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6 First Meeting with Otonashi

 Seeing three people arguing each other without noticing he and Kanade, he couldn't help chuckling a little at their interaction. Interrupted by a sudden chuckle, Yuri began aiming her sniper gun at Kanade. While Otonashi looks pretty confused at this situation, Hinata began explaining things to him.

Noticing her tense reaction, Rafi let out a small laugh while walking toward them.

"Don't be so tense Yuri-chan. We are not at war now."

"So you are with Tenshi in the end, newcomer. Iwasawa will be disappointed to you now," Yuri said with hostility.

"'t drag Iwasawa-san to my matters. It is true that I know her, but I am not her boyfriend, though I don't mind being one. I quite admire her, but it is not only her you know. Actually I admire everyone here, including you, Yuri-chan. I even know your past and that two guys over there", Rafi said while pointing at Hinata and Otonashi.

""Huh?"", Hinata and Otonashi surprised

"Hahh?", Yuri exclaimed with shock at his revelation.

"Well, now I need to talk with that newcomer guy now, Yuri-san. As I believe that he has lost his memories. Maybe I can help him. Will you please put your gun down, Yuri-san?"

"What is your relation with God? How can you know our pasts otherwise." Yuri sharply looked at him while pointing her gun toward him.

"While I do believe there is God that responsible to everyone's life. But I know that God will not be here, at least in this place. After all, this place is only a temporary resting for us, Yuri-chan."

Still pointing her gun, she hinted toward Hinata and Otonashi to move away. Unaware of her signal, Otonashi began walking toward Rafi and Kanade.

"I am going over there now", Otonashi said lightly while walking away.

"Ahh, my invitation didn't work!!", Yuri exclaimed while holding her head with both hands.

'I don't get what's going on at all. What's wrong with these people. But he said it right that I don't remember things at all. Maybe he knows who I am.' Otonashi thought as he walked to Kanade and Rafi.

"Excuse me. Ah, good evening. just had a gun aimed at you two. They were saying that you're an Angel or something." Otonashi said apologizing lightly.

"Hm, I am not an Angel." Kanade tilted her head lightly.

"As I thought. Then..."

"I am the student council president. He is my secretary", Kanade explained.

"Ah, I am too naive. That girl was just teasing me."

"Damn, I'm so confused not knowing who I am that I'm falling for stuff like that", Otonashi disgruntled said.

"Maybe you should visit the hospital, Otonashi-san", Rafi said suddenly.

"Hm..", Kanade looked at Rafi confused.

"Yeah, I should just go to hospital first", Otonashi nodded.

"There is no hospital here", Kanade reminded both of them.

"Eh", said Otonashi.

"Because there is no one gets sick here."

"How can?", said Otonashi in confusion.

"Because everyone here are dead already."

"Ah, you are one of them aren't you. Damn, you also want to fool me. See, I am alive right now. How can you prove it huh?", Otonashi had a slight anger now.

"[Handsonic] version 1."

Moving quickly toward him, Kanade suddenly stabbed Otonashi at his heart. Feeling the emptiness in a place supposed to be his heart, Kanade felt surprised knowing this. Eventhough she has been prepared earlier as Rafi has told her about this, knowing it herself made a bigger impact to her. As she has been waiting for a long time to meet her saviour, suddenly meeting him made her a bit lost.

"He..really it is him right, Rafi?", looking at Rafi, Kanade said with a bit trembling voice.

"Yes, it is him. Now that he is unconscius, we should bring him to infirmary. When he wakes up later, we can explain things to him. He will be a good ally to our plan, Kanade-chan", Rafi said while petting her head.


Then Rafi picked up Otonashi on his back, walked in front of her. Yuri and Hinata looked at them silently until they long gone.

"What do you think, Yurippe? Tenshi...she seems listening to his words. Do you think he might be another Angel like her?", asked Hinata.

"We are going back to headquarter first. Let's call everyone, I will explain it later then", Yuri said firmly.

"Ok", nodded Hinata while looking worried at her overcast expression.

'Hope there is nothing wrong with her though.'


"Let's put him here. Kanade-chan, it is late night now, you should take a rest earlier. I know that you want to say something to him, but please wait a bit. Now, he doesn't remember anything beside his name. Tomorrow we will bring him to someone that can help him restores his memories. Besides, you also need to calm your heart first Kanade-chan. I believe he also want to meet someone that has been saved by his heart." Arrived in the infirmary, Rafi put Otonashi on the bed. As it was quite tiring for both of them staying up, he advised Kanade for resting earlier.

"Un. Good night, Rafi", Kanade said while going back to her dorm.

'This is just a hectic day. I just want to have a nice night strolling with Kanade-chan, why's Otonashi just have to appear now. Haah, and Yuri-chan pointing her gun really scared me there. Don't she know that is rude. Even if I have {Aegis}, but still having gun pointed at me is quite a scare. Ugh, I really need to quickly adapt with a battle situation quicker. With the system, I will definitely meet another dangerous situations. Ad for Otonashi Yuzuru, restoring his memories might be easy or hard depending on situation. Naoi Ayato is not an easy person to talk to before he met Otonashi. I should just ask [Claire] tomorrow. There should be the solution in the system.' Releasing a deep sigh, Rafi thought about earlier events as he began to sleep in another bed beside Otonashi's.