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22 Fun Times In The Park

 Three Days Later...

The garments ordered by Jessy the other day, arrived in the mansion later that afternoon.

"I got everything ready, Adam!" she said excitedly. She's holding the package on her hands.

Adam inspected the items in the package to see if there's anything lacking. There were black face mask, black cloak, pants, shoes, and a black sweatshirt with a hood inside the package. "Just perfect-Jess!" was all he said.

"Great! I will wash them first," she went back into her room and wash the garments in her bathroom. Then she let it dry in the laundry area.

She went back to Adam's room. She found him lying on his bed.

"Can we go to the park tonight?" she said.

"No...Jess. Maybe tomorrow? Besides you just washed your garments today, excited much are we?" he said smiling.

"Okay, tomorrow then." She sat on the edge of the bed.

He stood up and retrieve his comb in the table drawer. "Be still Jess, I will comb your hair." He loves combing her hair every opportunity he got. His fetish is her hair, he thought to himself, smiling. He loves the texture of her hair, silky and soft to his touch, then he styled her hair in a ponytail, after he was done with his masterpiece. He kissed the nape of her neck. Lingering on her tender flesh, sucking on it.

She moaned in pleasure.

"Don't leave a hickey on it Adam, or else Nana will see it," she warned him.

He suddenly stops sucking on her neck. He lay his head down on his pillow while Jessy lay her head on his belly.

Jess's favorite position: his tummy as her pillow. She loves it when he starts massaging her hair and twirling her hairs in his fingers.

This time Adam didn't mess up with her hair or else he will destroy his own masterpiece. He just trickled his fingers on her face, then his fingers traces the outline of her eyes, nose and the surface of her lips. It's her lips that he focused his attention more, his fingers teasing her lips to open up for him. He felt the moistness of her lips with his fingertips, then he slowly inserted his right index finger on her mouth.

She hesitated to take it at first, but when she finally obliged she took the whole length of his index finger inside her moist mouth willingly.

He groaned in pleasure because she's now expertly sucking on his finger like a lollipop. Adam grunted, loving the delicious sensation that she brought to his fingers and that particular sensation was rapidly traveling down to his groin and settled heavily on his bulge down there.

"Ahhh...Jess!" he grunted again.

He can't take it anymore, he suddenly withdraws his index finger from her mouth and replaced it with his own mouth. They were kissing heavily from that moment onward...until a few minutes later, Jess' shove his body away from her.

"You're hot all over!" she smiled enticingly at him.

"F*ck! You're a tease-Jess!" he grumbled.

She bit her lip, amused by his reaction. Her eyes filled with mischief.

"Why don't we do something with your birdie down there?" she looked at his hard rock bulge sticking within the confinement of his short.

"You tell me-Jess," he said with great anticipation, his eyes dark with unfulfilled desire.

"Come on. Let's swim in the lake to cool your body," she suggested coyly. She jumped out from the bed and was heading for the door. "See you in the lake, lover boy!" She blew him a kiss before she disappears from his sight.

He swears profanities under his breath, aargh! Girls!


Saturday night...

Jessy excitedly donned all the black garments on her body, she's feeling ecstatic on her first adventure outside the mansion with Adam.

They waited for the clock to strikes 12:00 midnight, before they went out of the mansion, making sure Nana Aida was already deep in slumber.

Adam looked at Jessy, he examined her attire carefully, everything is in order. He hugged her tight. "Ready?"

She nodded from behind her black face mask. "Ready as a bee!"

"Let's go!" said Adam.

Jessy feels her body being pushed rapidly into a different dimension. The kind of feeling that you were being stretched out yet you don't feel any pain. She experienced a very light fuzzy sensation all over her body while being transported in a different dimension, they were traveling with the speed of light. She's been closing her eyes the whole time just wanting to know exactly how it feels being transported into another place.

The minute she opened her eyes, they were already in the vicinity of the park, completely hidden by the shadows of the trees surrounding the park. That was unbelievably fast!

