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4 First Day

 "{Soul Form}, {Mage} and {Medium Regeneration}. Skills that I get from Magius bloodline. [Claire], what are differences between my skills with those 3rd Gen half-magius like Haruto? Isn't True Magius is 1st Gen that doesn't have a body, exist only in soul?", Rafi asked the System as he walked to school.

[Because Host original bloodline is Human, System has made necessary adjustments with Points at the cost. Balancing two bloodlines will allow Host to possess Magius's abilities while keeping the man's body]

"Eh, then why don't you tell me last time when I injected the serum?"



[It is because Claire is a shitty and dark System that is still in trial period. Attention, Host is still able to exchange the System with those cute girls]

"Hehe, you're still angry after all [Claire]. You are the one for me [Claire]. Even if I want to get cute girls, I will just visit them in their world. There is a World Ticket that can allow me to do it."

[Affirmative. World Ticket can be used to access any Fantasy Worlds in existence]

"Hmm, about {Soul Form}, will it be like Haruto's possession ability?"

[Host can separate his soul outside the human's body as a soul body. This ability is continuation of a True Magius original body, soul body. This ability can also be used to possess someone's body by using Host soul to occupy their bodies. It is advisable to use this skill only to beings that have soul intensity similar or lower than Host. Using it against a being with higher soul intensity than Host can bring a backlash risk for failed possession]

"Soul intensity? There is nothing like that in my Status?"

[Host has not reached necessary level to access this information]

"Ugh, then how about 'Rune', I don't want to be like Haruto when he lost all his runes."

[Runes will be consumed when Host uses Magius abilities. Runes can be replenished by absorbing other's runes]

" a vampire, then..."

"Hmm, who is like a vampire?", a unknown girl suddenly asked him.

" are...Iwasawa-san?", he asked absent-mindedly.

'Isn't this Iwasawa and Hisako', he thought.

"Hmm, do I know you? Hisako, do you know him?", Iwasawa said surprised.

"I believe this is the first time I meet him. Looking at his uniform, he is a newcomer I guess. Maybe you know each other in your previous life, Masami", said Hisako.

"No, I believe this is also my first meeting with him. I really don't know about him before."

"Ha ha, sorry, but it is also my first meeting with you two. I just arrived here yesterday. As for Iwasawa-san, you looks really cute up close", he happily said to her.

"Hahaha, Masami, you are being hit on now. Can't believe he is hitting on you so openly. He gots quite the gut, Masami", said Hisako while laughing hard at Iwasawa.

"Weird, did we really doesn't meet when we were alive? I've got no impression whatsoever though."

"We really haven't meet before, but I know you Iwasawa-san, quite a lot I think."

"To think you got an admirer in your previous life, Masami. Good to you, I envy you, Masami", joked Hisako.

"Really, I like her persistence in life, even if her family wasn't getting along well, she still tried her hardest to pursue her dreams. Unfortunately, she failed in the end when she was almost reach it", Rafi said in trance as he remembered those scenes in his original world.

"...", Hisako and Iwasawa silently heard him.

"It is hurt so much isn't it? You resented God many times for what's happening in your life isn't it?"


"When you're singing, when you're trying so hard, even when you were resenting God for what's happening in your life, to me you were so dazzling. That's why I like you, Iwasawa-san. I think being able to meet you here is like a gift from God, Iwasawa-san. Eventhough I feel that God was so unreasonable for letting my life be as it is, now I feel that God might be so nice to me for allowing me to meet you here"


"Well, enough for the past times. Don't think too much about it. I just know about you, Iwasawa-san. Um, I will be late to school if I don't hurry up. Tell Yuri-san later, I will not join SSS for now. Though, I want to be friend with everyone in SSS. I will go to school now, bye Iwasawa-san, Hisako-san", waving his hand to them, he started running.

"Masami, looks like we have to meet Yurippe. Besides, we also need to talk with her about our concert/mission for next time", Hisako said after a bit silent.

"Um", Iwasawa said while looking at him running lightly.


In a classroom,

"There is a new student coming today. So be silent guys", said the teacher.

""Yes, Sensei""

"Come in, Rafi. Now introduce yourself first."

"Hello everybody, my name is Rafi. I just arrived here yesterday, so I might be unfamiliar with some places. Please help me at that time. Thank you", he introduced himself to the class.

"Kya, he is quite handsome, does he have a girlfriend already? Maybe I can try my luck with him", a female student said lightly.

"Tch, here I thought it will be a cute girl transferring school today, now we got another competitor again. Why's life so hard ah", a male student said to his friend in jealousy.

"Kanade-san, please help the new student familiarize himself here as you are the class rep. Now, you can sit there, Rafi."

"Un", Kanade nodded lightly.

"Yes, Sensei", he said.

'Kanade-chan...those skills of her is quite powerful, I will try asking her to lend me her Angel Player program if possible. I can create new skills without spending system Points there.'


In the SSS headquarter

"So that's the plan for Tornado Operation tonight."

Inside the room, there is almost all core members of SSS.

"How about the newcomer, Yurippe?", Hinata asked.

"Him? He looks like want to enjoy school life with Tenshi. Maybe he wants to be erased. Though he said that he want to be friend with us", answered Yuri.

"Wah, doesn't he afraid to be reincarnated as a coral or insect later on", Ooyama surprised.

"Quite wild", T.K. added.

"He is just another coward huh", said Noda.

"Hmm", Fujimaki agreed.

"He doesn't seem a coward, but I say he is weird. He seemed to know about Masami's past eventhough he just came here yesterday", Hisako said.

"Hmm, Iwasawa, are you really don't know about him. Seeing he knew your past, your relationship may not be simple. He might be your boyfriend Iwasawa, who knows", Yuri said lightly.

"Boy..boyfriend..", steam began oozing from Ooyama, Shiori and Miyuki.

"Quite romantic", T.K. said.

"Ha ha ha, that was a nice joke Yurippe, isn't it Iwasawa", Hinata laughed lightly while asking Iwasawa. Looking at Iwasawa looking absent-minded. He asked her again.


"...might be"


"I said he really might be. But I can't remember him at all. Strangely enough, I feel like I can't dislike him at all. When he walked away this morning I feel a bit lost, that's why I feel like he might be", Iwasawa said while blushing.

'Even if he wasn't, maybe he and I was quite close when we were alive', Iwasawa thought in her heart.



"Kanade-chan, let's go to school canteen. I can't wait to have lunch", Rafi said spiritedly

"Un. You can talk Japanese now?", Kanade said.

" lot happened last night. I guess I remember about it when I was sleeping", Rafi said with a low voice while scratching his cheek.

'Safe, [Universal Communication] skill is working nicely. B-rank skill is quite useful. Those 5000 Points was well-spent', he thought.

"Un", Kanade nodded.