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2 Meeting Kanade


'So, I really died huh. Then what is with this body and clothes? It feels smaller, like when I was a highschool student. And those beeping sound, seems pretty near.' He thought while checking his surrounding.

Approaching a building, he began inspecting his body in nearby glass wall.

'My clothes looks like a highschool uniform, though I don't know which one.'

'My safe, I guess the younger me the most handsome after all hahaha.'

'My hair...quite stylish, change it this way and perfect'


'Lastly, my weapon...hehehe it is better than I thought. Well to be sure, I need to test it later huehehe.' Imagining things, he began walking around to find someone in this late at night.

Walking around quite a while, he suddenly spotted a petite girl wearing a highschool uniform. With her silverish white hair reflecting the moonlight, she was watching him approaching with her beautiful amber eyes, mesmerizing him to a sudden stop.

'She is like an angel on earth.' He thought while admiring these picturisque scene.

"Are you a newcomer?", she asked him.

'What is she talking about? She looks like she is speaking in Japanese?'

"Ano, sorry but I don't understand Japanese at all. Though I can understand English please." (A/N: imagine someone talking to you in Japanese when you don't understand it at all)

"Um, are you a newcomer?", she asked him again with English. It was a bit stiff as English isn't her main language after all.

"What do you mean newcomer? And who are you? Um, sorry but I've just come here and I don't know anything here. Can you tell me where is this?", he lightly scratced his head in confusion.

"I am Kanade. Tachibana Kanade. You?", she lightly said.

'Eh, she said she is Tachibana Kanade. Looking at her physique characteristics and from her name. I think I know the place I come to. This is unbelieavable. But looking at her seems a real thing, I can't shake this feeling of happiness that is bursting in me.'

"I am Rafi. Uh, nice to meet you, Kanade. And where is this? I think I was dead, but when I woke up, I found myself in this strange place", he smiled at her.

"You've died."

"I know."

"People that died come to here."

"Is that all? I think there are more reason causing us coming to this place."

"Umu", looking pensive, she nodded.

"Can I come with you first, Kanade? I don't have a place to rest for now please", he ligthly bowed to her.

"Un" She nodded.

"Thank you, Kanade."

After walking and chatting for a while, they reached a student dormitory.

"Un, you can live here. Here is a dorm for male student."

"School starts tomorrow morning. Don't be late."

"Remember to wear school uniform."

"If you're late, I will catch you", she said it all with her usual tone.

"Okay..okay..relax Kanade, I will come to school on point. So, don't worry about it. I will be resting first, so you also quickly take a rest. Hehe, I hope you don't wake up late tomorrow if you still stay up at this late hour", joked him.

"See you tomorrow, Kanade."

"Un, see you, Rafi", said Kanade while walking away.

'She seems cuter in real rather than in animation. Unfortunately I already have cute Athena in my heart. Ugh, then I will leave Kanade to the original protagonist, um, I will try to change their conclusion now I am here. But it looks like he haven't come, well let just be friend with her first.'

'Now, I can take rest from all the stress that happened today. Ugh, I was wondering what is that beeping sound I was hearing back then. Hope that it is like what I expected. If it is true, then this life will be more colorful to live. For now, I need to sleep first.'

--- somewhere in a particular realm---

"Brother, we leave Rafi there with Typhon, what will happen to him now?", Athena said worriedly.

"Sorry little sister, but at that time I can't deal with Typhon while protecting the two of you with my current power. I know that you find him fun, but I am sure that he already died now. Typhon isn't a nice guy that will let off a mortal", Ares said while keep running

" I can't play with him again. He promised me that he will always play with me after the bead fused with him. Huhuhu, Papa will be angry and I can't play again", said Athena with teary eyes.

"Don't forget that he is a mortal. He will not be able to play with you for long. To us, mortal's age passes in a blink of eye."


" will bring you to play again later okay, just don't cry or Father will skin me later", said Ares with a pleading look to Athena.

"Okay, brother promised yay."

"I remember you said that mortal fused with a bead. What is that bead?", said Ares lightly.

"Oh, that is the bead from Papa's room. Hehe I stole it to play."

"But the bead fused with Rafi now", Athena said with a downcast look.

" is THAT bead? Little sister, you play it too hard ehh. Now I am sure that Father will spank you later", Ares said with a shock and a bit schandefreud.

" you are so cruel", said Athena with teary puppy eyes.

'Really, I can't win from that eyes. She is so cute. But that mortal, so he is the one chosen by that bead. Hehe, things may get interesting now. Father need to know this and some plans might be changed. That mortal sure is lucky, huh.'

"Ugh...hey..hey I will try to talk with Father later. So don't cry again kay."

--- somewhere in a school building ---

"There is a newcomer. Tenshi has met him. Try to contact with him first. See if we can rope him. It is one win for us if we can rope him, maybe Tenshi will be more cornered hehe", she said to her assistant.