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Tales of Herding Gods

Author: Pig Nerd

Lastchapter: 523 Forgiveness

Updated: 2019-01-23 11:42

523 Forgiveness
522 I can!
521 First Ancestor Human Emperor
520 Paying Respects to Ancestors in Hall of Human Emperors
519 Village Chief Returning to the City
518 Xing Ans Interrogation
517 Blinded By Greed
516 Coerce
515 Sharing a Cooked Fish Dragon, Visit of a Star at Nigh
514 The First Primordial Spirit Assembly
513 The Theory and Analysis of Sacrifice
512 Girl in the Darkness
511 Youdus Lu Li
510 Mad About Money
509 Great Terror
508 Son of Youdu
507 Asking Questions
506 Sacred Teacher
505 Weak Old Thieves, Unable to Withstand a Single Blow
503 Legend of Overlord Body
502 Beating Up Ancestors
501 Beating Up Grand Master
500 Little Overlord of Fengdu
499 Heart Torturer Cult Master Qin
498 Fengdu’s Hall of King Qin
497 Theres God Chi Xiu
496 Boundary Stone of Life and Death
495 Gods Plans Supersede Our Own
494 High Emperor’s Survivor
493 Engraving Tablet to Leave Words Behind
492 When We Create History
491 Revenge for the Severed Arm
490 Fighting in a Dark Ches
489 Human Lives Are Greater Than Heaven
488 When We Become History
487 When We Enter History
486 Times of Blood and Swea
485 Fomalhau
484 Overlapping Worlds
483 Black Hear
482 Battle on the Golden Peak
481 Twenty Heavens of Buddha Realm
480 It’s a Small World
479 Life and Death Book
478 Shaman God Kui’s Soul Worship
477 All Realms as One
476 Multicolored Sunlight in the Red Sea
475 Sinister Designs
474 Evil Existence
473 Life in the Mirror
472 Overwhelmed
471 Flaw
470 True Heaven Old Mother
469 A Thousand Men with Nowhere to Look
468 Banquet of the Celestial Heavens
467 Celestial Palace
Chapter 466: Old Schemer
Chapter 465: Lightning in West Earth
Chapter 464: Asura’s Battlefield
Chapter 463: Sword Skills and Sword Wounds
Chapter 462: The Extremes of Sword Skills
Chapter 461: Yearn, Forget-Me-Not
Chapter 460: Expecting the Blossom of Scholartree
Chapter 459: Thunder Mountain City’s Battle
Chapter 458: Chop and Change
Chapter 457: God Burial Valley’s Liu Family
Chapter 456: Old Schemer
Chapter 455: Formation Master’s Methods
Chapter 454: Colorful Flowers Gradually Dazzling One’s Eyes
Chapter 453: Power of the Devil Cult Master
Chapter 452: Formation Master of West Earth
Chapter 451: The Eighteenth Form
Chapter 450: Flying City on Land
Chapter 449: Big Bronze Bell
Chapter 448: Patriarch’s Descendant
Chapter 447: Look like Talented People
Chapter 446: The Maidens on the Chest
Chapter 445: Night Attack
Chapter 444: Bane
Chapter 443: Treacherous West Earth
Chapter 442: Roaming Dragons in the Desert
Chapter 441: Flaming Desert
Chapter 440: Flower Blooming from Void
Chapter 439: Heart is Hell
Chapter 438: The Plaguing of Sins
Chapter 437: Huge Knife
Chapter 436: Scapegoats
Chapter 435: Return Just Like the Swallows
Chapter 434: Impressive Sight of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 433: Contact with Another World
Chapter 432: Invasion of the Strange
Chapter 431: Cooked Duck
Chapter 430: North Deity’s Divine Weapon
Chapter 429: Doctor Treats a Patient Like the Parents
Chapter 428: Making Threats and Promises
Chapter 427: Of a Common Origin
Chapter 426: On the Bridge of Helplessness
Chapter 425: God of War, Never Say Die
Chapter 424: Shariputra
Chapter 423: Lava Forest
Chapter 422: Youdu, Fengdu
Chapter 421: Attacking High Heavens
Chapter 420: Vanishing Sounds in the Darkness
Chapter 419: Old Things
Chapter 418: Earthquake Cauldron
Chapter 417: Great Terror
Chapter 416: With Human Emperor’s Seal Out
Chapter 415: Talented in Both Literature and Painting
Chapter 414: Stone Statues
