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35 Weapons Developmen

 "Mazur Ral Vendick..." Several scientists whispered Mazur's name, several of them looking at him eagerly like a role model, others displaying an open animosity. Above all though, there was a sense of curiosity behind his current appearance.

The reason behind the mixed opinions was a mixture of admiration for his intelligence and achievements, along with a strong sense of disgrace that he would tarnish the name of a scientist with his past inhumane actions.

They were currently in a massive state of the art conference center seating thousands of scientists and other intellectuals. Mazur stood behind a podium and looked over all the faces of those he had either never met, or never cared to remember, and directly skipped his introduction to talk about the topic of discussion, the Scalian technology.

"Some people may have speculated it based on the damage caused by the Scalians, but they are currently using technology fuelled by antimatter. We have personally invaded their ships and studied their technology."

"Excuse me, but don't the Scalian ships self-destruct? How did you study one?" One scientist stood up and mockingly asked, practically indicating that Mazur was lying.

"Shut up," Mazur's bluntly commanded, not bothering to answer the person's sarcastic questions. "Their methods of applying antimatter into their ships and weaponry are rudimentary at best, but antimatter in itself is much more powerful for instantaneous releases of energy, giving them the upper hand."

Mazur carried on explaining the various technologies the Scalians were using before coming up with speculative countermeasures.

"We need to develop weaponry which will not get displaced by space repairing itself. These need to be usable for all fleet ships, down to the oldest models of battleships still in service. In order to ensure the weapons aren't redirected, these weapons need to focus on wave theory rather than particle theory. They will be wide range weapons so the slight displacement isn't enough for them to miss the intended target."

"You mean weaponizing radiation?" One scientist concluded based off what Mazur said.

"Indeed. The Scalian ships have no radiation coating like ours. They have a naturally dense protection of scales which will simply block out ordinary radiation, so as long as they're not flying close to a star, they simply don't need such a thing. A simple wide range gamma burst would easily annihilate them. Additionally, without anything insulating radiation from their ship, a powerful enough electromagnetic wave may disrupt the warship's antimatter containment field briefly, causing instability in the core and leading to a chain reaction of matter annihilating with antimatter, self-destructing any affected ships."

Not a single sound filled the hall, but every scientist was both recording Mazur's speech for future references, as well as taking some key notes on their holographic tablets.

"The Scalians may quickly adapt to radiation weapons though, but most aspects of quantum theory are applicable to be used offensively against the Scalians, particularly gravity. We shall test and run calculations on the amount of photons required to converge in a single point for a temporary gravitational anomaly to form."

"How long until they counter radiation-based weaponry?" A physicist asked loudly, drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

Mazur considered this briefly before stating, "It is unknown. They have a poor grasp over antimatter technology and don't know how to properly apply it. It is suspected that they were not the inventors of it, but either stole it from someone else, were given it, or purchased it at some intergalactic civilisation we are unaware of. The greatest probability is the first one, but there is currently no conclusive evidence."

The conference continued for several hours, during which time Ivan and Valeria were incredibly bored. Iris however showed an interest in the exchange of knowledge and did her best to remember things that she hadn't learned before on the Vulpes home world.

Ivan met up with Mazur afterward and said with wonder, "I'm surprised, 50,000 years ago we were studying the exact same quantum theory, trying to form a grand unified theory for all physics. It hasn't been completed in such a long time?"

Mazur gave a supercilious look back and asked, "You don't understand the significance of the grand unified theory?"

Ivan shook his head gently. All he knew was that quantum theory was about studying the atom, and its construction, in order to learn more about the universe.

"It's quite humorous actually, there is a large fraction of scientists who believe in god, not a spiritual belief toward an existence to pray to and seek guidance from, but an omnipotent, perfect existence beyond what we are capable of comprehending. This is because the atom is too perfect, so perfect that it becomes unnatural. It makes much more sense if when looking at it as something that was designed. The more we learn about the atom, the more we learn about what we don't know."

"The atom is the beginning and ending of everything in the universe. Well, the three-dimensional universe at the very least, but it is likely to follow the same principle in subspace. I told you time was a higher dimension we couldn't measure, or interact with, but actually we know where to look if we wanted to."

Mazur looked nostalgic, remembering his early days of learning science. "Within the atom is every law of the universe. It is these laws which make the atom what it is. The elementary particles which makeup an atom don't have weight, they have an electrical value. Just like the Higgs boson, the particle which imbues mass upon those elementary particles, governing the law of all mass in the universe. Other laws are also present, even the most elusive such as gravity and time."

"Wait, what? Time is in atoms?" Ivan was utterly confused and asked.

"Do you even need to ask that? Gravity and time are often correlated as the same thing. Surely you know of time dilation around objects with massive mass and gravitational fields? The concept is very simple. More mass equals a stronger gravitational field, which also equals a faster rate of time flowing. The object emitting the force we know as 'time' are the very atoms everything is made from."

