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14 Passion and Destiny

 It's been two weeks and three days since her abduction nightmare. Jessy was able to survived each day with the help of Adam and Nana Aida. She has also to credit herself for being optimistic and not dwelling on the past but keep moving on forward. She tried to block every nightmarish scene that comes into play in her mind by listening to music or reading a book, gardening and concentrating on her studies since she is a home-schooled student. She and Adam got their lessons from the same online teacher.

The last two weeks, especially during nighttime they passed by smoothly because Adam was kind enough to sleep in her room every night. The last three nights she already sleeps on her own alone. She had to admit, she missed Adam's warmth for the last three nights. He's been behaving like a true gentleman every time they sleep together, not demanding anything from her. He just holds her, kissed her temple and then they sleep peacefully throughout the night.

She stood up from her bed and enter the bathroom to take a shower and change into her pajamas. It's already past nine o'clock in the evening, she wants to sleep early but she can't sleep. She tossed on her bed, she groaned, it's useless! She needs company...

She gets out from her room and walks towards Adam's room...

She knocked but no one answered.

So, she pushes the door and went inside. "Adam..?" she called out for him.

"Am here inside the shower, Jess. I'll be out in a minute."

"Okay, take your time." Then she lay down on his bed and cover her body with his blanket. She can smell his manly scent on his blanket. She smiled.

She heard the door of the bathroom open.


"Am here..." she sat down on the bed. She looked at Adam's bare body with just a towel wrapped on his waist. His body is leaned, not an ounce of fat can be seen. She is drooling, lol! Damn! Then her eyes move up to his face and to his damp shoulder length hair. Without the ugly dark spot that covered his entire skin, she is very much sure Adam is a very handsome young man.

"Jess-?" He looked at her face smirking. "Have you seen a ghost?"

She is blushing...

She did not reply, instead, she stood up and slowly walk to where he is standing. Then she hugged him and touch his backsides, her face comes in contact with his damp skin and inhale his bath soap. She can feel his body shudder from her touch, then he groaned. She felt his arms encircling her body. "I miss you," she said softly.

"Miss you too, Jess." His voice husky, thick with rich emotion. He nuzzled her hair.

"You can't sleep?" he murmured on her ears and start nibbling on it.

Jessy moaned in pleasure...

"Yes, can't sleep," her voice audible. She loves the way the hotness of his lips tingles her ears.

"Wait a minute, Jess. Let me wear my t-shirt and shorts first." He tried to detach from her tight embrace but she won't budge. "Am naked Jess, I am not wearing any underwear beside this towel," he said in a naughty voice.

"I don't mind," she said a bit coyly.

"Lol, Jess-?" His smirked never leaving his face. She seemed to be bold and aggressive tonight, Adam told himself. Seemed tonight his lucky night after all. He will oblige her for sure.

Then she lifted Jess and lay her down on his bed with great anticipation. Then he closes the light by waving his hand. Then he gently positions his body above her. Her soft yielding body fused into his like a magnet, welcoming every inch of his.

"Jess..." he groaned, his voice thick with desire and raw passion.


"What did you miss my love? Kissing or grinding?" He had to ask her first, she might be sending him a different signal. When it comes to Jess her needs and wants come first before his. He thinks she's not ready yet.

"Kissing and...ohhh..." she moaned while biting her lips because she can feel his bulged down there. And right now it's sending tiny volts of electrifying sensation into her nether regions.

He smiled upon hearing her illicit moaned. Then he starts ravaging her moist lips, while he makes sure his hips is steady.

"I love you so much, Jess." He whispered into her ears.

"....Adammm...." She keeps moaning. Adam's lips were tracing her ears and her neck with his soft hot kisses.

Adam is trying his best to retrain his lower body parts to act on its own because as of this moment the towel is loosening on his waist. This is not working, he said amused. Before he knew it, it might be too hard for him to control himself down there if the towel already has gone from his waist. He really wants to go all the way tonight with Jess but he can sense she is not ready for it yet. She just wants some loving and some be it.

Then he stops kissing her and slowly disengages from her embrace. "Just a minute my love...I really need to wear something down there, just give me a minute and I'll be back," he smiled while she pouted.

Jess closed her eyes, a little bit annoyed, but the passion and desire that is building around them are still thick in her foggy mind. Her desire and anticipation are still raging like a hot volcano...

Adam did not let her wait for long...

"Am back..." he whispered. Then he continues nuzzling her ears, kissed her lips and the upper portion of her chest. His hands were roaming all over her body, caressing her sensitive body parts. Jess is in constant moaning, she seemed to welcome the magic his hands were waving on her body. As long he can't hear her say no, he will continue his exploration with her beautiful body.