Yet, the park was already empty!

"Oh, we're the only ones awake, Jess," he laughed.

"Never mind," she said.

She roamed her eyes all over the place. The lights were still on, the fountain in the middle of the park was still spraying cool water in the air, the pathways were empty. The kids swing set were empty as well, they looks inviting. She runs towards them excitedly, pulling Adam's hands behind her.

"This is fun!" she shrieked in delight.

She and Adam sat on the swing, they swing back and forth to their heart's content. After getting bored with the swing, they tried the slide and climb the mini tree house. There was also a mini carousel for kids, Jessy jump in and Adam pushed it for her, she grinned like a child. Then they tried the merry-go-rounds and see-saws...they were having so much fun in the park.

Fifteen minutes later...

They crumbled on the grass, laying side by side to each other, holding hands, they were watching the stars shining from the heavens above. The full moon added its brightest glow to the mix creating the most spectacular display of lights in the sky.

"This is perfect! " Jessy grinned from ear to ear like a child.

"Am glad you enjoyed it, Jess," he looked at her animated face with pride and love.

"Thank you for making this possible, Adam! You're the best!" She quickly kissed his lips to show her gratitude and appreciation.

"I will do anything for you, my love," he muttered. He kissed her forehead tenderly.

Ten minutes later...they heard a sound of dogs barking...approaching in their direction, that must be the caretaker on duty or it could be anyone. They scrambled to their feet in a hurry and they run like crazy towards the darkness of the trees, laughing their hearts out.

They calmed their breaths behind the tree.

Then Adam hugged Jess' tightly. "Let's go home now! Ready my love?"

She grinned. "Ready as a bumblebee!"

Once again their bodies traveled in a speed of light, a few minutes later they were back in the mansion and landed precisely on top of Jess' comfy bed. Her body was intimately positioned below his body. Due to the sudden impact of their landing, his lower body slammed a little bit harder on her pelvis, creating sudden friction, his hard object hitting her soft object~that's it~Adam groaned.

"Wow, perfect landing, right on the spot!" Adam muttered to himself, smirking.

Jess' squirmed below him, pressed down by the weight of his body on top of her.

"Jess, how about my reward?" he winked at her.

She rolled her eyes. "Get off me, am tired," she said softly, careful not to annoy him.

Adam ignored her...

He freed her face from her masked and her black silky hair tumbled down around her face, he finds it alluringly sexy. Tired-huh? Let see...he smirked at her.

He suddenly kissed her lips hungrily, giving her no time to protest, after a few lingering seconds she finally responded to his demanding kiss. Then he starts grinding his lower body into her core, slowly at first with their clothes still clinging to their bodies, then she starts moaning, encouraged by her moaning, he grinds harder into her pelvis, the confinements of their clothing only added to the mind-blowing sensation he was feeling down there on his lower body, it made him delirious. He grinds much his heart's content, all the while watching her face contorted in bliss matching his own, their bodies were hungrily feeding from each others pulsating desires, he felt like his bulge is ready to explode any moment soon, after rounds of grinding...he finally exploded down there...he finally got his fill for the night!

Whewww...he crumbled into her arms, feeling sated. "This is ten times more perfect, thank you, Jess," he whispered into her ears.

She stayed silent while staring at his flushed face. The thick cloud of passion they shared earlier still visibly etched on her lucid eyes.

He examined her face intently, looking for any sign of anger, he found none.

"Y-you okay?" he said while he caresses her cheeks with his fingers, he was a bit bothered by her non-responsive attitude.

Then she blinked and let out a giggle. "That was indeed m-magical!" she finally spoken, she was unable to identify the exact words on how to describe~ how his grinding affected her core down there. It's hard to explain in words.

Thank God, Adam muttered to himself, he felt relief knowing she was not angry at all.

They sleep throughout the night entangled on each other's arms.