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16 Jealousy and Frisbee!

 Adam watched the group playing Frisbee on the ground. He had to admit to himself that he finds their game interesting and entertaining to watch.

It is a girls versus boys game...

He had to say that the boys are a much better player than the girls.

Thirty minutes later, they took a break.

Nana Aida prepared a table and chairs for them nearby, with fresh lemonade and delicious baked cookies for their refreshments.

They gather around the table and sat on the chairs.

Adam saw Matthew give Jess' a glass of lemonade, yet the one thing that he did not like is that his fingers were lingering much on her fingers. He does not like his touchy freely attitude toward Jess. It's not acceptable for Adam.

'What the fuck? Is he hitting on my girl?

Nobody touches my girlfriend!

Adam grumbled furiously...

He walks back and forth inside his room, anger is building up inside him. He has some issues with anger management but he doesn't care.

He looked again below, they were already resuming their game.

Matthew threw the Frisbee at Jessy, smiling.

Jess' caught it successfully and she throws it back to him, what happens next blow their mind away...

The frisbee flew beyond the trees, beyond the lake and landed on the ground approximately one kilometer away from where the players were standing.

"What the hell!?" Matthew's eyes widened.

They just can't believe what just happened, but they saw it with their own eyes.

"Amazing! are simply awesome-Jess! How did you do that?" Ivy exclaimed.

Good luck with that dimwit! Adam grinned triumphantly from above.

Matthew shook his head in disbelief. But he has to retrieve the frisbee, he better start running now.

Jess called him to wait for her, then they start running towards where the frisbee landed.

Adam saw it all! He sees R-E-D!

Why does she have to side with that dimwit!? His anger is fast rising. Then his heart turns cold...unless Jessy also likes the boy?

He knows that the boy has taken a liking on his girlfriend. He had caught him several times making stolen glances on Jessy with a goofy smile on his lips.

He can tolerate the stolen glances but what he doesn't like is when he tried to touch his girlfriend every chance he can get. He is afraid that she will fall for his good looks. Insecurity is gnawing on Adam's heart.

He is damn ugly and that boy is handsome, any girl can fall for him.

Adam feels like a thousand knives are starting to slice his heart into tiny pieces.

She is his everything!

Jessy is mine!

He lay on his bed, inhaling and exhaling deeply, trying to calm his burning nerves.

He is trying to believe that he is not thinking rationally because he is just jealous.

Finally, he succeeded in calming his anger. He lay on his bed for a while, no longer interested with their Frisbee games.


Before the sun sets on the horizon, Jess went into her rose garden to take care of her plants. She finally has some free time to spare.

"Hello, dearest..." She greeted her plants. Then she starts trimming them, afterward, she took the water hose and start watering them.

Adam watched her from afar, wanting to join her badly. It sucks that he was grounded in his room most of the time.

'I miss you, Jess.' He whispered softly from above. He smiled at her with fondness.

Then Matthew appeared at the vicinity of the rose garden...walking quietly towards Jess. She was not able to noticed him. Then out of the blue he touched her shiny long black hair...

Adam's smile faded...replaced with a scowl.

What is he doing in there? Don't touch my girl! Adam's face becomes livid.

Jess' turned around to see who is touching her hair. "Oh, you need something, Matt?"

Adam continue observing them from above. Don't touch my girl ever again! Damn you! He barked at Matthew in silence.

Out of anger and jealousy, Adam waved his hand and five small stones start hitting Matthew on different parts of his body, on his legs, arms and the last stone hit his back.

Matthew yelps. "What was that!?" He inspects his body parts and looked around for the culprit, but he saw nothing and no one is around them except for Jessy and him. He scratched his head in puzzlement. Those tiny stones were not able to do any real damaged to his body so he just ignores them.

Jessy looked at the window above and shake her head in annoyance. She saw Adam lurking behind the window. She knows that he is getting jealous of Matthew, she sighed. She resumed watering her plants, ignoring Matthew in the process.

