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-1 Glossary Terms

 HU - Hyperspeed Unit; A galactic standard unit of measuring speed with 1.0 equivalent to 1000 times the speed of light, and every increment of one unit equaling ten times the speed as the previous, increasing exponentially similar to the Richter or Decibel scales.

HQ - Headquarters.

LHQ - Local Headquarters; this is not any specific location, but the nearest branch of military logistics.

FTL - Faster than light.

HDS - Hyperspace Defense Shield; A large cluster of Kelbert-Izac Particles spread throughout an area/solar system. These particles will condense and form a shield against anything moving too fast, essentially blocking hyperspace entry and exit. A spaceship hitting this shield at light speed without any preparation will be instantly annihilated. Smaller ships can travel faster in these regions than larger ones.

DMW - Dark Matter Web

G/g - These are two different units. G is used when numerically representing G-Force, g is the unit of gravity with 1g equal to the gravity on Earth (2g is 2.0x the gravity of earth 0.6g being 0.6x etc..)

PES - Personal Energy Shield

NIC - Next in Command


Types of sensor for detecting ships/objects/incoming attacks; Short-range Radar - used for high precision detecting within a distance of several astronomical units(AU); Long-range Radar - used for moderate precision detecting within the scope of most solar systems; Deep Space Radar - used for basic detecting within a range of several solar systems; Hypersonic Radar - used for detecting ships in hyperspace at very long distances. Both target and the ship scouting must be in hyperspace to use.

Universe scale terms; Solar System - The basic unit of a star and any planetary bodies orbiting it; Galaxy - A collection of billions/trillions of stars and solar systems, depending on size; Cluster - A collection of galaxies grouped together; Supercluster - The collection of clusters; Dark Matter Web/Dark Web - The intricate web of dark matter that groups galaxies, clusters and superclusters, forming guided universal pathways between them for traversing.

Types of space; Normal space - The ordinary space withing solar systems and galaxies; Deep Space - The space outside of galaxies in which no light from stars can be visible to the naked eye or normal telescopes, forming a vast emptiness; The Abyss, the space outside the DMW in which is a true deathly emptiness; Hyperspace - The empty space above normal space by the fourth dimensional coordinate. Entered when moving at FTL speeds; Subspace - The space below the normal space according to the fourth dimensional coordinate and can be considered the true fourth dimension.