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8 Talks

 "Hello guys...", a light voice suddenly interrupted their meeting. Turning their heads, they found someone, entering SSS headquarter calmly.

" can you be here? The password doesn't work?", Yuri said in anger.

"Nah, I know the password, Yuri-chan. It is an easy one", Rafi smirked slightly.

"Hmph", she gritted her teeth in frustation.

"Don't you dare talk like that to Yurippe", Noda attacked him with his halberd.

"{Aegis}", a spere-like protective shield suddenly appeared around Rafi. When the halberd touched the shield, it bounced back bringing Noda along with it.

"Ugh, the heck is that round thing", Noda grunted in annoyance.

"He he, this is my skill {Aegis}. It is a bit similar with Kanade-chan's {Distortion}, but it is more advanced than her's, as a bonus I added a bouncing effect. How is it?", Rafi taunted him.

"Why are you here, Rafi-san?", Iwasawa said suddenly.

"Iwasawa-san..don't be like that. Calling me Rafi just fine. Like I said before, even among the people here, you are the one I like most", he said happily.

"", she was fidgeting slightly. Meanwhile steam began raising among some member of SSS. "The one..liked the most..uwahh", Ooyama, Shiori and Miyuki fainted in nosebleed.

"Wahh, the virgin Ooyama-kun was defeated quickly", Hinata exclaimed.

" that fine, letting him come in like that", Fujimaki added.

"To think he defeated five members of SSS in a short instant, as expected of my student", Matsushita said in surprise.

"This is so foolish", Shiina said in her usual tone.

"Hmm, it is four isn't it, Matsushita Godan?", Takamatsu asked confused.

"Looks at Iwasawa-san, she has been rooted there ever since he confessed to her", Matsushita reminded him.


Yuri looked at her friends in confusion. She felt that ever since he came here, her control over situation kept worsened. Now even she seems couldn't do anything to him, like Tenshi that she always fought. As she felt that, she noticed that he has approached her without anyone knowing, watching her friends with her.

"It is fine isn't it, Yuri-san? Looking at them squabbling each other, feels really warm. Like your siblings, aren't they."

"Huh, what do you know about them? Don't talk like you understand it!", she said in anger. Listening to her outburst, everyone turned to Yuri and Rafi. Some even entered their battle stance.

'{Aegis}', he used the skill silently to cover both of them. Inside the shield, Rafi can allow whether sound coming in or coming out, he adjusted it so that their conversation will not be heard by others.

"Wahh, what that guy is doing?", Hinata surprised.

"Damn, that bastard", growled Noda in anger.


Inside the shield, his talks continued.

"It is true that I don't understand your pain and burdens in life. But I know that you are a persistent one, Yuri-san. Even if God gave you a rather cruel fate, you were still moving on while bearing it all in your heart. What you are resenting is your weakness as you watched them died, you couldn't protect them. You resented the God that let it happened to them. That's why you build the SSS and fight Kanade-chan."

"Yeah, so what?", Yuri snapped.

"However, do you know that Kanade-chan, or Tenshi you call her, is actually the same with you? She has been here waiting all along to meet someone, to thank him. All this time, she watched you as you try rebelling against God, against Fate. She hoped that you can understand if this place exists for us to fulfill our regrets in life. Unfortunately, you see her actions as a messenger of God who you abhor so much, thus fighting with her."

"...", she just stood there looking blankly at him.

Holding both of her shoulder firmly, he said, "I am not saying that you are wrong, Yuri-chan. Just understand that our time here won't be forever. There...will be time that some of us began moving on to reincarnation. Because if we are not, this place will compel us to be a NPC. Thus achieving it's original purpose which is a fulfilling highschool life that we missed in real life. This is not happening now, but the time is nearer."


"I am not here to prevent you resisting God. However, know that the life you were going through ultimately is yours, isn't anyone else. It is proof of your existence. Rejecting it, means rejecting your existence, Yuri-chan."


"Besides, your siblings never want you to burden yourself over their death, Yuri-chan. They only want you to be happy, even after their death. I am saying this not because I undermine you, but my ability allow me to read your memories. Knowing them, do you think they will be happy if you burdening yourself over their death?"


"I hope that you can find peace with your heart later, Yuri-chan. Let's part ways here for now. You can find out some of the truth in Kanade-chan's dorm. Told you this, whether you can come inside is your problem though", he put off {Aegis} as he unfurled his {Devil Wings} flying away.


"Yurippe, what did he say? Did he threaten you?", Hinata asked concerned.

"Damn him, I will make him pay for this", said Noda.

"...Nothing like that, he said he won't be our enemies like Tenshi. He only want to spend his time accompanying her, having a fun school life with her before he is erased", Yuri explained to them.

'He isn't our enemies at least. But, her room eh? And what is it about us becoming NPC though?', she thought in confusion.


"Kanade-chan, how about Otonashi-san? Have you talked it through with him?", arrived at student council office, he asked Kanade while petting her head.

"Un. Thank you, Rafi", she smiled at him.

"There is no need thanking me, it is your wish that was granted by God. I only knew about it a bit."


"So, he agreed to help us right? Knowing he is your donor, his wish before death should be fulfilled now. As in our plan, he should be start joining SSS now that I am here."

"Un", she nodded happily. She has been waiting for their plan to start as she anticipated spending her time with him later, as he said in his plan.