"Hmm...Jess," Matthew called her from behind.

"Yes, what is it, Matt?" Jess turned around to face him.

"D-Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked.

Jess smiled at him. "Why you're asking? Are you applying?" she said jokingly.

Matthew scratched his head. "Hmm, I sort of have a crush on you since I saw you at the party. That was the first time we meet. You remember?"

"Yeah. So-?" She folded her arms.

"I really like you, Jess. Can I court you formally? I want you to be my girlfriend," he confesses his true feelings towards her, carried away by the romantic ambiance that surrounds them.

Jess' looked at him thoughtfully. He is a good looking guy and got a great personality. But she already got a boyfriend which she loves very much.

"Just give me enough time to court you-Jess," he insisted.

She stared at him. "Are you serious?"

"Yes of course. I will visit you here once a week so that we can get closer and we will get to know each other better. I would not rush you into a relationship with me. We can be friends first." Matthew looks at Jess adoringly.

"Am sorry Matt, I already had a boyfriend and I love him very much," Jess said.

Matthew's face looks crestfallen upon hearing that his crush already got a boyfriend. "Oh my heart hurts, this is very sad," he said, he starts massaging his chest with his fingers.

Jess ruffled his hair fondly, he is like a brother to her. "Cheer up, Matt. You will find your true love someday. Am sorry am not the right girl for you."

Matt looked at Jess again with pain in his eyes. "May I know who is your boyfriend?"

She smiled. "You don't need to know him, Matt."

"Okay, but just in case you and your boyfriend will break up someday, would you be willing to hook up with me?" His voice hopeful.

Jess was totally amused by his offer. She did not want to give him false hope but she also does not want to see him so sad and heartbroken.

"I can't promise you anything at this time, Matt. Please don't wait for me, okay?"

"Okay," he accepted her polite rejection. "We're still friends-right?"

"Yes of course," she replied with a bright smile.

"Good. I will just go over there. Can I continue watching you from there?"

"No problem," she replied and continue attending to her plants.

Adam was able to witness their serious conversation from above. He felt a tightening on his chest upon seeing the unpleasant scene unfolding before him...

He can't believe what he saw. Jess' touch that dimwit's head! Dammit!

Did she start developing feelings for this boy?

And the worst thing...that Matthew guy is sitting right now on his favorite spot and ogling at his girlfriend, it hurts that she allows him to take his spot.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

He keeps swearing profanities. He just can't accept that Jess betrays him right under his nose.

He picked up his smartphone and type messages in rapid succession and sent them to Jess.

Jess' checked her smartphone and felt annoyed...being bombarded with hateful messages from Adam is not a good thing.

'I saw everything!'

'You touch that boy's hair!'

'Are you falling for him?'

'Why is he sitting now at my favorite spot and ogling at you? Why did you allow him?'

'I felt betrayed, hurt and angry!'

'You just killed me today Jess! You killed my heart today!'

'You betrayed me. I feel very sad right now.'

'Meet me in the woods tonight. 1:00 am. Be there! Or else I will do something bad to that dimwit!'

'Stay away from him! You make my heart bleed!'

Jess doesn't know how to react. She feels a mixture of amazement, irritation, and annoyance towards Adam's childish display of attitude.

His extreme jealousy is no longer funny! She gritted her teeth in agitation. She tried to control the growing anger in her heart. He has no right to accused her that she betrays him with Matt. She did not do anything wrong!

He is being unfair!

She feels furious now.

But she calmed her flaming nerves. Her friends might notice something wrong is going on with her. And she hates explaining or making alibis again. She sighed deeply. She typed... 'I will be there' and send it to Adam.

Adam got her message, furious, he went inside his bathroom and took a cold shower to relax his tensed mind.

Be there at 1:00 am Jess, or else I will turn your new boy into a frog!

Adam thought to himself.