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20 Meditation

 Jess ordered: a pair of shoes, sweatshirt with hood, pants, cloak, gloves and face mask at an online store, she chose the black color in all her orders as per Adam's instruction. She chose cash on delivery as her mode of payments. She also informed Nana Aida about her purchases, she was glad Nana did not ask her about the nature of her purchases. If she did, Jess' already had an alibi, and that would be 'her purchases were for her early birthday presents for herself.'

Pleased with herself, she went downstairs to attain to her rose garden. As usual, she greeted them with her brightest smile of the day. "Good afternoon my dearest..." Then she proceeds with the task of watering them. She swept the dried leaves scattered around the garden and put them in the dustbin.

After done with her gardening, she went upstairs and checked on Adam.

She found him in front of his laptop playing a video game. She decided not to disturb him, she just sat beside him and watched him closely; she studied his face up close. If people looked at Adam, they will noticed instantly his ugly face due to the dark spots scattered all over his face. If you take away all the dark spots, what remains will be a stunning dark brown eyes~framed well with a well-defined eyebrows, well-sculptured nose, white even teeth, and luscious lips made for kissing. A smile curled up in her lips.

She found him smiling as well, eyes glued to the game he was playing.

"Why are you smiling? What brought a smile on your face?" she was curious. Then she found out he was chatting with somebody else on the game panel.

"Whom are you chatting with?" she asked curiously.

"Am chatting with a friend," he replied and kissed her forehead.

"A girl or a guy friend?" she's getting suspicious.

"A guy friend," he said. "Why...Jess? Would you get angry if I chatted with a girl?" he asked, facing her.

Her face turned sour. "I will be jealous of course!"

He smiled at her and caresses her cheek. "Nah~Don't be. Am not interested with any girl. Besides you're the only girl who dared to fall in love with an ugly duckling like me, so am totally devoted to you." He said with a touch of seriousness in his eyes.

'Amented in the chatbox.

"I will continue the game-Jess," he said at once.

"Okay," she stood up and Adam took over the game. Then he closed the camera.

"No! Don't close the camera buddy! I want to continue staring at your girlfriend's beautiful face!" his friend complained.

He starts typing... "Lol, find a girlfriend, okay. She's exclusively mine," then he clicked the laughing emojis five times and clicked enter.

Jess' looked at Adam...clearly amused by his childish action.

He continued playing...

Then out of boredom, she playfully intertwined her feet into his feet under the chair. Her toes make a circular motion traces at the bottom of his feet, her actions produces a tingling sensation on Adams lower body, he groaned.

"F*cked! You're making love with my feet, Jess!" he smirked.

She laughed innocently while biting her lower lip. "No, am not!"

He suddenly stood up. "Come into my bed, Jess." He ordered her sweetly.

Her eyebrows rose, suspicious. "What you're up to?"

He looked at her in a serious manner. "Am going to teach you something..."

Jessy obeyed his command and started walking towards his bed.

Then Adam settled into a sitting position above the bed, both eyes closed, and two feet folded crossing each other, each hands were resting on both ends of his feet: in meditation mode.

After a few seconds, he stood up and instructed Jess to do the same. He continued talking:

"I want you to meditate, Jess. Think of yourself rising above the clouds. You will see everything from your view up there. Think of yourself as someone who has the power to control fire, water, wind, and sand. Destroy everything under your path, used water to drown your enemy, used fire to burned everything into ashes, use wind to blew anyone within one-kilometer radius and use sand to create a sandstorm. Just imagined yourself controlling all those elements and manipulate them to your advantage, don't hesitate, be creative, let loose of yourself. You have to be powerful in your mind so that your power will give you what you want and what you desire. Everything starts in your mind. As long you willed it, your power will follow suit. Got it, Jess?"

Jessy nodded, she climbed into the bed and went into the meditation mode as per Adam's instruction, and then she closed her eyes, she followed everything he said-in her mind. Within just few seconds, she already created a fantastic chaotic world in her own imagination.

Adam, went back into his game, grinning.

The chat box was full of messages from his friend.

'where are you, buddy?'

'Why you're not answering me?'

'anyone there?'


He typed a message into the chat box, smirking.

"Sorry man, I went offline for a few minutes, I got aroused and horny, so I brought my beautiful goddess into my bed, I straddled her to my hearts content and we make love, she's currently resting in my bed right now, ready for round two," he clicked the laugh out loud emojis ten times and clicked enter. He glanced at Jess' form, she's still deep into her meditation trance.

Drooling emojis-filled the reply box...his friend replied..."Oh man, please spare me the details!"

His wicked laughter vibrated around the room.