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13 The Aftermath!

 Adam has been holding Jess in his arms for like two full hours already. They were back in the mansion, he was waiting patiently for her to wake up anytime soon.

Jess moaned and moved her head and arms.

Then she slowly opened her eyes...

She has to blink many times upon seeing the familiar ceiling of her own room.

"Am I... in my room?" her brows knitted together in deep confusion. The last time she remembers ...she was still at the party.

"Yes, you are, Jess. You are back home safe and sound," he replied eagerly.

"A-Adam?" she was surprised to see him by her side. She tried to get up but a dull pain on her head cause her to fall back into his arms. "W-What happened to me-?" she was bewildered.

Then she looked at her dress, she's still wearing her party dress?

"Where is Ivy? Where is Nathan? Am supposed to be at the party, but why am here-?"

"You did not remember what happened to you?" Adam's puzzled look makes Jess head spin a little bit more.

"T-The last time I remembered...I went into the women's comfort room. I was supposed to call you there but the music still loud, so I went outside near the parking area. I was about to call you...But I see some strangers there so I tried to come back inside but one of the guys blocked my entry, then..." She closed her eyes in pure horror upon remembering what happened next.

"W-What happen next, Jess?"

"They put a handkerchief on my face and I passed out." She can clearly remember now what just happened last night. She started sobbing, tears flows freely from her eyes. She knows at that point in time that she was in a grave danger. She clung to Adam's arms like that of somebody who is drowning...

Her crying is hysterical, her body racked with intense fright and agony. "D-Did they successfully raped me?" she asked horrified. She touched her body parts, trying to feel if there's an existence of pain, then panic and hysteria finally flooded her senses....she cried even harder.

Adam's tears fell. He can feel how terribly broken she feels inside...

"No. They were not able to hurt you because I came on time, I won't allow them to hurt you!" He gritted his teeth, remembering too well what the outcome would have been if he comes too late to save her.

She closed her eyes, feeling relieved knowing she was not raped or harm in any way. "D-Did you saved me?" she looked into his misty eyes.

'Yes. So, please stay calm down, Jess. Your safe now. I will never let anything bad happen to you ever again." He reassures her.

He let her cry some more. She needs to let everything flushed out from her system so that she can recover quickly from the trauma she just went through. He continues to hold her lovingly. This is the time that she needed him the most and he is most willing to provide that comfort she badly needed right now.

After a while, she stops crying...

"T-They are going to raped and kill me, right?" she spoke the words painfully, voice quivering.

"Yes. But they did not succeed with their evil intentions, because I already killed them all. And right now they're already rotting in hell paying for their past crimes." He felt a big wave of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing he was the one who was able to finally put an end to their vicious and diabolic crime spree. He felt no remorse at all after killing them.

"H-How did you kill them?" Jess asked curiously. It would have been much better if she was the one who killed them with her own hands. That would have been more satisfying. The horror they put her through is something she will always remember for the rest of her life. The casual perverted way their filthy hands skimmed her breast, her exposed thighs, and her private parts, they were like a hungry pack of wolves ready to devour her and she's too weak to prevent any of their hellish advances. And every time she regains consciousness they shoved some tablets on her mouth which causes her to passed out again. She was violated in every way and she felt disgusted beyond words. It's every girl's worst nightmare.

"I did not kill them brutally which is my first intention," Adam said. "I could have use their own knives and guns to end their lives but it might lead the cops in hot pursuit on our trail. It's too dangerous, we don't need their attention suddenly shifted on us and we can't really afford any complications in the future. So, I opted to make sure their death is caused by drug overdose. I left no evidence, " he explained further.

She agreed with Adam. A clean and swift justice is indeed more appropriate for those filthy bastards.

"Thank you for saving me, Adam." She whispered, choking back her sobs.

"No. Don't thank me, Jess. You know I will do everything for you. From now on, let's stick together like glue. I can protect you better if you are closer to me, okay?"

"Okay," she nodded. "Can you sleep here with me tonight in my bed? I don't think I will be able to sleep soundly. I'm scared of being alone. Please," she begged.

"No problem, Jess. I will stay here in your room as long as you want. You can go back to sleep now. I will watch over you." He kissed her forehead. It's breaking his heart seeing her so badly shaken and frightened like this. If he can only take away her nightmares he already did, but she has to go through it all just to come out stronger than ever, no other option.

Jessy drifted back into sleep.

But she tossed, shudder and screamed from time to time in her sleep...

Watching his lady love being tormented by nightmares in her sleep, Adam feel wretched inside.

'Those scumbags must have continue assaulting her in her sleep,' Adam told himself. If only he could enter her dreams, he will kill those filthy bastards over and over again, he would be more than glad to do so. Too bad he can't. The only best thing he can do right now is to hold her tight, provide her comfort and security so that every time she opens her eyes, she is not alone, she has a shoulder to cry on.


Nana Aida arrived in the mansion early in the morning. She went straight into Jessie's room, with a worried look on her face.

She found her in the arms of Adam, eyes closed in a state of slumber, still wearing her party dress.

Nana Aida approached them slowly on the other side of the bed, so as not to awaken Jess. She volunteered to watch over Jess so that Adam can feed.