Chapter 413: Astonishment at the State of the World
Chapter 412: A Storm is Brewing
Chapter 411: Success
Chapter 410: Primordial Spirit Guide
Chapter 409: Roaming Seventy Thousand Miles
Chapter 408: The Two Great Unscrupulous Businesswomen
Chapter 407: Xing An’s Chest
Chapter 406: Great Educational
Chapter 405: Invulnerable
Chapter 404: Invincible
Chapter 403: Friend from Afar
Chapter 402: Xing An
Chapter 401: Cripple’s Shocking Transformation
Chapter 400: Kidnapped
Chapter 399: Fishing out a Sun
Chapter 398: Number One Divine Eyes
Chapter 397: Seamless Heavenly Clothes
Chapter 396: Threading a Needle
Chapter 395: Violent His Highness
Chapter 394: Cage of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 393: Your Highness
Chapter 392: Reignite the Sun
Chapter 391: Sun Well
Chapter 390: Suspense in Star Sea
Chapter 389: True Dragon into the Nest, Appearance of the Divine Technique
Chapter 388: Spear God Awakened
Chapter 387: Grown Up
Chapter 386: Technique to Seize Fate
Chapter 385: River Suppression Dragon
Chapter 384: Burst with Joy
Chapter 383: The Blind Spear God
Chapter 382: Vein of the Fierce Dragon
Chapter 381: Wedding Night
Chapter 380: Forced Love Will Surely Last
Chapter 379: Successor
Chapter 378: Enforcing Justice on Behalf of Heaven
Chapter 377: A God Has Fallen
Chapter 376: Fight to the Death
Chapter 375: Right and Proper
Chapter 374: Honest Smile
Chapter 373: Heavenly Creator
Chapter 372: Set Fire
Chapter 371: Mute’s Chest
Chapter 370: Abandon the Mountain and Run for Your Lives
Chapter 368: Imminent Catastrophe
Chapter 367: Underground of Great Ruins
Chapter 366: True Dragon Lord
Chapter 365: Skilled in a Specialized Area
Chapter 364: Dragon Rearing Sovereign
Chapter 363: Heaven Alliance
Chapter 362: Thickness of the Sky
Chapter 361: Testing the Cannon
Chapter 360: Change of Heart
Chapter 359: Food of the Mortal World
Chapter 358: Exhausted to Death
Chapter 357: True and Fake Overlord Bodies
Chapter 356: Bankrupt
Chapter 354: Little Demon Fox
Chapter 353: Four Sovereigns of High Heavens
Chapter 352: Tofu Heart
Chapter 351: The World Astonishing Sword
Chapter 350: God and God
Chapter 349: Three Aeons Breakthrough
Chapter 348: Full of Flaws
Chapter 347: Human Killing Machine
Chapter 346: Super Fierce
Chapter 345: So What
Chapter 344: Crumble
Chapter 343: Secret of Little Jade Capital
Chapter 342: Visitors from High Heavens, Feelings like Poems
Chapter 341: Heart Pain
Chapter 340: Dao Sects Methods of Calculation
Chapter 339: General Bian
Chapter 338: Broad Mindset
Chapter 337: Details of Overlord Body
Chapter 336: The Enemy Has Entered Thirty Miles Range
Chapter 335: The Young and Old Divine Thieves
Chapter 334: The Sacred Hands That Court Disaster
Chapter 333: Divine Eyes Reappear
Chapter 332: Divine Cannon
Chapter 331: Peeking
Chapter 330: A Meeting That Surpassed Countless Others
Chapter 329: Sea of Blood
Chapter 328: Old and New Sword God
Chapter 327: Echoes of History
Chapter 326: Yearn Most For
Chapter 325: Poisoning the Root Demon
Chapter 324: People of Talent Appreciate One Another
Chapter 323: Poisoner and Divine Physician
Chapter 322: Attack of the Root Demon
Chapter 321: Act Straightforwardly
Chapter 320: Right and Wrong
Chapter 319: Family Matters
Chapter 318: Paying Respect to the Soul
Chapter 317: No Righteous Person
Chapter 316: O Soul Come Back
Chapter 315: This is Bad
Chapter 314: Techniques Handed Down in the Family
Chapter 313: Father and Son
Chapter 312: Saturn Sovereign
Chapter 311: Man in the Tree
Chapter 310: Mysterious Corridor
Chapter 309: Grandmaster is Wise
Chapter 308: Sabotaging Each Other
Chapter 307: Outstanding Shamelessness
Chapter 306: Trap
