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37 Rapid Expansion of Growth

 1,000 engineers were assigned to Mazur, who began to teach them how to transform the stasis pods. The process was simple, so they could grasp the knowledge of the process in several days, after which they were capable of successfully making the alteration at a speed of 10 pods per day. The entire transformation of all the stasis pods into evolutionary pods was then expected to be complete in ten days.

At the same time as the engineers were being educated and the pod transformations were taking place, Ivan once more made a round of public appearances. The people were stunned at the information Ivan released, became increasingly fervent at the aspect of increasing their lifespans by a factor of at least a hundred.

King Margold and Queen Sherell also made appearances, taking part in predetermined debates of the transition of Folkien Vulpes transitioning to becoming Celestials. Even though the entire debate was scripted by professionals, the king and Ivan came to agreements on the business model that the new community would be operated under.

In effective terms, Celestial Trade Inc. functioned very similar to a combination of monarchy and democracy. With the president residing at the top and senior executives aiding in overseeing the broader business operations, the rest of the business model functioned in tiers of management.

At the very bottom, Celestials were separated into contracted employees and free employees. The former were people directly working within the company in a specific role, while the latter were still under the canopy of the company but were free to live their lives as they wished.

The company didn't have the right to force free employees into becoming contracted, but they also weren't permitted to run their own businesses. Every Celestial however, had the right to propose opening and operating a subdivision of the company in any aspect. Those running subdivisions also had the right to contract willing free employees under their subdivision.

Above the subdivisions were general managers who would oversee and guide many subdivisions to ensure they didn't break company laws or become unethical. There would also be several tiers of managers above them in the future in order to filter the massive amounts of information before making its way to the senior executives and president.

The management of the company was widely accepted by the citizens, but the greatest concern was that Ivan had to produce a form of four-dimensional currency as soon as possible.

Once the first 100,000 citizens were selected, they were rapidly prepared mentally for the transformation process. The cargo hold of the ship also couldn't sustain so many pods, so several large facilities were retrofitted to store and power them.

When the people entered the evolutionary pods, the countries diplomats oversaw the empire's affairs, while specific maids and guard looked over the royal prince and princess. Ivan spent the next six months leisurely in the Vulpes social circles, increasing his fame and rapport with the citizens. He even stared in a movie which was predicted to become a massive hit through the Empire. Iris had the chance to move back into the entertainment circle with Ivan, but she chose to just support him from behind instead of making an appearance.


Six months passed and the thousand Celestials, who had been building the company foundation in subspace, returned to the Vulpes home world as organised by the scientists.

"I see only twenty of you have died, it's not bad," Ivan mentioned when he did a headcount.

Eoth, the head security officer, nodded his head and directly stated, "Yes, but I hope that number will only lessen in the future."

Ivan nodded to him before turning and asking the scientists, "So, what changes have taken place over the past year? Has the plan I left you been carried out?"

Tsaire, one of the researchers, quickly nodded and said, "Everything has been going as planned. Several key resources have been stockpiled, weapons and armor are still being produced, and the architects are constantly improving their designs. We have also located two types of grains which appear similar to rice and wheat. They were successfully brought back to the community and replanted nearby."

"Good. Were there any dangers?"

"We successfully warded off several carnivorous beast which cam swooping in. The Four-Eyed Devil Lion has also been seen scouting our settlement. It has also launched several sneak attacks, killing one or two Celestials before fleeing."

Ivan frowned and merely said, "We'll deal with it with numbers. For now, how many weapons and armor have you prepared?"

"Due to limited resources and manpower, we have only accumulated a total of 15,000 spears, 10,000 knives and 7,000 sets of armor."

Ivan nodded in understanding. It was already a more than acceptable amount for a community of a thousand to produce, which would rapidly increase with the new Celestials.

The 100,000 new celestials began waking up one after another. King Margold and Queen Sherell, due to the sensitive nature of their status and the fact that every new Celestial were born naked, went through the process in a private facility away from the others. Iris, as a fellow female to the queen, stood watch over them and prepared everything for when they awoke.

