger," before she walks over to Jazz. The fact that she has to squeeze herself between the coffee table and me doesn't hamper the near predatory grace of her movements, her eyes never leaving Jasper's, not even when she straddles him and crosses her arms loosely behind his neck. Although her tits are right in front of him he keeps gazing into her face, as if he's still searching for something there.

I half expect her to play coy and bite her lip, or add another remark that will dampen the intensity and turn it into something more comfortable, but she doesn't. Instead she makes him tilt his face up more by bringing her own close to his, then kisses him, slowly but passionately. He hesitates for a moment, then joins in, his hands kneading her hips just where her tank top has ridden up, revealing a sliver of warm, smooth flesh.

I also expect some of the residual jealousy that has been riding shotgun throughout our last threesome to rear its ugly head, but watching them just makes me unbearably horny.

Bella breaks off the kiss by leaning back enough to grin at Jazz, her fingers idly playing with his hair.

"Does that feel weird to you?"

He shrugs, still focused on her, the motion letting him push up her top a couple of inches more.

"A little, as usual."

Not the reply she's been waiting for, but she laughs it off easily enough.

"But is that a problem for you?"

"I'd say that's part of the appeal," he answers, then shifts his grip so that his hands steady her back as he leans forward in turn, licking along her clavicle and up the side of her throat. Bella laughs breathily as she turns her head to give him better access, the motion also making her look over at me. The lust darkening her eyes makes my cock respond instinctively, but she still seems to feel the need to encourage me.

"Why don't you come a little closer? It's creepy when you just sit there and stare at us."

She even adds a pout, as if I don't know that she's teasing me, but instead of following her lead I remain where I am.

"Maybe because you two are so hot together that I just want to watch you for a while?"

My reply makes her laugh, the sound turning into a squeak when Jazz grabs her ass and pulls her closer, burying his face in her still covered tits.

He joins in her laughter then until she attacks his neck, causing him to squeeze her ass harder while she grinds her hips against his. His head lolls to the side then and now it's him looking over at me, once he opens his eyes again. The intensity in his gaze draws me in, and I already feel myself getting up when he agrees with Bella's previous assessment, offering a snorted, "Yeah, creepy."

I don't really know what exactly I should do then, so I just sit down closer to them, and again Bella takes the lead. Sliding down from Jazz's lap and turning around, she ends up wedged between us, and while he's busy kissing her neck again, she turns her face to me. Never one to pass up such an invitation I press my lips against hers, my tongue deep in her mouth until I make her moan against me. Sliding my hand up her side I grab her right tit and squeeze it, then let my fingers find her nipple to rub it gently. She arches her torso into my grasp and moans again, this time clearly encouragingly, so I do the same with her other breast.

Bella's hand soon finds her way into my sweat pants, eagerly grabbing my already hardening cock, but then she turns her head away, breaking our kiss, to glare at Jazz.

"Your jeans are a problem. Off!"

He grins at her but doesn't make a move to obey her command, although the bulge in his pants shows that he's obviously not opposed to her hand rubbing over the denim as it is. Instead he reaches up and grabs her head to kiss her roughly, causing an indignant squeal from her that doesn't really sound like protest. I use the opportunity to bite down on the exposed side of her neck, adding to her distress. I've nearly forgotten just how much fun teasing her like that has always been, and the way she keeps stroking my cock she doesn't seem to mind herself.

When he lets go of her hair again Jazz accidentally brushes against my right arm, and for a moment my skin where he has touched me seems to tingle. I can't even rationally explain why, with most of Bella's body mashed against mine that little bit of additional contact shouldn't matter, but it does, and judging from the cautious look on his face I'm not the only one feeling it. I wonder if I should touch him in turn, but it seems as if I'm not yet quite there yet. Bella doesn't miss us both freezing for a few seconds, but her incessant squirming against us quickly diverts our attention back to her.

"I don't know about you, but I'm wearing too much. Anyone in a mind to change that?"

Jazz hesitates a little so I take up the challenge and draw her closer to me so that her back is pressed against my chest. I mash my lips against hers hungrily, then slide my hands underneath her already hitched up tank top.

She's only wearing that and her yoga pants so I take my time, instead of undressing her I resume teasing her nipples. They are obviously still more sensitive from getting pierced not long ago, but as far as I can tell that's more of an advantage than a hindrance.

Jazz shifts so that he's crouching on the sofa now, then moves closer so that he can run his fingers over the exposed skin at her hips and slide them into her waistband. When he incidentally touches my thigh this time it doesn't make me pause again, nor when he not so incidentally strokes my left forearm before he pulls her tank top off over her head.