Chapter 305: Divine Snake
Chapter 304: Old Man in the Painting
Chapter 303: Overlord Body Giant
Chapter 302: Abyss of Ghost Valley
Chapter 301: How Poor
Chapter 300: Strange Ghost Valley
Chapter 299: Weird Thing
Chapter 298: White Bats
Chapter 297: Carefree Sword
Chapter 296: Divine Sword
Chapter 295: Shape of Spirit Weapon
Chapter 294: Number Two in the World
Chapter 293: Primordial Spirit
Chapter 292: Never Too Late to Meet
Chapter 291: Enthralling Night at the Sea
Chapter 290: High Heavens
Chapter 289: Lies in One’s Heart
Chapter 288: Fourteen Writings of Dao Sect
Chapter 287: Dao Master
Chapter 286: Guarding the Corpse
Chapter 285: Demolisher Qin
Chapter 284: God Shrine
Chapter 283: Transformations of the World
Chapter 282: Stirring Up the Wind and the Waves
Chapter 281: Dragon King’s Invitation
Chapter 280: Superlative Craftsmanship
Chapter 279: Poison in the Wine
Chapter 278: Warm the Wine
Chapter 277: Tempo
Chapter 276: Feel Like Killing People
Chapter 275: Passed Away Very Peacefully
Chapter 274: Killing People with Shaman Spells
Chapter 273: Three Punches and Two Knives
Chapter 272: Great Achievement in Computational Canon
Chapter 271: Spirit Possession
Chapter 270: Twin Sisters
Chapter 269: Battle of the Divine Physicians
Chapter 268: Beauty and the Painting
Chapter 267: Just for Cultivation
Chapter 266: Killing The Emperor!
Chapter 265: The Fourth Heavenly King
Chapter 264: The Two Heroes of Eternal Peace
Chapter 263: I Want To Execute You
Chapter 262: The Emperor’s Divine Treasures
Chapter 261: Li Tianxing and the Emperor
Chapter 260: Slaughter
Chapter 259: Cow Cart
Chapter 258: Emperor, Dao Master, Rulai
Chapter 257: Not Your Fault
Chapter 256: Invite Dao Sword, Slay True Dragon
Chapter 255: Severe Devil Nature
Chapter 254: The Root of the Trouble
Chapter 253: Fo Xin
Chapter 252: Monk Ming Xin
Chapter 251: Not an Expert in Techniques of the Devil Path
Chapter 250: Words Kill
Chapter 249: Pink Skeleton
Chapter 248: Returning to the Normal Life
Chapter 247: Twenty Heavens
Chapter 246: Seemed Real yet Resembled Fantasy
Chapter 245: Sea Suppression Heavenly King
Chapter 244: Wreck the Country and Ruin the People
Chapter 243: Convinced
Chapter 242: Once More
Chapter 241: Chapter 241 - The Next Human Emperor
Chapter 240: New Hope
Chapter 239: The Older The More Unreliable
Chapter 238: The Late Motherly Love
Chapter 237: Restricted Area
Chapter 236: Carefree Village
Chapter 235: Qin Mu Borrowing Ship
Chapter 234: Killings In The Snowy Night
Chapter 233: Paper Boats
Chapter 232: Apothecary’s Pot
Chapter 231: Killing The Monk
Chapter 230: Done Too Much Evil
Chapter 229: The Fifth Era
Chapter 228: I Want To Go Home
Chapter 227: Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon
Chapter 226: Sword Of Founding Emperor Sea Of Blood
Chapter 225: Hanging Painting To Drive Evil Away
Chapter 224: For The Orthodox Path
Chapter 223: Road To Death
Chapter 222: Encircle And Annihilate Heavenly Devil Cult Master
Chapter 221: Vajra Unbeatable
Chapter 220: No End To Trouble
Chapter 219: Meteorological Attack
Chapter 218: No Sun In The Sky
Chapter 217: See No Evil
Chapter 216: Guiding Souls
Chapter 215: Night Market Slaughter
Chapter 214: Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures
Chapter 213: Seeking Revenge
Chapter 212: Parting Is Inevitable
Chapter 211: Gate Of Heaven Influence
Chapter 210: Admit Defeat
Chapter 209: Gate Of Earth Origin
Chapter 208: Earth Count’s Nine Pacts
Chapter 207: Clever As The Devil
Chapter 206: Devil Summoner
Chapter 205: A Tree Of Yellow Pears
Chapter 204: Qin Mu’s Dark Past
Chapter 203: The Cripple That Deserved To Be Trusted
Chapter 202: Steaming The Imperial Preceptor
