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21 Celestial

 Ivan and Mazur watched over the Vulpes in the evolution pods during the following six months. They had a massive amount of four-dimensional skins, scales and large beast teeth, which they used to fashion clothing, armor, and weapons out of. One set of each was left in subspace just below each partition for when the individual woke up.

Not everyone succeeded in the transformation; three miners, two builders, one horticulturist, and a land prospector didn't make it through the process. Their bodies disintegrated into molecular sand and turned the evolutionary compound in the pod into a murky brown color like dirty water.

Ivan was slightly disappointed that these people failed the transformation, but he had done all he could to encourage them to persist through the process. The leftover broken genetic compounds within the pod could only be disposed of deep in subspace.

The first Vulpes to complete the transformation was a hunter called Eoth. Eoth was one of the top combatants in the training, and held an unwavering determination no matter what he was doing.

Just like dominos, the rest began to wake up one after another over the period of about a week.

Iris was one of the earlier ones to wake up, standing up and brushing off all the sediment that had filled and overflowed from the pod during the process of evolution. Ivan had seen her stirring and knew she was about to wake up, so he personal waited in her personal cubicle with a smile.

Iris stood up in front of Ivan who had trouble taking his eyes off her body. She was a world-class beauty before, but now she seemed to have exceeded even that and become transcendent. Her sensory organs had altered to adapt to the higher senses as well just like Ivan and Mazur's had.

Iris' pupils had developed into the unique '+' shape unique to four-dimensional beings. Her ears had also grown larger, between two and three times in size from the former short fox ears to form fluffy, long pointed ears atop her head.

"If you stare that much, even I'll be embarrassed," Iris softly giggled and stroked Ivan's chest with her hand before silently grabbing the beast pelt clothing prepared for her, dressing while Ivan was still taken in by her charm.

'Damn, she's gotten much better at guiding others,' Ivan thought to himself secretly, feeling defeat that even he was led into her pace and was left with a loss of words.

"How do you feel?" Ivan asked subtly as she nestled in his arms once she got dressed. "Nobody will ever be able to force you to do anything ever again."

"Very happy. Although if was you who tells me to do something, I will listen and do my best."

Valeria was also another person who completed the transformation earlier than most. She however had the greatest transformation as the cellular replication had a rapid aging side effect, which didn't matter now that their lifespans had increased by at least a hundred fold, but she was in the beginning of her pubescent growth spurt.

Valeria was 14 years old at the beginning of the transformation, but her body grew and aged three years. Even she was at a loss toward her body which had suddenly grown up and looked like a 17 year old young girl. Her breasts had also developed further, but they were still smaller than the average didn't bulge out much.

Once everyone had finished their evolutions, Ivan gathered them all together and made an announcement. They stood as a massive crowd dressed in animal leathers, or armor made of scales. Looking through subspace at their entire bodies and not just what was visible in normal space though, each could also be seen to be holding a long spear using the sharpest of beast teeth.

"Everyone, I would like to congratulate you all on successfully becoming four-dimensional beings. I would like to express my condolences for the seven people who didn't survive the process. Their families have been sent notifications of their deaths, along with a pension from the empire to aid their daily lives. I wish there was more I could do for them to ease their pain, but there is only so much I can do."

Ivan held a moment of silence in condolence toward those who died. He had expected a few to die, but he had to hold this formality to control the empathy of the people and continue to hold their faith.

"While the deaths are a sadness, we must carry on. You all have the booklets left for you, so you should know that subspace is a dangerous place, especially as we are still building a foundation. My company is not any ordinary one. It will also become a nation, a home for families, children and entertainment."

"You are no longer three-dimensional people, you are a higher form of life. We are all human, but at the same time something greater. We are Celestials, people unbound by this world, and you are the people who will become the progenitors of this race."

Ivan gripped onto the peoples' hearts and united them under his leadership, inspiring their confidence in him. He gave them a grandiose purpose of being the forefathers of a new race.

It aided that the Vulpes, now Celestials, instinctually felt disassociated with the three-dimensional normal space after surpassing it. They were initially very patriotic, and if Ivan had tried to turn them against their own country, they would without a doubt rebel. But by guiding them correctly and having them accept their own new race, Celestial, Ivan could take hold of that patriotic spirit and redirect it towards 'their race'.

Ivan led the people as they collected all the four-dimensional materials left unused and descended into subspace. Everyone began to feel full of energy the deeper they went, just as they had read in the information booklets. They gazed in admiration towards the landmasses deep within subspace and the beauty the beheld, ensuring they don't forget to keep an eye out for any predators.

The landmass Ivan chose to settle down upon was one of the larger ones in the endless chain of islands. This landmass was about about as big as a small country, and had a plethora of forests, swamps, stony mountains, and sharp cliffs covering it.

The group of Celestials descended within the center of a particularly large forest, beside a large energy river that flowed through. This would give them the best protection as no creatures moving through the space above would be able to easily spot them.

Ivan gathered all the hunters together and separated them into ten groups of thirty. Each group had a single commander who was in charge of guiding their actions and maintaining unity.

Eoth Tilmer, a Celestial just past his prime with a will of steel, and the first person to successfully complete the evolution into a four-dimensional being, was the commander for the first group.

Yale Tygri, a young hunter who relied on his keen instincts to stalk his prey, commanded the second group.

Loreine Ptoline, a rather pretty female Celestial with brown hair cropped at her shoulders, deep red eyes and a fondness for playing with her long ears, was in charge of the third group.

Reyline Ester, a man despite his soft, long hair and feminine visage, was appointed the commander of the fourth group.

Timmeril Han, another man with long reddish-brown hair and seemed to never smile or laugh, commanded the fifth group.

Illian Wester, a man with a rare shade of black hair, commanded the sixth group.

Meryl Gynny, a young woman in her prime with short cropped hair and a masculine behaviour, was in charge of the seventh group.

Jasper Bermuse, a middle-aged Celestial with slightly greying short hair, commanded the eighth group.

Laq Zeter, a younger man just reached adulthood who had a reddish-brown short hair and amber eyes.

Vivian Firelda, a young woman with a rare tawny blond hair and gave the definition to the metaphor of foxes being cunning, was put in charge of the final tenth group.

These ten people weren't just anyone, but those who stood out the most, and were recognized as the strongest, during their initial training period.

The first seven hunting groups were set out into the surrounding forest to scout the location. Each group also had a land prospector to them in order to search for any nearby minerals.

Cavel Quint was a master builder and directed most of the remaining people to find some trees to slowly cut down and supply some basic building materials. He also had two hunting groups assigned to him for protecting the people.

The scientist began hoarding around Mazur in excitement as they discussed theories and speculations on subspace particle physics and the implications it would make on the existing quantum theory.

"It's all so fresh and exciting," Iris hummed with a smile and leaned her head on Ivan's shoulder.