I shift my grip on her tits then so that I'm cupping them from underneath as I push them up and together, in a way offering them to him. Of course he looks at them - what guy wouldn't? - and it's funny to watch his eyes widen as he becomes aware of the recent changes neither of us has yet felt the need to inform him of. Leaning further back against me Bella chuckles, then strokes her nipples invitingly.

"You like?"

"Oh, me like a lot," Jazz replies, his eyes still glued to her breasts. Then they snap up to my face, a hint of a frown on his. "Your idea?"

I don't know if I should be offended or amused at the assumption, but decide to let it go.

"Nope, all her idea."


"All," I confirm with a smirk, then continue to ravage Bella's mouth while my fingers keep digging into her tits. Jazz eventually overcomes his shock and picks up where he has left off before by dragging Bella's pants down her legs. Tease that she is she keeps her knees together so that he doesn't get a better idea of what said 'all' entails, but once she's naked herself she starts working on the fly of his jeans, unhindered by my hands still kneading her breasts.

It takes a little shuffling and tugging to get Jazz out of his jeans, and I can tell from the way Bella keeps fumbling that she wants me to help. I'm more reluctant to let go of her tits than touch him, which makes me pause once again, but I'm not one to dwell on things like that for long. We end up kneeling on the couch with Bella perching on the edge of the coffee table, and I can't really bring myself to look away when Jazz catches my gaze.

Following a spur of the moment impulse I grab his head and kiss him, telling myself that I should quit stalling after my dramatic speech from before. The taste, scent, feel of him invading my senses is still so familiar, yet oddly strange at the same time.

The kiss only lasts a few moments as we both pull away from each other when Bella utters a guttural sound, instantly feeling guilty about taking it that step too far, but when my eyes find hers she just looks back at me with confusion plain on her face.

"Why did you stop?"

"Because of you?" I offer, but I already feel the iron grip of my bad conscience slip away. She's so obviously neither horrified nor distressed, at least not in that kind of way. Jazz is already chuckling under his breath when she finally catches on, rolling her eyes at me.

"Seriously? Don't you think I've had ample opportunity to freak out today?

Why should watching you kiss do the trick now? You know that I've always found that hot." Her gaze then turns cunning as she looks from me to Jazz, and back again. "You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about watching you two getting it on. Might even say you owe me the real thing now."

"Is that so?"

She shrugs at my question, still unperturbed.

"Well, no sense denying it, right? And as much as I love being the center of attention, I don't need that all the time. In fact, if you'd ask me what I'd want to happen now I'd say I wouldn't care either way as long as it all ends with one cock in my pussy and the other in my ass."

The way she keeps looking from one of us to the other states clearly what she means with that, but when neither of us makes a move Bella sighs, leaning back.

"I really don't want to talk you into anything, but don't hold back on my account. I'm sure I can find a way to keep myself occupied while you get, ah, reacquainted with each other. That is, if we can maybe suspend our rules for tonight?"

I guess the fact that I haven't even considered the implications of her getting herself off is telling the state my mind is in right now, but strictly speaking, her previous assault in itself would have been enough reason for serious punishment if I had wanted that.

"Fuck the rules."

It's comical how happy my words make her, but then her grin turns rather lewd.

"Shall I get the lube from upstairs? I'm sure I'm going to need it for myself, and I don't mind sharing."

I just nod, then watch her naked ass as she gets up and walks over to the stairs. Jazz seems equally transfixed by the show - and Bella's tattoo showing on her naked back - but he's looking over at me then as if he's feeling my gaze on him.

For several seconds we just stare at each other, the tension between us palpable. At my nod he comes a little closer. He leans towards me, slowly.

Getting a little impatient, I don't wait for him to finish the motion but kiss him myself, a little less hastily than the first time. His hand is on my shoulder, kneading the muscles there, and I can feel my whole body respond to him.

Yet very soon our kiss is gaining in passion and momentum, urgency gripping us both with desire riding shotgun. My hand sneaks under his t-shirt to his side to pull him closer still and he eagerly complies, moving in so that he's partly perching over me.

We're so caught in the moment that neither of us notices Bella's return, but her eager lips latching onto the side of my neck while her hand appears inside my pants around my cock again is most welcome. My head is spinning with need from the overwhelming sensations all around, and it's easy to get lost in them.

Somehow we end up naked, our clothes discarded strategically around the couch, and I'm once again kissing Bella hungrily when I feel her and Jazz shift. I try to pull away from her to see what is going on but she doesn't let me, her hands gripping my head with unerring determination. Then I feel another hand stroking down over my chest to my stomach, and a moment later it wraps purposefully around my hard cock.

