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11 Her Wishes

 Tomorrow at noon.

After Otonashi confirmed Yui's various wishes, he had a talk with Hinata about her. To make Hinata believe him, Otonashi brought Hinata to meet Rafi and Kanade at their base, an empty classroom. As he listened to their plan, Hinata agreed helping them fulfiling Yui's wishes. Hinata and Otonashi was tasked to help fulfiling Yui's wishes to learn German-suplex and doing baseball home run. While Rafi and Kanade would joined in at Yui's attempt mirroring Maradona's play (5-on-1 soccer game). Otonashi had also invited Yuri for the soccer play.

"That is the plan. How about it, Hinata?", Rafi said.

"It is a shocking one, knowing about this. If SSS members know about this, it may cause them unrest. As this will change their purpose here im Afterlife." Hinata said seriously.

"Can't be done about it. But it is the truth. It will be revealed sooner or later anyway, so I just push it a bit." Rafi said as he shrugged slightly.

"I don't ask you to help us until the end, but I hope you can help us in fulfiling Yui's wish, please."

"Fine, I will help in Yui's case, as she is my cute junior after all hahaha", Hinata said as he laughed cheerfully.

"Haven't you felt it yet, Hinata?", Rafi said suddenly.

"What felt?", Hinata confused at his sudden question.

"Your feelings for Yui. What do you think of her?", asked Rafi.

"Um, she is a lively girl with cheerful personality. Even if she tends to be a bit crazy and wild sometimes, she is a cute girl after all so it is fine." Hinata said after some consideration.

"Well, then that's good for you. I hope you will have a nice life with her later he he." Rafi said in secretive tone.

"Hey hey!, what do you mean living with her. You know that she is a bit crazy and wild, how can my old bones endure it?!" Hinata exclaimed.

"Ha ha, that is your problem later. Now, be prepared to fulfill her wish first. I and Kanade will prepare a surprise for you at the end." Rafi joked Hinata lightly.

"Hm, surprise?"

"Don't ask for now, it is a surprise after all. A bit of advice though, if you and Otonashi don't want to feel near-death's pains, be sure to ask Yui whether she has learned back bridge or not. See you later!", Rafi said as he went away with Kanade.

As their discussion ended, they began to separate ways. Otonashi and Hinata was fulfiling Yui's wishes. After a repeated failure doing German-suplex, Hinata remembered Rafi's advice. He smiled wryly as he learned that Yui's hadn't learned back bridge. As he and Otonashi felt that near-death pains many times.

After Yui succeeded doing german-suplex on Hinata, she was doing a 5-on-1. Rafi, Kanade, Yuri, Hinata and Otonashi played their role perfectly. Though Yui seemed a bit flustered facing both Yuri and Kanade, Hinata helped her cheated the ball. Finally, Yui was still able scoring a ball on Otonashi's net through luck. Yui was so joyful as she done a score like Maradona's soccer play, she hopped around Hinata until he couldn't bear it and started quarrelling again with her.

As far as Hinata and Otonashi knew, Yui's remaining wish was only doing a baseball home run. Upon doing it, Hinata and Otonashi realized that Yui had no talent at baseball. Eventhough she could sometimes hit the ball, but she never did score a home run. Realizing that her wish doing a home run, Yui called it a stop. She said that she was happy fulfiling her wishes. Because she was paralyzed since 5 years old, she was happy she could move around in Afterlife.

When Otonashi said that her wishes has all been fulfilled. Yui said her final wish.

"Marriage." Yui said suddenly.

"Uh?", Otonashi and Hinata were looking blankly, stunned.

"It is a woman's bliss when they married. Will you marry me, Senpai?", Yui looked at Otonashi and Hinata, one by one.

"...", Otonashi said nothing, as he thought of her as a little sister. He only loved Yuri after all.

"I will marry you." Hinata suddenly said.

""Eh.."", Otonashi and Yui looked shocked at him.

"I'll marry you! No matter what kind of handicap you have! Even if you can't walk or stand, or even if you can't have kids, I'll still marry you. I'll always be with you. The Yui I met here isn't fake. It's you. No matter where or how I meet you, I'll fall in love with you. If I can meet you again, against the 6 billion to 1 odds, and even if your body can't move, I'll marry you." He said it firmly as he took her to his embrace. Yui was shaking slightly as she was embraced suddenly.

"Sob..sob..Un, thank you, Senpai. But please take care of my mom too. She was the one taking care of me all the time." Yui was happy as she teared.

"Don't worry about it, Yui. She is my mother-in-law after all." Hinata said while petting her head.

"Ugh, you two really make me envious here, right Kanade?", a familiar voice interrupted them suddenly.

""Rafi, Kanade-chan?""

"Weird senpai?", Yui was taken aback as Rafi interrupted her happy moment.


"He he, thank you, Senpai. I know it was you all along that planned this all with Tenshi." Yui said as she bowed slightly to him.

"Uh uh, don't thank me yet. Cause there is still a surprise for both of you, Yui, Hinata." Rafi said happily.


"Yup. As Hinata has proposed to you, isn't having a wedding here will be merrier?"

"", Yui was blushing so hard that steam coming out of her.

"Wha..", Hinata gaped, shocked at his words.

"Now, I and Kanade have prepared the stage for both of you. Um, I will be the one presiding it. Though it may be a simple one, would you two like to be married here, Yui, Hinata?", Rafi smiled lightly to both of them.

"Of course. Who do you think I am. Whether in here or later in real life, I will marry Yui, even against all odds. Would we, Yui?" Hinata firmly stated.

"Senpai..Un, let's marry here first. Later you must marry me again ok, senpai.", Yui answered as she was shaking in happiness.

"Un." Hinata smiled lightly, nodded at her.


At the school hall.

As Rafi and Kanade have been preparing earlier, all the set have been completed. After Yui and Hinata changed to their bridal clothes, they walked to the Altar. Yui was accompanied by Kanade and Yuri as her bridesmaids. Hinata was accompanied by Otonashi as his groomsmen. Much to Yui's shock, There were Hisako, Miyuki Irie, Shiori Sekine watching her wedding. The wedding procession was filled with happiness as all the ones watching it could feel happiness radiated from Yui. As their wedding arrived at the last stage, Yui was embracing Hinata tightly as they kissed each other. They were hugging peacefully, until Yui began to fade away. Leaving a smile to Hinata, as she was feeling blessed of her times in Afterlife, she passed on next life happily.

After they walked outside, Hinata was looking downcast as he started talking to Rafi. "He he, I've just a wife, and now she is gone." Hinata said bleakly, with a bit tears leaking.

" can pursue her, you know right, Hinata." Rafi said after awhile.

"Nn, I know. But...I also can't leave them alone. I will stick to this until the end. Helping everyone pass on peacefully. Then, I can pursue her again." Hinata said as he wiped his leaking tears. He looked at the sky with a longing gaze.

"I believe you will meet her again in our next life later."

"Yes." Hinata answered with hope in his voice.

The group parted ways as the day turned dark. Yuri, Otonashi and Hinata went to SSS headquarter. Rafi, Kanade, Hisako, Miyuki Irie, Shiori Sekine went back together to their respective dorms. The day ended as they felt mixed feelings and their own thoughts about it.