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7 Restoring Memories

 Morning time ~~~ (bird chirping SFX)

'Ugh, where am I? This infirmary. Who bring me here? Ugh, I remember I meet two people before I was put down.' Otonashi shake his head in confusion.

Waking up dizzily, Otonashi was checking around him. He found himself alone, sleeping in a place looks like an infirmary. Recalling the events yesterday, he was having goosebump all over his body.

'Uwahh, my is fine? Last night that girl suddenly stabbed me to death. To think that I am back to life, did what they said yesterday is true? Besides her, that guy looks suspicious too. He seems to know me, though. Does he have a bad blood with me, how can he stay still when I was stabbed.' Lightly touching his chest, Otonashi let out a sad sigh at his misfortune.

"How is the feeling of death, Otonashi-san?", Rafi walked in suddenly, scaring Otonashi.

"Wahh, where were you come from man. You just come like a ghost now."

"Well, I just want to be like ninja now. Maybe I can surprise you, and looks like it works nicely", Rafi joked him.

", about yesterday, do you really know who I am? I was suddenly waking up on the ground, not remembering anythings. That magenta-purple haired girl suddenly talked about resisting God and defeating Tenshi. Looking at the two doing comedy yesterday, they seems not really into defeating Tenshi..?"

"The Tenshi you said is the girl that stabbed you last night.


"It was your fault though. Who said to someone to prove that you already dead?"

"Ugh", Otonashi lightly grunted.

"Enough of that. I can help restoring your memories. But do you really want to know? It may not be a pleasant memories you hoped for. You know, everyone here are having their own regrets in life. Even with it, they still try their best living to fullest here, while bearing their regrets. So what do you hope for to know after you get your memories back?" explained Rafi.

"I want to know why I died and my regrets in life. As you said that everyone here have their regrets, I am no exception then." Otonashi said firmly while staring at him.

Sensed his resolve, Rafi released a light sigh nodded. "I will help you, but I have a request for you. Whatever your memories may be, I want you to help our plan."

"Our?", asked Otonashi in response.

"Kanade-chan and me."

"I..will try my best to help then", hesitated lightly, he promised Rafi.

"That suffices for now. I believe you will help me truly after restoring your memories." Rafi smiled.

'[Claire], it is fine to use {Soul Form}, right? I don't remember {Soul Form} has this function, though.'

[As I said earlier, using Skill {Soul Form} to enter Target's bodies will result in Host controlling Target's. It works by usurping their soul's control rights at their bodies. This process will result in Host experiencing Target's memories in life. Be warned that intense memories and emotions may cause Host to be slightly affected by Target's mind as side effect.]

'It has a hidden effect huh. Well, I quite understand what Otonashi experience in his life, so I should be safer from it's side effect. If I know that this skill has a function like that, I can just use the skill on Matsushita Godan back then. Well it is not late to use it on him later', Rafi silently thought as he asked [Claire].

"Well, close your eyes and whatever you feel, don't resist it." Rafi said.

"Yes", Otonashi closed his eyes and prepared himself. As he closed his eyes, he felt something crashing to his brain. "Ughh", he growled as he felt something as nauseating as this.

"It is done. You can open your eyes now."

Lightly opening his eyes, he was downcast as he remembered all the things happened before he died. His little sister's death, his motivation for helping people and his attempt to become doctor as he failed when he died.

"Damn, so that was it. I am sorry, Hatsune...", Otonashi sobbed in a low voice.

Watching Otonashi state, Rafi couldn't help became affected. As he also know all his life, he also experienced how it felt caring for a sickly little sister. His despair at her death, his resolve to help people similar to his sister, his regrets and his final wish when he died at the train accident. Eventhough he knew all these from the anime, but experiencing it himself, made him aware that he had underestimated Otonashi's life memories. Though, his memories not only contain sad things, as Otonashi spend his time happily with his sister in hospital everytime he went back from works. Besides, Rafi also get some medical knowledge that Otonashi had studied before his death.

"Have a rest first, Otonashi-san. As you know that everyone here have their own sad memories, you are not alone at all. If you want, you can meet us in the student council's office. You can also find the duo from last night. Even if their group seems intent to fight Kanade-chan, they are a fun group to have. I am going first then", Rafi said with a smile.

Alone in the room, Otonashi was deep in thought as he savored his restored memories. 'What should I do now, Hatsune...?', facing the rooftop, he thought sadly.


In SSS headquarter.

"Everyone's here. There some things that I need to say first. Tenshi has gotten reinforcement. It was the newcomer last time. Last night, he also kidnapped a newcomer from us to increase his war potential. So be careful if you meet him, treat him as another Tenshi. Do you understand?"



"This is so foolish"

"Now this is interesting"

"Hmm, it is a mission then. Today we will defeat him, you can do anything to win, but it is better if you can capture him. He he he, if you lost can expect punisment from me ho ho ho", Yuri said with an evil laugh to them.

"""What?? Punishment...Yurippe..."""

"We can do it right, guys?", Ooyama was shaking in fear.

"Yeah, an easy thing. He is a newcomer after all", Fujimaki added while trembling.

Everyone was shocked at sudden announcement. Imagining the punishment from Yurippe, they began earnestly finding ways to capture Rafi.

"Hello guys...", a light voice suddenly interrupted their meeting.