Ivan thought about this briefly before frowning and stating nonchalantly, "Well, it's beyond my understanding. I get it though, understand the atom and you understand everything, but it's too complicated in structure, and there is only so much you can observe and measure. Perhaps there is a way though, you did help, or were probably the main party, in sending me back to the past, right?"

"Yes, the perspective of a four-dimensional being has opened up many possibilities. I will definitely research it in the future."

"In your own time, I need you leading the research department of Celestial Trade Inc in developing new products."

"Yes, boss," Mazur chuckled and followed behind Ivan toward the physics laboratory sectors on Hermes.

Whilst Ivan was not an intellectual and couldn't aid in the research and development of new weaponry, he had a habit of overseeing projects and ensuring they met with deadlines. This was especially so when he had his company and employees to return to, the sooner the better.

Thus, Ivan forced himself into the position of overseer of these new projects, completely ignoring the current supervisors and other protests. Reports were made to the higher authorities, but they surprisingly directly commissioned him the team leader of these projects, leaving everyone to reluctantly accept the change.

Ivan's method of supervising and pushing these projects toward completion was utterly unorthodox and questionable. Despite this, the armed guards 'protecting' Ivan and the others were utterly helpless as he picked up scientists and treated them like ragdolls when they weren't doing their tasks properly.

Iris and Valeria had gotten local nicknames too, and there wasn't a single person on the research station who didn't fear them.

As Ivan's supporter and student, Iris was left to supervise the project testing the creation of gravitational anomalies, otherwise known as pseudo black holes or black holes without the mass to sustain their existence, using converging photon beams.

Iris has become known as the Devil's Temptress, or otherwise calling her just the Temptress. This was because she always had a gentle smile on her face with made everyone feel an infatuation toward her beauty. It wasn't long until they discovered that under Ivan's orders though, she became just as brutal as him. If anyone was bludging, they would receive physical discipline. This became increasingly commonplace when people, men and women alike, stopped to stare at her smile.

This was a management technique Ivan taught her. It was an extreme stick and carrot method of management by punishing those not performing up to schedule in accordance to how far behind they were, and rewarding those meeting productivity requirements. It wasn't a good method for managing people according to Ivan, but it was extremely effective at forcing people to work at maximum capacity in a short period of time.

Valeria became known as 'Ivan's dog', as she was often doing the physical punishment to anyone slacking off. She showed no sympathy or gentleness, unlike Iris who enamored people, and most people had to go to the medical bay with broken bones. As soon as Valeria followed Ivan anywhere, everyone would work twice as hard as they had previously.

While Ivan wouldn't use this method on his own people, for those he didn't care about and would only know for a brief period of time, they were so efficient they even surprised themselves. It took merely four months for a finished product of each weapon to be completed. This was a combination of the current technological level they had, and the sweat everyone put in from dawn until dusk every day.

The finished weapons were named after the brands who bought the bid to mass produce them for the Galactic Fleet, even conducting in-house research and development to further improve them in the future. They were the Illengand Mk I 'WA' Gamma Burst Cannon, Yale IMM Elecromagnetic Pulse Emitting Dish, and the Gala'guard CC49-GA Photon Converging Cannon Array.

Every scientist felt proud looking at their complete weapons with pride. They felt indignation toward Ivan, Iris and Valeria, but seeing their work did dull the original animosity they held. Ivan also looked at the weapons with a smile.

"Mazur, that Photon Converging Cannon Array can't be used against us four-dimensional beings, right?" Ivan finally asked, somewhat concerned over the offensive capability of such a weapon.

Mazur hesitated before answering, "...Don't let them hit you with it directly when you're visible on the three-dimensional plane."

Ivan sighed, he had been worried about this weapon ever since witnessing its first trail. The gravitational spike was truly dangerous. Forming a sharp spear out of normal space and penetrating into subspace. If it hit directly where he was standing, he would easily be skewered by it.

Colonel Regiere also took part in the unveiling of the weapons, strictly commenting to Ivan, "I cannot approve of your methods, but these weapons were truly completed much faster than anticipated."

"It's time to head home then," Ivan smiled to the Colonel, who merely gave him an icy expression in return. "Surely you understand that if you are planning on going back on your word now that we have completed our task, it would be rather messy, right?"

"I have my orders. We leave in an hour, be prepared by then," Colonel Regiere said without changing expression. "Payment for this job, as organised by the Prime Minister, has already been delivered to your home."

Ivan smiled in satisfaction as everyone quickly packed up the few Vulpes styled clothing they brought along with them on this journey before departing on the Moriarty. The mass production and deployment of the new weapons, was entirely up to the Andromeda Federation and Future Ivan to consider.