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17 The Woods

 (P.S. If you're a minor, please skip this chapter. It contains mature scenes for young adults 18+ only! )


Jess look at Ivy with slight annoyance creeping up on her countenance. Her friend is watching a movie on her laptop and the time now is 8:00 o'clock in the evening. The movie will be finished in two hour's time. She was hoping that her friend will fall asleep quickly so she can meet Adam in the woods.

She's not used to seeing Adam angry and jealous. They never had a big quarrel ever since they entered into a romantic relationship together. She does not know the extent of his anger. She's deeply bothered that he threatens Matthew out of jealousy. She feels anxious...

She lay down on her bed and closes her eyes; she sets her alarm at 12:00 just in case she will fall asleep.

Four hours after, the sound of her alarm awakens her, she immediately turns it off, her room was covered in darkness and Ivy was already snoring beside her.

Good, she said to herself. She stood up and quickly donned her jacket and picked up her flashlight. She went downstairs and tiptoed in the kitchen door, opened it slowly and get out of the mansion quick, she breathed in relief that nobody noticed her.

The woods were situated at the north side of the mansion. It consist of thirty big oak trees planted side by side in a circular pattern. Several benches and picnic tables were scattered around the area. It's a good place to meditate and relax. The last time she and Adam went there was last two weeks ago. It requires more or less twenty minutes walk from the mansion. She's hoping to be there in much quicker time.

Jess' walks faster, she does not want to keep Adam waiting for too long. She knows what he is capable of, Matthew will be in danger if she can't pacify his anger and jealousy in no time. Prolonging his anger might unleash his dark side and she has no power to counter it.

When she arrived in the woods, she found Adam sitting on a bench near the center of the woods, his back facing her.

"Adam..." She called his name softly.

He did not reply, nor turn around or even look at her. But he acknowledged her presence when his body twitched. So, she chooses to sit on the nearest bench, far from him.

"So...we are stranger now?" he said in a cold voice, still not looking at her.

"N-No..." She said quickly.

"So, why are you sitting there, not beside me?" his voice displays the same coldness.

Jess' sighed and rolled her eyes. She did not reply and opted to ignore his question. She finds him intimidating if he is in an angry frame of mind.

"What is the real score between you and Matthew?" he continues with malice in his words.

"Please, don't make any false assumption," she pleaded.

"D-Did you fall for his good looks? Perhaps you realized now-he is a better looking guy than me?" There is mockery in his voice and mixture of self-pity and sadness.

Jess' continued her silence. What she sees now is that he was experiencing extreme self-pity and insecurities with his looks. He sees Matthew as a big threat. His jealousy is way too much exaggerated.

"Goddamnit! Why are you not saying anything?" anger is now clear in his voice.

She trembled in fear.

Adam finally turned around and look at her in the eyes. "Come here, sit beside me-Jess," he whispered.

Jess stood up and sauntered towards the bench where he was sitting.

She sat on the other end.

Adam felt furious that she was creating a distance between them and he doesn't like it! It looks like they were a complete stranger to each other. It tore his heart out.

"Come here closer, Jess. Sit on my lap," he ordered her in a rigid voice.

She's still not moving...

"Look, am sorry if I scared you. Am just angry and feeling jealous." Adam has no intentions of making an apology on his behavior, but if it's the only thing that can bring her back to him, he won't hesitate to lie.

Jess' feels better upon hearing his apology, she walks slowly towards Adam and then she sat nervously on his lap. She will do anything he wants as long she can pacify his anger.

The moment Jess' womanly scent filled his nostril, Adam's head become dizzy with desire. Her soft body on his lap sent tiny electrical currents rushing towards his lower region, he instantly gets aroused. He groaned.

"God, I miss you..." he whispered huskily on her ears, then he starts sucking it, it sent tingles across Jess body. She moaned. His right-hand position on her back, steadying her. While his left- hand skims her breast in a slow motion. Her body shivers, she moaned right away, liking the way his hands creating friction on her breast which still in the confinement of her bra. Then he buries his mouth into her left breast sucking on it, then he does the same on her right breast, making her body ached in smoldering passion. His mouth keeps assaulting her sensitive buds above her blouse. Her constant moaning fueled Adam's hot desire even more.

"Straddle me, Jess," he ordered her in a soft thick passionate voice.

She changed position and straddled him, her body is now facing him. Her lower region now encroached on Adam's crotch. She can feel his huge bulge of desire centered on her core, it sent electrifying sensation throughout her body. She encircled her arms on his neck, then she looked into his eyes, a dark pool of desire is building up in his eyes. Then she claimed his mouth, in a hungry passion.

As soon as her lips come in contact with his lips, he entered hungrily into her moist mouth, sucking on her tongue as if he can't get enough of her. She moaned again. He continued kissing her passionately as if there is no tomorrow. He wants to completely devour her body and soul.

Then Jess' starts to makes small grinding movements on her lower regions, it sent heavy intoxicating friction on Adam's groin, he grunted.

"You like it?" she whispered seductively on his ears.

"Ooh, that was nice Jess, I like it very much." His voice is getting delirious. The more Jess grind her lower body the more intense the sensation he felt on his crotch, it becomes so hard to bear, all he wants to do right now is to rip the zipper of his jeans apart and enter her throbbing core, raw.

She continues grinding and much quicker this time, eliciting groaned gasp from Adam and she likes it...He keeps gasping and she keeps moaning. The atmosphere around them is thick with sexual tension. It would be impossible for anyone to tear them apart.

Adam cupped her backsides and holding her firmly, encouraging her...




"...ahhhh...'' she fastened her arms onto his neck firmly with every intention to speed up her grinding. She liked what he saw in his eyes, dark curtain of passion and desire, intoxicating her senses.

Adam buries his head into her breast sucking on it, then he becomes bolder, he thrust his head inside her blouse while his hands unfastened her bra, then his hungry mouth claimed her erect nipples with sheer abandon, the rich texture of his mouth added to the frenzy on Jess' desire to please him.

"I love you, Adam," she whispers.

"I love you more, Jess" he replied with a hoarse voice.

Then Jess grinds harder... deeper...faster, surrendering completely to the blinding lust her body is feeding her. The electrifying sensation gripped through her body until her head spin, then fireworks exploded in her brain and it's the most beautiful thing she ever experienced in her life.

Adam also comes together with her.

Adam did not leave Jess face while she was doing her thing, tormenting his bulge down there, he feels like it wants to explode and it did. He wants to savor her intoxicating womanly desire and store it on his brain. He wants to remember the passion in her eyes; her delirious face forever etched on his memory. And he was proud he is the man she desired the most and spend intimate moments with.

"What was that?" she slumped into his body, tired.

"That was orga*m-Jess." He mumbled softly tracing her lips with his fingers tenderly.

Then she smiled at him, the smoke of desire still imprinted on her face. "I miss you," she said.

"I miss you too, Jess. More than my words can say." Then he lifted her and he sat on the ground. "Rest a little bit, Jess. I will hold you."

He enveloped her in his sweet embrace. He watched her eyelashes flutters, her eyelids starts dropping and then she drifted into a blissful sleep in his loving arms.

Adam gazed at her pretty face on its peaceful state. Her expressive eyes, her dainty nose, and her kissable lips, her features were captivating and angelic and it's something he won't tire watching. Then he luxuriates on her tresses, it is black, luscious and shiny in his touch. She is his little goddess, the love of his life. They are a perfect match.

Am sorry brother, she is mine.

He whispered his apology to his brother, hoping Zain will understand that he falls madly in love with his future bride.