It was already past ten thirty in the morning when Jess finally awaken. She was surprised to see Nana Aida on her side instead of Adam.

"N-Nana. You're already here? Where's Adam?" she asked.

"Yes my child, I arrived here early. Am so worried about you that is why I rushed here. Adam needs to feed, he will be back later." She combs Jess' messy hair affectionately with her fingers.

Then Jess started crying again."Nana, they will raped and kill me!" she said between sobs.

The older woman's heart contorted in shock. Adam has not told her everything yet. "W-What do you mean Jess? What happened to you last night? Why did you suddenly disappear from the party? Who's going to raped and kill you?" she added in horror.

"I was abducted by four strangers from the party, Nana. Thank God, Adam arrived on the scene to save me just in time before they can do any real harm to me. He killed them to protect me, " she sobbed again.

The older woman's eyes began to water with fresh tears. She was truly horrified to hear what Jess has been through last night. "Hush now my child. You are in a safe place now. You're home."

As minutes pass by, Jess starting to feel much better. The huge amount of tears she already cried helped drown away some of the horrifying scenes she just experienced last night. But she can't keep crying forever in front of Nana. She doesn't want her to get worried about her. She does not want to prolong the agony anymore.

"You're hungry-Jess? Come with me to the kitchen. Let's fix some breakfast for you," Nana offered cheerfully.

"I will go to the bathroom first and wash my face, Nana." She stood up and grab some fresh clothes from her wardrobe and went inside the bathroom. "Don't go anywhere, Nana. I don't wanna be alone," she said in a trembling voice.

"Go ahead, Jess. I will wait for you here. I won't be going anywhere, promised," Nana replied.


In the kitchen, Nana busies herself cutting onions, garlic, and tomatoes for her egg omelette, it's one of Jess favorite breakfast staple. Then she also prepares bread and other ingredients to make a delicious french toast.

Jessy watched Nana with adoration and fondness. It's her second life, if she died last night in the hands of those rapists, she may not be able to watch Nana cook her favorite foods ever again.

Adam came into the kitchen just in time when Nana was already finished with her cooking, a smile plastered on his face. "Good morning ladies, need help-?" he said merrily.

"You may bring the foods to the dining table now so that we can start eating our breakfast," Nana responded.

"Yes Maam," he obliged with animated enthusiasm. He starts preparing the breakfast table, and also arranged the plate and cutlery in proper order according to Nana Aida's instruction.

The older woman smiled in amusement.

After feeling satisfied with his table arrangement. He bows in front of the ladies and winked at his lady love. "Take your seats, Ladies. Let's eat our breakfast!" he continued with the same high-spirited countenance.

Jess smiled back at him. She knows he is trying to lighten up the moment, trying to make things a bit livelier for her and for Nana.

Jess wasted no time and settles down on her chair. Then she attacked the foods in front of her with gusto.

Nana Aida and Adam looked at each other with a glimmer in their eyes.

Jessy noticed their stare. "W-What?" Jess asked them upon seeing they are not eating yet, their attention is fully directed at her. Then she grinned broadly. "Am hungry, please don't mind me." Then she resumed her robust eating.

Adam and Nana Aida feel relieved seeing her smiled broadly for the first time since the incident.

"We're glad to see you feel a little bit better now, Jess." Adam said in an apprehensive manner, afraid to see the smile will suddenly disappear from her lips.

"Hmmm...I am hungry because I cried a lot and I want to eat a lot too," she continued grinning to make them feel better. As for herself, she has plenty of times to deal with her demons inside, alone in silence, in the confinements of her rooms. For now, she needs to bring back a little bit of normalcy in their midst. "You should start eating now guys or the food will turn cold," she finally said.

Nana Aida picked up her fork and spoon and begun eating in silence.

Adam also did the same, he started toying with his food, cutting them into tiny pieces. From time to time, his eyes will wander into Jess' face, trying to read what's on her mind. She's actually looking much better today on the outside, but he knows deep inside she might be feeling tormented still.

After Jess finished eating, he followed her into her rose garden.

"How are you guys today?" she murmured and smiled at her flowers as if trying to start a conversation with them. She touched every petal softly that come into contact with her fingers, lingering on them, savoring their texture. If she died last night, she might not be able to enjoy her rose garden once more.

"Let me water the flowers for you, Jess." Adam offered. "You can sit back and relax over there..." He motioned the shades of the oak trees surrounding the rose garden.

"No, thanks, Adam. I need to do it to keep my mind busy," she refused his offer politely. "You go there instead..."

"Okay, as you wish." Adam went into his favorite spot and sit down. He watched Jess with a mixture of fondness and worry while she continue watering her plants.


Later that night...

"Sleep with me, Adam. Am still afraid to be alone," she pleaded.

"No problem, Jess. I will accompany you in your sleep tonight."

She smiled affectionately at him. Then she hugged him tight. "Am glad you're here with me. I love you..."

"I love you too, Jess." He replied by kissing her forehead.

Then they sleep together in her bed, they were enveloped in a comfortable silence. Adam is feeling contented just holding her tenderly in his arms. He loves hearing her gentle breathing and the way her body fit with his perfectly like they were meant to be like this forever.

"Sleep well my love," he whispered softly in her ears.