"I love you...Jess," he whispered.

"I love you too,' she whispered back in a weak voice.

Jess love the way his hands caress every inch of her body. She's definitely sure she will be able to sleep well tonight, in Adam's arms.


The two lovers woke up in bliss early in the morning.

"Good morning, Jess" he murmured on her ears lovingly.

"Good morning, Adam" she replied back in sleepy voice. Then she snuggled back to his body craving for his warmth.

"You want to sleep some more?" he asked.

"Yeah, give me another few minutes," she replied.

The truth is she no longer be able to sleep. Something is bothering her since yesterday. She remembers one important issue she and Nana Aida discussed on the way to Saint Vincent town.

"Tell me more about your brother, Prince Zain," she said.

Adam's body suddenly stiffened by the mentioned of his older brother's name.

"Why you suddenly asked about him, Jess? Why you suddenly become interested in him?" he asked, uneasiness starts to creep into his countenance.

"Your beloved parents want me and your older brother to get married someday-? That am supposed to be his future bride?" she presses on.

Adam did not speak. He knew that he committed a big mistake, getting into a romantic relationship with Jessy is violating his parent's rules. They made it clear that Jess is meant for his older brother, her future bride. He betrayed his brother, but he did not regret every second he spent with her. She is the love of his life, the only reason his pathetic life is worth living.

"Am sorry, Jess." His voice resonates with pain and shame.

"Why are you sorry? Sorry for what? Sorry that you betrayed your brother? Or... you are sorry you love me?" she asked him, a bit alarmed. She does not like his forlorn reaction, it affected her deeply.

"Am sorry that I did not tell you about it. I want you all for myself. Am jealous of my brother, he got to spend eternity with you, while I will rot in my grave...alone and pathetic...forgotten," Adam said, he no longer tries to hide the sadness in his eyes.

"Hey, don't be jealous with your brother. I will not marry him. Besides I feel nothing for him. I am yours. It's you- the one I truly love." She tries to comfort him by declaring her love and loyalty to him.

"Nah, Jess. You only say that because you have not seen him yet. But if you see him in person you will fall in love with him for sure. He is very handsome and any girl will fall for him."

Jess brows knitted. She is getting curious now. "Really?"

"Yeah," he said, he does not like the look in her face, he is getting more jealous now.

"C-Can you show me his face?"

Adam debated with himself for a minute, lots of questions are appearing in his mind. What if Jess will like his brother for his looks? What if she will suddenly change? What if she will no longer love him after seeing his brother? Will he be able to bear the pain? He has to protect his heart but he also wants to know her reaction after she sees his brothers face.

With a heavy heart, he waves his hand in the air.

The outline of a man's head starts to form in the air, then after a few seconds, the face of the man and his facial feature can now be clearly seen.

Jess's eyes widen, mouth agape. "Holy shiit! Your brother is indeed handsome!" she shrieked, like that of a fan seeing his Kpop idol for the very first time. Then she giggles innocently. "He is cute, actually he is handsome!" she admitted with pure honesty.

Adam gasped, he suddenly reached for his chest, trying to rub his achy-breaky bleeding heart, he feels like a knife start stabbing on it repeatedly. He does not like the way she ogled at his brothers face! It makes him jealous to the core.

Normally women tend to favor good-looking men. Jess falling for him-the ugly beast is against the norm. That is why he falls madly in love with her because she does not care about his looks. She accepted him for what he is, inside and out. But now...he is no longer sure.

Right now he regretted showing her his future husband face...then he felt sad all over. He waves his hand suddenly and his brothers face vanished into thin air.

"Y-You like him?" he finally asked his lady love.

"Hmmm, he is actually good looking, But definitely he is not you. So, I still choose you over him." She uttered the words sincerely.

In silence, Adam digests her words thoroughly. Then he searched her beautiful face to find the sincerity he desperately wished for.

"Hey, don't be jealous, okay? I love you so much, Adam." She threw her arms around him. Wanting to reassure him that her love for him is real.

Adam smiled and felt relieved, she seemed to be telling the truth, he will believe her of course! He feels happy...his face is brimming with happiness.

Jessy planted a kiss on his lips cementing her loyalty and devotion to him. "You silly boy...don't be jealous. Am yours!" she smiled affectionately at him while rubbing his chest tenderly, trying to ease his worries away.

Adam held her hand and planted a kiss on her palms. "Thank you for loving me, Jess."