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38 Horde Attack

 Mazur was making massive progress in the field of energy circuits. These specific circuits were integrated into several small devices to create a wide range of applications. He successfully made light, blue fire, a radio signal, and even thrust in subspace amongst many others. As all these items used the natural energy filling subspace, they would also never run out of power.

Mazur worked with two teams of scientists throughout the process. The first team were left to further the research he assigned to them, particularly developing applications for the studied energy circuits and developing previous three-dimensional technologies into a four-dimensional higher equivalent.

The basic technology tree rapidly expanded as more and more was created. Ivan walked in on Mazur's temporary lab while the Celestial Trade Headquarters, otherwise known as the CTHQ, was being constructed.

"You've already built a microscope?" Ivan asked in amazement at Mazur's efficiency.

"It is one of the most essential tools in understanding things that are too small to be observed with the naked eye. Not surprisingly though, it still isn't powerful enough to study the energy filling subspace itself. We can however inspect our cells properly though. Have a look," Mazur commented and moved beside the microscope, so Ivan could also study a small slide of cells positioned under it.

The microscope was a unique type which didn't rely on glass for magnification, but instead a unique energy circuit. Several glowing blue rings revolved through the scope of the device, creating a magnified image of the target in a small blue energy field. Several dials could be used to adjust the blue rings to alter the magnification factor and the four-dimensional field of depth.

Ivan peered into the eyescope, looking at a cells floating in a Petri dish. The cells had a basic human biological structure, but there were also changes both minor and drastic. The larger cellular structures, such as the Golgi Apparatus, had extended and grown out into an abstract four-dimensional shape that almost created a full ring. The mitochondria had swollen up and emitted pulses of a faint blue light like fireflies in the night sky.

The nucleus had the greatest change amongst all the cellular organs. The nucleus itself had remained mostly the same, except the DNA had evolved from a standard double helix into a braid like triple helix.

"How is that possible?" Ivan asked in astonishment. "Whose DNA is this?"

Mazur shook his head and answered, "I have no idea how this happened, but everybody's genetic sequence is similar in design. The only possible conclusion is that somehow the three-dimensional genetic structure stored information on the structure of a four-dimensional genetic structure, ready to evolve once presented the right environment and opportunity."

"It's truly inconceivable. But I still don't know how that is possible."

"What? You haven't wondered why throughout our cluster, basically every intelligent race is a form of human, or a genetically modified specie of such? It indicates that natural evolution isn't so natural, but as if it is following a template. There are studies on the possibility that it is caused by the slight gravitational attraction of the galaxy as a whole, but no results have ever been conclusive."

Ivan shook his head in defeat, this kind of philosophical principle above his capability to comprehend.

"So what benefit does this have to us?" Ivan asked a more key question.

"With a greater understanding toward ourselves and the process in which a three-dimensional being evolves into a four-dimension being, we can refine our evolution method to reduce casualties and speed up the process. We will also have a better comprehension on our life as four-dimensional beings. There is no knowledge that isn't valuable."

Ivan nodded in understanding toward this. It was true that knowledge was worth itself in gold.

"What about our other projects? The company oriented ones."

"I have directed some Celestial information specialists and engineers in designing a basic information transmission relay system which can pass information through subspace along with the concept of an information storage bank. They are basically glorified three-dimensional products though, so they are rudimentary at best."

Ivan curtly nodded and responded, "Good, how about the development of the four-dimensional spaceship? We need that first before we can deploy the network nodes. We will stick with what we can do while the research and development of newer, more advanced four-dimensional technology can be slowly developed."

"Our plans are coming along well, it is also a glorified three-dimensional product, but it will do the job. We have designed a four-dimensional thrust system which should propel us at speeds much faster than the speed of light, multiple times as fast as previous speeds in hyperspace in fact."

"We can do that? What about 'friction' or whatever it is that occurs at FTL speeds?" Ivan was concerned, he didn't want to be shot into hyperspace all of a sudden or something uncontrolled.

Mazur shook his head and explained, "Four-dimensional matter is much denser and heavier than the three-dimensional equivalent. The speeds we would need to reach to ascend to hyperspace are somewhere between 8-10 HU. We can only reach about 5 HU by the calculations on my design, but actually trying to get into hyperspace with a four-dimensional ship is currently uncharted territory and would probably produce new dangers in navigating. It is still too early to say if and what though."

"Understood, well keep to your research then, not like I could make you do otherwise, right?"

Mazur didn't verbally reply to Ivan, but his whiskers twitched and gave away the grin he was hiding. Ivan left the building and returned to supervise several developments going on in the Celestial's homeland.


"Enemy attack!" Several security guards who were maintaining the perimeter around the CTHQ construction shouted in alarm.