As there wasn't enough weapons and clothing, most of the new Celestials nervously covered themselves with their hand. There were more than a few who had strong biological reactions to seeing the opposite sex, but they had all been aware of this beforehand, and other Celestials maintained order amongst them.

Most Celestials immediately descended into subspace to produce clothing, food and weapons. Mazur also excitedly left in order to put his thought of energy circuits into practice. The only people who stayed behind where King Margold, Queen Sherrell, Ivan, Iris, Valeria, 5,000 guards along with several other helpers to aid the king or operate the evolutionary pods.

"I hadn't expected it to be like this," King Margold laughed at himself self depreciatingly.

Ivan just smiled and said, "Now you know why you should give up on the planet?"

"Indeed, living on it is like living on a rug, it just isn't enough to accommodate you. More surprisingly, I used to think your way of killing people was something so mystical and terrifying. To think all you did was... poke them with a spear..."

King Margold truly had his eyes opened to the greater picture and couldn't help mocking himself for how he used to think. Ivan also knew this was one of the reasons that caused a disassociation between four-dimensional and three-dimensional beings.

The king returned to his throne along with the queen and guards. Ivan lead Iris and Valeria as they descended into subspace and returned to their growing business.

Returning to the landmass where the Celestials lived after an entire year, Ivan was stunned at the changes which had taken place. They hadn't chopped down many of the gigantic trees, as the canopy provided a visual cover against any carnivorous beasts flying above the forest, but massive Victorian houses were constructed out of wood with brass and iron embellishments in between the trees.

Each house could house ten Celestials, but once the number was expanded, it would reach the point where Celestials could own their own homes. The number of furnishings in them were sparse at best, only the bare essentials being crafted. There was no electricity, so instead small pools of energy water, emitting a dancing blue glow like starlight, were used for lighting.

With the increase in Celestials, Ivan lead the community to rapidly expand. The beasts nearby were hunted and turned into food and clothing, while Iron weapons and armor continued to be made to clothe and arm more people, speeding up all operations.

Wheat and rice, which the Celestials kept the original name of, despite the small differences in the grain, were sowed in large plantations and would become a staple food in the Celestials diet once the first harvest arrived later that year.

Metals and resource stocks also began to boom once everyone worked together. Without the concern of ensuring structural integrity due to gravity, the architects didn't hold back as they designed a tower for the headquarters of Celestial Trade Inc.

"President, what do you think?" Law, the head architect behind the team who made this blueprint displayed several massive stacks of papers rolled up before Ivan.

Each paper had a complicated and intricate three-dimensional blueprint painted on it, the whole blueprint was made up of more than a hundred massive sheets of paper.

"It's incredibly big," Ivan spoke strictly. "It will spear well above the canopy, and be visible to any beasts. Is it really necessary?"

"President, whilst being within the forest is safer, we have more than enough security guards to protect us now. There will be even more people coming next year, and a tower will allow us to safely scout the surrounding areas."

"The building itself will be reinforced with steel framing before building walls with large bricks made from sand, slate dust and clay. It will have strong defensive properties in itself, and while some of the larger beasts may be able to damage it, it will protect us as we counterattack."

Ivan thought about it for a while and asked, "It's difficult to tell just how large it is by the diagram, how many people is it expected to hold?"

"It should be able to support a total of ten million people without any overcrowding," The architect nodded his head, "If it is an emergency situation, ten times that number should be able to seek refuge inside."

"Very well. But if it is going to be our main base, go back to the design and include several secluded sections for scientists to conduct experiments, manufacturing, and a storage for grains and water in case of emergency."

At Ivan's words, the architect nodded in understanding and hurried back to his team of designers. Two weeks later he reappeared with a blueprint spread over nearly three hundred sheets of paper.

"President, we have revised the design," Law bowed slightly to Ivan, a habit more and more Celestials had started to circulate.

The new blueprint had transformed the original design into one consisting of several towers connected by massive bridges. The bridges were unnecessary for the Celestials, but they did help define passage routes and prevent people chaotically flying in between the towers. The total size had increased by nearly seven times the original though, so the expected construction time had also increased.

"Very well, this blueprint is approved, begin laying out the foundation immediately," Ivan signed each blueprint.