A low moan leaves me, partly obscured by Bella still sucking on my tongue, but then she moves back, a veritable leer on her face as she looks down to where Jazz is beginning to stroke me. They both share a look, then Bella slides down until she's crouching next to where Jazz is kneeling now between my spread legs, her fingers drawing idle lines along my thigh.

"Just tell me if you need help. Or a few pointers."

He smirks at her while he brings his other hand up to cup my balls, squeezing them in turn with his stroking.

"I'm good. If you don't mind I'd like to try myself. Let's see how well fantasy translates to reality."

I really don't feel like protesting about being left out of their conversation, even less so when Jazz then leans forward so he can slide my cock into his mouth. Bella seems most amused by my resulting moan, then slaps Jazz playfully on the ass like one would do with a horse.

"I'll find something else to occupy myself with," she informs him, then grins up at me while she grabs the previously forgotten bottle of lube, her gaze switching between my face and crotch. Jazz is obviously trying to do a good job but his rhythm is off and the haphazard scraping of his teeth about nullifies the positive psychological effect of watching him try to suck me off.

When I feel my hard-on lessening, I decide to add a few comments myself.

He is eager enough to respond to my murmured suggestions, including just stopping for a bit so I can guide his head with my hand. I'm so fascinated by the sight of my cock disappearing between his lips that I wonder what makes him stop a minute later, but a quick glance down his back reveals that Bella indeed has found herself something else to play with.

"Do you like having my finger up your ass?" she coos at Jazz from where she's sitting on the edge of the coffee table again, her right arm propping herself up on him while she keeps sliding her left middle finger inside him with slow, gentle motions. Jazz hums approvingly, which in turn makes me groan with pleasure again, leading to another delighted laugh from Bella.

"Do you like it just as much as sucking on his cock? Just think about how it will feel when eventually he's not only fucking your mouth, but your ass, too."

He lets out a muffled gasp when she stops, but it's only to squirt a generous amount of lube onto her palm to dip two fingers in it, resuming fucking his ass with them, just as she picks up stroking his dick with the remainder of the clear liquid coating her hand. Watching her work him over like that has me all wound up, enough so to ignore that he's still not really doing the best job sucking me off. Before long I can't stay passive anymore and shift a bit so that I can actively thrust up into his mouth, and from the way he keeps moaning he likes me taking charge of him, surprisingly so.

Jazz still comes about a minute before I do, either because Bella does a better job than he himself, or I'm more used to holding back. I let go of his head just before I climax so he can move away, but he doesn't, letting me come in his mouth. Bella, just finishing wiping her fingers clean on some antibacterial wipes, grabs his head in turn and kisses him deeply, making the whole exchange of body fluids even hotter.

Seemingly exhausted by his efforts Jazz withdraws a little, and I decide that Bella has been a tease long enough. Moving forward the moment he pulls back I push her shoulders down so that she ends up lying on the coffee table, grinning up at me as she licks her lips pointedly. I chuckle darkly as I part her thighs with a decisive motion, making her wriggle her ass a bit as she draws her spread knees towards her chest.

She's so wet that two of my fingers slide into her easily, and before she can protest about me teasing her like that I add a third, receiving an appreciative moan from her in turn. When I look from her flushed face to where Jazz has halted, crouching next to her on the floor, I chuckle again, using my other hand to gently stroke over Bella's swollen, pierced labia, my thumb finding her clit.

She's still laughing at his dumbfounded expression when she snatches the bottle of lube up from the floor, then brings two of her coated fingers to her anus as she reaches around one of her bent legs. Feeling first one, then both of her fingers inside her as I keep fucking her with mine is making my cock grow hard slowly again; an effect that is greatly improved when Jazz overcomes his shock and goes back to kissing her, one of his hands massaging her tits.

Soon Bella is writhing and moaning under our joined ministrations, but I let her set the pace, mostly because I really love her pleasuring herself like that. I can feel her pussy walls already gripping my fingers hard when she suddenly stops, her free hand on my wrist making me halt.

"Don't want to come just yet," she pants as she pushes Jazz away, only to reach for his dick. "I want to come with your cock down my throat."

