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19 Up Up In The Sky

 It's been one week since Nana's children ended their impromptu vacation in the mansion. Everything went back to its normal situation before they come.

Jessy was comfortably lying on Adams' stomach, while his fingers playfully combing her tresses.

"Hmm, the mansion is quiet. I just realized how isolated we are from the rest of the world," said Jessy.

"Yeah," he replied nonchalantly.

"Sometimes, I'm feeling bored. How good it will be if we can go out sometimes, like watch movie together, go window shopping in the mall, visit a park and do what normal lovers do together. I like to visit the beach with you, walk along the shoreline and swim while we're watching the sunset. I wish we can have freedom and time to do those things," she said, her voice was full of wishful thinking.

Adam looked at Jess, frowning. "I'm sorry Jess. I can't even bring you to the mall. You knew how my situation is," he felt pathetic and cursed his ugly appearance again and again in silence.

"It's okay. I understand your situation." She looked into his eyes and saw it clouded with pain.

Adam touched her cheeks. "Have you regretted that you entered into a relationship with me? You can't have a normal relationship with me. You can't even show me to your friends," he said sadly.

"No. Please don't say that-Adam! I'm sorry if my words caused you pain. I never meant it."

"It's okay, Jess. I don't blame you. But if you want, we can still do those things you mentioned during nighttime."

Jess' eyes widened. "R-really? How?"

"I've been doing it a lot of times in the past. But Nana doesn't need to know. Let's keep it a secret between us, okay?"

She nodded, feeling excited.

"Your 16th birthday will be the 30th of this month, right?"

She nodded.

"I will take you to a masquerade party. There's a bar in a nearby town that regularly held masquerade party every 30th of the month. I will take you there. We can both wear face masked and a costume, no one will notice us."

"Wow, I love to attend a masquerade party! Never been into one." She said with a broad grin on her face. "I just want to experience hanging out with you outside. It will be a great adventure for us."

"Yeah, it would be exciting to do something new together," he agreed.

She yawned. She's feeling sleepy and it's almost midnight. She got out of the bed. "I have to go to my room now and sleep."

"You can sleep in my bed, Jess." He said suggestively with a naughty look in his eyes.

"No. Not tonight. Some other time, Adam."

"Oh, okay..." He sounded disappointed.

Jessy planted a quick kiss on Adam's lips. "Goodnight," she walks towards the door.

"Goodnight, Jess," he murmured, missing the warmth of her body already. He reached for his pillow and hugged it instead.

She closed the door of Adam's room gently and went to her room. After showering and changing into her pajamas, she turns off the light and lay down on her bed to sleep. She was about to doze off when she heard a soft knock on her door. She stood up and opened it.

"Adam...what is it?" she said yawning.

"I can't sleep, Jess."

"Okay. So, you want to sleep beside me?"

"If you allow me," he said with puppy dog eyes.

"Come in. But promise me first, you will behave okay?"

"Of course!" he replied grinning. He closed the door behind him, and follow Jessy on the bed. As soon their bodies hit the soft bed, she automatically snuggled closer to him, her action brought a smile on Adam's lips. He hugged her from behind, causing Jess to let out a soft moan.

True to his promised, he just cradled Jess in his arms like a precious baby and let her sleep on her own space. "I love you, Jess. Sleep tight my love," he murmured sweetly into her sleeping form.

There were times that he found it hard to believed that she actually fall in love with an ugly looking guy like him. It's unbelievable for someone as pretty as Jess to fall in love with him. That's why he truly value her love, loyalty, and devotion to him, it's rare to find someone as wonderful as her 'Jess.'


The next night...

Adam brought Jessy into the woods to her utter bewilderment.

She blushed instantly upon remembering what they did in this particular place the last time they were around here. She covered her face with her hands in shame, remembering how hot and wild she acted while she straddled Adams' hips. Her face blushing...

Adam smirked, remembering it too. He hugged Jessy. "Lol, Jess. What are you thinking? Thinking of that night-?"

She did not reply. She continues burying her face into his chest.

He kept holding her, giving her enough time to compose herself.

"By the way, why did you brought me here?" she asked after a while.

Adam slowly released her from his hold. "I brought you here so that we can start practicing to strengthen your mental alertness and strength. As you can see, you don't have power yet. While I am born with my power and it's a natural thing for me. You need to visualize your power and built your inner mental strength so that when your power is fully activated you already know how to control and use it to its full potential. By the time your power is finally awakened, I may no longer be by your side and no one can help and guide you what to do. I can only help you and train you today and in the coming days, months and a few more years. Now, watch carefully Jess, how I will use my power and what can I do with it," he said.

He walks towards the clearing in the center of the woods.

He stood still...concentrating...

Jess watched Adam intently, he was standing still in the middle of the clearing, her eyes never leaving him, then he suddenly disappears from her vision and within few seconds time, he appears in front of her, grinning. Her eyes widened in total surprised...Then he climbs the tallest tree with the speed of light and comes down at the same speed, she was amazed! He fixed his stare on her and waved his hand at her, making her immobile in the process. She can't move any of her body parts, she panicked...he unfreezes her right away after seeing the terrified look in her eyes.

He quickly appeared on her side, with deep concern in his eyes.

"I'm sorry-Jess," he pulled her into a hug. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah, am just a little bit scared," she smiled at him.

"Shall I continue?" he asked with a hint of hesitation in his voice.

"Yes please," she answered quickly.

Adam went back into the clearing and stood still...

The next thing he did, blew her mind away...

Because he levitated in the air, then he went higher and higher, up up in the sky, until she can no longer see him, swallowed by the blackness of the night.

'Where did he go?' she asked herself.

"Right here beside you, Jess," he whispered in her ears.

