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5 New Skills

 "It has been a nice week. Becoming a highschooler again, studying in class, doing homework, ah I missed this feeling. Rather than as a job slave like before, being a highschooler is a nice change of pace. Now that weekend comes, I need to go to Kanade-chan's room to get my new skills later."

It has been a week since he came to the Afterlife. Rafi has been making friends with many people in his class, especially Kanade-chan. He also always watched everytime GirlDeMo sang on stage. One time he also meet Naoi Ayato when Ayato was looking Kanade for student council's job.

In this one week, because of his persistent requests, Kanade finally allowed him to use Angel Player program. In return of allowing him use the program, Kanade asked him to accompany her helping everyone to pass on the next life. Remembering Kanade mild surprised face at that time brought a smile to his face, it was a good thing to start the day.

'Contrary to her usual calm expression, seeing her surprised face when I told her about her heart was a rare chance. It was definitely a surprise attack from her. Definitely. How can there is another cute thing comparable to Athena. I wonder how about Athena now', Rafi thought.

--- Flashback ---

"Kanade-chan, let's have lunch in canteen."



"Kanade-chan, are you still waiting for him?", he said suddenly while eating mapo tofu.

"Hmm?", Kanade tilted her head in confusion.

"The one that gives you his heart."

"Buh", Kanade choked on her mapo tofu.

"How?", Kanade asked surprised.

"'t sweat the details, Kanade-chan. I know that he will come to Afterlife."

"Who is he?", Kanade asked him in hurry.

"You will know who he is when he arrives here. Maybe he will ask you something stupid when you first meet."


Imagining scene of Kanade and Otonashi first meeting, he laughed lightly at Kanade. While Kanade pouted slightly for lack of explanation from Rafi.


'Well, now Kanade-chan should still be gardening. I will visit her in afternoon. Considering I will be going to another world later, the world I come to might not be as peaceful as here. At least I should have basic fighting skill. Asking Matsushita Godan to teach me Judo should be an easy thing, a couple food coupons will do it. I remember that he likes Niku Udon isn't he. Hmm, he might be training in the forest now. Let's find him first', Rafi thought while walking to the forest.

After walking around the forest for a while. He found Matsushita Godan was training 'Seoi Nage' exercise against a tree.

"Hey, Matsushita Godan-san", Rafi shouted lightly for greeting.

" are...the weird newcomer", Matsushita said.

"Ugh", grunted Rafi lightly.

"You are quite well-known in SSS."

"Oh oh, looks like the great me is always famous wherever I am", Rafi proudly said.

"As a someone brave enough to be erased, even when you don't know if you will be reincarnated as coral or insect."


"Also as Iwasawa's boyfriend."

"Ugh..,you might misunderstand it a little", said Rafi with a bit red on his face.

'Looks like I need to talk with her again later', Rafi thought silently.

"That's what you're famous to. So, what might bring you here, newcomer", Matsushita said lightly.

"My name is Rafi, Matsushita-san. The reason I am here is because I want to learn Judo from you, Matsushita-san", Rafi said with bowing slightly.

"Hmm, aren't you going to school to be erased? There is no use practicing Judo then", Matsushita said a bit confused.

"Well, it is one of my regret in life, besides going to school with friends. I want to do all the things I can't do when I was alive in Afterlife here."


"Don't worry, I get so many Niku Udon coupons from Tenshi here. I will share it with you when I get it again later", persuaded Rafi.

"Okay, we will start training at tomorrow noon, Rafi-san."

"It is fine with me, as I can still going to school in the morning. Now I still want to stroll around first. Bye Matsushita-san", Rafi said while leaving.

Strolling around the forest, Rafi arrived at a river. There he spotted someone was fishing. It was someone wearing a long-sleeved black shirt under a tattered uniform with a farmer's hat on his head. He was sitting calmly on a big boulder at the riverside while fishing.

'He should be Saitou. An expert fisher of SSS. Well, I need to hurry up to Kanade-chan's place, I can meet with Saitou at later date.'

Rafi continued strolling around until he arrived at Kanade's dorm. Knocking at the door, Kanade walked out while wearing a casual clothes.

"Un, come in, Rafi."

Walking in, he found some books lying in the bed and her desk.

"Kanade-chan, you are studying too hard huh. Our life here is only a light passing before reincarnation after all. You should enjoy yourself more, Kanade-chan", arriving beside her, he said lightly.

"Un", she nodded lightly.

"Well, I will use the Angel Player program now, Kanade-chan."

'I will need a defending skill, attacking skill and mobility skill. I think those three are enough.'


"It is done. Kanade-chan, looks at my new skills. [Gungnir], [Aegis] and [Devil's Wings]. Awesome isn't it?", he happily said to Kanade.

"It is cool. But why is that Devil's Wing? I want to have those wings too, though", asked Kanade.

"It was just a preference, Kanade-chan. For you, it is better to have angel wings. Hmm, like this. You will be cuter if you equip it later on", Rafi said while designing Angel's Wing for Kanade.


"Kanade-chan, I am going to erase one of your skill, is it fine?", Rafi suddenly asked while he was modifying Kanade's skills.

"Hmm, why?", she tilted her head in confusion.

"It is [Harmonics]. This skill is dangerous, Kanade-chan. Everytime you split yourself using this, another 'you' will have another personalities different with you. Basically they are 'you', but are not the current you. Don't worry Kanade-chan, with me here you will not need to use this skill anymore. I will protect you no matter what", he explained patiently.

"Um, it is fine. I don't need that skill now...", Kanade said lightly with a smile.

"Okay then."

"...because you will protect me aren't you, Rafi", she added with a low voice.

"Umm, what did you say just now, Kanade-chan?", he asked in confusion.

"No, nothing", she said while shaking her head.

After fixing and modifying their skills, Rafi and Kanade talked about how to help everyone to be able to pass on. Everyone still don't understand that this world is only for them to make peace with theirselves before going to reincarnation. Eventhough they have done their best living here, they still can't come out from their regrets in life.

For making it easier to do their plans, it is decided that Rafi will join Student Council as her secretary. Because there is Naoi Ayato as her vice-president, so Rafi can only fill in as her secretary.

"Uwahh, this is so tiring. How can you do it all this time, Kanade-chan. This student council job is really a waste of time", Rafi said while looking outside the windows.

"Hmm, it is a full moon tonight. How about relaxing slightly and walk outside, Kanade-chan? The moon looks pretty tonight", he said happily.

"Un, okay", she nodded in response.


Walking outside, side by side, they strolled around the school until they arrived at sport field. There seems someone sleeping on the floor, accompanied by a boy and a girl. The girl seems was bringing a sniper model Cheytac M200.

'Isn't that Yuri and Hinata? Then, that guy should be Otonashi Yuzuru isn't he. Looks like the story begins now', Rafi thought silently.

"Kanade-chan, looks like there is a newcomer there. Maybe he is the one you're looking for, Kanade-chan", joked Rafi.

"Is that true?", asked Kanade in surprise.

"Looks like it. Let's go there first, Kanade-chan", he said while walking ahead.