Chapter 201: Taking Advantage
Chapter 200: Dutian’s Hiding Place
Chapter 199: Moving Mountain
Chapter 198: Power Of Heavenly Devil Cult
Chapter 197: Strong Practitioners Like Clouds
Chapter 196: Loneliness From Being Invincible
Chapter 195: One Tiny Clue Reveals The Situation
Chapter 194: When Words Get Sour
Chapter 193: Revealing The True Form
Chapter 192: The Lousiest Batch
Chapter 191: Truly A Little Excited
Chapter 190: My Elder
Chapter 189: A Wooden Chest
Chapter 188: Male Or Female
Chapter 187: Descend Of The Devil King
Chapter 186: Qin Mu Summoning The Devil
Chapter 185: Summoning The Devil
Chapter 184: Ghost Transferring God Dispatching
Chapter 183: Sudden Attack From The Netherworld
Chapter 182: Tip Of The Iceberg In The Southern Border
Chapter 181: Computational Canon Of Supreme Mystery
Chapter 180: Wearing Tight Shoes
Chapter 179: Spirit Returning Pill Great Supplement Technique
Chapter 178: Nine Transformations Three Conditions
Chapter 177: Knowledge Is Action, Action Is Knowledge
Chapter 176: Grand Chancellor Gu
Chapter 175: Mutual Aid Of Battle Techniques And Spell
Chapter 174: Adopt
Chapter 173: I’ve Turned Good
Chapter 172: Mound Prefecture’s Insect Army
Chapter 171: Fox’s Tail
Chapter 170: Techniques United
Chapter 169: Sacred Cult Master’s Hobby
Chapter 168: Old Men
Chapter 167: Sending Patriarch Off
Chapter 166: Woodcutter Imparting Technique
Chapter 165: Three Immortal Deeds
Chapter 164: Saintess
Chapter 163: Pangong Tso
Chapter 162: Young Master Like It
Chapter 161: Return To Its Rightful Owner
Chapter 160: Wrinkle A Pool Of Spring Water
Chapter 159: Blind’s Eyes
Chapter 158: Eloping Together
Chapter 157: Paralyzing The Golden Palace
Chapter 156: Dangerous Idea
Chapter 155: Unsealing The Talisman Treasure
Chapter 154: Destroying Wills
Chapter 153: I, Overlord Body
Chapter 152: Rolan’s Golden Palace
Chapter 151: Inept
Chapter 150: Heaven Emperor Beyond The Great Wall
Chapter 149: Martial Emperor
Chapter 148: Paralyzed
Chapter 147: Yuyuan Empire’s Imperial Studies
Chapter 146: From The Back Of The Alley To The Front
Chapter 145: Repairing Scholar’s Residence
Chapter 144: Senior Brother, Junior Brother
Chapter 143: Chancellor Ba Shan
Chapter 142: Paralyzing Imperial College
Chapter 141: Paralyzing Hall of Supreme Healing
Chapter 140: Scrubbing Wok And Washing Bowls
Chapter 139: The Green Bull In The Vegetable Garden
Chapter 138: Can The Gods Be Cut Down
Chapter 137: Young Cult Master And Daozi
Chapter 136: Sleepwalking
Chapter 135: Spiral Sword Form
Chapter 134: Inviting Imperial Preceptor
Chapter 133: Nine Dragons Monarch Technique
Chapter 132: Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique
Chapter 131: Daozi Of Dao Sect
Chapter 130: Blocking The Gate To Kill The Heart
Chapter 129: Sword God Hidden Light
Chapter 128: Traces Of Clouds And Shadow Of Sparrows
Chapter 127: Show Your Weapon
Chapter 126: Etiquette
Chapter 125: Senior Brother Little Poison King
Chapter 124: A Stroke Of Genius
Chapter 123: As Glorious As A Song
Chapter 122: Unrivalled In Five Elements
Chapter 121: Many Rules In Capital City
Chapter 120: Patriarch’s Examination
Chapter 119: Off With Your Head
Chapter 118: Emperor
Chapter 117: Sword Sweeping Celestial Dipper
Chapter 116: Heart Of A Newborn
Chapter 115: Demonic Nature
Chapter 114: Die Right Away
Chapter 113: Divine Physician
Chapter 112: Five Elements Wall Break
Chapter 111: Heavenly Devils Dancing On Water
Chapter 110: Cathouse And Flower Alley
Chapter 109: Black Feathers And Red Crests
Chapter 108: The Crowd From Dragon Rider Sect
Chapter 107: Fight Ten With One Hand
Chapter 106: Poisoned
Chapter 105: Lizhou Prefecture Magistrate