He complies with a breathy laugh, getting up so that she can reach his dick with her mouth. Only he doesn't wait for her to start sucking, but grabs her hair almost roughly and resumes a leisurely pace of fucking her mouth. I'm surprised at his forcefulness for a moment, and the quizzical look on his face tells me that he's not sure about it himself, but Bella's eager participation soon does away with his doubt. When I feel her fingers start to move up her ass again I do the same with mine in her pussy, but refrain from teasing her clit. I know she can come from penetration alone easily enough, and as she seems to want to hold back a while longer, I won't push her - yet. That resolution about lasts a minute or two, then my own need is getting too overwhelming.

Watching her writhe between us makes it hard for me to hold back any longer, so I withdraw my fingers from her cunt. She makes as if to turn her head to look at me but Jazz keeps her from that, and a few moments later her loud groan signals that she definitely approves of getting my cock instead. Feeling her fingers like that creates a whole different kind of lusty feedback for me, and suddenly I can't get her coming soon enough.

Gripping her ankles for leverage I start fucking her, hard and fast enough to shove her body along with the motion. She cries out in response, the sound still muffled by the cock in her mouth, and I feel her whole body grow tense with her impending release almost immediately. The temptation is there to stop and keep her from climaxing for a while longer, but I'm too wound up for that myself, and instead enjoy watching her come between us.

Gasping for air Bella finally pulls away from Jazz once she's calming down again, but I'm of no mind to give her any time to recuperate. Letting go of her ankles I slide my hands down her legs, then grab her around the waist to pull her up and back with me so that we end up on the couch with her straddling me, my cock still inside of her. Still trying to regain her senses after her orgasm, she sags against my chest, and I use that as an excuse to further shift her around on my lap so that I can freely slam my cock up into her. The moment I start fucking her again her breathless pants turn to near animalistic grunts, her fingers digging into my upper arms to find purchase. Grabbing her ass to keep her where I need her to be I keep going like that for a few more thrusts, then stop, stealing her breath away with my tongue invading her mouth. I keep kneading her ass roughly as our kiss turns to something more resembling sucking and biting, but when she tries to move her hips, I force her to keep still a little longer.

Taking the obvious hint Jazz joins us again then. With Bella all over me I can't see him, but I feel his knee bump against mine, then his fingers pushing into her through the thin wall of her pussy. Bella's residual moaning rises in pitch, and I think I feel her come again when he finally grips her shoulder to steady himself and eases his cock into her ass.

The sensation is divine, and more than I can take and still remain passive.

He's still waiting for her to get used to being so filled like that when I pull her closer to me with my arms slung around her lower back, and pick up fucking her again. Even held down like that the motion rocks her so hard that our mouths lose contact, but hearing her pant and moan into my ear is even better than ravaging her mouth.

With Bella's head now resting on my shoulder I can finally catch a glimpse at Jazz behind her sweaty waves of hair all over my face, and seeing the look of restrained bliss there only fuels my own need. He still hasn't moved inside of her but I can feel his cock with each of my thrusts, and I know that so does he.

Slowing down a little I keep watching him, feeling myself grin when he finally opens his eyes and looks at me. At a raise of his brow I force myself to grow still entirely, the rapid rise and fall of Bella's chest against mine the only motion for a second or two. He shifts his own hold on her, now no longer gripping her shoulder but her hips, and sets a slow pace as he withdraws almost completely, then pushes back into her ass as far as possible. Bella rewards this with a long drawn moan that sounds nearly like a purr, and after a little shift I feel her nibble on the muscles between my neck and shoulder. Her tingling love bites add to the maelstrom of sensations assaulting my body, and for a while I'm very happy to just relish them all.

Yet like before I can stay passive only for so long, the increasing urgency in Jazz's thrusts resonating with my own. I find his gaze again and at his nod let go of Bella, then push her up into a more sitting position. Pulling her closer against him with a strong arm around her middle Jazz keeps her there, then brings his other hand to her cunt, starting to rub her clit. My hands now free I reach up and grab her tits, loving the feel of them bouncing with every motion slamming into her body. Bella's previously closed eyes fly open when I switch to pinching her nipples hard, but while her pained gasp nearly makes me change tactics, the fact that she almost immediately comes again underlines that I should just keep going. Which I, of course, do.

Her climax seems to go on forever, furthered by us both fucking her at the same time now, and before long I can't hold back anymore myself. With a few last, hard thrusts I reach my own orgasm, then let the erratic bucking of her hips draw out my own pleasure. Jazz follows suit with a loud shout, his face buried in Bella's neck, and once he's done we all collapse into a sweating, heaving, satisfied tangle of limbs.

Surprisingly enough Bella is the first to recover, although still locked between us she can't do more than squirm. When that gets her a playful slap on her ass from Jazz she underlines a low moan with a laugh.

"Shit, I can't tell you how good that feels."