She yelped! Almost falling from the bench she was sitting upon. She was totally awestruck by his sudden presence.

"OMG! How did you do that!?"

"It comes with my power, Jess. Being a vampire..."

"Awesome! You mean to say I can also have the same power just like yours after I turn twenty years old?" her eyes shone with excitement.

He nodded. "Yeah and probably more..."

She smiled brightly. 'So it's not totally bad if I fully transform into a vampire,' she thought to herself.

Adam watched Jess' face with interest. He always wanted to ask her something, now is the time to ask this. "If you have to choose, unlimited power or me? What will you chose, Jess?"

"You of course! What will I do with all the power if you are not by my side?" Then she planted a kiss on his lips to justify her words.

He smiled at her, truly pleased with her love, loyalty, and devotion. "Because you love me, I will give you a spectacular reward! Close your eyes, Jess." He pulled her into a tight hug.

Jess' closed her eyes. Then she felt something was not right, her feet were no longer touching the ground, oh my...she's floating! then she slowly opened her eyes...but she has to close her eyes again because they were already hovering above the trees...the sight below makes her nauseous. She holds on tight to Adam's arms afraid she will fall down below...

"Take it easy, Jess. Relax, just close your eyes and calm your mind, calm your body. Just think that it's a natural thing to do, that you are born with it." He tried to pacify her nervousness.

"C-can you please bring me back down now, Adam. I think I will vomit," she said in a hurry.

In an instant, they plummeted into the ground with a soft landing. As soon as her feet touch the solid ground, she runs towards the end of the clearing and vomited. She vomited all the foods she had eaten during dinner earlier.

Adam followed her with bottled water in his hands, he rubbed her back softly. "Jess, we can go back to the mansion now, I think you need to rest," he was afraid she might get sick.

"No. Am okay. Let's stay here a little bit longer," she rinsed her mouth a few times with the water and spit it out on the grass below. They walked back to the clearing and sat on the bench. He continued rubbing her back.

After ten minutes of silence, she stood up. "Am ready, let's try again..."

"You sure? We can continue it tomorrow or some other day," he suggested.

"I said am ready," she pouted.

"That's my girl!" he smiled upon seeing the eagerness in her eyes. He hugged her tight and soon enough they were floating above the ground and above the trees.

She's still closing her eyes, she wants to know how will her body react the second time around. She took a deep breath and calmed her nerves.

"You can now open your eyes, Jess," he urged her.

She opened her eyes slowly, she no longer felt dizzy. She roamed her eyes around them, it's a nice view from above. She saw the lights emanating from the houses and buildings in the distant places as far as her eyes can see. "Amazing!" she exclaimed.

"How far can you go?" she suddenly asked him.

"As far as my power allows," he replied amused by the animated look in her face.

"This is amazing! Can we go to the park now? I want to see the park during nighttime!" she said, excitedly.

Adam shook his head while perusing her attire. She's wearing a white t-shirt and creamed colored long pants. "I hate to disappoint you, my love. But your current attire is not suitable for a rendezvous in the park. You need to dress in black all over. After you already have all the garments I required, I am more than willing to take you in the park. Okay?"

"Okay," she said. "Can we stay up in the air longer, like thirty minutes or more?" said Jess.

"Yes. We can even make love right now, up here, if you want to," he suggested casually, smirking.

"You're naughty!' Jess blushed upon hearing his suggestion.

Then Adam's lips descended into her lips, she opened her mouth wider to accommodate his, they were kissing passionately while suspended up in the air. Their kiss becomes heated, his right hand slowly creeping in, getting inside her t-shirt, seeking something, she moaned when his rough hands came in contact with her bare skin.

When Jess blinked her eyes, she was surprised to see that they were already inside Adam's room, they landed softly on his bed, her body below his.

"Why were suddenly here!?" she was bewildered. The last time she remembered they were kissing up in the air, above the trees.

"Sorry, Jess. I can't keep my concentration up there while kissing you. If we kiss longer up there, I might lose control with my power and we will plummet into the ground with broken bones, so yeah, I changed venue at the last minute to be on the safer side," he winked at her. "Even if we kissed her all night, we will be supported with my bed. So no worries," he grinned. The truth is he was fully aroused up there in the air. He wants her on his bed, moaning under him.

"So, shall we?" he asked permission.


"Continue kissing..." he said, eyes unreadable. He positioned his lower body into hers...ready to grind.

"You're horny!" she said smiling.

He smirked. "I just love touching and kissing you, Jess. I want to kiss every inch of your body. I dunno why I always felt like this," he said.

She rolled her eyes and push him away from her gently. "Some other time lover boy. I will sleep early today," she grinned and declined his wicked offer. "I love you-Adam. Thank you very much for this magical night! It's awesome!" she kissed his lips quickly and went out of his room.

"I love you more, Jess," he whispered back at her retreating form.

Adam was left alone in his room, sulking, he hugged his pillow instead.

Five minutes...ten minutes...fifteen minutes...he still can't sleep! Grrr! He needs his fix!

He stood up, went out of his room and he was heading to Jess' room...with a purpose in his eyes.

He did not bother to knock, he went inside her room passing through the wall. The light inside the room still on, there she is...lying beautifully on her bed, smiling at him alluringly.

"Can't sleep-huh?" she asked, teasing him.

"I want you, Jess," he said with a voice full of passion.

"Am always yours, Adam," she grinned. "Close the light and we're going to sleep now. You better behave, okay?"

Adam groaned. Damn! She's not cooperating! But it's better than nothing, he turns off the light and lay down beside her. He immediately hugged her from behind, spooning her and she moaned a little when her bottom comes in contact with his groin, he was insanely hot down there, and it's killing him....but she's not in the mood for any hot loving session tonight, he better respect that, he sighed.