Chapter 104: Baddies Leaving The Village
Chapter 103: Corpse Killing Needles
Chapter 102: Divine Arts Practitioner
Chapter 101: Corpse Immortal Cult
Chapter 100: Seven Writings Of Creation
Chapter 99: Path Of The Saint
Chapter 98: Secret Waters
Chapter 97: Singing Voice In The Water
Chapter 96: Sword Treading Mountains And Rivers
Chapter 95: Sword
Chapter 94: Painting Dragons And Dotting Eyes
Chapter 93: Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching
Chapter 92: Professional Test Breaker
Chapter 91: Moon Guardian
Chapter 90: Horizontal Sword On Knees To Slay Demons
Chapter 89: Sword Against The Devil Horde
Chapter 88: Heavenly Devil Horde
Chapter 87: Trap
Chapter 86: Living Realm Of The Dead
Chapter 85: Lone Boat On The Sea Of Fog
Chapter 84: The Strangeness In The Darkness
Chapter 83: The Ultimate Armaments
Chapter 82: The Qin Of Qin Mu
Chapter 81: Dark Realm
Chapter 80: Sun Guardian
Chapter 79: Sun Herders Of Great Ruins
Chapter 78: Sun Ship
Chapter 77: Heavenly Painting Crown Prince
Chapter 76: Troops Of Wolves And Tigers
Chapter 75: Qin Mu’s Properties
Chapter 74: Change In Ownership Of Dragon City
Chapter 73: Assassinations On Festooned Street
Chapter 72: Slaughter The Son To Pay The Bill
Chapter 71: Let Me Kill Someone
Chapter 70: Demons And Monsters
Chapter 69: Elegant And Graceful
Chapter 68: Fighting Through An Alley
Chapter 67: The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 66: Worshipping The River Gods
Chapter 65: Fragrance Of Tree Peony
Chapter 64: Raising Mountains And Rivers In A Cane
Chapter 63: X, A, H
Chapter 62: Spoiling Your Merit
Chapter 61: Ice Tide
Chapter 60: General Qin And Seventh Young Master
Chapter 59: The Third Awakening
Chapter 58: Young Cult Master
Chapter 57: Cathouse Hall Master
Chapter 56: Stab
Chapter 55: Number One Sword Skill In The World
Chapter 54: Three Hundred And Sixty Houses
Chapter 53: Demonstration Of Power
Chapter 52: Sold For A Good Price
Chapter 51: Cult Mistress
Chapter 50: Little Fox Demon
Chapter 49: An Elixir Heart
Chapter 48: Dragon’s Soul
Chapter 47: The Third Person
Chapter 46: Dragon!
Chapter 45: Surging River Dragon Palace
Chapter 44: Heavenly Devil Patriarch
Chapter 43: The Demon Rushing Home
Chapter 42: Phantom Of The Night
Chapter 41: Pushing The Knife
Chapter 40: Cusp Of The Gust
Chapter 39: Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky
Chapter 38: Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra
Chapter 37: So Loud That Even Deaf Could Hear
Chapter 36: Great Thunderclap Monastery
Chapter 35: Temple Fair
Chapter 34: Grandma Temple
Chapter 33: Sword Pellet
Chapter 32: Meeting The Divine Spear
Chapter 31: Li River Sword Skills
Chapter 30: Seeking Revenge
Chapter 29: Small Cheat, Big Cheat
Chapter 28: Shadow On The Wall
Chapter 27: Spirit Embryo Technique
Chapter 26: Thickness Of An Arm
Chapter 25: The Second Awakening
Chapter 24: Destroying The God In His Heart
Chapter 23: Disrespecting The Gods
Chapter 22: Secret Of The Stone Statues
Chapter 21: Power Of Medicine
Chapter 20: Human Shaped Spirit Embryo
Chapter 19: Overlord Body Awakened
Chapter 18: Horrible Child
Chapter 17: Spirit Embryo Wall Break
Chapter 16: The Little Girl In The Temple
Chapter 15: Walking On Water
Chapter 14: Vital Qi Body Refinement
Chapter 13: Beaten To Death
Chapter 12: Peerless Battle Techniques
Chapter 11: Breaking the Wall
Chapter 10: Invasion of Darkness
Chapter 9: Pink Skeletons
Chapter 8: Granny’s Skin
Chapter 7: Spirit Embryo Wall
Chapter 6: Die, Youngun!
Chapter 5: Li River’s Five Elders
Chapter 4: Heavenly Devil Creation Technique
Chapter 3: Divine Arts
Chapter 2: The Blood Of The Four Spirits
Chapter 1: Don’t Go Outside When It’s Dark