It had been several months since the Celestial Trade Headquarters began construction, and a magnificent wooden frame of several towers had been built up. Other workers had even begun filling out the walls with timber before layering on a cement render. There was a lack of pigments, but a crushed slate mixed into the compound gave it a grey appearance due to the innumerable small stone shards.

Large embellishments of spare bronze and iron were also created to decorate the building, enhancing its visual appeal as a whole.

"You can't go," Iris said gently, leaning against Ivan's back with her head on his shoulder. "You must remain safe."

"...I know," Ivan reluctantly nodded, floating up to the top of the CTHQ construction frame to watch the fight, Valeria sticking close to his side with a large iron spear in her hand.

The security guards had recently been upgraded with a new type of armor. The armor was made out of iron, but made of overlapping folds and layers which increased flexibility when wearing them, something designed based on the Vulpes Celestial's high agility with the standard clothing as a base model.

Ivan watched thousands of security guards wearing plain iron armor and wielding iron spears rushed to the perimeter where the alarm sounded. He could see a small horde of four-dimensional beasts charged toward the Celestial's base of operations.

Ivan signalled for Eoth, the head security guard, to break away from the fight before asking him, "Is it the Four-Eyed Devil Lion again?"

Eoth placed his right hand over his chest and bowed toward Ivan, a new form of respect the Celestials had developed towards those in a higher social position than themselves, particularly toward Ivan. They originally just bowed slightly, but a casual word from Ivan had large effects as the original bow now came with a clasped hand over their chest.

"We are unsure, President. It has been harassing us frequently, but our patrols have managed to fight it off each time without casualties. It may have given up."

Ivan's brows knit together as he replied, "Assume it is. That sly creature has a vendetta against us, especially me. It is unlikely to give up until it is finally dead. If you spot it, do your best to stop it escaping."

"Understood, President," Eoth bowed in salute before departing to pass on orders throughout the security guards.

The small horde of beasts wasn't particularly small, it was nearly 2,000 four-dimensional beasts, fish and snake like beasts swam through the branches and foliage before targeting their razor sharp teeth at the security guards. More normal beast like creatures jumped off the trees to darted in an unregulated path even faster than the others, striking with iron-like claws and teeth

Some beasts displayed strange abilities to briefly accelerate multiple times their previous speeds, while others breathed small electric sparks of flames. A few even showed the ability of rapid regeneration, but appeared somewhat weary afterwards.

Eoth broke the command down into smaller sub units lead Loreine Ptoline, Timmeral Han and Lag Zeter, all three of which were originally the leaders of their own hunting group and are now senior security guards. Each sub unit were in charge of a different front of the horde.

The beasts charged recklessly without care of their lives, and caused some damage, but all the security guards were protected enough to save their lives. The guards iron spears, superior weapons in comparison to the beasts' claws and teeth, drew rivers of blue blood from the beasts, causing large casualties among their numbers.


Ivan heard the unforgettable roar of the Four-Eyed Devil Lion, feeling his mind reel slightly despite how far away he was.

A lot of energy had clearly been put into the roar as all the security guards and most of the wild beasts became woozy from it, the beasts that didn't though took advantage of the broken defensive formations to strike viciously.

Ivan grits his teeth in frustration as he watched the security guards begin to fall. He wanted to go out himself and slaughter the beasts, but Iris relentlessly held him back.

Eoth, relying on his firm willpower, was the first to regain his senses. He shouted a call to arms and brought together anyone who could stand to defend the rest.

The horde pressed in as the defensive formation tightened, casualties already amounting to almost a hundred security guards. The beasts on the outside of the horde took the opportunity to break past the defenders and charge toward the settlement.

Thankfully everybody was trained in the most basic type of combat at some point, so even the construction workers took up various spears or other weapons and fought off the invading beasts.

The security guard also completely recovered and fought back against the swarm, slowly pressing back. Ivan's face frowned in displeasure, in a battle where both sides were equal in weapons and armor, the Celestials would have lost this battle.

The swarm began to thin out as the wild beasts were cut down one after another, before only a few survivors fled in all directions.

"Search the area! Catch the Four-Eyed Devil Lion!" Ivan approached as it became safe and order the security guards.

"Yes, President!" Lag Zeter bowed in salute, his reddish brown hair knotted with blue blood, before taking a large group of two hundred security guards to search the surroundings. He returned shortly afterwards though with a downcast expression and apologized that the devil lion had gotten away and was nowhere in sight anymore.

"Everyone regroup and count the casualties, later we will hold a defense meeting for better protection of our home. Too many hunters are out collecting food which has left us vulnerable."

Ivan stated coldly before flying back to the CTHQ construction site.