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 After his memories has been restored at earlier time and knowing his final wish has been fulfilled, Otonashi promised helping everyone to pass on from Afterlife. To understand their situation better, Otonashi agreed joining SSS, as Rafi and Kanade would help him from outside as 'enemies' that SSS would focus to.

Some times after Rafi's intrusion to SSS headquarter, Otonashi joined SSS as he was supposed to, though his starting point was different. He met Yuri when SSS were doing Operation Tornado. As he was interrogated by Yuri, he explained that his memories had been restored and he didn't want to pass on cause he still had things to do in Afterlife.

As for Kanade, eventhough she was supposed to pass on because her wish has been fulfilled, she was still staying in Afterlife not entering reincarnation. She still hoped to help everyone passing on next life while staying with Rafi.

The days passed as most of the events happening were similar to original timeline. To maintain the consistency, Rafi asked Kanade to attack the Guild new headquarter. At that time, Otonashi and Yuri became last survivors. They were fighting Kanade-chan to hold her while members of Guild preparing to explode their headquarter.

Through fighting together side by side, Otonashi began falling for Yuri's charm as she kept her calm even in tense situation and admired her leadership qualities. When he asked her reason rebelling God, she told him what happened to her siblings and her resentment to God for allowing it happened.

Listened to her past, Otonashi was more motivated to help everyone passing on next life, as only then can she realized that her regrets has been lifted. Because he realized that she treated SSS members like her past siblings while she as their older sister He vowed in his heart that he would pull her out from her abyss of guilt. After that, he accompanied her closer in every missions. Though Noda seem felt the threat Otonashi possessed as his love rival, when he noticed Otonashi's closeness with her.

Today, Otonashi told Rafi that Iwasawa has made new ballad for upcoming Operation Tornado. He said that Yuri had not approved Iwasawa's new song, as she felt her song was lacking more beats for decoy purpose.

"Based on what Otonashi-san said this morning. Looks like it is the time for Iwasawa's, Kanade-chan. Let's watch her concert tonight. This may be her last concert in Afterlife. But, don't forget that we must be seemed forcing them to stop, as we can't be seen approving her concert."

"Un", Kanade nodded slightly.


Tonight at a female dorm.

Operation Tornado was still performing while Yuri led some of SSS members to infiltrate Kanade's dorm.

"Huh, this is Tenshi's headquarter?? Isn't this just a female dorm? We look like a pervert sneaking here, Yuri-san", Otonashi exclaimed to Yuri.

"You dare talking like that to Yurippe", Noda pointed his halberd to Otonashi's mouth.

" there, Noda", Hinata persuaded him.

"Hush, it is fine. This is Tenshi's room, we can't be more cautious. Who knows if there are traps here. We even need Iwasawa's band to lure her away", explained Yuri.

"How is it, Takeyama-kun? Can you crack her PC's password?", Yuri asked.

"I am working on it now. And call me Chris please...", Takeyama said.

" Faster Takeyama-kun. We don't have much time", hearing the song played in school's loudspeaker, Yuri urged Takeyama to be faster.

"Yes. And it is Chris..."


Iwasawa's concert was still ongoing when several teachers came to subdue the concert. The concert was stopped forcefully and the band was captured. Her old guitar was about to be seized, when she broke free from her capture and snatched her old guitar. As she was cornered by a teacher, she started to play her new ballad. Her song was ringing throughout the school, reaching even to Kanade's dorm.

(My Song - GirlDeMo playing)

"...kujiketa kimi ni wa mou ichido tatakaeru tsuyosa to jishin to kono uta o

otoshita namida ga kou iu yo

konna ni mo yogorete minikui sekai de deaeta kiseki ni arigatou. . ."

'Is he watching?', Iwasawa thought.

As her song relieved her, because she felt that her life isn't a meaningless one. She wanted to see him for a last time, before she was gone. Looking around, she found him near the gate smiling calmly at her, beside him was Kanade.

'That lolicon bastard...even after he said that to me...but, I will not lose to her next time. In my next life, I will find you, Rafi.' Iwasawa smiled back at him silently as she disappeared from the podium.

'I hope you will have a better life, Iwasawa-san. When I am strong enough, I will find you and Kanade-chan later', Rafi vowed silently in his heart as he watched Iwasawa's disappearance.


Several days after Iwasawa disappeared, GirlDeMo got another lead vocal and guitarist, Yui. She kept clashing and quarreling with Hinata everytime they met.

Yuri found out that Tenshi she always fought actually made her skills using a program. Those skills weren't one given by God. She thought deeply over his words at that time. She found it hard to believe that there was no God in Afterlife.

When she thought of her life, her siblings, her friends in SSS, their goal of rebelling againts God, it was harder for her to calm down. If there was no God in Afterlife, then what's the use of their struggle and their fights all those times.

As her thought wandered, she remembered someone that recently became SSS member. She felt that whenever he was around her, she felt strangely at peace. At his first mission with SSS, she even told her about her past life without much scrupple on her part. She found it strange that she trusted him so much.

Even if she still couldn't let go of her guilts, at least she found his presence brought a new flavor to her usual life in Afterlife. It was not saying that her time with her friends wasn't fun, but being with him brought her a new sensation she hadn't felt even when she was alive. All in all, it was a first time feeling it for her.