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1 Prologue

 'Hmm, wait, where am I?', a bout of weakness reach him as soon he woke up. Holding his head, he began sorting out his thought.

'Last thing I remember, I was walking home after buying some groceries. So, what the heck is happening now. How can I suddenly wake up here?', he thinks while looking around.

'Hmm, I think I meet someone before I wake up here. Ahh, how can I forget about her. She is really beautiful, maybe the most beautiful girl I've seen so far'.

Recalling his conversation with her, he wryly smiled as he seems has gotten a clue to why he is stranded to this strange place.


"Hello, are you looking for something lost?", he asked her after seeing her looking around so flustered with teary eyes.

"Ugh... now I can't go back home. Papa is really angry now. It is better to hide first ahh." She said aloud without noticing there is someone near her.

"Um... hello, are you okay?", he said while tapping her.

"Ahh... who are you? Wait, you can see me?"

"What do you mean seeing you. I was just worried seeing a cute girl like you looking so panicked".

"Wha..wha..wha.. cute you say...huehehe."

Ah, looking at her she seems like a 12-year old and this girl looks so pure, like an angel. Doesn't she know that the world is a dangerous place with so many pervert around.

Ahem, it is better to save her from those pervert. Yes, let's invite her to my apartment first so that she will not meet a pervert. Hmm, my intention is pure... my intention is pure... is pure... pure...

"Well, you looks like a bit lost though, how about you come with me first, I want to have a party tonight for my work promotion. Looking at it, I will be lonely to have party alone, so I want to invite you to my party. How about it?"

"Party? Really, can I follow you?", she said with stars in her eyes.

"Yes, let's go to my place. Wait a bit, I need to take my ride first", he said while walking away.

(Strange girl's POV)

'He seems a bit suspicious, but he doesn't have bad thought in his eyes.

Ugh, I need to hide from Papa now, I think I can ask him to help me out to hide me in his house. And...huehehe...there is a party tonight...a lot of food...huehehe.'

(back to MC's POV)

"Let's go. You sit at the back and don't forget hold my waist so you don't fall later."

A bit later at his apartment, after all the party,

"So, you stole something in your home storehouse and now you are running away from home?"

"Uwahh... Papa is scary when he is angry. So I need to hide first, and when Papa isn't angry anymore I can go home hehehe."

"Ugh... I think you can hide here for now."

"Yeah, thank you Rafi, hehe I like you so much", she said while hugging me fiercely like a kid, not noticing something drop from her cloth.

"Hmm, wait, what is that round thing?", he said while picking up that strange round thing. When he is still picking it up, a sudden sting of pain assaulted his palm. He noticed that strange ball seems absorbing his blood and fusing with his palm.

"Ugh, the heck is this thing. Athena, this round ball of yours has bitten me."

" can this happening? Now, Papa will be more angry, uhuhuhu."

"Calm down, Athena. First, what is that strange ball and what will happen to you?"

"I don't know what is that bead, but I know that Papa really like it. One time I really want to play with it, but Papa scolded me. stole it to play that bead, now that bead has fused with you, I can't play it anymore uwaahh."

"He..he..he..I am sorry, Athena. But, you can still play with me after all. Now, I am worried what your father might do to you after you lose that bead and what will happen to me after..."

Suddenly something broke in from the window of apartment,

"Little sister, now I am here you can be safe." A strange man suddenly start talking while my apartment is in a mess.

"Brother Ares, how can you found me? I don't want to go back yet, I still want to play here with Rafi", said Athena while pouting cutely.

"Uhm, who is this young man? You cheated my sister, didn't you? Now, confess all of it", said Ares while raising his aura.


"Hehe, looks who I've found here. Ares the WarGod and Athena youngest daughter of Zeus, hmm and there is a mortal."

" are Typhon. Little sister, let's run from here", said Ares while picking Athena on his shoulder. Ares teleported himself and Athena faster than any of us can react, now in his apartment were only him and the guy called Typhon.

"Hmph, just a mortal, die", Typhon flicked a little ray to him and start pursuing Ares and Athena.

'Ah..ah..I wonder if this is my lucky day or this is all just a misfortune. To think that I will die here after meeting Athena. Thinking about it, I really want to kiss her cute face. Hehehe, at least I got to hug her though. Those flower of her that began to bloom were so soft, ah I felt so blessed. I will die huh, if there really is a next life, I hope that I can walk the world with her. I want to see all things the world has to offer. Hah..ha..ha.. in the end, all I want is to have fun.' While he was thinking, he didn't realize that his body began to disintegrate, leaving only his soul and that strange bead. His soul was sucked to enter that bead. After his soul entered the bead, space cracked and the bead vanished into space crack.