"I think that's pretty obvious," Jazz retorts, then makes as if to pull away, but I stop him with my foot pushing down on the back of his thigh. While not exactly in a comfortable position I'm disinclined to move and let us disentangle ourselves. It seems as if I'm not alone with that as he doesn't try again, but after a little rearranging leans closer to me to capture my lips in a slow, gentle kiss.

It feels different than before, maybe because now the raging need in all of us is sated for the moment, but I won't even begin to deny that I like it.

Freeing my hand from where it got trapped underneath either him or Bella -

I really can't tell who - I bring it up to the back of his neck, pulling him just a little closer so that I can deepen the kiss as I push my tongue deeper into his mouth.

I'm a little reluctant to part when he finally draws back, and immediately feel bad about it until I find Bella smiling at me. Her eyes are still bright and her cheeks flushed from the exertion, but there's not even a trace of jealousy in her gaze, nor in the way she snuggles closer to me. I place a gentle kiss on her forehead, then keep nudging her with my nose until she turns her face up, letting me languidly rub my tongue against hers.

Once our cocks have grown soft enough to slip out of her Bella shifts to untangle her legs, then keeps pushing at both me and Jazz until she's free, staggering to her feet a little unsteadily. She's in dear need of a shower, sweat plastered hair sticking to her face and torso, and all kinds of fluids wetting her ass and legs, but there's not a thread of self-consciousness to her as she looks down at where Jazz and I are still reluctant to move.

"Who wants to join me in the shower? First one to offer to wash my back gets a blowjob!"

Neither of us reacts, probably because it's too much fun watching her turn a veritable glare on us, her hands pushed into her hips just over where faint red marks start turning into light bruises. I feel a little like high-fiving Jazz for us doing a good job there.

"Okay, let me rephrase that. Get off my couch this very second!"

Jazz laughs while I try to hide a grin, and he turns back to her after looking at me briefly.

"Your couch?"

"Yes, my couch. I searched for it for months, then fought over it with a scary woman with a mustache and a crazy Texan accent. And as much as I'm still pissed that I never got to burn the last couch in a vengeful yet cathartic ritual, I really love this one and intend to keep it. I don't even want to start thinking about what kind of gunk is soaking deeper and deeper into the leather with every second that you keep lounging on it. Off, now!"

Opting to be the wise man for once I set to obeying her order with a grunt, then haul Jazz up with me when he still seems bent on angering Bella further. As one-sided as our relationship might seem on the outside, it's a carefully plotted balance, and I'm frankly too scared of the repercussions of Bella getting angry at me for being deliberately stupid.

Clearly happy with herself for having won that fight Bella turns around and stalks off towards the stairs, and as there's no sense in remaining behind, I quickly follow her, Jazz on my heels.

In the past showering together has often turned into just another round of horny fucking, but it becomes obvious that tonight neither of us is up for that. There's still a lot of sloppy kissing and groping involved, but before long we end up in bed. Jazz hesitates a little as if he's unsure of whether he should join us, but Bella is having none of that, tugging on his arm until he's spooning her back, while she's half lying on my arm and chest. Sighing contently she then closes her eyes, a happy smile still on her face, and her breathing evens out almost immediately.

"Are you seriously going to sleep now?" Jazz huffs on her other side, but Bella doesn't even crack one eye open, let alone roll over to look at him.

"Sure, any objections? Your cock doesn't really feel ready for anything else, the way it's snuggled all soft and cozy against my ass."

"I can't believe you just said that!" he huffs, making as if to push himself up into a sitting position, but when all he gets in return is a chuckle from me, he quiets down again.

"She's usually out cold in a minute, you better get used to that fast. In fact, it would concern me a lot more if she weren't."

"So nice of you to talk like that about me when I'm right here, about to drool onto your chest," she murmurs, but her voice is already getting thick with sleep. Stroking her side gently underneath the blanket I watch her drift off, not perturbed when Jazz rearranges himself to get a little more comfortable. Cold as she usually is, having two hot bodies to keep her warm at night seems to suit Bella just fine.

While I don't fall asleep as fast as she does, a few minutes later it's hard for me to keep my eyes open. I'm mentally and physically exhausted, and the fact that I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted from my chest only lets me drift off faster. I still force myself to open my eyes one last time before I'm out cold to check on Jazz. He looks content enough, but not quite as relaxed as I feel; then again it's only understandable that there's more in his head still plaguing him than there is in mine. He still grins at me faintly when he catches me watching, and I decide that tomorrow is a better day to start worrying if this can ever work out the way we all seem to want.