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21 Playing With Fire!

 They just arrived in the woods.

Jessy drinks from the bottled water she's carrying. The wind was surprisingly chilly tonight, she pressed her jacket closer to her body.

"I will show you something...Jess," said Adam.

He stops in the middle of the clearing, he gathered some dried woods and leaves and arranged them haphazardly on the spot where he was currently standing, as if making a bonfire. Then he went back to Jess' side.

"What is that for?" she motioned her head into the pile of woods and dried leaves in the center of the clearing.

"Am going to burn that dried leaves so that we can have a little bonfire here," he said.

"Cool! How are you going to do that?" she asked curiously.

"Just watch..."

Adam fixated his eyes on the pile of woods and leaves and waved his hand on it. Soon enough, the fire started, it consumed the dried leaves quickly producing bright orange flames.

"Wow! Fantastic!" Jessy exclaimed.

She went closer to the burning bonfire and heated her hands above it, the heat and fire were real, it started to scorched her hands. She shoved her hands back to her jacket.

Then Adam held her hands and trace the visible lines in her palms. "You want to hold fire in your palm, Jess?"

"Yes, why not. But no thanks I don't want to burn my hands," she declined his offer.

"But what if I told you that the fire I'm going to make won't burn your hands?" he said.

Jessy frowned, but curiosity gets the better of her. "Really? Is that possible?"

"Yes." He fixated his eyes on her right palm, and soon enough a tiny fire started growing on Jess' palm.

"OMG! It's so cute!" the little fire glows...and grows into a size of a fist on her hand. "Oh God, it's so beautiful!" she squealed. She did not feel any pain at all even though the fire kept burning on her palm.

Then Adam hold her left hand and created another small fire on it. Soon enough, Jessy already got two little fire burning in both her hands. She stared at the little fires with amazement.

"Adam, how come my hands were not burning? I don't feel any heat at all," she managed to ask.

"Because it's just an illusion, my dear. The fire you are holding right now is not real, what is real is the little bonfire I made over there. That's the real one." He motioned at the bonfire still burning brightly at the center of the clearing.

"Incredible!" she raved.

"Throw the fire away-Jess," he commanded.

She throws the fire away from her hands and they floated in the air, after a few seconds, they landed back in her palms.

"Unbelievable!" was all she can say.

Adam smiled. "It seemed your little fire friends like to stay with you, they came back running into your hands," he commented.

"C-can I have them as my pet?" she said.

Adam let out a loud laugh, thoroughly amused. "Silly girl. You can't make a pet out of a fire. Here, let me put them back to nothingness," he waved his hand and both the fire in her hands died.

Jess felt dismayed. She pouted.

"Why are you pouting?"

"Because you had taken them away and I still want to play with them!" she complained.

Adam laughed again, he found her pouting so cute. "Here-let me make you another one," he created a small fire in her right palm.

Jessy smiled again. "I so love it!' She finds the small fire so adorable.

He shook his head, amused by the silly attitude of his ladylove. They settled on one of the benches facing the little bonfire in the center of the clearing.

"So, aside from your ability to manipulate fire, what else you can do? Can you manipulate water, wind or sand?" she asked him.

"No. But my brother can manipulate wind, my father can manipulate water, my mother has power over sands and trees and my sister can control animals, any animals," replied Adam.

"Wow! What a powerful family you had!" she gushed.

"But the most powerful being who can control and manipulate all the four elements, water, fire, wind, and sand might be you!" he said in a serious manner.

Her eyes widened. "Oh, why? I mean I am just a weak girl," she murmured.

"Am just wondering how powerful you will become when you finally transform into a vampire. How powerful you can be? I would like very much to see you transform one day. To witness how you will utilize your power to its full potential," he said in wishful thinking.

"Lol, don't expect much from me, Adam. Maybe the only power I can have by that time is that I will have a powerful fart, so loud and smelly and all animals and plants will die within a 1-kilometer radius, hahaha..." Jessy laughed so hard at her own joke, her laughter became contagious. Adam laughed along with her, tickling her side in the process. They crumbled into the bench in heaps of laughter.

They were short of breath from their laughter.

'You're so funny, Jess!" he said.

She laughed some more to her heart's content, just thinking about having a powerful fart as a special ability was pretty hilarious.

Adam watched her face lovingly, loving the way her face shined brighter with her laughter, then he buries his face into her tresses.

Five minutes later...

He gathered her in his arms and he murmured in her ear. "I want to give you something..."

He clicked his finger, soon enough, five stem of roses appeared in his hands, he gave it to Jessy.

"Wow! How did you do that?" she asked, then she smelled the roses they were fresh. "It's from my garden, right?"

Adam smiled sheepishly. "Yeah."

"Thanks-Adam. I like it very much. Why five roses? Why not three?" she said.

"It means...I Love You Very Much!" he grinned and hugged her tight.

She smiled at him fondly. She finally noticed that the little fire was no longer burning in her hands. "Where's my little fire?"

"It already expired, Jess. It can only stay alive twenty minutes max."

"Ah okay," she felt a little bit saddened that her pet fire died.

Adam looked at her: amused.

"Come now. Let's soar up in the sky," he hugged her tight and they rose above the ground...above the trees.

While they were hovering above the trees, the rain starts trickling down upon them until the raindrops were getting heavier...they were getting soaked from head to toe. Adam has no choice but to change the venue. In seconds time, they were back in the mansion, particularly, they landed into Adam's bathroom.

"Oh..." Jess' lips let out a soft moan after discovering where they are.

Adam's eyes were unreadable. He swiftly took off her wet jacket and dump it on the floor. Then he filled the bathtub with water.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked, alarmed.

"Filling the bathtub with water, so that we can soak in," he winks at her.

"A-Adam I don't think it's a good idea," she protested.

He did not listen to her, he removes his wet clothes from his body, then he dump his wet shirt and pants on top of her jacket, he's wearing his black jockey underwear, his bulge noticeable.

Jessy gulped down her own saliva. When Adam walked to her side, she steps back, not liking the smoldering passion burning brightly in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Jess?"

"A-am not ready yet...," she stammered.

"Ready for what?" he asked in a husky voice filled with passion.

She doesn't know how to say it...

"Don't worry, I won't do anything that you won't like me to do," he smirked. "Besides we're just sharing a bath together, am not going to harm you, promised."

Jess...blinked....her mind was currently not functioning.

When Adam took off her wet shirt and pants and she did nothing to prevent it, she knew, there's no turning back. She stood before him with just her black bra and black lacy underwear.

How lovely...Adams' eyes roamed all over her body hungrily...his groin was terribly throbbing down there.

After he's done disposing of her wet garments, Adam cupped her lovely face and eagerly devoured her lips, he kissed her lips ravenously, then their kisses turned passionate, their bare body pressed together. A million currents of electricity were zapping back and forth in their bodies pulsating for quick release.

Then Adam lifted her up and they soaked into the bathtub. He positioned Jess' on top of him. Then he begun rubbing the soap in every inch of her body, she started moaning. He smiled. His moaning was enough to arouse him to a darken frenzy. Then he drops the soap, instead, he uses his hands to roam around her body, caressing each and every nook and cranny, she's moaning nonstop, loving his touch. Then he ventured into a dangerous ground...his right-hand stop at the hem of her underwear...he felt that she's holding her breath in anticipation...when his fingers begun moving forward about to enter the inside of her underwear, she stop his hand, just right in time before it reaches her core.

He let out a disgruntled laugh...then he whispered..."I love you, Jess."

She replied by kissing him on his mouth in which he responded eagerly.

Well the wind suddenly shifted...better luck next time, Adam told himself humorously.